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  1. dirtymartini

    Price Check Appraisal

    No insurance...
  2. dirtymartini

    Price Check Appraisal

    I have been going through the divorce process for three years now. The latest thing now is she wants half the value of my 2011 LS R4047 with loader and backhoe. I tried telling the lawyer there is no blue book for tractors. Then he wanted me to get a written appraisal, but no dealer wants to...
  3. dirtymartini

    Loader bucket won't curl

    I looked online at Messick's, the cable goes for $101. Not sure if I will order 2 but will check my local dealer first.
  4. dirtymartini

    Loader bucket won't curl

    After work today I did a little more troubleshooting. I swapped the curl/dump hydraulic lines and was able to curl but not dump...just the opposite of the original problem. This told me the problem was not in the cylinders. At first I thought I had broken a piece off of the joystick where the...
  5. dirtymartini

    Loader bucket won't curl

    I pulled the rubber boot away to take a look. It appears to be a cable that goes down to a control valve.On the joystick side there is a little spool that isn't moving. When I move the joystick up/down that spool moves. The dump spool the same but the curl function seems to be stuck in the...
  6. dirtymartini

    Loader bucket won't curl

    LS R4047. I was unloading some sawmill flitches onto the burn pile with my grapple. I shook the grapple a couple of times to flick the flitches off and when I backed away from the pile I couldn't curl the grapple. When I move the joystick left there is no resistance, just a lot of free play...
  7. dirtymartini

    Shipping container for tractor storage

    What county? I'm in NEPA also.
  8. dirtymartini

    Divorce, need value help!

    So far, so good. She paid her attorney 15k so far and I have paid mine 2.5k. She hadn't gotten anything extra for all of that moneyl[emoji38]
  9. dirtymartini

    PINE logs anyone?

  10. dirtymartini

    Divorce, need value help!

    Probably the most honest, straightforward piece of advice yet. This divorce has been like the movie "War of the Roses "
  11. dirtymartini

    Divorce, need value help!

    I wasn't getting notifications on this thread and forgot all about it. Believe it or not I'm still going through it. The brand new house we built is sold and the closing is on June 15th. Then the fight over assets starts. She is one crazy woman. She had the papers served on my September 24...
  12. dirtymartini

    Pat's Quick Hitch customer service

    I ordered a Pat's Quick hitch, Cat 1 when there were on sale here at TBN. It won't fit the tractor I bought it for without a lot of modifications to the lift arms. I have e-mailed Pat's about returning it but never got a reply. I'm not real happy with their customer service. Anyone need a...
  13. dirtymartini

    Pats quick hitch won't fit

    I bought a Pat's quick hitch during the black Friday sale here for my girlfriends tractor so we could leave the backhoe on mine most of the time. The hitches won't slide over the ends of the lift arms, there is a bell shaped end on them. I have sent an email to Pat's but have not received a...
  14. dirtymartini

    Divorce, need value help!

    My wife filed for divorce and I need to value my 2011 R4047 with FEL and backhoe for marital assets. About 500 hours on the tractor. I know one thing for sure , she is not getting the tractor!
  15. dirtymartini

    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    Finally got it
  16. dirtymartini

    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    I think I needed more counterweight lol
  17. dirtymartini

    International Harvester Dump

    I believe it's an 1824. I have a pic of the ID plate.
  18. dirtymartini

    International Harvester Dump

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I am looking at a 1978 IH Dump, 21,000 gvwr. 70,000 miles, 345 V8, not all rotted out. He's asking $4,600. Anybody ever have one or any experiences with one? I always heard that the 345 IH engine was bulletproof.
  19. dirtymartini

    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    14 foot long by 28" diameter EWP log for the sawmill. It lifted it just high enough to clear the fenders on my trailer.
  20. dirtymartini

    PICTURES ONLY thread

    LOL, I run them with studs on my plow truck. I have't found a better tire for snow plowing. Here's a pic of my LS in action
  21. dirtymartini

    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    More property clearing today...
  22. dirtymartini

    Backhoe bucket

    I have an LS R4047 with what I believe is the LB2101 backhoe. I currently have an 18" bucket but would like a narrower bucket...maybe a 10 or 12" Are there any aftermarket buckets available?
  23. dirtymartini

    Problems connecting hydraulic implements

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes. When connecting my backhoe or grapple I need to crack the hydraulic lines in order to get them hooked back up. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I can do to make this easier?
  24. dirtymartini

    Quick Hitches Quick Hitch- Pat's or HF

    I have been thinking about a Quick Hitch and have been reading and searching but still can't decide what would be better for me. All of my implements are older so they are not really Quick Hitch compatible. I will be switching between a landscape rake, box blade and grader blade. The price on...
  25. dirtymartini

    8 foot back blade too much?

    I got the scarifiers and they fit perfect. I still have the backhoe hooked up so haven't had a chance to try it out. Snowed here yesterday so everything is a little muddy still. I hope to try it out Saturday.
  26. dirtymartini

    8 foot back blade too much?

    Here's a pic, it looks like they take a pin and the opening is 2 1/2 inches
  27. dirtymartini

    8 foot back blade too much?

    Just got back home with both implements. Back blade is 8ft, Box Blade is 7ft. No scarifiers on the box blade but got them both for $500!
  28. dirtymartini

    Rookie 3pt question

    I have an LS R4047 and am trying to use the 3 pt hitch for the first time with a landscape rake. It seems like my 3 pt arms are not lowering all the way. This is as low as they will go. I may be missing something basic...?
  29. dirtymartini

    8 foot back blade too much?

    While looking through craigslist I found an International 8 foot back blade for $300...I have an LS R4047, would an 8 foot be too much?
  30. dirtymartini

    Box Blade sizing

    I just found a 60" Frontier (JD) box blade for sale locally. I think I can buy it for around $300 or so and it's in nice shape. My question is this; I would need a 72" to be wider than my LS R4047 rear wheel tracks. Would I be better off waiting for a 72" or can I get by with a 60"?
  31. dirtymartini

    Went to look at a Case 580CK today

    Yes, a large $ change in direction!
  32. dirtymartini

    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    Got to try out my new grapple on Sunday...thanks to everyone who who suggested I get this Attachment.
  33. dirtymartini

    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    Got to try out my new grapple on Sunday...thanks to everyone who who suggested I get this Attachment.
  34. dirtymartini

    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    As promised...first grapple picture. I had to make a few trips back and forth to the place that made my hydraulic lines to get the right fittings so I was running out of daylight by the time I got to try it out.
  35. dirtymartini

    Backhoe removal and bucket questions

    I am getting ready to remove my backhoe from my R 4047 for the first time and am looking for tips...I didn't get any manuals when I bought the tractor. Also is the backhoe bucket a standard size? I think I would like to get a narrower on for the work I am doing.
  36. dirtymartini

    PICTURES ONLY thread

    A few weeks ago when I brought my R 4047 home
  37. dirtymartini

    Running Hydraulic lines from my rear remote for grapple

    Probably a noob question but here goes...I want to run hydraulic hoses from my rear remote to my FEL on my LS R4047 so I can use a grapple. What diameter should I use? 1/2 or could I go smaller? I would like to 90 degree out of my rear remote, do they make a 90 degree fitting or do I need to do...
  38. dirtymartini

    Grapple Grapple Recommendations

    Some of you may have replied in my earlier thread asking for advice for a first attachment. After much thought and re-reading all the advice I have decided a Grapple makes the most sense for what I am going to be doing in this phase of my project...picking up trees that I felled, clearing brush...
  39. dirtymartini

    R 4047 weights

    I'm trying to see if the trailer I'm looking at can handle the weight of the Tractor, Loader and Backhoe. I found the weight of the tractor on as roughly 3,800 lbs, the loader at around 1,100 lbs without bucket but couldn't find the weight of the Backhoe (LB2101?)
  40. dirtymartini

    First attachment advice

    I just upgraded to an LS R4047 and need some advice on a first attachment. We just bought 20 acres of mostly wooded acreage and I will be clearing some trees, skidding logs, clearing brush and maybe roughing in a driveway. I was thinking about pallet forks, landscape rake, rear grader/scraper...
  41. dirtymartini

    R 4047 Manual

    Anyone know where I can download a manual for my R4047? I just bought a used 2011 R4047 and need a manual. One question I have is the differential lock operation...what position should it be in for disengaged?
  42. dirtymartini

    Used R4047

    It's home!
  43. dirtymartini

    Financing Financing a used Tractor-What's best?

    What's the best options out there for financing a used Tractor? I would use my Home Equity LOC but need to keep that option for something else. Locaol bank or Credit Union or are there some online options that specialize in Tractors?
  44. dirtymartini

    Used R4047

    I went to look at it today and was quite impressed. I think there is a grand total of 37 hrs on it! I was also getting the impression that might deal a little:cool2: The guy who showed it to me was selling it for his brother, he didn't know a whole lot of the operation of it. After calling the...
  45. dirtymartini

    Used R4047

    I just found a used (less than 100 hrs) LS R4047 with FEL and backhoe for $20,000. Is this a decent deal? LS wasn't on my list but this seems like a lot of tractor for the $
  46. dirtymartini

    Went to look at a Case 580CK today

    I have been thinking about buying an older backhoe to use on the 20 acre property we bought to dig out stumps and and try and get a spot cleared to build a house. It is a Case 580 CK, diesel, probably about a '68 or '69 model. It seem to be in pretty good shape, not all rusted to **** and has...
  47. dirtymartini

    DS 3510 Tier 3

    Stopped at my local Kioti dealer today, I noticed he had a leftover DS3510 with FEL sitting there. After looking it over I noticed the control handles were faded, some light rust on some surfaces from sitting outside all the time. I have never been very impressed by this dealer but figured I...
  48. dirtymartini

    Can I switch from turf to R1 or R4

    I have a Massey Ferguson 1230 that currently has turf tires, 315/80D16 rears and 24 x 8.5 x 12 fronts. According to The size for ag tires is 12.4-16 rears and 6-14 fronts. If I manage to find the rears in R1 (I haven't yet) will I able to use the wheels I have now?
  49. dirtymartini

    Comparison Kubota B3200 HSD

    I currently have a Massey-Ferguson 1230 with a Bush Hog 1846QT FEL. My local Kubota dealer just got a 2012 B3200 HSD with 1 rear remote, 241 hours and a FEL. My question is I have been looking to move up from what I have now and looking at the specs of the B3200 compared to what I have now it...
  50. dirtymartini

    1500 series vs 3xxx series, differnces?

    I was looking at Mahindra's website and was wondering what the differences were between a say a 1533 and a 3616 or 3535 other than a couple of HP? Is it frame size?