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  1. ksluy

    5085M better pic's

    Just what I thought your loader lines are tight to you loader mine loop way up. I spoke with my JD dealer about it and he said it was normal but all the pics I see there is no extra hose.
  2. ksluy

    jd 5085 e

    I have a 5085e, I have not had it long enough to tell you about its reliability. I can say i like it so far. The hydraulics are way faster than my old New holland Powerstar 4.75, the ride in the pasture and on the road is way smother. The only negative's i have found so far is it does not have a...
  3. ksluy

    Come on man!

    So last night was the first time I was using my new John Deere 5085e in the dark. It was great had the tunes going grandson riding with me he drops his glove so I go to turn on the dome light to find it. What no dome light! Come on man!
  4. ksluy

    Aerate? will it hep my pasture?

    I was listening to farm radio today and they where talking about aerating your pasture and field. They said frost would help aerate your ground but you still need to aerate. Does anyone aerate? Did it make a difference? And if you do what do you use? Thanks
  5. ksluy

    BBQ Smokers

    I purchase a grill last year I think was a great deal, all hand made $1,500 but this may sound sacrilegious but nothing can beat my Tex electric smoker. It just so easy and the food tastes great.
  6. ksluy

    Tire Selection  Radial tires on a tractor a no go.

    I have had tractors from 40hp to 85hp all with bias ply tires. Then i purchase the New Holland Powerstar 4.75 with a highway gear that will run 25mph. I have never had a tractor bounce like this tractor and when you add a load the front tires go flat. I just traded back for a JD 5085e with bias...
  7. ksluy

    Front-End Loader  John Deere 5085e H240 Loader

    I just purchased a new John Deere 5085e with the H240 Loader. I love the tractor so far but I think the loader lines are to long but the dealer says this is normal. I have had three John Deere's two Kabota's and two New Holland's and I don't remember having the line's this noticeable. What do...