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    T25 Loader

    I am considering a T-25 tractor and see from the loader specs it can lift 1380 pounds. My deal breaker for this tractor is whether it can lift an IBC tote filled with red oak. The totes I use are the shorter 36" high totes not the 48" totes. The 48" totes are about 1600#'s, so figure 400#'s...
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    Titan ditch bank flail mower hydraulic fitting

    I recently purchased a titan flail mower however the hydraulic fittings do not match my tractors, a kubota l3901. My thought was to change out of he fittings however even the connection on the end of the hose is odd. On the end of the hose there are tapered fittings with an o-ring in the middle...
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    3-Point Hitch  Pto clutch doesn't engage

    Hi everyone I'm hoping somebody else has experienced this and can help me get through it. I was operating my 3 pt mounted wood chipper. When I was done chipping I had the engine down at idle and walked over to the side of the tractor and disengaged the PTO without first pushing in the clutch...
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    DK 4510 HS transmission operation

    Hi, I am new to Kioti, currently have a Kubota but am considering making the switch. Kioti FEL numbers are very impressive and wish I had considered them before purchasing the Kubota. Anyway I am confused by the hydraulic transmission as it compares to a HST. Kioti's web site claims you don't...
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    Why are Kubota FEL's so weak?

    I believe Kubota to be the best designed, built, and fit n finish tractors on the market. To that end I just bought a L3901 and so far I am happy with it. One thing that does stand out though when comparing this model to similar models from other manufacturers is the FEL is weak. Kioti has a...