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  1. JerryC999

    Should I add mulching blades to my 2326 mid-mount mower?

    How much difference do the extra, smaller mulching blades make (four blades rather than two)? I mow about 3 acres and I do not collect grass as I mow.
  2. JerryC999

    Perfect W Rotary Mower with swing arm Model ar-2164 - How to Restore?

    I volunteer with the Kentucky Humane Society Equine Rescue, and they have obtained an old (how old?) Perfect W AR-2164 rotary mower with swing arm to mow around 4-board fencing posts. It is a beast. I suspect it weighs over 1,000 lbs. It has two hydraulic hoses, which need replaced. There are...
  3. JerryC999

    GC Series - 23 or 25 HP from the same size engine: How do they do that?

    From my reading, specs on the engines on the GC MF 23/25 horse tractors are the same. But the higher horse engines run at a couple hundred higher rpm. What all is going on with that? I have a GC1715 (with about 20 hours on it now), so I get that extra couple of horses, but I don't understand...
  4. JerryC999

    My Used GC1715,Warranties and Dealers - What Warranty Will Transfer?

    I bought my 2017 Massey from a Kubota dealer who took it as a trade in but just wanted to turn and unload it. I cannot find out the original dealership where this tractor was purchased. Everything is fine with it, but I want to figure out what warranty might transfer to me, and I would like to...
  5. JerryC999

    New to me Kubota B7100HST in KY

    Hello to all. I am new to all of this, with a 1980 Kubota B7100HST on five acres. I hope to learn a lot.
  6. JerryC999

    First time Tractor in KY (Kubota 7100HST)

    Hello, all. Just purchased 5 acres near Louisville, and need to mow, so I found a Kubota 7100 with a 60" belly mower. It was bought from an individual, and a hasty and inexperienced decision, so we shall see how this goes. I suspect I am going to need all the help I can get. It is at the...