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    Why Nebraska Tractor Tests

    I found this background interesting.
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    Would you use this pic in an advertisement?

    Would you buy this based on this pic? [
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    OTC hearing aids

    What brand / model of Over-the-counter hearing aid(s) have you bought? Likes? (other than comfort to wear, that's going to be user specific) Dislikes? Price? Would you buy the same ones again?
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    Load the spring on Jublee drawbar.

    The cotter pin sheared that holds the pivot post on the Jubilees draw bar. I have everything aligned and a smaller pin through the holes but the drawbar swings freely to one side. The other direction the spring inside the pivot housing stops if from going far that direction. Any tips on getting...
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    Control levers

    I picked up a Golden Jubilee and am in the process of draining / changing all the fluids. It had sat outside uncover for 3 years. Looking over the tractor the two small levers on either side of the operator station (see pics) have me wondering about their use. Likely use of the tractor will be...
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    Leveling a PHD

    The lube fill port on my Bush Hog 2102 PHD is 1/2" NPT. Thinking iabout replacing the plug with a 12" capped nipple then attaching a laser level to the nipple. That should give a good indication when it's set up to drill the hole straight and indicate when to make forward adjustments as the PHD...
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    Mahindra Roxer - Uhoh

    ROXOR Offroad | UTVs, Side by Sides, SxS Utility Vehicles, Recreational Off-Roaders
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    Cutting welds

    Picked up a used bandsaw yesterday. The band on it id pretty fine toothed (14~18 TPI) and the seller said it was probably dull. Set it up and cut some 2" galvanized pipe with ~1/4" wall (standard house drain type stuff). It took several minutes, but did make a nice clean square cut. The first...
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    Blinded by the light

    With all respect due (you can be the judge of that) to Manfred Mann... On a scale of 1 -10, the trend toward brighter headlights has hit ridiculous. There are national highway insurance institute tests / studies indicating how well the new retina burning headlights allow a driver to see a deer...
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    8+ foot pick-up camper and towing

    What variables impact trailer towing with a slide in camper, specifically campers over 8' long in an 8' bed? Are there design differences that limit or enhance towing? Which factors, other than weight, need special consideration? Found out today the offer on some property about an hour away...
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    4 Way Stop Etiquette / Law

    Close to work is a 4 way stop intersection that is very busy on school day mornings. There is almost always 2 or 3 cars waiting from each direction during the morning rush hour. In the image below the cars are labeled with the order 1, 2, 3, 4 that they arrive at the intersection and by law...
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    Gas shortages

    Are you seeing our of gas gas stations in your area? I haven't been out for 3 days but keep hearing the price is jumping and in some places they are experiencing shortages. Timing is bad for the harvest :( Are we headed for rationing?
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    Safe Haven, if possible without...

    ...making a political statement, tell me were you would put your money in my scenario. ~4-5 years from retiring. Can take what I have saved now and what I can add to it between now and retirement and be okay. Won't be okay if my current savings take a hit. I imagine the advice of those...
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    Guess my age is showing. Never thought this would be a practical endeavor
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    Help IDing a valve / findnig rebuild components

    View from front of tractor. It's leaking out of the cap like projection on the right. I'm guessing that's the pressure adjustment Side view. It's on a late 70's Ford 770 loader Only identifying marks I can find. It just started dripping, but the squeal has become more frequent during...
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    I thought you could google anything...traliering a pontoon/

    I have searched all...and searched videos...and searched images...and searched...but cannot find the answer to how much clearance there should be between the ground and the bottom of pontoon tubes (logs) when trailering on a flat level surface. I have a center lift crank style trailer with one...
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    What's your "Go To" search on slow days?

    You know those days when the ground won't support you (to muddy, etc...) on the tractor, you have to stick around the house for an appointment, or it's OhDarkThirty and sleeping isn't working? After you've exhausted all the great specific search terms like "tractor", "saw", "UTV", "winch"...
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    2 WD vs. operating a 4 WD in 2 WD mode

    Does a 2 WD tractor have an advantage over a 4 WD tractor that is operating in 2 WD? Entering and exiting the woodlot there is about 300 feet of gradual grade and 150 feet of pretty steep grade. Both are a little greasy from recent continual rain. Saturday morning I consciously didn't bother...
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    "If everything goes right,,,

    ....there is enough time to get <insert your task here> done. If not I'm screwed" has become my new motto :( Rain...shorter daylight things are conspiring against me ;)
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    How to open this up ~ 1/8"?

    What would be the best way to straighten the lower member of this trailer tongue? Its 1/2" thick x 2 1/4" wide. I'm afraid if I try prying / wedging against the top, the top will bend up instead of the bottom bending down. I don't have acetylene torches :( The only plan I can come up with is...
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    300 pounds of play sand later

    I'm back on high ground :) Ice under snow on hills presents quite the challenge sometimes!
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    These thinhgs I have..this project I have..."Advice" I need!

    I have: PA-300 welder 3/32 6013 rod 1/8 7018 rod The project will be a log arch of sorts, the pieces clamped to the ends will have axle stubs connecting 54" diameter, 17" wide, 300 pound tires & wheels bolted & welded to the assembly. Logs weighing up to 3,000 lbs will be suspended under the...
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    Anyone want this?

    It's a fiberglass car vinyl top shell. The flat area measures roughly 4' square. I planned to use it to make a canopy but it's to big for my tractor. Someone with reasonable bodywork skills could make a sharp looking custom rain / sun shade. Located n Central Michigan, pick it up or arrange...
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    The creek ford my 1700 Ford afforded me

    The near side was done last spring Put the far side (near side in the pic below) in just before deer season started this fall Took down the last two dead ash trees on the near side over the long holiday weekend. There are a lot more to harvest on the opposite shore. Hard for me to...
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    Finally got my courage up

    Two big (~24" & 28" DBH) dead ash leaning over my trail through the woods. Both had poison ivy that I cut at the base early in the spring and the bigger one had a 10" cedar hung up in it. Pulled the cedar free with the 1700. Cleared my escape routes. Cut a shallow steep notch to try to steer...
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    How much will it draw back as it cools?

    roughly? My FEL frame had a cracked frame that someone had welded, Last week I heard a clicking sound while hauling logs and sure enough the weld (we won't say what kind of weld) had cracked. Got the tractor home from the woods and cleaned up the previous weld as best I could (tough area to...
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    Asphalt alligatored: Crush & Shape or Mill & Cap?

    I have two "experts" giving conflicting advice on repair of a badly alligatored asphalt parking lot. The original installation was, in both experts opinion, very well (overly) done in regards to the base and surface. This is evidenced by the fact the lot isn't heaving or settling. The surface...
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    Had it actually been broken, it would have been more difficult to fix

    So, when I installed the kitchen faucet 3 1/2 years ago, there were no instructions in the box. The diverter valve had two outlet connections with the same size fitting to which each of a flexible hose was to be connected. One was for the sprayer, the other for the spout. Logic dictated the...
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    Hill Climbing Primer

    The ground is finally drying up enough to get into & out of the low area surrounding the creek and start bringing out ash logs I've been stacking up down there. There's a pretty steep (25' up over about 75' distance grade through a 50' wide opening, see topo) that will need to be traversed so...
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    So, look what followed me home from the woods today

    Can I keep it? A section of spring tooth harrow (I believe). Somehow going to affix the springs to a bar / pipe that can be quickly attached to the FEL with the points down to "rake" the woods after clearing to get the small trees / brush pulled out. Hopefully will be able to flip the bar...
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    Missed it by this > < much

    Saw a Jobsmart Fluxcore 125 Mig welder, new in box, on the clearance table at the farm supply store a few years ago for $48. Sticker said "Won't feed wire", I said (to myself) "That's got to be something simple to fix" and bought it. Fast forward ~ 3 - 4 years and now that I am a tractor owner...
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    This place has already saved me a ton of money

    I've been lurking on & off for several years. A recent purchase of the tractor in the picture to the left has had me scouring these boards for all kinds of advice over the last month ~ 6 weeks. I learned what the previous owner didn't know (or perhaps didn't care) about changing fuel pump...