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  1. CaptFerd

    Parking Lithium powered Equipment in the house or garage

    The Danger of Parking Lithium powered Mowers, Bikes ect in the garage or house. Examples of other smaller devices as well and their dangerous surprises.
  2. CaptFerd

    2 Stage Snowblower on a Gravel Drive (How To)

    Found a good video how to rig your 2 stage snowblower to shovel that gravel drive without throwing the rocks in the process. Ive been doing this for the last 10 years with no problems at all. Plow Snow off a Gravel Driveway with a 2 Stage Snow Blower How To
  3. CaptFerd

    Kubota 3010 belly deck blade went flying

    Helpful video to prevent the blades falling of as your Kubota ages. Same design on zero turns, smaller tractors as well as other brands.
  4. CaptFerd


    Screw it
  5. CaptFerd

    Kubota L 3010 sight glass fluid check

    I have been searching to find out the proper way to check the fluid using the sight glass on this tractor and haven't come up with a solid answer. Some say it should be running, some say lift the buckets or or lower decks down, stand on your head and scratch your elbows. With the tractor...
  6. CaptFerd

    Old but new I guess

    Well I joined the forum about 2 years ago and it says Im still a new member. Maybe because I havent properly introduced myself. My real name is Ferdinand and I live in Goshen Ohio :us-ohio: I have about 3 acres of gardens. Love growing mostly corn :corn:, pumpkins :pumpkin: and watermellons...
  7. CaptFerd

    SC2400 Seat Suspension

    After a few years of getting beat to death on this tractor I ended up hurting my back pretty bad. I wish I had done it sooner, but finally added suspension to the seat to smooth the ride. Most of the threads I read there was a lot of welding and modifying to mount one of these gismos, unless...
  8. CaptFerd

    Hour Meter tachometer cable broke SC2400

    When I saw this I was for certain that this was the result of another problem. I tried turning the cable in the meter box and sure enough it was froze up. This is how I fixed it. You need to remove the dash cover and bar across the top. Disconnect the battery. Pretty strait forward just find...
  9. CaptFerd

    MM60rse Gear box bearings bad

    Yanmar and Cub Cadet are no longer, and so are the parts. Bearings went out on the mower deck gear box and the box cant be found anywhere. Not even the Certified Yanmar dealers can get it. Now that my 3 year old tractor is in the same as a 1940s cant find parts category, I'm looking for Ideas on...
  10. CaptFerd

    Mowing  MM60rse Gear box bearings bad

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