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    Cub Cadet 417 new control valve is different than old one

    I ordered this new control valve. It looked so similar to my old one from online pics. But once I got it, it's clearly different. Different spool valve ends where they hook up to the control lever and the biggest issue is the aluminum machined fitting that screws into the top of the valve...
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    Hydraulic hose schematic for proper connections

    Looking for a diagram/schematic of the proper hose connections to my single level selector valve. The service manual does not show them. Does anyone had a similar year/model/type as mine? or know where I can obtain the information.
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    Cub Cadet 417 new owner issues

    New owner of a 417 (7274) with loader and PTO set-up. 3 cylinder diesel with loader and PTO I'm unsure where to check/add hydraulic fluid and the specific type of fluid. The only tag numbers I found where : 7274 21061 and 546 436D 100 These were off a metal tag attached to the right lower side...