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    Max 24 Front snowblower gear sprocket issue

    So my hydraulic snowblower chute (MXSB-56) stopped working today. The gear sprocket that turns the chute was still spinning, but the issue turned out to be the sprocket lowered itself from the rotating ring, so the teeth were not meeting each other. Does anyone know if this supposed to happen or...
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    Max 24 leak to the left of HST filter

    Have a small drip leak underneath my 5 year old MAX 24. It's to the left of the HST Filter. I couldn't have hit anything since it's used to mow the lawn and snow blow the driveway. When the dealer sent the tech out for my 150 HR tuneup, I showed it to him and he tightened the bolt in the leak...
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    Snow  Max 24 Snowblower Chute gets stuck

    Has anyone experienced their snowblower chute getting stuck if turned all the way to the left? The sprocket just spins when hydraulics are engaged trying to bring back around. I usually have to jump out and give it a little push to get it moving again.
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    Channel Drain or French Drain ??

    Had my driveway paved recently and as the photo shows, water collects at the base of my lawn and then flows down the left side of the driveway and creates a sheet of ice when it gets cold. I'm going to dig a trench from left to right and then down the embankment. Would a french drain work ...
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    MAX 24 coolant question

    My coolant reserve bottle is below the Low line. Do you add the coolant to the coolant reserve bottle or through the radiator ? Does Mahindra provide a Mahindra brand ethylene glycol coolant ? Thanks
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    Max 24 newbee with starting exhaust question

    New to this site and first time tractor owner. Question about the black smoke when first starting the tractor, it's followed by gray smoke and then clears up when revving up the RPMs. Just want to make sure that's normal for the first start of the day. I have about 18 hours on the Max 24 and...