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  1. Barryh

    Just wondering how many Ford LGT- D -14 / 16 -D owners we have on here .

    Bought a used a Ford LGT- 16 -D .. Just looking for like minded owners and more information on it not much out there ... Thanks
  2. Barryh

    Spring cleanup

    Had a fork cut off of a double fork Oak tree that was waving over the front of our house during bad wind storms. A lot of these pieces were over 34 inches in circumference. Of course had to use the old girl to transport them to the back woods and the larger pieces to the road people love free...
  3. Barryh

    Bxpanded piranha tooth bar

    Bought a couple of new tools today. A Toothbar and and homeowner Poulan pro 42cc with an 18 inch bar ... It did a great job and made short work cutting up a dead Oak tree that was threatening our house. I had it dropped last week it was only about 10 feet away from our back deck so it had to...
  4. Barryh

    $150 Forks

    Not quiet as good as specially made forks from Power Trac.. But but for less than half the price does the job done just fine. Doing some work around the house this weekend cleaning up behind my shed and moving old lumber. Paid $150.00 for these clamp on forks E-bay rated to lift up to 1500...
  5. Barryh

    Welcome 1st 2nd day of Spring in WV 2018 .

    I knew the minute I took my soft cab off of the Power Trac we would get a snow storm ... A little Spring fun ... Added a couple of Video links below for the fun of it .. I do have a light duty plow in my shed I should hook it up next year ..
  6. Barryh

    Tank Oil Change

    I'm sure there are already some threads floating around but for a quick reference / tips. Thinking about changing out I believe it's 10 gallons in my tank. Placed magnets in the tank a few months ago after examining them I see a lot of grey metal sludge on the magnets. Thought about...
  7. Barryh

    Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Replace

    Thought it was my bucket tilt cylinder that had blown a seal.. Turns out it was the left side cylinder that was the culprit .. So ordered one from Power Trac not too bad $285.00.. I have to much cleanup work to do around the house didn't want to wait on rebuilding it. Now I have an extra one...
  8. Barryh

    RIP Our friend / LT COL Kent Thomas

    Condolences and prayers to our long time Power Trac friend Kent Thomas and his family after loosing his battle with Cancer .... Pictured here with his son who also passed a few months back .. I hope he is with his son and now at peace ..
  9. Barryh

    Front Bucket Cylinder Leaking

    Does anyone have the Specs and or a Source for a the front Hydraulic Bucket tilt Cylinder on the 425 or in my case a 1425 guessing they are the same.. Yesterday noticed the seals are starting to leak on mine. Will call Power Trac if I have to but would rather not pay their inflated prices if I...
  10. Barryh

    Quick Soft Cab

    Doing some work on my old Power Trac this weekend ... I redid some of the wiring for the Lights and wired in a separate switch for the Hydraulic cooling fan.. The thermostat was bad when I bought it .. I could have ordered another one but like the idea of knowing exactly when it's on or off...
  11. Barryh

    PT makes life easier

    First job for the Power Trac since replacing 3 wheel motors .. This is what happens when someone illegally shoots a deer in the neighborhood instead of going 5 minutes around the corner.. Where there are 5 thousand archers of National game land.. It ends up on someone else's property.. What a...
  12. Barryh

    Replacing another Wheel Motor.

    Well was time to replace another Wheel motor on the old girl =1425. The old one was leaking hydraulic fluid just a matter of time before I had a seal blow out. Probably in the middle of a snow storm with my luck. Anyway Getting the hubs off was a lot fun as usual. You can see with my first wheel...
  13. Barryh

    Tractor Spade / Shovel

    My neighbors next door decided they no longer wanted the White Pampas decorative Grass by their swimming pool. So they pulled it out by the root with their Ford F-150.. Some of the root balls attached were easily 250 pounds. Gave me a chance to finally try out the shovel attachment I've had...
  14. Barryh

    Sure but steady ... Upgrades

    So far my old machine is alive and well.. A few upgrades and many more to come. New right front wheel motor. Some sanding repainting on surface rust. All new lights including topside led's 27-watt. Reworked and strengthened my handmade Rop's ..Very satisfied with the end result and saved some...
  15. Barryh

    Fan / Thermostat

    I have been slowly doing maintenance to my PT getting it ready for spring. I Just cleaned out the gas tank and installed new filters and gas hose. I am cleaning the carb and have a new fuel pump on the way. Also just bought a new marine water separator with filter the same setup that came with...
  16. Barryh


    Well we got hit with a little over 3 ft of snow this weekend a record storm.. If I had any doubts about this little Power Trac I have none now.. Without the PT I would have been totally lost.. I put a measured stick out on level ground it was right below the 3 ft mark by the time I went in the...
  17. Barryh

    New Lights

    Finally had some free time so I wired in some new lights. I replaced my factory lights on the bottom with new ones. I had three different sets of led's I could have used.. I just liked the way the original lights looked on the ol girl. Good enough for seeing snow in the bucket. Used these...
  18. Barryh

    Generalized Questions

    Always have something I would like to get a second opinion on. This may help some of the newer Power Trac owners also. 1 .... I have 647 hours on my Kohler command -25. Was wondering if any of you have ever changed over to Synthetic oil with this many hours on your machine. I have no leaks and...
  19. Barryh

    Installed a new Hydroback cable

    The old girl had some creep into reverse when I would start her up. Was also kind of hard to push the treadle. So I decided to put in a new cable along with new tie rod ends. I put the machine up on blocks. A few pic's from the install. May be hard to tell the pic's are in order from start to...
  20. Barryh

    Lovejoy Coupling

    Wondering if anyone out of necessity, has replaced their Lovejoy coupler. I still seem to have a very mild vibration going up hill especially when going very slow. Nothing terrible but it's there. Wondering if my coupler spider is just worn or may be slightly out of line. Does anyone have...
  21. Barryh

    New Battery

    Anyone have any good experiences and longevity with a particular brand of battery that you would recommend for the PT.. The one in my PT is going on 4 years old so want to install a new one before winter sets in. I see with my Kohler engine, I'll need to remove the exhaust to get the old one...
  22. Barryh

    New Seat 1425

    Out with the old in with the new. The ol 1425 is getting there. The old rusted rotted seat had seen better days. I sanded and repainted the metal seat mounts, cleaned and lubed the tracks while I had it off. The new seat has fold up arm rests so like it a lot. Didn't get a suspension seat...
  23. Barryh

    Wheel Motors

    Knew when I bought it It I might have to do some work, guess this will be my first test. Getting ready to replace my old tires so when I took off the old bars. Noticed a little oil spot on the floor next to the front right wheel motor guessing the seal.. I was thinking maybe when I sprayed...
  24. Barryh

    Must have tools

    Will be adding to my tool inventory.. Any advice on must have tools you guys have found need for .. Specif size, curved and or specialty size wrench's for in your PT garage.. As in removing motors, pumps hose's etc. Best place to order them online. I'm sure I'll need them eventually.. Thanks...
  25. Barryh

    Your Power Trac photo's

    Maybe I am missing something and maybe this has already been discussed before .. I've done a search for pictures of Power Trac's on this forum. I see a few scattered here and there.. Is there one place or a thread where we have pictures of the owners various PT's. If not would be interesting...
  26. Barryh

    Fuel / water separator

    Well finally got home last night had a chance to look over my tractor briefly .. For the most part hoses and everything look nice and dry.. Surprisingly not much dirt in the tub.. Starting to think this guy was telling the truth and the tractor only has 631 hours on it .. Indicators I notice...
  27. Barryh

    I'm Backkkk ! My old new 1425

    It's been a while since had my PT-180 .. :laughing: Look what followed me home today. A 425 only red with a 1 in front of it.. The engine runs smooth has a Kohler Command 25 . The machine only has 631 original hours.. The guy that sold it to me is the original owner and says he only used it...
  28. Barryh

    Just a heads up / 1425

    Was talking to the owner and was set to go check this little machine out tomorrow.. I changed my mind and decided to wait until late fall. I may buy either a new 422 or possibly a used but newer model 425. Anyway just in case someone else here is interested. I thought I would throw you a link...
  29. Barryh

    Line on used PT's

    How are you guys I see most of you are still here.. It's been a while since I posted here as Barryh.. Use to have a PT-180. Loved that little machine. I may buy another one just like it sometime this fall. Was wondering if anyone had a line on a used 422 / or 425 in the same price range...
  30. Barryh

    Me and my Bota gotta love it!!

    Don't know what I would do with out er . We felled a few trees yesterday, will make for some nice firewood for my friends and neighbors. Two trees out front and one around the back I'm still working so far I've been stung 3 different times :cool: When the trees came down it must have sturred up...
  31. Barryh

    A little Fall clean up

    I love it here on the mountain. :D
  32. Barryh

    Anyone mix R-4's with Turf?

    I know it's a crazy question but, I'm a crazy kind of guy..:eek: :rolleyes: I have brand new turfs on my BX right now but, I have the original set of R-4's in the shed. I was thinking of maybe putting the R-4's in the back and leaving the turfs on the front. Didn't like the front end vibration...
  33. Barryh

    Home Made Kubota Attachments

    Thought I would start this little thread on some attachment ideas I plan to make. Then bring it back up from time to time for anyone interested as I add to my list. Anyone else feel free to throw in your attachments as well. Plenty of room for everyone. :eek: ;) I started with some tubing and...
  34. Barryh

    Front Axle Leak

    Don't know about you guys but this is how I love to spend my weekends. (NOT) Of course after waiting a week for the parts, the dealer gave me the wrong size bushing so, guess next week I'll be putting her back together. From the look of the pivot bolt one side looks very worn my guess, this is...
  35. Barryh

    Kubota and Power Trac working together

    Hey can't we all just get along. :p First one is of my new Leinbach L7200JR Post Hole Digger with 9 inch auger I brought home today. My neighbor and friend Nate next door, who I sold my Power Trac 180 to, asked me to help him level several mounds of dirt. He's having a pool put in and the Cat...
  36. Barryh

    PT and Kubota boys working together

    My neighbor Nate next door, who I sold my 180 asked me to help him level several mounds of dirt. He's having a pool put in and the Cat has piled up several large mounds of dirt. Here are a few pic's of the two machines working together. Along with the two grown boys, I mean men playing in the...
  37. Barryh

    Revisable bolt on cutting edge

    Anyone have a good source / link for one of these. I want to save my bucket edge from wear. :eek: Thanks
  38. Barryh

    Revisable bolt on cutting edge

    Anyone have a good source / link for one of these? Since my BX-1500 is on the endangered species list. :eek: I want to save my bucket edge. Thanks
  39. Barryh

    Spring / Summer projects

    I'm new to this forum so, I thought it would be interesting to hear about and see what some of you are using your tractors for. Any tractor of course, I love all tractors. Be it building shed's, pole barns or just general landscaping. I know I have a long list of landscaping projects to do...
  40. Barryh

    Post Hole Digger for BX Series

    Was wondering if anyone has had any experience good or bad with this little bugger? Thinking about picking one up next month. The shorter auger looks like it could be a real winner on my BX-1500. Thanks for any feedback. :eek: Land Pride PD10 Post Hole Diggers
  41. Barryh

    It's been great !

    It's been great getting to know all of you guys on here. I've learned a lot and spent a many nights reading the antics on this forum. I will continue to check in from time to time. I hope you guys will still say hey, if I stop by to chat. ;) I found a steel deal, on a Kubota BX 1500 with loader...
  42. Barryh

    Does anyone have one of these

    Do they work? I have two chain saws setting here with dull blades. :rolleyes: Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices
  43. Barryh

    Steel buildings or Wood ?

    Thinking about adding on to my little shed in the back this spring. Any recommendations for smaller steel / metal buildings say in the 10 x 20 to 15 X 25 ft range. Anyone own one, are you happy with it? Pro's con's ? looking for something economical but somewhat decent any preferences? I want...
  44. Barryh

    Anyone use or have one of these?

    Ok, all you pro welders out there. I'm sure you’re going to snicker, and I know it's a weak sister, but I have read it will weld up to 3mm steel if you go slowly maybe even 4 if you make up to 3 passes. I'm guessing 12% duty cycle means about a minute at a time before you have to shut it down to...
  45. Barryh

    Everyone have a good Memorial Day

    And remember our troops now and in the past, who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can all be free.
  46. Barryh

    Members home made attachments / improvements

    I know there are many scattered threads with everyone’s home grown attachments, but I would like to see them all in one place to date, and if possible in action. If anyone is interested, and would like to show photo's big or small of your completed attachment improvements, and or handy...
  47. Barryh

    Tail gate weight rating

    Can't seem to find any data on the load rating for my F-150 tail gate. I am guessing that it would take somewhere around a 500 pound load. Does anyone else have a short bed that may have loaded your PT, using the tail gate to support the two front, or back wheels. Or has anyone beefed up the...
  48. Barryh

    Slippen and Sliden

    This stuff is a mix of Snow and Sleet, guess it's going to be another busy night pulling people off the road into our yard again. It's suppose to come down all night long, and the temps are staying at 32 all day. As soon as I clear the drive another inch has accumulated. Am I the only one having...
  49. Barryh

    Your advice ?

    Would like some feed back from you guys. I am setting up a Lawn care / Landscaping business. I'm looking at trailers right now. So for you guys that haul your PT with a trailer. I am looking at several brand new 16 foot dual wheel trailers, with electric brakes, stake side utility trailers...
  50. Barryh

    Any quick thoughts?

    I was widening my driveway yesterday, bogging down the engine while digging. At that point I thought I noticed the Robin getting considerably louder. Almost like an air leak of some kind. Has anyone ever had any thing similar happen? If so what did you find? I only have 60 hours so far. Maybe...
  51. Barryh

    PT Road Use

    I was wondering how many of you feel safe going short distances with your PT on a main road. Does anyone ever drive down a black topped country road to help with snow removal, or that sort of thing? Of course with flashing lights and the large orange triangle. Do you feel the slow speed and...
  52. Barryh

    180-Quick Fixes

    Thought I would start my own little thread for fixes and improvements for the 180. Of course anyone can jump in here with any added improvements for their particular model (no worries.) Here are a few pictures for anyone that might want to save some time on a brake upgrade. First picture, I...
  53. Barryh

    Summer Projects

    I’ve been really busy around my place working on landscaping my little pond area. Now I’m ready to start my deck addition, and so on. I find use for the PT in about everything I do around here. I put a hook on it with my shed key, so I can just drive back and fourth getting out the tools as I...
  54. Barryh

    Multi ripper attachment

    This is the start of a multi ripper attachment I am working on. I will be using the forks on my PT along with a 2 inch hitch setup. Not sure how well this will turn out, but since I have no welding equipment this is how I plan to go about it. If it takes the stress of digging around tree stumps...
  55. Barryh

    New Ford Truck

    I bought a new Ford F-150 flairside today, with the 6 foot bed. Measuring it out looks like the front wheels of the PT would be setting on the middle of the tail gate. Just wondering if anyone else has hauled there PT setting on the tail gate tied down. Wondering if the weight would bend the...
  56. Barryh


    Anyone have any experience with these { TIRES } I am thinking about putting a set on the PT. I'm not to much concerned about the hard ride of a 6 ply. I do a lot of work in the woods thinking they will help to ward off flats.
  57. Barryh

    PT-180 digging up a Tree Stump

    Well it was a lot of work, or fun but for any one who thinks a 180 can't dig with the small rock bucket and teeth, you’re in for a surprise. It took me some time, and this was one big stump. When I finally got it up, the PT pucker kicked in so I know it was every bit of 600 pounds with dirt...
  58. Barryh

    An unusual project.

    Well I called on my 180 tonight when I really needed help with an unusual project. My little friend and buddy of 10 years had been sick for 17 days now. (My cat), I had to put her down Monday night and it killed me to do it, she died in my hands. I needed to get her out of the down stairs...
  59. Barryh

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Let me be the first to say, everyone have a safe and happy Turkey Day. Those with the brand new PT's make sure you take time to enjoy dinner, and be with your families. The PT will still be there when you get done. Moss, if you plan to cook the Turkey in the LMB, make sure you clean it out...
  60. Barryh

    Snow  Snow Plow Verses Bucket

    Has anyone just used their Bucket for moving/pushing snow. I have a plow I can hook up. I would rather save the attachment plate to use for other devices this summer if I can get away with it. How well fast or slow will the small bucket handle the job of snow removal. Can it be used on float...
  61. Barryh

    Best Garage Heater?

    I am looking for suggestions on an inexpensive, but decent heater solution for my garage on really cold days. I do have walls and insulation, but would like to be able to go out there late at night to work if need be. This may have been bad timing to get a new PT with winter coming on. Waiting...
  62. Barryh

    Quick Newbe Question

    One quick question for you guys. I know I brought this up briefly in my first post, but wanted to ask again. My Robin 18 runs strong, but I notice at certain rpm ranges no matter how smooth I throttle up or down it will vibrate excessively in between throttle postions. Not in all ranges just in...
  63. Barryh

    Mini Dozer

    I found this on the Garden Tractor site. Thought you guys might find it interesting. Guess articulated steering has been around for a long time. Mini Dozer
  64. Barryh

    New PT-180 owner

    Hey there fellows, guess it is time to make my first post. They just delivered my 180 tonight it was dark out I didn't realize lights were extra go figure.... Just drove her into the garage. Really cool little tractor love it. Any advice... do's and don'ts to check out in the morning, before...