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    Help us design on our Mulcher Attachment

    Some of us Power Trac owners are looking to make our life a little bit easier by creating a mulch attachment. But we thought that many of you have wished you would have such an ability too.. What are your thoughts on such an attachment? Here are some of a Power Trac, a John Deer front mower...
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    Does any body have a 1835B Diesel Case Skid Steer?

    i walked into a bargain, at lest i thought! a customer of mine is moving to a town house and needs to get read of his Case skid steer. well, i needed a machine that could load my topdressing spreader from Earth & Turf so i don't have to unhitch the power trac every time the topdresser hopper...
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    New comer to this site

    i an going to buy a 18735b diesel skid steer from one of my customers. i normally only frequebrt the power trac site of this forum. the machine only had 400 hrs on it and no auxiliary hydraulic access, can you help!?
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    The Shears; small tractor rotator device The Strod

    Many times has the question come up and here we are again! To be or not to be ...... the first to build, design, invent the multi directional small tractor rotator device we need either an inventor or PT finally has to break down and get us a device to rotate at least 180 degrees from 3 a...
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    Discount quick attach Plates for 400 and 1800 PTs

    I found an outfit that fabricates all kinds of parts for compact construction equipment. They can make a quick attach plate for the 400 series for around $80.00- $90.00. This is a $35.00 - $45.00 savings. The only thing is they need at least an order of 10 pieces at the time. If anyone is...
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    toggling between tabs such as dealers to discussio

    results inthe following msg: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you...
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    Links are pointing back to Main Index

    i did a search on various things this weekend and to my dismay ended up back at the Main Index. this phenomenon occurred especially with older posts!? not really
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    Snow  Alberta Clipper hits 425 w Cheap Snow Plow

    as a snow removal subcontractor we were dispatched the minute the snow hit the Delaware Valley. and now because the NOT SO Alberta Clipper is taking his time we were sent home again. according to the national forecasts we should get 3-6 inches and the temperature is going to drop to 6 degrees...
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    Happy and Prosperous New year

    to everyone who reads this and good luck with whatever color your weapon of choice is h v b-l
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    "four" Year round use here is a site

    \"four\" Year round use here is a site if you want to use your 4x4 year round look up this site: track conversion enjoy your winter
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    does anyone out there have a PT power rake?

    our seeding business is starting to take off and we are wondering which of the following we should get: Harley Rake, very costly, around $4800 for a dingo or pt size (48"). Rock Hound or a pt's own power rake .... any information is greatly appreciated ...thanks
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    no i have not quit the forum

    but i am working on a new test pilot course ... please see the newest addition below: zt f.i.r.e.
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    Power Trac Replacement Engines Suggestions!?!?

    i am posting this just to keep things like Mr. M.R. did for the subject of PT Lubrication. i would like to start this thread for PT Engines replacement, suggestions, upgrades etc. only. that does not mean that we should not have other specific to a pt model engine subjects started. my intend is...
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    replacement tires and wheel & tire assemblies

    replacement tires and wheel & tire assemblies farmers and construction machinery owners have been very happy with this source of tires, puncture sealant up to 1/4 inch holes. give Gensco a call or try web page good luck
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    Tires  tire puncture problems solved with Gensco

    Used aircraft tires, with 16 or more plies, can be found in sizes that fit many small tractors. These usually have ribbed tread, are very heavily constructed and offer excellent puncture resistance. these guys have been very reliable and successful to keep agriculture and construction going...
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    Yes, the New 425 are out!

    The February 2003, Landscape Management Magazine Click here for add on page 67 please: Landscape Management. Solution For A Growing Industry contains a full page PT add. if you go to that site you will be able to find urls of 11 other tractors in the February release ... the 12th tractor is...
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    My toys are for 4 Sale

    Please look at the PT site they are selling my toys, the things i always wanted BUT really don't need right now ... the prices are better Also the 2002 price levels have been extended for one more month
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    Either i was asleep or i missed a promotion

    Moderators: Bird, cowboydoc, Harv, JohnMiller3, MChalkley, MikePA, <font color="red"> Moss road </font> Muhammad, RobS i knew it, but i did not know when it would happen, <font color="green"> Congratulation </font>
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    PT's Newest division

    PT\'s Newest division the creative landscape painting department .... i give you the first clue .... power dump
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    if you have nothing else to do this sunday

    look at this site, please. a relatively cheap way to add fert. to your garden and lawn (top dressing):
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    What is wrong with this idea

    why would i not be able to take my hydrostatic 48" walkbehind mower and somehow rig it to use instead of a hydraulic pt mower ... i am only fishing. but after i saw how fast Charlie could mow with my two Kunz Acrease, because of the extra power, which a 425 can't produce. i have been thinking...
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    Snow  Cheap Snow Plow

    During one of my barn cleaning jobs i had to remove a 48" Bolton snow plow. we cut all the parts which went over the mower lift device off, only the mechanical angling system and the skid shoes we kept intact. we than added 21 inches of diamond plated stock on either side to the original plow...
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    Snow  Happy Holidays and allot of snow

    from looking around the nation there are several snow storms in the pt future. well, we here in the pa area will again switch from leaves to snow plowing within the next 24 hours, according to the national weather forecast. my mechanic/engineer Francis and i wish you and your families a very...
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    Trailer Hitch for 425

    <font color=green>Subject: Re: PowerTrac Customizations - 1845 hitch Hitch in primer - photo attached. Having owned the Power Trac 10 days, and already cut of something and welded on something else, I suspect that I may keep it. Certainly I made returning it for a refund a bit unlikely. But...
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    Latest PT News

    The Power Dumper Pictures Are Here, Hope Bird will get one too. it takes at times a while for good things to get to fruition go and look at the pt site they are here hrl
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    PT designed muffler for the 425 Kohler engine

    What a difference after we installed the pt engineered (by Ed, the owner and chief engineer). The engine runs even quieter than before and we operated the machine pushing around slush mixed with salt and cinder for a good hour. the black box protecting the engine was barely warm. the principle...
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    Latest News

    The Power Dumpers are now available for sale and physically going into painting and final assembly stage. I blew my toy allowance with the jerco leaf plow and the lackender baby boomer ll backhoe. I also spoke to Brent, who makes those need pictures available to us on the internet. He will...
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    leaf collection w/ leaf plow

    we already have several ways to pick up leaves, but this procedures, for large properties, is the fastest and cheapest, yet. Give Mr. M.R. all the credit with his bucket procedure. this system here, which we borrowed, the idea from jerco and the attachment from a friend, which has two, really...
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    If you don't like trailers here is another idea

    If you don\'t like trailers here is another idea here is another idea from all haul mini roll off pull behind container corp.: on the bottom of that web site go to slick lift and than to slick hauler. we are contemplating to haul our power trac 425 with this lift rather...
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    Need a more versatile trailer?

    The ALL HAUL MINI ROLL OFF SYSTEM has the a pull behind roll off trailer ranging from about 12,000 lb to 18,000 LB ALL HAUL TRI-AX ROLL OFF SYSTEM. see: There are 3 models to choose from: the 12,000LB 10 CUBIC YARD ROLL OFF SYSTEM.THE AHTR-1015 12,000LB which will handle a...
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    New Pictures for attachments at PT

    on the pt web site front page there is a new addition called Attachments (right next to Home). there are several new pictures of attachments but no power dump yet. according to Chris the $900.00 mini backhoe is powered. it has a piston as the picture reveals. that means that you activate the...
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    i prefer to be the in the cheerleading squad this time around. we should find a knowledgeable, wise and firm person or persons to see us trough this next challenge of 5000 quality posts .... Keep the FLUFF to a MINIMUM ... that goes for ME TOO. Thank you for the members that already have...
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    I think we should give a prize to post # 3000 To all Power Trac members and valued guest to our slice of the pie within TBN: I am sorry for acting so hastily (me the resident hothead) and delete my original post. As most of you know we have been in a fairy tale sleep for the last few weeks...
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    I think we should give a price to post # 3000 *DELETED*

    To all TBN/Power Trac members: I am sorry for acting so hastily (me the resident hothead). As most of you know we have been in a fairy tale sleep for a few weeks. - we are a small group and growing - we are an enthusiastic group - we are possibly a little more frugal tractor buyers - we expect...
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    NEW & FUN attachments for PT 425

    in checking on status of warranty work on my pt 425 kohler headgasket job, which is still pending (no fault on pts part) i also found out about the newly available attachments. forget but someone already mentioned it some weeks back ... the knuckle boom mower is now available. it is a...
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    Another lackender order placed

    the government approved the purchase of a lackender baby boomer. included in this authorized procurement is a a 8" bucket. the extras are two teeth on the bucket, a thumb, all the hoses and the piston. we provide the pt quick attach plate to lackender. digging depth 5 feet. total weight about...
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    Tired of backing equipment off your trailer

    or your horse won't load these guys have an answer ... have not seen it in person ... concept is great:
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    Price Check  power dumper price for 1430

    as the pricelist of the pt 400 series the power dumper price for this model has been added but no picture either ..... good luck with that 2 ton capability hrl
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    For You logging enthusiasts

    here is a site where you can get started with your logging business: and Charlie leave the credit card home ... Mr. m.r. i know you are going to build one yourself hi....... have a good weekend everyone
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    New-New-New -Power Dumper Trailer

    The PT Quick Attach Trailer Pictures will be available in the next 10 days. you will be able to load your trailer, hock up to the trailer, dump the load without ever getting out of your seat. on the tailgate their is a road. and as you elevate the lift arms the road will catch in the ground...
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    Documentation for all models and corresponding att

    NOT now, but sometimes this winter, i think we should start to prepare some sort of electronic documentation and step by step explanations of how to maintain the beasty and it's attached toys ... ups models and corresponding attachments. we will need the computer and engineering members of our...
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    Alert - PT - Vacation time

    Get your calls and your orders in today CLA which is the managing agent under other for power trac, sent me a note with my partsbill that they will be closed from saturday june 29, 2002 until july 7, 2002. normal operating hours will resume monday july 8 2002
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    in searching for a york like rake for the pt425 i found a very sturdy but expensive rake made for sears by the same manufacturer that makes the york rakes. the sears part number is 26146 regular price is $799.99 but it is going on sale for $759.99 on 6-28-02. They did not have a brochure in the...
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    pt 425 engine and muffler problems

    it all started about a 125 hours ago when i lost one side of the muffler cover, due to backfiring during the shutdown procedure. after a few minutes i restarted the engine again and worked for a few minutes more. the noise was unbearable even with supper earprotection so i checked under the...
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    power trac attachment swaping possibility

    here is a guy that want's to swap some attachments. he can be found on the CTB board: Aaron60 2002-05-02 38075 Does anyone have any used implements to the PowerTracs they are looking to sell? I'm looking for a 48-inch bushog, auger, blade, 10 cubic foot bucket, rotor tiller...
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    power trac --what others are saying

    here is a professionals opinion: ohiolawnguy Senior Member Registered: Dec 2001 Location: Akron, Ohio Posts: 281 these 2 items dont make us the most money overall, but i would say they have the highest profit percentage, as opposed to how work would be done otherwise. both pieces can be...
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    Power Trac

    Charlie, this guy needs help and i think we should help him, would you and MossRoad take the lead, if you guys think it could be mutaully beneficial. here is what he wants on lawnsite: Okay, TURF will pay $ It's Jim Kendrick, publisher of TURF Magazine. I received a bunch of great responses...
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    Power Trac Web Site

    Attention to all users, wanters such as me an 1800 series hill machine, onlookers, fans and detractors the web site is not available for 2 days. The days of non - op are 4-25 and 4-26 - 02
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    Power Trac 425 & associates

    Hi mossroad, i on behave of everyone (i hope) that read your thread for those many month would like to thank you for the thought to start it, monitor it, and keep it lively interesting and technically very accurate. as the pt population is growing i hope that you, charlie, sedgewood a many...
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    Power Trac Attachment

    has anybody used this attachment yet and what do you think of it? please! thank you. thDisc Edger- 18" diameter to push dirt away from the edges of driveways and sidewalks to prevent weed growth.
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    Grappler bucket for power trac

    Yes, i had to mention that particular brand! this has been an exiting week and many hours spent behind the wheel of my favored equipment and attachment. Between mowing and fert., we are doing extensive yard, field and spring cleaning. For years we were pulling tarps with wet, dead and stinky...
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    Mowing  power trac 425's mowing season has started

    power trac 425\'s mowing season has started finally, the combination of temperature and the badly needed precipitation have put us back to work. last saturday we had our pt425 and our two acrease wing mowers (kunz eng.)out to make some money. it looks like this week we will have to mowe all the...
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    A source to adapt attachements to out pt's

    A source to adapt attachements to out pt\'s Kanga Loaders The Kanga Kid mini skid-steer loader features a 13-horsepower gas engine and a variety of attachments. The multi-purpose unit is designed for use in shrub planting, rotor tilling post holing, trenching, digging and leveling...
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    loose material handler from ramrod

    has anybody out there used any of ramrods equipment and attachments? i spoke to the one guy at ramrod and they indicated that several of the other mini skid loader manfgr. were using their quick attachment as a standard. i am particularly interested in the loose matl. handler, it's pos...