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  1. CaptFerd

    Bought a New L3902, turned out to be a 2019

    Same Here. Bought a 2012 SC Cub Cadet and received a 2008. My seat was dry rotted from outdoor exposure. Had to fight them tooth and nail to get a new one. Found out that for tractors thats very common.
  2. CaptFerd

    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    When I was a kid working in a gas station I had to clean up a lot of oil and gas spills. Used oil dry and a swiveling mop handle with a 2x4 bolted to the end of it to break down and rub it in. Worked pretty good. Nothing in this world will make the stain disappear completely other than time and...
  3. CaptFerd

    Can lawnmower blades be sharpened with the bevel on the bottom?

    I'm guessing that balancing the blade doesn't matter as well. That way of sharpening them to be like a razor blade isnt needed to cut a blade of grass. The 3000 rpms it spins is enough in its own. A properly sharpened blade with the correct angle should have a 1/32 flat edge. Yes there are...
  4. CaptFerd

    Parking Lithium powered Equipment in the house or garage

    Most older people that dont worry about it are thinking that their ole gas powered mower will take them through the change for the rest of their lives so why bother. The others that except and defend it are justifying their mistakes. By acknowledging and being aware of the dangers, my...
  5. CaptFerd

    Parking Lithium powered Equipment in the house or garage

    The Danger of Parking Lithium powered Mowers, Bikes ect in the garage or house. Examples of other smaller devices as well and their dangerous surprises.
  6. CaptFerd

    2 Stage Snowblower on a Gravel Drive (How To)

    Found a good video how to rig your 2 stage snowblower to shovel that gravel drive without throwing the rocks in the process. Ive been doing this for the last 10 years with no problems at all. Plow Snow off a Gravel Driveway with a 2 Stage Snow Blower How To
  7. CaptFerd

    Kubota 3010 belly deck blade went flying

    Helpful video to prevent the blades falling of as your Kubota ages. Same design on zero turns, smaller tractors as well as other brands.
  8. CaptFerd

    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    Dont do it. This happen to me took 5 years to destroy my truck
  9. CaptFerd

    Wheelbarrow tires going flat

    have lasted 10 years so far for me. Mine was an 8 inch rim.
  10. CaptFerd

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Inflation never goes backwards especially now. If your waiting for prices to decline dont hold your breath. Everything and especially anything that has to do with using fossil fuels is getting taxed to death right now, Prices are passed on to the consumer. A new administration will step in and...
  11. CaptFerd

    Oil change intervals

    Your wasting money which it sounds like you have plenty and mostly wasting a valuable resource. If your old school with any automotive knowledge you should know that there was a time that you just changed the filter and added oil if needed.
  12. CaptFerd

    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    You do know that Vice President ***** has just recruited 86,000 heavily armed IRS tax auditors. I wouldn't be boasting to much about how your scamming my tax dollars off the federal gov.
  13. CaptFerd

    Ground Hogs

    Used cat litter around the entrance. I mean litter that the cats have crapped and wissed in. They cant stand it and will vacate their home to get away from it.
  14. CaptFerd

    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    Coal Powered Electric Car
  15. CaptFerd

    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    Famous words of Your new unelected world leader Klaus Schwab of the WEF is pushing it. Not me. Thats why
  16. CaptFerd

    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    You will own nothing and be happy
  17. CaptFerd

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Imagine going 60 mph in a 55 speed zone. OnStar detects it and you are automatically fined and your credit score is reduced. If you have reached your allowed ration of gas they know and you wont be able to pump gas. OnStar has the ability to monitor every aspect of the vehicle you drive from...
  18. CaptFerd

    Why would a mower melt 20 amp fuses?

    Dont give up. You may find out it still dont work after all that. The module that it shows is to prevent bypassing any of the safety switches. But keep that in mind if you decide to go rogue on it.
  19. CaptFerd

    Why would a mower melt 20 amp fuses?

    After studying the schematic I keep coming back to a short in either the ignition switch or most likely a common problem PTO switch. The water temp is powered through the pto while both on and off. Going back from that power to the switch comes from the ignition switch where the yellow wire...
  20. CaptFerd

    Why would a mower melt 20 amp fuses?

    Buy the time your at page 15 of this post you be at a very expensive bunch of pot shots of everyone's suggestions. You need to learn this electric system with a schematic and start trouble shooting all your switches, relays and wires in the ptos circuit. The pto is fed directly from battery...
  21. CaptFerd

    B3030 Fuel Lift Pump Information

    If its the electric pump your referring to its just a straightforward change out from old to new.
  22. CaptFerd

    Removing cured concrete splatter.

    Us farmers call it the tractors work clothes.
  23. CaptFerd

    face mask for mowing tired of the dust?

    You should have bought a cab tractor. LOL
  24. CaptFerd

    How much will that tractor cost, the true price of ownership.

    One of the most ridiculous things I see a lot are people do is mow grass on a compact tractor with the belly mower and a front end bucket up in their face. The loader is a mere toy that they will use for the first year and becomes useless over time. The buckets still look brand new after 10...
  25. CaptFerd

    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    Wondering why this topic is brought up every single week on a platform that wont let anyone speak the truth about The Green New Deal. My answer is NO
  26. CaptFerd


    And the YT Graduates come to roost comes to mind.
  27. CaptFerd


    Screw it
  28. CaptFerd

    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    While we argue about fancy Electric Cars, Windmills and Solar panels on a tractor forum my focus would be more on plowing a field and feeding these people.
  29. CaptFerd

    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    People also ask How much does it cost to replace a Chevy Bolt battery? According to a post on, a dealership quoted a Chevy Bolt owner in November 2018 $16,250 for a battery replacement, with $870 for labor. Given that Chevy Bolt batteries are rated at 60 kWh, that equates to...
  30. CaptFerd

    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    Im real sick and tired of this same topic popping up in my email every week now. It would be fine if people could speak the truth about it without getting their reply deleted by the admins. Alls I can say is if you think your saving the planet and you enjoy the new experimental technologies of...
  31. CaptFerd

    Scam? I think so.

    Sometimes their motive is to kill you.
  32. CaptFerd

    Scout by... Volkswagen ?!?!?!? Electric, no less.

    Welcome to the age of tracking, monitoring and the exclusion of the above average man the ability to afford and maintain. The person that supports the destruction of the internal combustion engine industry as a trade off for a political mans wealth is a lunatic. Your descendants will suffer.
  33. CaptFerd

    Would You Loan It Out?

    Get it back as quick as you can. He will end up using it more than you ever will. He also has his eyes on everything you own. When ever he needs something you will be the first place he will come. 30 years ago I lent a relative a wheelbarrow I had just bought brand new. A few weeks went by and...
  34. CaptFerd

    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    Compared to what your going to pay soon. Thats pretty dam cheap.
  35. CaptFerd

    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    We can all thank the people like the one who deleted my post for the inflation we are experiencing. We are limited to complaining and not exposing the reasoning behind it. I cant leave the house without it costing me a min $50 and Im sure most are in the same boat. A slice of bread is $100 in...
  36. CaptFerd

    Driveway gravel

    I use a 2 stage blower that is set with 1" wide feet 1" above the gravel. Dont plow down the middle if its higher there. No gravel issues. Truck packs the 1" snow just fine with no slip sliding issues.
  37. CaptFerd

    Are we in the USA really this far behind?

    Toys for the rich and lazy. Corn $100 an ear at the market.
  38. CaptFerd


    Thanks for the heads up
  39. CaptFerd

    Tractor Shortages

    Id be willing to bet there is a tv in your garage thats tuned in to your favorite news channel 24/7.
  40. CaptFerd

    Tire won’t take air.

    Little tires can be an sob.
  41. CaptFerd

    ZTR or Rider?

    Please dont buy that SX 54.
  42. CaptFerd

    Sc2400 issue

    I have 500 hours on my SC2400 with nothing but Wix filters including the hydro, fuel and oil. Travellers oil and hydro fluid from TSC meets and exceeds all the requirements of these Yanmar built tractors with CC colors and attachments. Same goes for a fleet of bucket trucks and cranes I service...
  43. CaptFerd

    How long before Compact Diesels are obsolete?

    Even though hundreds of post before me I believe it is the wrong place to push a very political agenda to advance your investments. I have a neighbor that owns a $500 dollar electric push mower that is charged by a coal plant in Mosow Ohio. Takes him 3 days to cut .3 acre lot. Thats .1 acre per...
  44. CaptFerd

    SC2400 Seat Suspension

    Been quite some time since I posted this. Never got any notifications on any post and forgot about it. My seat suspension is still working great. Glad to see that a few others have found help and even improved the installation of this thread.
  45. CaptFerd

    Would you buy a 54" or 60" deck?

    If you love cutting grass get the smaller.
  46. CaptFerd

    What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

    Put an ad in the market place anywhere you can post. Someone is looking for your oil but you have to find him. Get rid of a lot that way. Had an oil furnace myself and it would go through 10 gal a day.
  47. CaptFerd

    Kubota L 3010 sight glass fluid check

    I have been searching to find out the proper way to check the fluid using the sight glass on this tractor and haven't come up with a solid answer. Some say it should be running, some say lift the buckets or or lower decks down, stand on your head and scratch your elbows. With the tractor...
  48. CaptFerd

    Old but new I guess

    Well I joined the forum about 2 years ago and it says Im still a new member. Maybe because I havent properly introduced myself. My real name is Ferdinand and I live in Goshen Ohio :us-ohio: I have about 3 acres of gardens. Love growing mostly corn :corn:, pumpkins :pumpkin: and watermellons...
  49. CaptFerd

    MM60rse Gear box bearings bad

    Its been 2 seasons and 100+ hours on the repaired gearbox. Seems to be holding up pretty well. You can use the above part #s to find them. Availible from Cub Cadet, or other places online. Not pictured (102 - 786029 in the parts # list) Is the cap with new seal installed, also includes the...
  50. CaptFerd

    SC2400 Seat Suspension

    After a few years of getting beat to death on this tractor I ended up hurting my back pretty bad. I wish I had done it sooner, but finally added suspension to the seat to smooth the ride. Most of the threads I read there was a lot of welding and modifying to mount one of these gismos, unless...
  51. CaptFerd

    Hour Meter tachometer cable broke SC2400

    When I saw this I was for certain that this was the result of another problem. I tried turning the cable in the meter box and sure enough it was froze up. This is how I fixed it. You need to remove the dash cover and bar across the top. Disconnect the battery. Pretty strait forward just find...
  52. CaptFerd

    MM60rse Gear box bearings bad

    Yanmar and Cub Cadet are no longer, and so are the parts. Bearings went out on the mower deck gear box and the box cant be found anywhere. Not even the Certified Yanmar dealers can get it. Now that my 3 year old tractor is in the same as a 1940s cant find parts category, I'm looking for Ideas on...
  53. CaptFerd

    Mowing  MM60rse Gear box bearings bad

    post was moved to Yanmar new (removed)