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    John Deere 350B dozer track roller question

    I recently got a 350B which seems to be in excellent shape. Starts, Runs and everything works. Undercarriage seems tight and all is well. However, I would like to be sure that the rollers on the track are properly lubed. The book talks about the button grease fittings but when I tried to...
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    New Holland parts rant

    About a year and a half ago, I stupidly flipped my TC40D upside down, backing up without looking. Fortunately, I escaped without serious injury but the tractor broke in half. I repaired it over the next couple of months, replacing the transmission gearcase and the hydro housing (bellhousing)...
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    Problems adapting a snow plow to a Kubota B7500

    So, my son has a B7500 with loader. He found a snowplow on CR for free so, of course, it has to be fitted to the tractor. He did a nice job of designing and building all of the necessary hangers, etc to attach it to the tractor and everything fits just as it should. The snowplow has hydraulic...
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    Broke my TC40DA

    Didn't pay attention. Backed over a 4 foot bank and flipped the tractor over on me. Fortunately, I wasn't hurt and other than being sore for a week or so, no problems. However, the tractor is broken. Transmission case is broken and I can see a crack in the bell housing. I decided to fix it...
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    TC40DA front axle leak

    So I have an oil leak in the final drive on my tc40da. I have it all apart except for separating the top casting from the bottom one, where there is a roller bearing in between. There is no snap ring or anything else I can see keeping it together but I can't push the top casting out of the...
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    Backhoe  Electronic ignition conversion

    I have an old (1974) 3 cylinder 3550 backhoe. Is there an electronic ignition conversion available for it? Is it a big deal to install? Thanks, Eddie 48
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    Problems connecting flat-face connectors

    Is there a tool that will allow me to relieve the pressure in the connectors so I can hook up my grapple without having to first loosen up the connector from the hose? I'm getting awful tired of having to have a couple of wrenches in hand every time I want to change the bucket to the grapple...
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    Grapple  New Stump Grapple - really works!

    I just got to try out my new stump grapple from Unlimited Fabrication, LLC PO BOX 454 DENTON, NC 27239 I had about 15 stumps left in a field that used to be Christmas tree operation. I took the trees, mostly spruce, down last year, but didn't have any way to get the stumps out until...
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    Drive Hub for International 200f Manure spreader needed

    I just finished resurecting a 200F manure spreader and then broke the already repaired once drive hub. This is the axle hub with 4 large lobes to actuate the arm that ratchets the bed chain. It also contains the two dogs which engage in the wheel hub. Does anyone know where I can find one?