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  1. the whispering oaks farm

    LED Lights

    I installed a 22" led light bar and replaced the original OEM work lights that came with the tractor with LED lights, man what a difference! Now I want to replace the original headlights with LEDS. I looked up the headlight and work light numbers but it doesn't cross with anything that I could...
  2. the whispering oaks farm

    Xr work lights

    I just snagged a branch with my xr4046hc front left work light and it snapped off the fiberglass roof like a twig. I found out how to open the top from another member, thanks btw, and found out it is just a little aluminum nut cert type thing into the glass top without any metal at all backing...
  3. the whispering oaks farm

    Quick Disconnects not so Quick!

    I put a grapple on my LS XR4046HC and love it. my problem is the quick connects. when there is pressure I can't get them to attach for anything. I ended up buying Pioneer 6010-4p-dc connectors that connect under residual pressure. I still find it really difficult to grab the female connector...
  4. the whispering oaks farm

    New tractor

    I just bought an LS xr4046hc and am starting our farm for production, I am also listed as classacthollow but this is now how I need to be recognized. I do love reading and reviewing all that you have said and done to your tractors and attachments. I appreciate all the feedback and info that all...