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    Forum Courtesy

    I have always been disappointed with the fighting and personel attacks on opinions and information posted in this forum. Very early on I responded to a thread stating this very problem. I stated in that thread that we were all here trying to help each other and the bickering and back stabbing...
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    Converting to a joystick for FEL

    I have a Massey 135 with an old Massey tubular style loader with a trip bucket. I built an auxiliary hydraulic system driven off the front pulley and currently use that for the single acting lift cylinders. I accuired an oversize snow bucket that forced me to convert it to hydraulic dump due to...
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    Massey 240 with loader

    J.J. if you are out there, take a look at the thread on the massey owning and operatiog forum for a thread on Massey 240 with a 2400QT loader. Does this conclusion sound right to you? Thanks, namyessam
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    MF 135 Multi-power filter

    Changing the trans-diff fluid in my 135 and the multipower filter looks like it's covered with dirt. Is is possible or even feasible to remove the filter from the pump through the PTO cover or does the lift cover need to be removed? The filter is the bolted version. The bottom bolt is behind...
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    Massey 40B TPH

    Shona13, there is a poster on currently in the general hydraulics section that is having problems with his tph. He has a three pedal instant reverse. Can you shed some light on how the hydraulic system operates on this tractor for the tph. I have been trying to help him but really have limted...
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    Considering a box blade

    I am considering a box blade. I have a moldboard plow, rear blade and single gang disc. Can someone explain the advantages of a box blade over a standard rear blade? I need to move dirt from one area to build up a building site and create the proper drainage ditch away from the building. Would...
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    new member with a massey 135 deluxe Z145

    I've owned the massey since 2009. Got stung. Engine ran good with no noticeable noise. Radiator low on water, didn't think it was a problem. Got it home, changed oil and filter, filled radiator, and started it. Water blew out the radiator cap hole. Blown head gasget? no big deal. Pulled the...