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  1. NYlumberman

    LS XJ2025h Stalling Under Load After Maintenance only 80 Hours!

    I had a JD 4200 do the same thing, and in my case it was a stuck brake. I had been warned they had this issue and religiously greased my brake linkage. It still happened. After I got it in the shop, disassembled, and opreating I never had the issue again, but full disclosure after that I had a...
  2. NYlumberman

    slightly twisted bucket arms.

    Metal has a memory, that’s why springs work. I spent my working life as a millwright in the sawmill industry. There were many times when a derailed log carriage was twisted so all the wheels didn’t touch the track. It took the better part of a day and a rosebud to heat and then allow to cool the...
  3. NYlumberman

    Stuck in the pond

    Recently I was using my YT235 to open my woods trails before deer season. I got too brave in spot where in 1993 I got my Minneapolis Moline Jet Star 3 stuck. I got the MM out with the FEL and R1 Tires. I had to cut some blocks to put under the bucket so it would lift the font end. Using the Dif...
  4. NYlumberman

    Rotary Cutter 60" or 72" for 27 PTO HP?

    I have YT235. No cab. I ordered at set of BORA wheel spacers before it was delivered to the dealer. When it arrived both front and rear wheel were set “in”, when the wheels were set out there was no need for spacers. They sit on my shelf. All education is expensive.
  5. NYlumberman

    Tractor Colors~ What Would You Pick?

    Can’t go wrong with Prairie Gold
  6. NYlumberman

    Can anyone identify this hydraulic fitting?

    I had the same issue. I spent most of my working life as a millwright and have installed and maintained a lot of machines with extensive hydraulics from America, Europe, and Asia. I bent the same fitting on my 040-4. It didn’t leak, but the shame factor forced me to fix it. It was humbling, I...
  7. NYlumberman

    Won't start after recharging battery

    A lot of good advice here. Checking the voltage is quick, easy, and mostly correct but as others have pointed out not a complete diagnosis. The side discussion of American muscle and near muscle made me smile. When I got out of the service in 1971 I worked as a line mechanic at the local Chevy...
  8. NYlumberman

    How to initially oil new roller chain on equipment

    Any lube that penetrates to lube inner contact surfaces of the chain is a good start. I am not familiar with John Deere chain lube, I wonder who makes it. If it doesn’t pick up grit after it sits a bit, then we are on the same page. Our chain PM was to lube the chains in the evening (we used a 2...
  9. NYlumberman

    How to initially oil new roller chain on equipment

    I am a retired millwright that maintained chain drives that varied from large slow moving mill chain to high speed roller chain. What I learned is the oil on the outside of a roller chain does nothing but pick up dirt and become grinding compound. I would avoid motor oil or anything “tacky”. A...
  10. NYlumberman

    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    I spent my working life in hardwood sawmills and I am pretty familiar with the nomenclature, care, and feeding of chippers. In 1993 I used a 6” capacity Valby with a horizontal hydraulic feed, to clear an overgrown softwood plantation the was also populated with hardwoods to build my pond. It...
  11. NYlumberman

    Cleaning lawn of branches

    I have been dealing with the same issue for since 1974. I bought some land with an old farmhouse with big trees and a small yard. I dragged the big limbs away and mowed over the small ones. I also “mulched“ my leaves. The result was a very mossy area around the house. As I began to take more...
  12. NYlumberman

    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    All of the above! Yes manufacturers are adding margin when making their inflation driven price adjustments. Yes, our dollars have diminished purchasing power because of the increased money supply. Yes, it will take some time for the increase in interest rates to shrink the money supply. But I...
  13. NYlumberman

    Side by Side or 4x4

    Form follows function, it seems to me the use would define the vehicle. My side by side lets me access narrow (sometimes too narrow) paths through the woods and it doesn’t rut up the ground when it’s a little soft, which is most of the year anymore.
  14. NYlumberman

    Placement of doors in 40x60x14 workshop

    My 48’x36’x14’ pole barn has 2 12’x14’ sliders one on each gable end. They start 6’ from the corner and are lined up so you can drive straight through. I did that so I could park a truck with a loaded trailer inside for connivence. There is a man door adjacent to each because they toggle latch...
  15. NYlumberman

    Yanmar Quality

    I had a John Deere 4200 with FEL made by Yanmar for 20 years, until a friend wanted to buy it to give to his son. So I bought a new Yanmar YT235 with FEL, 3rd function, dual remotes, loaded tires. It is nice tractor once you get used to the need to run the RPM a bit higher. The JD loader was...