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  1. Delapagerie

    Questions about fluids and filters for 50-hour maintenance for LS MT240E-HST

    Hi all, Forgive me if the answer to this is someplace obvious, but I have searched and searched for the answer in the forums--including the sticky post of LS Oil, Gas, and Filters--and I cannot find it. I have a new LS MT240E HST that's eight hours away from its 50 maintenance. My dealership...
  2. Delapagerie

    New to the group, new to tractors, love my LS MT240E – 40HP!

    Hi all, just stepping in to say, "hi!" Recently became the proud owner of an LS MT240E – 40HP and am LOVING it! I live on a small 9-acre farm with two horses and some pastures that are begging for rehabilitation. With the tractor, I bought the LS Box Scraper and the LS Brush cutter. And I...