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    Clearing Error Codes

    I just ran into the same codes. Baling hay and tractor XR4145 went into regen. Kept baling and it completed the regen (I think) then lost power and threw the S27 F08 codes. So the EGR fault seems reasonable. What to do about it??? Any ideas or info in your manual? Guess I should purchase...
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    John Deere 350B dozer track roller question

    Thanks. I'll do just that. Ed
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    John Deere 350B dozer track roller question

    I recently got a 350B which seems to be in excellent shape. Starts, Runs and everything works. Undercarriage seems tight and all is well. However, I would like to be sure that the rollers on the track are properly lubed. The book talks about the button grease fittings but when I tried to...
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    I have not found any tricks for mine. Just lots of patience and wishing I were double jointed in my arm/hand. You could take off the fender, but that is a lot of work, too.
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    New Holland parts rant

    About a year and a half ago, I stupidly flipped my TC40D upside down, backing up without looking. Fortunately, I escaped without serious injury but the tractor broke in half. I repaired it over the next couple of months, replacing the transmission gearcase and the hydro housing (bellhousing)...
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    Problems adapting a snow plow to a Kubota B7500

    So, my son has a B7500 with loader. He found a snowplow on CR for free so, of course, it has to be fitted to the tractor. He did a nice job of designing and building all of the necessary hangers, etc to attach it to the tractor and everything fits just as it should. The snowplow has hydraulic...
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    Broke my TC40DA

    Didn't pay attention. Backed over a 4 foot bank and flipped the tractor over on me. Fortunately, I wasn't hurt and other than being sore for a week or so, no problems. However, the tractor is broken. Transmission case is broken and I can see a crack in the bell housing. I decided to fix it...
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    TC40DA front axle leak

    So I have an oil leak in the final drive on my tc40da. I have it all apart except for separating the top casting from the bottom one, where there is a roller bearing in between. There is no snap ring or anything else I can see keeping it together but I can't push the top casting out of the...
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    Backhoe  Electronic ignition conversion

    I have an old (1974) 3 cylinder 3550 backhoe. Is there an electronic ignition conversion available for it? Is it a big deal to install? Thanks, Eddie 48
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    Problems connecting flat-face connectors

    Is there a tool that will allow me to relieve the pressure in the connectors so I can hook up my grapple without having to first loosen up the connector from the hose? I'm getting awful tired of having to have a couple of wrenches in hand every time I want to change the bucket to the grapple...
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    Grapple  New Stump Grapple - really works!

    I just got to try out my new stump grapple from Unlimited Fabrication, LLC PO BOX 454 DENTON, NC 27239 I had about 15 stumps left in a field that used to be Christmas tree operation. I took the trees, mostly spruce, down last year, but didn't have any way to get the stumps out until...
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    Drive Hub for International 200f Manure spreader needed

    I just finished resurecting a 200F manure spreader and then broke the already repaired once drive hub. This is the axle hub with 4 large lobes to actuate the arm that ratchets the bed chain. It also contains the two dogs which engage in the wheel hub. Does anyone know where I can find one?