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    XR3135 rear tail lights

    Had a burned out brake light. Turns out bulb was broken because the plastic locking ring is destroyed. Seems like the heat made it brittle. Anyone have a wiring diagram that shows the part number the wire harness for the tail lights? Just the last foot that splits aft the disconnect. (XR3135HC)...
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    Cab owners - several questions

    I know some of this has been posted somewhere but I haven't been able to find it. - What is the size of the switches on the side post? - Anyone that has mounted a light bar under the front (or back) eave. Plastic seems flimsy to just drill and mount to. Use a strip of metal on backside to...
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    John Deere GT262

    Any info on this mower? Good, bad, any reliability issues? Thanks.
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    Cub Cadet XT2 price question

    Looking at a used 2015 XT2 LX46 with the Kawasaki 21.5hp eng. 50 hours on it. Stamped deck. Looks clean. Asking $1500. Good price?
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    New LS Sub-Compact

    See LS got into the sub-compact market with the MT1. Comments
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    Question for those with cabs

    Anyone ever find a place to get the plug and pigtail that would go into the spot for the beacons?
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    XR3135HC ordered

    Well finally pulled the trigger on a XR3135HC. Loaded tires, radio and adding bucket hooks. Also will be getting a Puma 64 snowblower which they are converting to be loader mounted. Will post some pictures when it comes in. Thanks for all the info that is posted here. This has been a 2 year...
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    2210 real axle seal

    Anyone have to replace a rear axle seal on a 2210? I took it into my dealer to have it replaced and was told its a 2 and a half hour job. (Told this 2 times, the second time after they had determined what needed to be replaced and had the parts on order) Only to get a call a week later telling...
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    LS at the Louisville Farm Show

    Spoke to the rep at the Louisville Farm Show today. LS built engines will start being put in about June in tractors greater than 25HP. They are common rail fuel injected and will have about 3HP more in each tractor than the current engine. They also had the new XR3135 there, Pics are posted in...
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    New XR3135 at Louisville Farm Show

    Stopped by the LS stand at the Louisville Farm Show and they had a new model, the XR3135. I believe they said its 32HP. Looks just like the XR3037. The sales rep was from the NC office. He said they are switching to the LS engines in June. The 25HP and under will not change. The engines greater...
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    Loader mounted blower

    Not sure if anyone has been looking for a loader mounted blower, but, I was discussing one while looking at a new tractor. Turns out one of my local dealers in western NY custom builds them. He gave me a verbal quote of $4500 for a 72" loader mount snowblower with 3pt hitch power pack and rear...
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    Trailer tire clearance

    I have a 7500# trailer. The concern I have is that I have noticed that it does not seem that there is room for full travel before the tires will rub the fenders. I just replaced the tires, same size but upgraded from C range to D. The tires do extended slightly outside the fenders. When fully...
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    Anyone heard of Bray trailers?

    I recently picked up a 2003 18' Bray beavertail car hauler. Haven't found much information online about this brand. Anyone know anything about them. Seems to be well built and in very good shape. Tag says it was modified at Canadian Tire and everything is metric so I assume it was purchased in...
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    2210 U-Joint

    Has anyone had to the u-joint between the transmission and engine fail on your 2210? I have 488 hours and the mechanic said that this is starting to be a common problem. About $600 fix since they have to tear the machine apart to get to it. Apparently this has been changed on the 2305 where you...