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  1. plaindave

    Tire sealant?

    Anyone have opinions on tire sealant? I致e got a slow leak in a front tire and it is easier to inject sealant in there compared to taking the tire off and having it repaired. I致e never had good luck with slime, and wondered if there was another, better option.
  2. plaindave

    Rotary Cutter Used brush hog - what to do before hooking up

    So I was able to pick up a used brush hog in really good condition for $100 at a local sale. Compared to many I've seen used this is in great shape, no holes in the deck or welds - looks like it was parked outside but taken care of. I have no idea of the manufacturer other than it is painted...
  3. plaindave

    Replacment cover for fabric building

    The cover on my Shelter Logic building gave up in last nights snowfall. Ripped about a 6 foot opening right where it was seamed. Tried to use some gorilla tape on it to hold together, but not likely to work, the fabric is wet so it just isn't sticking. I can't complain too much as it was the...
  4. plaindave

    Tractor pulling left - how to fix?

    My B7800 has started to pull to the left. If you let go of the wheel while going forward you'll be off in a ditch in no time at all. How do I fix this? I was thinking I could back off the tie rod and start from square one adjusting the toe-in, but if that doesn't cure the problem which side...
  5. plaindave

    Spacing on toothbar

    Called to order a toothbar the other day and found out that for a 54" toothbar Markham normally puts 5 teeth on it. That's like 1 every 14". Been a few too many years since my Caterpillar days, but that seems too far apart. What is a typical spacing on the teeth? I'm thinking more like 8-9"...
  6. plaindave

    Odd stalling problem

    I just got back in from moving snow and I had an odd problem with my B7800. I had just dumped a load with the FEL backed up and was about to take another bite on the pile when the tractor stalled out. If I didn't know better I'd say I ran out of fuel. Tractor started right up again and I...
  7. plaindave

    B7800 alternator

    Anybody know the output of the standard alternator on the 7800? I picked up a couple 55w lights the other day and was going to wire them in this weekend. Forgot to call the dealer to see if the alternator could handle the additional load.
  8. plaindave

    Rear Blade King Kutter vs Land Pride rear blade

    Anyone have comments on a King Kutter rear blade vs. a Land Pride? After two winters of plowing snow with my FEL and box blade I figured I could break down and get a blade to make the job easier. Priced them out and the KK blade is about $150 less than a Land Pride. Normally I'd buy the...
  9. plaindave

    Methods for removing/installing attachments

    Is it just me, or is it really that difficult to remove and install attachments to the 3 pt hitch? I've been doing a lot of land clearing and running a fence line so I'm switching between a box blade and an auger pretty often. No matter how many times I've done it I just can't figure out an...
  10. plaindave

    B7800 pulls to the left

    Was out moving some rocks for a retaining wall today and I noticed that my B7800 was pulling to the left when I let go of the wheel. Didn't matter if the bucket was loaded or not. I never noticed this before - maybe it's always done it, but is there anything I should check out? Already checked...