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    eMax 22 and 25 recall

    Got a letter from Mahindra that they are recalling eMax 22 and 25 tractors to fix a possible fuel line connection point cracking and leaking issue. It said something about putting an epoxy on the connection? Anyone know what the repair entails and how long it take to do it? Was wondering if this...
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    Oil & Fuel  Mahindra e Max 22 engine oil capacity

    Needed to do my 50 hour service so looked in the manual and found the volume of fluids I would need. Got the engine oil filter, the hydraulic fluid and gear oil at the dealer (they didn't have the hydraulic filter). I drained the engine, the drain bolt was a booger to get out. I thought what I...
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    Maschio finish mower - any experience

    Any one own a Maschio finish mower? What experience have you had with it? Any issues crop up? Reason I ask I bought a 5' one, for less than half of the best retail price I've seen, at an auction, brand new, but built in 2011. It was supposedly an overstock they wanted to get rid of. Had two at...