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  1. Monster5601

    Looking for Off-Road Diesel in Lower SE Michigan

    Hey, all you Michiganders in the downriver area of SE Michigan. Looking for stations that sell off-road diesel. I'm up in the northern part of Oakland County and on-road diesel prices are holding at $5.29 to $5.59 with off-road a whole dime less. I'll be traveling back from the Cleveland area...
  2. Monster5601

    Hydraulic Flow Control Advice Needed

    I need to know how to go about adding, or actually restricting, the hydraulic flow going to my Curtis hydraulic angle snow blade. The snow blade, mounted to my Kubota RTV, uses the same hydraulic circuit for the dump bed but I only want to slow the speed of the angle adjustments on the snow...
  3. Monster5601

    Advice on Lawn Vacuum for ZD Mower

    I've watched the videos from DR and Cyclone on their lawn vacuum systems. The two issues that I see are the clumsy connection to the mowing deck's output chute and the collection hose routing. I'm looking for a way to suck up leaves from my drainage ditches in the fall as well as collect grass...
  4. Monster5601

    Another Tractor Death

    I'm sorry to tell you this. My neighbor died Monday evening it a terrible tractor accident. My neighbor that lives one property over, a Deputy Sherrif, that patrols our area noticed the barn open and lights on. Realizing this wasn't normal he pulled in to check and found Mr. Miller. We learned...
  5. Monster5601

    Solar Battery Maintainer, AKA: Tender Recommendation

    I am looking for a solar battery tender like device for the battery that runs my dump trailer's hydraulics. I spent a few hours looking at and reading the numerous offerings which is overwhelming. I'd appreciate recommendations from those that have used a solar maintainer for a year or more with...
  6. Monster5601

    Sump Pump, GFCI - Would you?

    We recently had our crawl space encapsulated which included a sump with dual independent pumps. Our local code requires dedicated 20 amp circuits for each pump but it leaves GFCI up to us. I Googled this topic and was presented with "yes you should" and "no you don't". What do you all do? For...
  7. Monster5601

    ZTR Puffer Experience?

    Has anyone tried a ZTR Puffer (ZTR Puffer | Seat Suspension for Your Zero Turn Mower) on their ZD series mower while keeping the factory seat? Their website claims compatibility with the ZD series but after asking them and (promptly) getting their email response, the compatibility is nothing...
  8. Monster5601

    Looking for a bulkhead fitting

    First off, I have little idea what I'm talking about, I've done research and reading so I think I'm calling everything correctly but, if I were, then I should be able to locate the bulkhead fitting I need or a way to do what I what to do. I am replacing both of my rear remote circuits from the...
  9. Monster5601

    Brand advise, hydraulic dump trailers

    Looking for advice regarding the various brands of hydraulic dump trailers, specifically a 16-foot low profile in either bumper pull or goose neck. I'll be pulling with a one-ton diesel pickup. Brands to stay away from, brands you would recommend? Usages are topsoil/fill dirt, mulch, gravel...
  10. Monster5601

    Man loses balance, falls into stump grinder

    Man loses balance, falls into stump grinder | News - Home
  11. Monster5601

    That you guys would enjoy this video
  12. Monster5601

    If you have a BH76/77 with Thumb

    Have you noticed any resistance when parking or deploying your thumb? I have a reoccurring issue with the pivot pin that holds the thumb and bucket to the dipper stick. The first time the pin snapped in half near the center of the pin. This past weekend, I felt resistance when I parked the...
  13. Monster5601

    Picked up a new tow vehicle

    After being a GM man for the past 40 some years this is my first time to a Chrysler product. I'll say one thing, after looking at the big three's truck offerings, the RAM was the best of the best. Retired my 2003 Tahoe with 200K miles.
  14. Monster5601

    Another tractor death

    MILLS TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Authorities said a 44-year-old man has died after a tractor he was driving flipped in Midland County. The sheriff's department said Greggory James Caldwell was using the tractor to drag downed trees out of the woods Wednesday to cut up for firewood in Mills Township...
  15. Monster5601

    Diesles for 2014

    On the way home yesterday, I stopped off at my favorite tractor dealer to pick up oil and filters. He is a small owner operator dealership and he was telling me about a conversation he recently had with his factory rep. He was telling me beginning with the January 2014 Kubota diesels builds...
  16. Monster5601

    Why Did This Weld Fail

    I am interested in hearing opinions on why this weld failed from the experienced welders. I hope the pictures have enough detail to allow a diagnose. If not, let me know and I can snap a few more pictures. ***EDIT*** Thanks for all the responses and advice. To answer a few question brought out...
  17. Monster5601

    Looking for In-Line Flow Control

    My goal is to find an adjustable hydraulic flow control device that will allow me to adjust the piston travel speed of both the hydraulic top link and side link. Right now, the piston travel speed is to fast resulting in difficulties to make finite adjustments, particularly on the hydraulic...
  18. Monster5601

    Costco advertizing new additives

    Stopped to fill up on the way to work this morning and look at the sign I saw on top of the gas pump at Costco (SE Michigan). I thought it was funny in-light of the recent discussions on fuel additives.
  19. Monster5601

    HID work lights

    Has anyone any experience with the HID work lights available on eBay? There seems to be a common style of HID work light available from a number of sellers from around $60 up. I also did a Google on HID work lamps and found many eTailers selling them for north of $300. I know the price of HIDs...
  20. Monster5601

    If you have dual remotes on your B3030/2630 please help

    I have a B3030 with two rear remotes. The issue I have is I cannot make a connection to the second remote quick connects. The quick connects are mounted in a housing that holds the release collar in place so when you push to connect or pull to disconnect the hydraulic line moves while the collar...
  21. Monster5601

    A ZD323 has joined the fleet

    After a lot of research I chose the ZD323 as the new mower. My original intention was to put a belly mower on the B3030 but realize that I didn't want to tie up the tractor for mowing duty. I bought from my favorite local Kubota dealer and as usual, I found his advice to be on the mark. He...
  22. Monster5601

    Backhoe Converting BH76 thumb to hydraulic

    Has anyone converted their BH76 mechanical thumb to hydraulic? What I am looking for are recommendations of a hydraulic cylinder. It looks like I need a 19" long cylinder, collapsed, 24" fully extented with 1 1/2 inch deep mounts.
  23. Monster5601

    The B3030 finally landed on the Ponderosa

    My dealer delivered the B3030 last evening along with my brush hog. He has to make another trip (not far) to deliver the rear blade, box blade, and pallet folk attachment. One picture shows the B21 my dealer lent me in the background. I went right to work making good use of the BH thumb. I am...
  24. Monster5601

    B3030 on the way

    I order my B3030 which will arrive at the dealer on Monday, June 7th from the warehouse in Columbus, Ohio. I ordered the B3030 with FEL and 60" bucket, BH with 16" bucket, Bush Hog 60" rotary cutter, 60" box scraper, and a 72" title-able rear blade. Will be delivered on Friday, the 11th. I am...
  25. Monster5601

    Backhoe Your experiances with the 46 back hoe

    Your experiences with the 46 back hoe I am on the fence between green and orange and the apex is the back hoe since all other features I am looking at are nearly the same. I am looking at the JD 2720 and the Kubota B3030. The specification differences between the back hoes are big, but, I am...
  26. Monster5601

    Buying Advice Questions about PTO and some advice

    For the past several weeks I have been reading the various threads educating myself so I will know how to buy a compact utility tractor. I have learned a great deal from here and by also watching you tube videos on various utility tractors. I have 10 acres in Oakland county Michigan, about 4...