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    What's my F3990 worth?

    Lets make a deal!
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    What's my F3990 worth?

    Yes sir, 4wd. Wet clutch so it's super easy to throw in and out of 4wd as needed. It's a 2014 - never had an issue with it. My lawn is pretty rough too. Old farm ground, tree roots, wash outs / ruts and never had an issue with the deck wheels. It really is a tank of a machine!
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    What's my F3990 worth?

    Located in Ohio. I need 4wd for some of my slopes as well. Can't do it (safely) in a zero turn.
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    What's my F3990 worth?

    Toying with the idea of selling my F3990. I really like it but after getting a cab on my loader tractor a few months ago...I'm dreading this years mowing season. Toying with the idea of selling the F and getting a subcompact with a cab...unless you guys talk me out of it. F3990, very good...
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    Kubota equine discounts/rebates

    I used the Equine at the end of 2022. Not all dealers do it, it is their choice. Some will negotiate with you, some will then tack on every little thing "extra". I could make a lengthy post about it, but if you use Equine, no other rebates apply. You cannot use 0% financing either, so...
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    KTAC insurance question?

    This changed a few years ago...if it's over ~30 days old, you're SOL. The price I was given for KTAC a few months ago, was sky high. I have a stand alone policy with State Farm now.
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    Washer Fluid?

    Any concerns with using washer fluid as ballast? RimGuard isn't available within an hour or more of me...despite what their advertisement has you believe... I can get bulk washer fluid from a company a mile down the road....probably better than nothing - unless I'm not aware of a risk with...
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    Why not sugar water in tires instead of beet juice?

    What are you finding in a price per gallon, for the RV?
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    Why not sugar water in tires instead of beet juice?

    I can get BioBallast at $3.50/gallon. My concern is if/when I need to transfer the fluid out or get a leak... I need about 160 gallons between my two rear tires. That's a LOT of 1 gallon jugs! Have you noticed a trend of when (or where) it goes on sale?
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    F3680 solid front tires

    It's good stuff! I like it!
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    F Series Cab

    Anyone have any leads on a (used?) cab for my F3990?
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    F3680 solid front tires

    I put TireJect in my F3990 wheels and haven't touched them since. I think I doubled the recommended amount - maybe 4oz per tire. Easy enough since it came in an 8oz container....
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    Kubota MX5800 - Ohio

    Kubota MX5800 215 Hours Like new 60HP 4 wheel drive R4 Tires Heavy duty round back bucket with removable cutting edge Loader Level Indicator 3rd Function Kit on loader for grapple Kubota floor mat (3) sets of Kubota wheel weights 200 hour maintenance was just performed. Needs...
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    MX Cab Question

    Any options that you wish you would have gotten with your MX cab? My main concern is rear remotes. I currently don't have a need for them - I'm guessing these can be added on later, even with the cab on?
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    My f3990 just dumbed all its hydraulic fluid on my driveway - ... ?

    I believe the dipstick is on the floorboard, between your legs - under that flip up hatch. HST filter is behind the seat - make sure that's tight.
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    Chute ideas for Kubota F

    From Messick's website, here is the plastic discharge chute: 010 CHUTE, DISCHARGE- COVER,DISCHARGE K5678-47113 $27.05 9 in stock 1 " href=""...
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    Chute ideas for Kubota F

    My 2014 F3990 has a plastic chute...front mount deck
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    Kubota F series

    My F3990 doesn't require parked regens. The regen on the F3990 runs off of a timer and not how plugged the DPF is (Like on my MX5800). 250 hours on my machine as of the weekend. Hope the dealer takes care of the issue with you new machine!
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    Heavy duty landscape rake?

    Any suggestions? EA is about 16 weeks out and I need something before then. New or used!
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    Who quit their desk job for their dream job?

    Just curious...who here has quit their "cushion" desk job and switched to their dream job? I have a lot of perks with a desk job (especially with Covid, working from home, starting a family, etc.) - but like everyone - the grass always looks greener.... I'm 99% sure I will never convince...
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    Electric Power Washer Recommendation?

    I'm in the market for an electric power washer come Spring time. Lots of options but I was wondering if anyone on here has recommendations based on their own experience. I'm tired of reading "reviews" after someone just tried out their brand new power washer for 30 minutes :laughing:
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    Portable Diesel Generator Recommendations?

    I'm considering adding a diesel generator to my backup options. I keep a supply of diesel on hand. My concern is if there are any issues with these and how well they might work in cold temperatures? I currently have a propane, portable generator that I run off of BBQ tanks. It is okay but...
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    Pole barn lighting

    I finally have my new building on the books to go up this fall. 48x72x16 I was curious what everyone recommends for lighting? I'll be doing the electrical myself but the inside of the building will not be finished. There are so many LED options out there it will drive you nuts. Curious to...
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    New barn now, concrete later?

    Debating the pro's and con's of having the concrete floor put in a new building a few years later vs all at once. I'm waiting on one last quote but I think I've reached a point of do everything in a few years vs put up a building now and put a concrete floor in a few years later. I would like...
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    Blacktop barn floor?

    Anyone use blacktop for a post frame floor? I'm finishing up my budget for my new building and a friend of mine has blacktop in his hay barn. Not as "pretty" as concrete but cheaper I'm sure. Thoughts?
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    Anyone build a building for storage rental?

    Just curious if anyone has ventured down the pay of either a small business loan or something similar to build a building for storage rental? Not a bunch of storage units but cars, boats, equipment, etc. Starting to read some and wondering if anyone here had attempted it or was successful...
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    Cleaning Mildew From Vinyl Siding?

    I've neglected my vinyl siding above the house (I have a brick ranch with vinyl up to the roof). I have mildew on there pretty good. I've trimmed back and removed some trees last fall to hopefully reduce that going forward. What do you recommend to remove the mildew? My brother has a power...
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    Cat 2 Quick Hitch?

    What are my options for a Cat 2 quick hitch? I have extendable lower arms to make hooking up easier and I don't change implements often but every time I do struggle with changing them...I question my decision not having one. Can you run Cat 1 implements with the Cat 2 QH if you use the...
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    F3990 "Error Code"?

    I changed the oil and fired up my F3990 today after it sat all winter. I shut it down, then later came back and keyed on the machine and "5" was blinking where the hour meter would normally be. I can't say I've noticed it before. Any idea what that means?
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    Best way to connect another wire to a battery post?

    I was curious what others do to land additional wires onto your battery terminals. I have to run an additional wire and I'd like something clean and reliable. Any suggestions?
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    New attachment - flush hydraulic oil?

    I have a new implement coming in, with two hydraulic cylinders. Should I flush / drain out the oil that comes in the cylinders, to not contaminate my Kubota hydraulic oil?
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    Which 3rd Function Valve Kit?

    I was looking at the WR Long 3rd Function kit but I'm not sure I like how it sits up high with the hydraulic lines going up in the air, before bending down towards the front. Just sort of looks like it's hanging out there to get smacked by a low branch or something if you aren't paying...
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    Reliable pull behind mowers?

    I was wondering if anyone here uses a pull behind mower for an ATV / UTV / Side by Side whatever you want to call it. I have some steep slopes on my property (around a pond, etc.) that I am unable (i.e. unwilling) to risk with my tractors and mowers. I can travel these areas with my Polaris...
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    Generac Standby Generator Owners?

    Looking to purchase and install a Generac standby generator for my home. I was curious who here has had good experience with ordering from XYZ and having the unit shipped direct? Price, service, etc.
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    Fuel Skid "Dolly"?

    I have a 300 or 350 gallon fuel skid that I wanted to make 'semi-mobile'. Basically be able to slowly move it around the shop if needed. Not down the road or anything. Before I start building something, I might as well see if anyone has come across something like this or main their own? I'm...
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    Old, Reliable and Low Cost?

    I'm 2 or 3 years in a row now, where I can't (i.e. don't) get my mower out to cut the lawn around the house in the spring because my soil is so wet. My F3990 is going to be over 3,500lbs with me on it. I won't get stuck but I don't want to rut the yard. I hate to buy another piece of...
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    Rubber Cutting Edge for Rear Blade?

    I have a new-to-me, 84" Woods 3pt blade that I plan to use this year to push snow. It's much heavier than my old smaller blade, and I'm thinking I might want something between the blade and the driveway. Is there a way to buy heavy duty rubber and I can drill out the holes and put it on...
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    What wood for a dock?

    I was wondering what you guys have used for posts into a pond for a dock? I forget the name of the grade off of the top of my head but there are some posts treated and coated for constant water contact.
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    Pole Barn Size - Best bang for your buck?

    I've had a 40x60 and a 60x80 quoted by a local builder and since I have no size constraints - I am trying to find the biggest size for the lowest price (like everyone). I will go 14' to the rafters so I can put in 12' doors. I am not set on any certain size - I just know that once I go past...
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    Swisher - Good / Bad ?

    I was hoping to get some feedback from Swisher owners or previous owners I have some steep inclines that I can稚 send my F3990 or MX5800 due to roll over and sliding concerns. My Ranger handles theses areas no problem, since some of these areas are wet most of the year. These are areas that I...
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    Any security system professionals here?

    I am looking to see if anyone on here is in the security system business. Like most members, I live in the country and I am looking for a security system - without a monthly professional monitoring. I have dealt with commercial grade cameras and security systems at work, so I am not opposed to...
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    Wood Pellets

    I store my wood pellets in my basement, which means carrying the bags by hand through the garage, into the house and down into the basement. I have an unused dryer vent that goes into the basement. Considering some PVC pipe and dump the pellets outside, down into the basement, into a...
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    Any Ohio barn builders?

    Curious if anyone here is a barn builder from Ohio. I'm finishing up the plan in my head for a new pole barn. I'm getting down to finding a good builder (I have a few in mind) and a bank that doesn't want to refi my mortgage to loan me some money. I'm in North Central Ohio.
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    F3990 Radiator Fan Replacement?

    Somehow a stick managed to shove itself up into the engine bay while I was turning. It made a God awful sound and I shut down the machine right away. Several fan blades broke off. I will check tomorrow, but from what I can see - the stick didn't stab the radiator, it got close enough to the...
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    Fuel Storage Tank - Mobile Stand / Cart?

    I have a 300 gallon diesel storage tank that came built with some small angle iron supports to keep it off the ground. I致e had the tank sitting on some cribbing, to keep it off the moisture from the ground (Inside a barn, stone floor). I'm interested to see what options I have to make this a...
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    Grapple Overload - MX5800 Needs A Grapple

    Here we go, another grapple thread... Basically because I got overloaded looking for a grapple. Here is what I have: Kubota MX5800 What I need to do: Pick up tree trunks large limbs misc branches from cutting down trees. I do not plan to use it to pop roots up or anything. I will...
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    Rear Discharge deck for F3990?

    I'm guessing JohnThomas is the man with the answers...but I was wondering if I have any options to pick up a rear discharge deck for my F3990? I can't think of a situation where one would ever come up used or collecting dust at a dealer...but it can't hurt to ask!
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    Options for a bathroom in a barn?

    I'm planning to add a new building to the farm. There will be a finished area for family get togethers and it would be nice to have a bathroom in the building. We're on a septic system at the house. It would be a pretty far run to try and grind and pump that from the barn, to the septic tank...
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    No more grass in the face!

    Every year, the same grumble about the constant wind here on the ranch and loving my F3990 w/ a side discharge deck. Without changing to a rear discharge, I tried last year to figure out if part of the grass collector could be used to blow the grass behind the machine...I think it would just...
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    Stihl of a deal?

    Looking to make a sizable purchase of the professional series, Kombi system by Stihl. Does still ever run promo's etc for Spring? I can't say that I remember seeing promo's in the past. Buy now or wait and save a few bucks?
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    MX 3pt ballast?

    I have a 2017 MX5800 with the optional heavy duty bucket and removable cutting edge. 3 sets of rear wheel weights and I am still light in the back when just moving the tractor around without an implement or my tiny 350lb blade. I'm surprised. I rarely need ballast as I usually keep the bush...
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    Is air ride my solution?

    I have an F3990 to cut the grass which takes me around 3 hours of run time. My yard is quite bumpy, some slopes, etc so I'm always in low gear and can never "floor" it in low gear. I get bucked around too hard. My issue is my giant sized head and the sore neck I get after mowing. I'm guessing...
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    Is air ride my solution?

    I have an F3990 to cut the grass which takes me around 3 hours of run time. My yard is quite bumpy, some slopes, etc so I'm always in low gear and can never "floor" it in low gear. I get bucked around too hard. My issue is my giant sized head and the sore neck I get after mowing. I'm...
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    F Series Winter Storage

    Anyone store their F tractor with the deck flipped up during the winter to save room? The only issue I can see is the gearbox might leak for some reason. I need to change the gearbox fluid in the spring anyway, so I might do this either way. Just curious if anyone had any bad experiences...
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    MX Steps

    Being vertically challenged but NOT horizontally challenged, the step on my MX5800 gets used every time. I noticed it bends back and hits the frame and has rubbed the paint already. I was going to look at bracing it some. I thought I'd see if anyone else has done a mod or thinks the step is...
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    F3990 Front Deck Guard Issue

    Not sure what happened but the metal guard on the PTO to gearbox is tweaked on my deck. Not really sure how it happened. I flipped the deck up a few weeks back but I don't remember seeing it until after I got done cutting this weekend. I'll straighten out the sheet metal tomorrow...
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    Watering lawn in a remote location?

    I was hoping someone might have a few ideas. Long story short - I need to establish some grass to avoid erosion problems on my property that is a bit far from my house. I couldn't get grass to establish well enough last year and the lack of water had part to do with it. I could run several...
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    No trailer - How do you guys haul your toys?

    Without making the subject to long and confusing... I don't have a trailer - I never really have a need to haul my Kubota's unless they are going to the dealership and then I bite the bullet and pay to have them pick up and drop off. I could haul my wood pellets home on a trailer, but other...
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    Stihl Trimmer = Poor Man's Sickle Bar?

    Long story short, I have a large pond and I cannot get remotely close to it with any of my equipment....except my Stihl professional grade weed wacker. It does pretty good but when I get around to do the trimming in a few locations (just to fish and to keep it looking 'ok') the grass could be 3...
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    F Series Spindle Greasing?

    I was curious how much everyone (John) greases the spindles on the decks of the F series. My manual says every day, but an email to Kubota said probably every 8 hours is fine, since I am not using it commercially. I use a Milwaukee electric grease gun, so the amount of grease per "pump" is...
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    air ride seat?

    I hope this topic isn't beaten to death already. I'd like to look at adding an air ride seat to my Kubota F3990. Even in low speed, I get bounced around pretty bad that I end up with a sore neck / back after 3 - 4 hours of weekly mowing. I'm 33 years old and still get sore, if that gives any...
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    Landscape rake on the cheap (price)?

    I "think" I'm in the market for a landscape rake. I can't find anyone who has one, but I basically just need it to scratch up the ground a bit so I can get some grass seed in the soil. I also have a few places where I planted grass seed and it's lumpy etc, so I thought this might help level it...
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    Best Machete?

    Odd question but for someone who has a lifetime supply of knives, I found myself over the weekend needing a machete to get to the tree stand and couldn't figure out why I didn't have one:confused: Quick look on Amazon gave me a lot of choices but mixed reviews. The usual "I love it" or "Don't...
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    No fuel bowl on F3990?

    Getting ready to do maintenance on my F3990 and I just realized that there is not a water separator for the fuel line? My B and my MX both have fuel bowls that show if they have collected water and you can screw them off, dump it and keep going. My 2014 F3990 just has a basic white fuel...
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    12V Sprayer?

    I'm looking to get a ~15 gallon, 12V sprayer for my RoundUp applications. Most likely with my UTV. Rural King had a decent looking, simple unit for $50-60. Looking on Amazon, trying to find one that might have better built parts. Reviews are pretty mixed. Any recommendations? I do not need...
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    What's a Woods blower worth?

    Might have the opportunity to purchase a used Woods blower. I think it's from 2013 - 2015. 74" wide. Used 3 times with a total hour run time of probably less than 3 hours. It's a neighbor's blower, so not a stranger or anything.
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    Kubota MX5800 Front Fenders?

    It's a stretch but I was curious to see if anyone knows of a way to get Kubota front fenders for my MX5800. I don't even know if Kubota makes fenders for them? Messicks was unable to get anything for the U.S. With things starting to thaw, the sandy field is starting to throw the mud around a...
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    What are your general implement care routines?

    I've got a new Woods brush cutter coming to the house in a few weeks and I got to thinking of general care and storage of implements. In the fall, for my old cutter, I would scrap the underneath, blow out the pulleys, grease the joints and spray WD40 under the deck and anywhere that the powder...
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    Help with picking trailer size and brand? Located in Ohio.

    I'd like to have an idea of what trailer I might get in the future to haul my new Kubota MX5800 w/ loader and w/ a 116" long, Woods BB720X bush hog. I have 660lbs of rear wheel weights on the tractor. I currently have a 1/2 ton truck and don't plan to move the tractor a lot, if only to the...
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    2014 Polaris Ranger 570 Lost All Electric Power

    My father and I have been using the Ranger this week, running all of the firewood tools and brush clean up tools about 300 yards behind the house. No issues (other than the stuttering, which is on another thread here). I believe the stuttering is fuel related. The past summer my factory...
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    Bush Hog vs Woods vs.....?

    Finally measured the rear wheel width on my new MX5800. Looks like I'm around 81" at a minimum, so I can go with an 84". I was a tad surprised on the cost of the units below - I found them a couple hundred cheaper but I had these numbers written down from one local shop. 84" rotary cutters...
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    Polaris Ranger 570 Stutter

    A quick Google search showed that I'm not alone with this problem but I thought I would ask here to see about a possible fix. I have a 2013 or 2014 - either way, the first year for fuel injection in the 570. The machine gets minimal run time or miles. I use it around the ranch to help when...
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    Mechanical Offset Mowers?

    Does anyone have any experience with a mechanical offset rotary cutter or flail mower? I currently do not have any remotes on the back, but I wondered if there were units where I could offset the mower by hand and lock it into position, then when I am done, return it to center? Rotary would be...
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    How many amps?

    Hey guys, looking to purchase new lights for my new MX5800. I was wondering what kind of amp draw you guys are putting on the factory system? I was hoping to run a single, 12g wire back for the lights...looks like I might need more. I used to have 4 smaller lights, 2 rear, 2 front. Now I'm...
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    Financing a new barn?

    I just noticed that there isn't a storage or barn section to TBN. I posted under rural living because I am hoping to catch the attention and knowledge of the farmers out there. I am in need (aren't we all) of an additional barn. I've owned the current home and small pole barn for 4 years, so...
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    LED Amber Strobes?

    About 2 years ago I bought an LED amber strobe unit from Rural King. Magnetic base, 12V cigarette lighter plug, etc. I stick it on top of the ROPS when I'm near the road moving snow. People fly down the road so this has definetly helped slow them down. I was wondering if there are better...
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    Clean light bar on ROPS?

    I was wondering how you all have made a bar to attach to the ROPS, to mount your lights on? I need something that will tuck in the ROPS so that when I brush against a tree limb, the limb goes against the ROPs and doesn't hit the lights. Curious to see what people made and how their attaching...
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    SSQA Pallet Fork Options?

    What do you guys recommend for pallet forks? My loader will lift over 2,000lbs, I am looking to be able to pick up a pallet of wood pellets out of the back of my truck. When they load them for me, they have to set it on the truck bed and usually back up and pick up the rear to keep pushing the...
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    Pro / Cons of KTAC?

    On my first Kubota, it's insured under my home owners since it doesn't leave my property and no commercial use. No added cost to my home owners insurance. Looking at a larger machine, I still won't be performing commercial work, but I can see running over to the neighbors to help with items -...
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    Woods PRD7200 Finishing Mower

    Long story short, I am no longer in need of my finishing mower because I need a larger cutter for a new larger tractor. Any idea what my 2013 Woods PRD7200 Finishing Mower is worth? It has less than 100 hours on it. Always stored indoors.
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    Where to buy chain?

    I wasn't sure where to put this post - but I figured I would try transportation since a lot of you are chaining down your equipment to haul. I was wondering if anyone has found the cheapest place to buy chain? I am looking for chain for outdoor work, logging, light lifting, etc. So I don't...
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    Land Pride Rotary Cutter Decision

    Howdy everyone, I'm looking to upgrade to a larger 58hp (engine) HP tractor and the Kubota dealer recommended a Land Pride RCR 1872 cutter. I was a tad surprised on the cost of the unit, and also see there are "cheaper" and therefore thinner models available. I'll probably only use this...
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    Why are there so few rear discharge F Kubota mowers around?

    This shows a picture with the mower deck flipped up?ou should have this baffle bolted to underside front of deck (the one end towards the discharge chute is little bent in-someone most have hit something) Some of the earlier models did not have this baffle and could be added for the $80.00...
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    MX Series Pricing?

    I currently have a 2013, B3200. I love the machine. Sometimes I'm glad I have that sized machine, but more and more, I need more lift strength, more weight, wider machine etc. I really need a front end loader that I can also mow the 'back 40' every month or so. I find myself doing more dirt...
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    F Series Bagger / Grass catcher?

    Anyone have the grass catcher option on their new model F Series? I had a few questions on them and I figured it'd be easier to talk to someone who has one.
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    Kubota Grease

    I was wondering if anyone buys Kubota grease online? I only run Kubota grease in my two tractors, I'm sure lots of other greases are fine, but I'd like to stick with the Kubota grease. My nearest dealership is about an hour each way - so I was thinking about ordering a case online but my quick...
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    F3990 Discharge Modification?

    I have an F3990 with the side discharge deck. I'm wondering what I can do to cut down on getting covered with grass when I cut the lawn (short of getting a rear discharge deck) I see some local companies put on the hose for the bagging attachment on their Grasshoppers and just let the grass...
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    New Storage Tank - How to Protect My Fuel?

    My wife surprised me with a new, 300 gallon fuel tank for Christmas. I've spent hours on this forum to try and find out how I should treat my you all know, everyone has a pro and con against every brand. Perhaps there is something that will work well for my particular situation...
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    Diesel Newbie - Algae Issue?

    I have 2 Kubotas, both don't get many hours a year, one gets more hours because it is my lawn mower. Both diesels. I fill with (4), 5 gallon jugs from the gas station and put stanadyne in every 5 gallon jug. I get 20 gallons when I run out, then refill them all when needed, etc. Neither...
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    Oil Change - Spring or Fall?

    I have my own opinions on when it is best to change the oil on my equipment, but I'm curious to see what everyone else does. I can see both sides....seems to boil down to "at least you're changing the oil!" For example, my diesel Kubota mower (F3990) - Oil changed this Spring. Put less than...
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    Winter Storage

    Looking to put away one of my Kubotas that is a mower only. My pole barn is right next to a field and can get tons of mice, it's an older barn. I keep it baited but I'm looking for a truly mouse proof solution to protect the tractor from mice. I know moth balls and dryer sheets but there is...
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    Fuel Caddy?

    I'm considering a fuel caddy for the bed of a pickup. I'd like to get a smaller one so I can go get fuel and then use the bucket of my tractor to lift it out of the truck and store in my barn. Right now I use 5 gallon jugs and I'm getting tired of that, small spills, heavy jugs, junk in the...
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    F Series Deck Operation

    I've had my F3990 a little over a year now and I noticed something a few weeks ago. I got done mowing and thought the grass looked tall. Turns out I must have raised the deck the last cutting and not let it back down all of the way. What is the proper way to lower the deck, so that you are...
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    Fuel Usage - F3990 vs F2690?

    Any estimate on the fuel consumption difference between the 39hp and the 26hp? I wasn't sure how drastic, (or not drastic) it would be. I've spoken to several dealers on a 39hp (DPF) and the 26hp (non-DPF) and none of them have voiced any concerns with the DPF. They said the issues have been...
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    Kubota F series

    Sorry for the late reply, got busy with work and with yard work. Thanks for the reply everyone. I don't know much about the F Series other than everyone seems to say this is the mower for slopes. I see they only come with Turf Tires and I think that'll be an issue...I'll get into that later...
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    3200 Tire Question and Flail mowers

    Howdy, Looking at purchasing a Kubota 3200HSD, probably with a 60" belly mower, and considering a flail mower (more later). Most of the tractor will be used for mowing lawn. No I'm questioning myself as to whether I should just go with a Grasshopper and save myself some $$. (Estimating the...