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  1. IslandTractor

    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    Try this one with a DK40se and a $500 Millonzi grapple:
  2. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Mr Google says that is SR 150. Beautiful. I rode from Rock Spring WY to Vernal UT along the Flaming Gorge but didn’t go further west. Lovely ride though a bit windy on the day I traveled.
  3. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Does anyone else hate these bridges?
  4. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Yep. 770 miles (if you include the Skyline Drive which is the same road north of Charlottesville VA) from Cherokee NC to Front Royal in VA with spectacular views, great twisties, and zero commercial vehicles, stop lights, stop signs or commuters. I just finished it today going south to north...
  5. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    I've been on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a couple of days now. Wonderful road and gorgeous scenery. Saturday out of Cherokee and around Asheville was a bit crowded but then the road opened up. Today I left Blowing Rock after lunch with friends and had almost no traffic all the way to Roanoke...
  6. IslandTractor

    Used price on 1996 Snapper Series 15???

    Photos below. Looks to me to be in good shape. Small seat trim needs to be reglued and I'll try to do that tomorrow. Undoubtedly needs fresh battery and oil/belts.
  7. IslandTractor

    Used price on 1996 Snapper Series 15???

    I've never seen the mower but it so happens that I'll be dropping by to see my mother in law this afternoon so I'll check and get a few photos if that would help. It is just dumb luck that I'll be there today as I'm stopping to visit for a day as a break on my West to east cross country...
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    Who rides motorcycles?

    After a couple of days transiting the Ozarks (well deserved reputation as motorcycle heaven but tough to take photos in the twisties) I crossed the Mississippi south of Memphis and spent a day exploring cotton country and Blues in Clarksdale MS. Now in Tupelo (Elvis birthplace) and heading to...
  9. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Drove south from Dodge City to Rt 160 and then east. Rt 50 ok but much less traffic on 160. Much prettier landscape once the gentle hills appear and SE Kansas looks almost tropical (not really) compared to western and central Kansas. Beautiful rolling hills and real trees. I think this was...
  10. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Well, anyone who says motorcycling through Kansas is boring has never done it with 20-30mph crosswinds trying to push you into the oncoming traffic. No time to be bored. Like riding an arcade game for hours at a time. Holed up for the night in Dodge City. Played cards with Doc Holliday and am...
  11. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Made it over Independence Pass and Continental Divide yesterday. Beautiful but windy day crossing the Rockies. Headed from Cañon City CO to Dodge City tomorrow via Rt50 and then on to the Ozarks. Managing to stay off major highways. Lots of motorcyclists at least in Colorado.
  12. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    I've made it as far as Canon City CO today. I have had many nice rides but nothing better than in eastern Washington. Those rolling grassy hills, gently curved and excellent roads and lack of traffic were wonderful. And, I imagine your riding season is quite long. You're very lucky to live in...
  13. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Photos and route
  14. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    This was my route
  15. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Beautiful day riding from Bozeman to Jackson via Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Yes there was some snow overnight but roads were dry. Didn't really get to explore Yellowstone but the drive was spectacular. I actually preferred the scenery in Grand Teton at least from the road.
  16. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Stuck in Bozeman for a few days. Looks like Sunday is the first biking day. I've enjoyed the whole ride so far with the exception of this mornings ride in rain, crosswinds and trucks on I-90 from Butte to Bozeman. Hard to travel faster than the trucks in those conditions. Only thing worse...
  17. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    So far have travel down to Portland then up Mt Hood before following the Columbia River up Rt 14 to Walla Walla. After that stayed on gorgeous secondary roads to ID and to Wallace ID (mother's birthplace). Next day I-90 to Butte. Snowstorm coming tonight so will take a short drive today and hole...
  18. IslandTractor

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Off cross country. Seattle area to Boston via western national parks and Ozarks then Blue Ridge Parkway. Bucket List Tour. Started this morning and drove down Olympic Peninsula to Portland on older highways including Oregon Trail. Forest fire closed 84E so need to backtrack and drive Washington...
  19. IslandTractor

    Used price on 1996 Snapper Series 15???

    My mother in law (in Alabama) has a 1996 Snapper mower she would like to sell. Any idea what a reasonable asking price would be? It is a series 15 rear engine rider she paid $1700 for 20 years ago. She hasn't used it in at least ten years so it probably has ten years of use in it mowing a...
  20. IslandTractor

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Yep. Besides the five zerks you mentioned, there is a "once a year" zerk under the belt cover on the tensioner pivot too. Not a high risk or high speed fitting so not worth taking the cover off except for annual belt check. I've never bothered changing the gearbox oil. As most Caroni owners...
  21. IslandTractor

    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    Enjoying the sheet show.
  22. IslandTractor

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    A couple of points to supplement what Leonz posted: I'm the one who keeps talking about breaking Caroni clevises but you need to appreciate that I mow in coastal Rhode Island where glacial rocks and shale are annual crops. If your soil isn't rocky then the standard Caroni clevises are fine...
  23. IslandTractor

    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    Grasps well and doesn't snag.
  24. IslandTractor

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    File this one under "How not to haul a BBQ":
  25. IslandTractor

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Yep. Metric all the way. We're the last country on earth to hold on to the antiquated (and European) SAE system. We're probably the only country (?Canada) that uses the two part non standardized receiver hitch system too. And, you might recall that we got most of our industrial standards from...
  26. IslandTractor

    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    Been there, done that.
  27. IslandTractor

    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!! It's more pleasant in RI than TX this time of year. Drive your tractor up and we'll test the grapple. Six 3/8" bottom tines are probably stronger than your standard bucket so not concerned about static lift. Not so sure about ramming hidden boulders...
  28. IslandTractor

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Toe to toe combat with big shale rock hiding in tall grass yesterday. Lost one blade but the rock split in two. I'm calling it a draw. Pretty impressive. What was remarkable to me is that the old Caroni metric clevis survived and it was the blade that broke off. Usually the clevis is the...
  29. IslandTractor

    Lincoln 1142 grease gun won't prime

    I have a Lincoln 1142 lever action grease gun that worked well for a couple of years and maybe five or six tubes of grease. No trouble priming until this Spring when I tried to put in a new cartridge. Couldn't get it to prime. Thought the problem was lack of air relief valve so added one of...
  30. IslandTractor

    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!! I cannot figure out how to access my photos from the ipad I am using but here is a link to an older post that has a big ole stump securely grappled. Look for the photo with a red SUV in the background...
  31. IslandTractor

    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    I can see the edge and tip of my 48" grapple by looking down between the hood and the FEL arm. That's with tips pointed down as if to dig. Cannot see tip of middle unless grapple is straight forward and flat on ground. Operator height might have something to do with forward view but side...
  32. IslandTractor

    Attention moderators...

    Some new poster has started a thread that has a URL as it's title. I suspect that clicking on it will take you directly to some guys ?safe or not safe website. Posted at 11:31am today.
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    What's the difference between "Today's Posts" and "New Posts"?????

    What's the difference between "Today's Posts" and "New Posts"????? There are slight differences but it appears to be about 80-90% overlap. Why have two buttons?
  34. IslandTractor

    Anyone done the 600hr front axle pivot or 800 hr engine valve clearance adjustment?

    Reviewing my DK40se maintenance schedule chart I see that my tractor hours are coming close to a few adjustment items I haven't done before. Has anyone done the front axle pivot adjustment or the engine valve clearance adjustment? I do all maintenance services myself (tractor is on an island)...
  35. IslandTractor

    Any PT422/425 owners in Washington/Olympic Peninsula

    I have a friend in Washington (State) who would like to see a PT and talk to a local owner. Any ideas? He's in Port Angeles but could travel most places in western WA.
  36. IslandTractor

    Trouble with TBN iphone app after iOS10 upgrade

    Is anyone else having trouble with TBN on their iphone after iOS10 upgrade? When I try to type a response to a post I get kicked out of the application the instant I type the first letter. Anyone else seeing this? The app starts and I can read anything and start a reply but as soon as I type...
  37. IslandTractor

    How much can a 40hp tractor tow??

    Can a 40hp tractor tow a 9000-10000lb boat/trailer up (and down) a 5-7% grade? Speed not an issue. Just moving a boat trailer to and from a boat ramp on rural dirt road. Mostly flat except for one hill.
  38. IslandTractor

    Busted zerk and extractor...what next?

    A rock fell on the foot of my BH stabilizer and sheared off the zerk for the pivot foot. I figured no big deal and got out my made in USA screw extractor set, found that the #1 size extractor fit nicely into the grease channel and used my drill to reverse out the decapitated zerk. One...
  39. IslandTractor

    Novel homemade tree pulling device

    I gather from google translating some of the comments and title that this farmer put this tree puller together out of scrap (plus a big hydraulic cylinder). Looks to be very efficient. Napravljeno u Srbiji - Made in Serbia - YouTube
  40. IslandTractor

    Who has replaced radiator, power steering, fuel and intake air hoses?

    Not I. I was reading through the general maintenance schedule chart (I know, exciting life, but it's too cold to go outside here at minus 10F this morning) and came across few things I had never thought of doing. The Kioti recommendation is to CHANGE the radiator hose, power steering hose...
  41. IslandTractor

    I want one of these in orange!!

    The ultimate tractor for clearing difficult land: Army unveils 'Swiss Pocket Knife' combat vehicle - CNN Video
  42. IslandTractor

    World's sexiest tractor from Zetor and Pinifarina

    BBC - Autos - From Pininfarina, the world's sexiest tractor A beauty. Hope they do incorporate the design into real world tractors.
  43. IslandTractor

    Grading WR long 4n1 - "float" mode?

    Float diagram
  44. IslandTractor

    Hydraulic hiccups

    My 2007 Kioti DK40se with 500hrs has been pretty much flawless since new. Hydraulics including two rear remotes and a diverter valve have been maintenance free other than routine fluid and filter changes. Yesterday I mowed and grappled and then shut the tractor down normally. I disconnected...
  45. IslandTractor

    bucket size

    Sorry, having trouble posting photos today. The grapple side hoses are usually loosely contained by a bungee which can be seen if you look closely under the torque tube of the second photo(there is a zip tie on the protective sheath the bungee hooks into).
  46. IslandTractor

    bucket size

    Here is a photo that shows the hoses connecting on the torque tube cover. There is a welded bulkhead that the tractor side hoses are mounted to. The grapple side hoses are usually loosely contained by a bungee but I don't see it in this photo. Also, this photo was apparently taken before I...
  47. IslandTractor

    How do you store your grease cartridges?

    Ok, I know this is a bit weird... I always have trouble clearing air pockets when I change grease cartridges (Lincoln side handle gun). I follow directions to unscrew the body and push the follower until grease oozes out before tightening but it usually takes me several or more attempts before...
  48. IslandTractor

    My NX6010

    On your park expansion video you are driving back and forth in reverse the whole time. That's difficult. The first part was really just pretty thin material and I wonder if you could have driven forward. Much faster that way even if you need to dodge obstacles. The second part, trying to...
  49. IslandTractor

    Your most used/valuable attachment?

    Great attachment for the backhoe. This is my favorite backhoe attachment: A ripper makes very quick work of medium sized trees that are too big to just push over with a grapple and where chainsawing would leave a stump that needs digging out. Ripping the roots and pushing the tree over...
  50. IslandTractor

    moving mower deck with FEL?

    When I first got my tractor I had to move the tractor with fel, the backhoe and the bush hog at the same time via a ferry trip. No possibility of two trips. The backhoe was mounted, and the bush hog was loaded into the bucket and held in place by a number of straps. Worked fine. Drove about...
  51. IslandTractor

    kioti nx6010 hst cab

    You need a set of forks. Easy to do that safely with forks. Part of my ongoing series of lessons as to why "the right implement is more important than more horsepower".:rolleyes:
  52. IslandTractor

    How many of you guys here really, really enjoy cooking and planning meals?

    I don't think you'll see them in even the nicer cookware stores yet, at least not the immersion stick heaters. There is a company that sells a complete waterbath unit via Costco for about $300 but that thing is bulky and it really isn't hard to just use anything from a plastic pail to a stock...
  53. IslandTractor

    Blizzard 2015 Boston

    Photo of sea ice blown ashore in Wellfleet (about 40 miles across Mass Bay from Boston)
  54. IslandTractor

    How much do you insure your tractor for???

    I have an inland marine insurance policy on my tractor, BH and FEL. I just saw the updated policy and see that the 2007 Kioti DK40se with loader and Woods BH90x are insured for a total of $24,000 (actual cash value basis) minus 500 deductible. I know that is probably 6000-7000 less than what...
  55. IslandTractor

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I was looking to get an update from DaNag about his experiences over the past two seasons using the Flailmaster clevis instead of the original Caroni clevis. He doesn't seem to be very active on TBN these days so we may not hear back. I decided to go ahead and start using the Flailmaster...
  56. IslandTractor

    How often do you check your zerks (aka grease nipples)

    I grease my tractor regularly just like my momma told me. I check to insure grease is actually extruding from the greased pin/bushing and occasionally have to clean out or replace a clogged zerk. What I haven't done before is regularly check the tightness of all the the zerk fittings on the...
  57. IslandTractor

    How would you go about recommissioning a diesel that has been idle for eight years?

    I have a Yanmar 3GM diesel (3 cylinder, 28hp) that has been in storage for about eight years. It can be turned over manually when compression release valves are opened by rotating the generator belt pulley wheel. It has a Racor fuel filter which I will change. I will also remove existing fuel...
  58. IslandTractor

    Did we just lose Friendly Politics?

    Am I the only one who can no longer access any Friendly Politics threads?
  59. IslandTractor

    How long did your original battery last??

    I am wondering how long I can expect my battery to last. Mine is going into it's 7th year and last time I started it (Nov) it was just fine. I leave a trickle charger on over the winter. Has anyone had to change their battery yet?
  60. IslandTractor

    Harbor Freight copies StrongHand Nomad welding table...$59

    I have the portable StrongHand Nomad welding table. I like it. Smallish 20x30 inches and constructed out of ?12gauge but very functional and extremely handy. Folds up like a TV dinner table. Cost is about $150 as I recall.
  61. IslandTractor

    Water in fuel storage tank

    I have water (considerable amount) in my 30 gallon fuel storage barrel. Two issues: 1) how did it get there suddenly over the past winter as water had not been an issue in the prior three years with the same system? 2) how to salvage the fuel? I have a simple 30 gallon plastic barrel...
  62. IslandTractor

    Global Warming?

    Welcome back Cat. You must have had a good rest over the past few days. Now we see you are once again digging up old news that has been previously debunked. Did you bother to read the NASA study (which is hardly news having been published several years ago). Nah, you didn't read it because...
  63. IslandTractor

    which backhoe to buy for a dk50 with cab and hydro

    I have the original version of the ripper on my BH90x. It can dig a shallow 1-2ft deep trench very efficiently. It can go deeper but not as efficiently as a 12" bucket. Sorry to see the damage on your BH. That is certainly serious and also clearly the wrong pin. I have to use a mallet to...
  64. IslandTractor

    How to bend 1/4" plate into 18" radius?

    I have an extra full skidsteer QA attachment blank and would like to fabricate a simple stump bucket by welding a radius bent 1/4 inch plate as in the attached photo below. The fabrication would be simple if I could figure out how to make the bend in the 1/4 plate. I'm estimating it is an 18"...
  65. IslandTractor

    Always !!! lower your 3PT attachment when leaving the tractor!

    OK, I am pretty safety conscious and know perfectly well that it is important to lower any three point attachment to the ground before shutting down and walking away from a tractor. I adhere to this principle mostly because I am afraid that the kids in my neighborhood who occasionally jump on...
  66. IslandTractor

    Rotary Cutter  How often do you adjust your rotary cutter slip clutch?

    I usually adjust my brush hog (Woods BrushBull 600) slip clutch at the start of the mowing season each year. I know it works then as I can smell and see burning clutch when hitting a rock or other uncuttable object. I sometimes go a month without using the mower (I use a flail as well). Today...
  67. IslandTractor

    Anyone have the Kubota backhoe quick coupler?

    I am looking for information/photos/diagrams of the Kubota BH90 quick coupler or perhaps a QC from one of the dedicated Kubota TLBs. Anyone got one? I'd like to either adapt one or fabricate something like that for my Woods BH90x as Woods doesn't make anything like it. I can see that the...
  68. IslandTractor

    Makeshift welding table

    OK, here is a challenge: What have you used as a makeshift welding table in the field? I had to weld up some simple hanger fixtures and found this to be a handy arrangement for stick welding with 1/16" 6013 on some 16 gauge curtain rod hangers. We don't have Rednecks up here in the Northeast...
  69. IslandTractor

    Doc Watson's (RIP) son killed in tractor rollover

    In listening to the news about guitarist Doc Watson's death a day or so ago, I heard mention that his son had been killed in a tractor accident in 1985. It peaked my interest so I used Google to learn what happened. Sounds like an unusual rollover ( slid down embankment at 4am) with the...
  70. IslandTractor

    Anyone in New England looking for a used MMM deck for CK20

    Any CK20 users looking for a MMM? Here is a Craigslist posting from Eastern CT/Rhode Island. $500. Pictures look good. I know nothing about, just bumped into the listing. 5' Kioti mower deck
  71. IslandTractor

    Suspicious item detected...

    Hi TBN technical team, I thought I would pass along that the John Deere popup ad on the main TBN page sets off an Avast antivirus alarm for "suspicious item detected". Not sure if that is known to you or a problem but thought I would pass it along.
  72. IslandTractor

    Recommendations for 14"/16" chainsaw?

    I need to limb and cut up a bunch of small/medium size softwood trees that I felled with tractor/BH/ripper. The biggest is probably 12 inches in diameter, most are 6-8 inches. I already own a crappy 16" Poulan on it's last legs and was thinking of investing in a better and perhaps even lighter...
  73. IslandTractor

    What's OK to substitute for univeral hydraulic oil in a pinch?

    I lost some HST oil in the field last week when a backhoe fitting came loose. There actually was not a huge loss so this question is hypothetical. If I'd lost enough that my HST would not function and I was immobilized what are my options? It turns out I don't have any spare HST fluid at the...
  74. IslandTractor

    Backhoe  Added a ripper to my Woods BH90x: Trees beware

    (Warning long post with lots of photos) One of the main uses of my Kioti DK40se with Woods BH90x TLB is clearing junk trees from an overgrown pasture/park. To date I have either cut them down then removed stumps or for smaller trees just used the grapple to uproot them. I knew some folks had...
  75. IslandTractor

    Check your motor mounts

    While greasing today I noted a missing motor mount bolt. I checked the other three on that side and all were loose. The other side was all right. Mine is a DK40se with just over 200 hrs but I'd imagine this is an issue for all tractors. I routinely check BH subframe mounts with each oil...
  76. IslandTractor

    Newly assembled trailer: one hub warmer

    I just finished putting together one of the 4x8 folding utility trailers from HF. After my first unloaded trip of about six miles I touched both wheel hubs just to check on warmth. One was warm to the touch and the other was stone cold. Both hubs had been assembled (I thought identically) by...
  77. IslandTractor

    New TBN iPhone app attachment

    This may not be the correct forum but.... For all you iPhone users TBN has just released an app that makes reading and posting to TBN a bit more efficient. It doesn't seem to allow photos or avatars but the text size is better than using Safari. It allows you to check just subscribed...
  78. IslandTractor

    Pits in chrome on hydraulic cylinders...?maintenance

    I have just noted a couple of very small (1mm diameter spot, maybe 0.1-0.5mm deep) pits in the chrome of the dipper cylinder rod on my BH. Slight surface rust at and around those spots. The BH lives outside in the summer. I've covered the cylinder rods with a thin coat of grease. What else...
  79. IslandTractor

    Fall vs Spring Tilling of new garden

    I have a question regarding tilling in Spring or Fall. Background info: I don't have much experience with tilling having just purchased one (6ft KKII) in April and have used it only in May/June and then again today (Oct). I should point out that I am tilling an old field which was once overgrown...
  80. IslandTractor

    PTO powered hose reel

    Photo says it all. Flail mowing next to a corn patch. Someone left about 200ft of hose lying around. I wound it up for them.:eek: Only took about 20 minutes to unload. Interestingly, the hose itself had minimal damage but the hose fittings were all trashed. It took only a few seconds to roll...
  81. IslandTractor

    Thumb  Converting Woods BH90x thumb from mechanical to hydraulic

    This will start a new thread on the topic. A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with another TBN member Charlesaf3 about the Woods BH and he commented that it might be possible to convert the factory mechanical thumb to hydraulic as most of the hardware and weldments were identical. For those...
  82. IslandTractor

    Rear hydraulic remote deadhead and not so cheap

    I decided one morning to get a small loop of hydraulic hose to keep permanently in the rear remote I use for my backhoe when it is not mounted. Although I don't think it is that common, the consequences of inadvertently leaving the remote engaged in a "dead head" configuration and the hassle and...
  83. IslandTractor

    ??Light duty hydraulic winch available

    I am thinking of how to put a light duty (2000lb) winch on my tree boom FEL attachment to use as a small crane. I already have hydraulics up front for a grapple so I was thinking I could just weld a mounting plate on to the tree boom attachment plate and bolt on a small hydraulic winch...
  84. IslandTractor

    How to repair a concrete apron?

    I need some advice. The concrete apron on our 100 year old barn has cracked due to the weight of my 40hp tractor and presumably because some of the soil beneath it has eroded away over the years. The apron was never designed for more than horses and wagons so the weight of a 6000+lb tractor/tlb...
  85. IslandTractor

    Oil & Fuel  Cracked fuel bowl on DK40se

    By some stroke of luck, I stopped to clean out my radiator screens while mowing a field today and when I popped the hood I was surprised by a spray of fuel. It was obviously coming from the fuel bowl and was not subtle. See photos below. I grabbed a photo and then shut it down. No leak then. I...
  86. IslandTractor

    Note: scam classified Kubota bx24 in featured section

    Houston based listing for only a few thousand bucks.
  87. IslandTractor

    Tiller  How often do you clean roots from tiller tines?

    I just started using a new 6ft KKII tiller on a patch of land formerly overgrown with brush. The brush was cleared mostly by ripping out bushes with a grapple which left a fair number of surface roots. I can till through the area without stalling the tiller and can get down to about 7-8 inches...
  88. IslandTractor

    What degreaser do you use?

    I'm tired of ruining jackets, shirts, hats, pants etc on the grease goo that collects around all my zerks and oozes out around bushings etc on the FEL, BH etc. I'm even more tired of being yelled at for unwittingly tracking in grease by the queen of cleanliness in our household. I am not a...
  89. IslandTractor

    YouTube plowing set up video

    This may not be helpful to experienced plowmen but it has some interesting tips for us rookies. YouTube - How to - Plow a Garden, Single Bottom Plow, 3pt. Hitch
  90. IslandTractor

    YouTube plowing set up video

    Came across this video from a dealer in NC. It may not help experienced plowmen but for us rookies it has some interesting tips. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  91. IslandTractor

    spam in classifieds

    Classified tractor section needs a little moderator policing. There is currently a single tractor ad repeated 15 times that is clearly a fake based on price.
  92. IslandTractor

    New Subscribed Threads: what's up?

    From one minute to the next I suddenly have 135 newly subscribed threads. They are all old threads I participated in but there are actually no new posts since I last checked them. What's up?
  93. IslandTractor

    Help: odd sized pipe thread needed

    Hi folks, I need to identify a source for a roughly three inch pipe nipple and female/female connector with the following dimensions: Major OD 0.625 inches Min OD 0.555 inches Threads per inch: 16 These are the measurements of a oil breather cap on my Caroni flail mower gearbox. I need to...
  94. IslandTractor

    Anyone recognize this part?

    This "came off" my DK40se/KL401. Any guesses? Anyone else had this experience? Answer: load level indicator. Not tough enough to survive backing it into a big tree branch. Tried to straighten it but the very tip ended up jammed in in the tube and the thing turned into a pretzle so I...
  95. IslandTractor

    Good time to by WWF for loading tires

    There are always discussions of what the best ballast fluid is to use for loading tires, especially in freeze prone areas. Cost is a major consideration with non corrosive fluids like RimGuard costing over $3/gallon. One common less expensive and do it yourself solution has been to use common...
  96. IslandTractor

    How to clean a landscape rake?

    After clearing brush and digging out stumps, I usually run over the land with a landscape rake to even things out and to collect debris and small roots. I find that the rake quickly loads up with roots and twigs and I am wondering what techniques the rest of you have figured out to clean the...
  97. IslandTractor

    Any additives needed for #2 heating oil for use in diesel?

    An elderly neighbor almost ran out of heating fuel this winter due to a truck delivery screw up on the island. Her nephew went out and bought 40 gallons of #2 heating oil in diesel containers as emergency backup which luckily was not needed. I agreed to buy the fuel from her thinking I'd use...
  98. IslandTractor

    Any harm in using FEL to shake roots?

    Often after digging up a root ball/stump, there is a lot of dirt still attached to the woody bits. Rather than take the dirt to the burn pile/dump pile, I like to shake the FEL which does a pretty good job of knocking out loose dirt. By "shake" what I mean is small rapid movements of dump/curl...
  99. IslandTractor

    How about a collection of tips on routine self service?

    The recent reactiviation of an old thread on 50 and 100 hour service had some useful lists of what dealers typically do besides just change fluids. I have a DK40se that needs it's 50hr service pretty soon and for geopolitical reasons (there is not yet a bridge from Prudence Island to...
  100. IslandTractor

    Ballast  Anyone have suitcase weights on a DK?

    I'd like to put some extra ballast on the front of my DK40se. Unfortunately Kioti doesn't offer any suitcase weights or more importantly a bracket for suitcase weights. Has anyone adapted another brand's system to fit a DK? Kubota makes a front mounted system that attaches to the GL brush...
  101. IslandTractor

    Cleaning out a blocked

    In my neighborhood we have a half acre pond on conservation land that originally drained through a culvert under a road then into some local ditches and eventually to the sea. At some point in the past the culvert got blocked, the ditches filled in and now when the pond overflows it follows and...
  102. IslandTractor

    DK40se 4wd problem and solution

    I was grappling brush earlier this week and driving through partially cleared land when I noticed my 4WD was not working. I'd been using 4WD all afternoon as I was "bulldozing" and grappling bushes and suddenly I noted that I was spinning rear wheels but not the front wheels. The 4WD switch and...
  103. IslandTractor

    Frequent poster link sends you to smiley FAQ

    For at least a week the link for the frequent poster link sends me to a FAQ page about smilies. Tested it with both IE7 and Firefox. Same results.
  104. IslandTractor

    Why I decided a CK20 was not enough.

    Ok, here goes. This is my attempt to explain my recent decision to trade in my trusty CK20 on a tractor with double the weight, horsepower and loader. Being a card carrying member of the é›»on稚 buy more horsepower than you need club and having disparaged the å*µet as big a tractor as you can...
  105. IslandTractor

    Rotary Cutter  60" or 72" Bush Hog for brush clearing with 40hp

    I am upgrading to a 41hp tractor and will have both routine pasture mowing and occasional brush clearing duties. I've decided to get a 75" flail (Caroni TM1900) for the routine mowing and light brush clearing but am now considering adding a Bush Hog for some heavier brush clearing. Need to...
  106. IslandTractor

    PTO shaft stuck/jammed on tractor

    I cannot remove my PTO shaft. I've never had this problem before and am unsure what may have caused it. My PTO shaft fittings have a spring loaded plate on the end of the coupler that I normally pull back to release the shaft. It is stuck and ???pushed further forward than I recall indicating...
  107. IslandTractor

    CK20 old style seat replacement issues

    I've wanted to replace my old style (non suspension) CK20 seat for a while. The direct Kioti replacement (new style) is an outrageous $600+ shipping expense and I'm too cheap to do that. Agri-Supply sells a very nice Turkish made suspension seat for about $80 so I thought I'd give it a try...
  108. IslandTractor

    Grapple  For grapple fans

    Check out the photo. Wear your grapple with pride!
  109. IslandTractor

    Poll of CK owners on adding backhoe

    This poll is generated by my noticing that this season, a high percentage of new CK20 owners seem to have bought a backhoe as part of the original purchase. My impression is that the percentage is higher than with CK25/30 owners. I thought I would start an informal poll to see if 1) my...
  110. IslandTractor

    BigFeet on KB2365 backhoe

    After getting tired of having my backhoe pull the tractor around all the time, I sprung for a set of "BigFoot" dirt pads. (see photos). In researching these I found it difficult to locate a dealer but finally (thanks to TBN) found that Little Tractor (Little Tractor and Equipment Company - Kioti...
  111. IslandTractor

    72" finish mower on a 21hp tractor???

    Now that I have finished bush hogging and otherwise clearing an old 3-4 acre pasture, I'd like to get a finish mower to make the mowing task go faster. I have a 21hp tractor (Kioti CK20 HST) and the land is sloped. I mention the slope because I need to be in low HST to climb directly up which is...
  112. IslandTractor

    Stabilizer pads for KB2365

    Does anyone know of a source for dirt stabilzer pads for the KB 2365? There were some posts here about a year ago on "BigFoot" stablizer pads that are exactly what I am looking for but when I google those terms now I just find a company that makes specialized poly pads for street/hard surface...
  113. IslandTractor

    Dealer  ?Carver no longer a Kioti dealer

    Am I correct in recalling that Carver in NC used to be a pretty big Kioti dealer as well as Kubota? Now they seem to have nothing by Kioti but have added Antonia Carrera articulated tractors. Is there a rule against carrying both orange brands?
  114. IslandTractor

    Update on loader repair program from Kioti Jan 30

    Well, I finally got a direct response from Kioti Customer Service and the rep provided me with a useful update on the loader repair program. I reviewed a number of issues with him and told him I would post a summary of the discussion. First, the letters have not yet gone out to customers...
  115. IslandTractor

    Lack of response from Kioti on loader repair program

    As most CK owners know, a significant number (?20%) of KL120/130 loaders have developed cracks around the corners of the torque tube inspection plate. These can only be identified by removing the inspection plate. After Highbeam first reported the problem on TBN in Feb 2006 a number (about 15)...
  116. IslandTractor

    Does Kioti make a spacer kit for rear wheels?

    I operate regularly on slopes and would love to safely widen my rear track a few inches for stability purposes. I just read on another TBN forum that the other orange tractor company sells a spacer kit at least for the B3030 to enable fitting snow chains. Has anyone found such a kit from...
  117. IslandTractor

    Rated power of CK20 engine

    I was wasting a little time today looking at the Kioti website and checked out the specs on the 3C093A engine that Kioti says is in my tractor. In one place they give the HP as 21 at 2800rpm but in the more detailed engine section the horsepower ratings were confusing as it indicates 19hp at...
  118. IslandTractor

    Stuck Zerks

    What do you do when a grease zerk refuses to admit grease? Occasionally when greasing my tractor a zerk will not allow grease to pass into the joint and instead it either overflows back around the grease fitting or I can feel "solid" resistance to my efforts with a grease gun. I have generally...
  119. IslandTractor

    Can you safely dye hydraulic fluid

    I have a hard time seeing the hydraulic fluid level on my dipstick because it is so clear. Is there a product that will safely dye the fluid so it can be seen more easily on the dipstick? Any other ideas for quickly checking the fluid level when there is little contrast between the dipstick...
  120. IslandTractor

    Update from Kioti on KL120/130 crack repair program

    A Kioti customer service rep, Stephanie Denton, just replied to my inquiry regarding the status of the cracked loader repair. Here is what she said: 1) Kioti has finalized the engineering and repair strategy 2) Kits are being manufactured now 3) Expect that dealers will get an announcement...
  121. IslandTractor

    Any tricks to remove shear bolt?

    I just busted my first shear bolt on a BushHog SQ480 rotary mower. No biggie I thought. However, I cannot get the remains of the old shear bolt out of the shaft. It won't budge with solid taps from a screw driver+mallet. I presume I should be able to get it out without removing the PTO...
  122. IslandTractor

    Correlation of Tilt Meter and Pucker Factor

    I thought I would post my preliminary findings after temporarily installing a tilt meter on my CK20 then heading out to traverse some slopes on the land I work. Method: slow traverse of slope with CK20, Bush Hog (running)and FEL (down, unloaded). Simple finding: 15% slope sets off pucker...
  123. IslandTractor

    TSC Landscape rake: any opinions?

    I found a 6ft landscape rake with gauge wheels at TSC for $592. Has anyone had experience with their rakes? I did not recognize the manufacturer name so I assume it is an in house brand. Price seemed pretty good compared to the Landpride (at about $1000 with wheels). I'd be using it mostly...
  124. IslandTractor

    What CK20's with new grapples eat for breakfast?

    What CK20\'s with new grapples eat for breakfast? A healthy diet always includes fiber. Lots of it. Breakfast starts with a brush pile especially after your dad buys you a grapple. See photo. Millonzi 48" QA light duty grapple. I don't know what they mean by light duty because this...
  125. IslandTractor

    How best to adapt skid steer grapple to KL120?

    I have just purchased (but not yet taken delivery of) a Millonzi 48” light duty root grapple with a standard skid steer mounting. The manufacturer has given me the choice of either having a Kioti mount attached to the grapple in place of the quick attach or to fabricate a quick attach adapter...
  126. IslandTractor

    Meadow management: where can I get advice?

    I am reclaiming an old meadow from years of benign neglect and lots of brush/briar/sapling overgrowth. I'd like to maintain the 4 acres or so as a low maintenance field and need advice on how best to go about it. I am close to being done with the clearing of brush etc and what is left is now...
  127. IslandTractor

    TBN Review section: Dead???

    There have not been any new reviews posted in the review section for months. I submitted one over a month ago that has not been posted. Is the review section toast?
  128. IslandTractor

    TBN Review section: Dead???

    support-ML-836553-ML- Posted in wrong forum. Moved to News/Feedback forum.
  129. IslandTractor

    Mowing  Flail mower on CK20: what size?

    I am debating replacing my 48" rotary mower with a light duty flail mower once I finish rough land clearing. No decision yet made. The area to be mowed is close to houses, roads, kids playing so I am getting skitish about the rotary mower for routine maintenance. The area is not a flat field...
  130. IslandTractor

    Flail Mower  Caroni Flail Mower: any experience

    I am considering using a flail mower rather than a finish mower to maintain about 4 acres of field and lawn. The area has already been bush hogged. The Caroni 60" flail is much less expensive (<$1500 vs 4000) than other flail mowers which is confusing. Anyone have any experience with it?
  131. IslandTractor

    Seat Belt Retractor for CK20

    Has anyone else tried to install a seat belt retractor on the 2005 and earlier CK20? I found the standard floppy seat belt to be constantly falling into difficult to reach spots and once even fell inside the fender where it could easily have become tangled in the rear wheel. All in all a...
  132. IslandTractor

    CK20 lift capcity at bucket???

    I am considering adding a 150 lb grapple ( Wikco) to my bucket which already has a 70lb toothbar. I know from Kioti literature that the lift capacity at the pivot pins is 1074lbs but don't know how to calculate the lift capacity at the bucket. Anyone done that calculation/measurement?? I...
  133. IslandTractor

    New seat/seatbelt on CK20

    I just checked out the new Kioti webpage which shows the new 2005 style seat and retractable seatbelt arrangement for the CK20. Has anyone retrofitted this new arrangement to the earlier CK20's? Any idea of cost? Any new mounting holes needed? It sure would be nice to have a retracting seatbelt!
  134. IslandTractor

    Meter Sensing Control Valve question

    Does the MSC valve on the CK20 HST affect operation of the BH which is run through the power beyond hydraulics? I find my BH controls to be fine except for the side to side movement which is a bit too fast unless I very carefully feather the control. I would love to just decrease the...
  135. IslandTractor

    What size landscape rake for CK20?

    I am clearing brush and need to clean up a few acres as well as prep for seeding ground cover. I'd like to know what size landscape rakes folks with CK20s have been using. I think KiotiJohn has a 4ft rake which seems small. Is a six footer too big? Will a 5ft rake when slanted cover the tire...
  136. IslandTractor

    eBay/Craigslist  2375 BH on Ebay

    I just noticed there is a Kioti 2375 BH on auction at Ebay. Current price is $3750 which isn't bad. No bidders yet and it ends today. It's in New Hampshire and looks almost new. You guys with the CK30s who are itching for a TLB might want to take a look. Ebay link
  137. IslandTractor

    Grapple arm for CK20 FEL: any experience???

    Has anyone attached an aftermarket grapple to the CK20 loader bucket? There is one designed for the Kubota BX23 that looks like it would be useful on the CK20 for handling brush and other relatively light work. See link:
  138. IslandTractor

    Sub soiler question

    I have a 20hp CUT (KiotiCK20) and am clearing land overgrown with softwood weed trees (mostly 4-6 inch choke cherry, a few larger). I initially cut trees with the idea of leaving the stumps at ground level but now I would like to remove the stumps. I cannot now easily pull the stumps so need to...
  139. IslandTractor

    Chain storage options

    I am using a chain and chain hooks on my FEL to carry brush and stumps to the burn pile. I have a 20ft 5/16ths chain that I need to carry with me and am wondering what others in similar situations do to safely and conveniently store the chain on the tractor. Any ideas? I have attached photos...
  140. IslandTractor

    Price on EZ Attachment tooth bars

    After reading of several TBN users who had good experiences with EZ Attachment tooth bars I contacted a local dealer but was surprised by the prices quoted. For a 54 inch bucket, the standard toothbar is about $460 and the "landscaper" model was over $500. This seems quite high. Has anyone...
  141. IslandTractor

    Price Check  Price on EZ Attachment tooth bars

    implement-ML-743123-ML- Posted in wrong forum.
  142. IslandTractor

    Price Check  Price check and review on CK20 TLB

    Hi. I am a former lurker who is finally ready to put down a deposit. Before I continue I would like opinions on the following for price and choice of equipment: 2005 CK20 HST with FEL with 28hrs on meter (first owner traded at same dealer for CK30 a few weeks after purchase) Dealer will load...
  143. IslandTractor

    Changing 7510 ROPS

    The B7510 Turf Special is high on my list for purchase but I would like to keep open the possibility of adding a backhoe so am concerned about the fixed ROPS. I know the Kubota backhoe can be had with a kit to switch the fixed ROPS to a folding ROPS. My questions are 1) is that switch a simple...