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    What do you drive for a truck?

    Wow, all you 20 somethings! 94 F250 standard cab, 8' bed. 7.3 IHC IDI turbo diesel Used mostly for when the van won't do. i.e. boat launch, firewood, trips to local compost drop off, anytime the car hauler is needed. Hopefully to move a medium length travel trailer to a seasonal campsite...
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    Ford 1600 4x4

    My broken axle (1700) was NA. Had it center drilled, press fitted a pin, welded, turned and faced on a lathe. That was close to 10 years ago. No issues.
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    Farm Truck Gets a Home Paint Job

    Get out of town! That's a fine bit of craftsmanship!
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    What is a good range of water height for a sump pump?

    Having just installed a sump crock & pump for the same reason (finishing basement) I'll offer an opinion from what I learned through exhausting research. A sump pump maintains the level of the water table beneath the basement floor at the switch cut in level. About a foot beneath the floor is...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Not exactly sure how my logs get bucked to uniform length but a relative visiting at Christmas time exclaimed: "(Name of another relative known for being extremely a-n-a-l) would love your firewood stacks!". Not sure what that says about me 😉
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    Why Nebraska Tractor Tests
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    Why Nebraska Tractor Tests

    I found this background interesting.
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    lost nuts!

    This will be one of the themes in my "Things that happen, which you couldn't do if you tried" thread.
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    For sale $2000 or best offer 53' Ford jubilee stirring column is out, that's the only thing wrong otherwise she's an heck of a work horse!

    I have one with the stirring column intact I'd gladly sell for $3500.
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    Looking again for a 3,500 GVWR utility trailer

    The sprung weight of the trailer has to be deducted from the axle rating. Axles come in 3500 & 5000 ratings. You won't find a trailer with a 3500# axle rated to carry a 3500# load. You may, with much searching, find a single 5000# axle trailer rated to carry a ~4400# load
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    Ford 1700 vs Ford 1510

    You need 2 tractors.
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    Got the hearing aids

    Great to hear (pun intended)! Would you share the brand & model you purchased? I'm there. The draw back to the ones I've rated top choice is they only interface with iPhones. My work phone is an iPhone. I hate iPhones (not just because it's my work phone 😆)
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    Now I'm paranoid

    It's not paranoia if they're really after you 😉
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    Where Does Your "Handle" Come From?

    Seems I'm always starting over at square one 😊
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    What does a trailer axle weigh?

    ~125#; +/- 10~15 # I've lifted and carried them without help. Two people would have made it much easier.
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    Can I use 2x6s for a lean-to type of roof with my 4x6x18' poles and how far apart do I need to put my 4x6 poles.

    Isn't it "build with what you have available or can get your hands on' anywhere north of the 75/127 split in northern Michigan? 😉
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    Would you use this pic in an advertisement?

    No. I welded mine on about 10 years ago. They aren't pretty either 😉
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    Would you use this pic in an advertisement?

    I'm not sure I'd store a chain on that hook, let alone hook something to, or pull something by a chain attached to that hook.
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    Would you use this pic in an advertisement?

    Would you buy this based on this pic? [
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    Verizon Wireless slow on Friday evenings

    I live in a resort community. Verizon gets slow on summer weekends due to increased use (there's only so much bandwidth available). On holiday weekends, fuhgetaboutit!
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    Towing Mishap

    Here's a truism: You will steer to where your eyes lead you. Was there an out to the left or right? Look for an opening and drive through it. I once topped an icy hill to see traffic dead stopped on an expressway. I wasn't driving fast, touched the brakes and nothing. Didn't even seem to slow...
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    snow removal with gear tractor as appose to HST

    Don't overthink it. Have been moving snow for 30+ years with a geared tractor and the snow has always been moved.
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    skidding logs

    The drawbar works nicely
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    AC5050 will only start with ether, please advise- we need this thing to run.

    Starting with ether is a factory installed feature on many older diesels. Diesels with glow plugs should never have ether used as a general rule. Diesel fuel is inherently dirtier than gasoline directly from the refinery. Don't assume that fuel filter changed a couple weeks ago is still clean.
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    How did you meet your better half?

    She was yelling "Hands against the wall, feet apart!" at me while holding back a German Shepard from attacking me. The rest is a little blurry
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    White Ash Lumber

    Call Louisville Slugger! Ash isn't great for exterior use.
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    FMC 5x5 Sidewinder auction score!!

    Its ugly 😉
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    ^^^This^^^ Try both directions.
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    Loader w/out power steering

    I have a 1700 with loader / without power steering. As stated previously, you think ahead as you come to a stop to have the fronts positioned correctly. No big deal, it becomes 2nd nature. If you forget, and there is room, drop the bucket, turn the wheels, keep going Not asked, but will answer...
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    Can anyone succinctly explain trailering numbers found in a Ford Vin lookup?

    Remember The Snowman (Jerry Reed) explaining to The Bandit (Burt Reynolds) how they would switch CB channels to outwit Smokie (Jackie Gleason)? That!
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    Trespasser caught on cam.

    I don't know what it's called today, but in the 60's we called what you should be searching for "road gear". 😉
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    Keep current truck forever or try to afford a new one every 5-10 years?

    Computer control was introduced to the F series diesel in the 94 1/2 Powerstroke model. Pre computer 94 1/2 IDI diesels are super easy to wench on. With proper maintenance it is not uncommon to get 300-500k miles from them. The body / support systems will fail way before the motor. Are they...
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    Keep current truck forever or try to afford a new one every 5-10 years?

    Thinking this ^^^ 94 F250 7.3 IDI Turbo diesel single cab 8' bed 165k miles ^^^ and a cheap EV (Elon started a price war recently) will round out the driving needs for my lifetime
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    Are there any good veterinarians anymore?

    Sorry about your experience. To the original question, I don't know, but there's going to be a lot ferrer in the not too distant future. Vets for large farm animals are already in very short supply.
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    I'll sure miss this oak tree...

    A 43 year old oak is 60" in diameter? 😲 What did you fertilize it with? Or did my pre-coffer brain not get 2 when adding 1+1?
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    Ford 8n Hard to Start and No Spark

    Jump the switch.
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    Ford 1210 vs Ford 1700

    That's about 1 year of full time use (40 hours / week). Pull the oil fill cap with the engine running and feel for air escaping. If it's low to non existent, buy it. Depending on the implements, you aren't paying much at all for the tractor.
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    Sad and Tragic Recovery Accident in AZ.

    To bend a pin supported at both ends inside a 2 - 2 1/2” square tube all the load would need to be concentrated at the midpoint of the pin. Not likely happening with a strap. A cable, chain, or rope ... possibly.
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    Ford 1210 vs Ford 1700

    The 1700 has a lot of grunt and enough weight to get it to the ground Don't bother with a FEL on 2 WD though, unless your going to hang a lot of counterweight on the 3 PH (probably a good idea even on the 4 WD model). The weak front spindles (4 WD) were corrected mid model year 1978.
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    Sad and Tragic Recovery Accident in AZ.

    Pull the hitch / shank out of the vehicle, push the strap loop inside the receiver tube and use the hitch retainer pin through the strap loop. Never hook a strap over the ball as a rule
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    Legal question on trees on property line that could cause damage...

    I don't know about legality of it all, but in a similar situation our insurance company pointed out an issue and made it clear since we had been made aware of the problem they would not be covering any damage or liability in the event a mishap
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    hello from North Alabama

    Welcome, perhaps you know my friend, your neighbor to the south, name of Willie McCoy?
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    Anybody recognize this helicopters load?

    Somewhere there's a giant can of Spam that will never be opened ☺️
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    Dads old 8n not firing up

    The ignition switch itself is a common no start issue on the N series.
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    Is there a place to report phone scams?

    Don't expect much help from Fed agencies or local PD. Many of these scam calls originate outside the US where they have no jurisdiction.
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    I see that Stellantis is finally settling over the Jeep death wobble..

    3 solid front axle jeeps & never felt it F-250 had me trying to squeeze the gas tank between my knees (old motorcycle technique 😉) every so often!
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    Dead deer on side of road. That time of year.

    In the 70s through early 2000s ~3/4s to 1 million hunters would hit the woods during Michigan rifle season. Last season's count was 460 5k.
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    Dead deer on side of road. That time of year.

    For nearly 2 years driving was highly curtailed. This drastically reduced the number of roadkill deer. Those deer that would have been hit & killed by vehicles are instead reproducing, increasing the deer population at a greater rate. We're going to have to hit & kill a lot of deer to reverse...
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    Do I really need a tractor on 1.5 acres?

    Without even reading the OP, Yes! Next question?
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    OTC hearing aids

    Jabra Android interface not available. They're out. I hate iPhones <😔>
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    Bomb Cyclone!!!

    There new snow fall forecast unit of measure is. "' Could be inches, could be feet. No one knows for sure.
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    OTC hearing aids

    Jabra seems to get good reviews across the board at a reasonable cost. Anyone have them that can give a 1st hand opinion?
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    OTC hearing aids

    Thanks for that info. I take it the OTCs weren't individually configurable? That's something I wouldn't have thought to check. My loss isn't equal either.
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    OTC hearing aids

    What brand / model of Over-the-counter hearing aid(s) have you bought? Likes? (other than comfort to wear, that's going to be user specific) Dislikes? Price? Would you buy the same ones again?
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    Cool Nature Photos

    The Godwit migrates 7000 miles over 8-10 days of non stop flying.
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    What the heck are these?

    Confetti bundlers
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    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    Got it covered
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Fortunately he had 3 medium (at best) strength bungie cords holding it to the trailer
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    No "Good Post" notation for my posts.

    Saving bandwidth by removing extraneous content that likely will never be used? 😉
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    Shop Warning

    Not sure why the "Warning" is necessary 😉
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    1999 F250 7.3 running like dog crap after running out of fuel and new lift pump

    Have you refilled since the initial fuel used to get up and running again? There's about a 10% chance you got bad fuel initially, and if you returned to the same station to full up afterward it's likey the same fuel. Nothing against the advice you will get here...posting this at oil burners...
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    Top Dressing Driveway - Gravel or Crushed Concrete

    In my experience crushed concrete is a bear to maintain compared to gravel and maintenance is a must with both.
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    What Happened To This Member?

    Well... He was born to be wild, so maybe he took a magic carpet ride somewhere?
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    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    Shoot! I just read the sub-title on my internet manual. Seems I have the Laid Back edition. I'll see if Amazon can overnight the Uptight version to me to reference before I post to a thread here again ;)
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    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    Anyone using an intelligence test available on the Internet as a yardstick probably should not judge others.
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    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    And this matters why?
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    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    Or Post Hole Digger ;)
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    Anybody Have Auto Owner's Insurance?

    AO here for home, auto, business & personal umbrella. Had an issue with them several years ago when a green out of college claims adjuster denied a water damage claim saying it wasn't an "event" it was a long term maintenance issue. I'll cancel with them someday over that, right now (and at...
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    How stupid can one person be?

    I've learned not to ask this question because someone will always come along and top the previous answer.
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    How many small square bales can a cargo van hold?

    Don't bet your truck title on it. Small bale size confirmed earlier as 18w x 14h x ~ 36L My T-350 cargo van area 90" H x 150" L x 56" between wheel wells / 72" above wheel wells wide. 1st row - 12 bales: 4 long (+/- 144") x 3 wide (+/- 54”) = 14" high 2nd - 5th rows (above wheel wells); 20...
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    How many small square bales can a cargo van hold?

    Why not a van with a trailer? I own a small resort, not a ranch, but still my vehicle sees many uses. I held on to my F-250 out of uncertainty when I bought the van. After a year and 1/2 discovering the van unmatched versatility I've decided to sell the F-250. I do have a couple trailers, but...
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    How many small square bales can a cargo van hold?

    Everyone knows a small hay bale is 450 mm x 375 mm x 900 mm, sheesh! ;)
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    Toddler drowns in post hole.

    How terrible! :(
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    How many small square bales can a cargo van hold?

    Mine would hold a dozen per layer. Cargo area is 12'6"L x 56"W (between the wheel wells)x 78"H. Theoretically could go 5 layers high.
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    90% of the time when the word "just" is used it could be omitted and the message would not change
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    Cool Or Creepy Things Found In The Bush Or On Your Property

    Remains Maybe when on my deathbed I'll elaborate.
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    Have you noticed any prices going DOWN?

    From what I see here CBD Gummies are a good buy at this time 🤣
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong
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    I have owned my last 2 wheel drive pickup

    2 WD F250 8' bed with Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S tires & LSD. The 7.3 turbo makes the front end heavy & back end light. I haven't had to use ^^^ this ^^^ yet to unstick the truck, but good to have the option.
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    Looks like we have us quite a starlink fan boy Glad he was able to set everyone straight :rolleyes:
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    Wow, no ^^^ ill informed judgement^^^ there at all is there? I don't have, need, nor am I signed up to subscribe to Starlink. My statement is based on hearing and reading an inordinate number of stores like this. Some Starlink customers say SpaceX's customer service is 'non-existent' nearly...
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    Have to hand it to Musk. So far he's delivered very little on Starlink but that isn't stopping him from starting to take orders for his new Starlink Premium service for $500 a month
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    Should the community make the rules?

    We have a conundrum. The vote clearly indicates members prefer the owner makes the rules. If that becomes the rule, have the members made it? ;)
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    Should the community make the rules?

    I don't think it would solve a thing. Haters gonna hate regardless. Are you, as owner, willing to accept the potential consequences of allowing any rule put in place by a clown posse to be enacted? I wouldn't if it were my circus ;)
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    This is my last post on TBN

    If everyone that leaves a forum forever posts they're leaving forever, most forums would need a subforum for such posts. Best wishes
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    I feel like Steve Martin in, "The Jerk"

    Thought maybe oil cans were exploding around you!
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    USPS? getting delivery ever other day?

    Put an outgoing letter in the box on the 10th and raised the flag. Needed to be at it's destination (local) as close to the 15th as possible. Wasn't taken from the box until the 14th. Hopefully it didn't take 5 more days to be delivered! I could have walked it over in a couple hours ;)
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    Best way to cut pipe at an angle?

    What tool (s) do you have to make the cut? Porta-band? Build a jig that clamps / bolts to the pipe or to the porta-band to use as a guide I have a 45⁰ & 22 1/2⁰ jig built so I don't have to mess with measuring / marking, etc... Unfortunately they're in my storage unit 100+ miles away or I'd snap...
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    Commode keeps plugging. sometime it good 3 months A snake clears it in 4 -5 ft. commode on line always runs.

    Was playing maintenance supervisor for an absentee landlord. Tenant called saying the upstairs toilet wouldn't flush. Went and plunged it repeatedly to no avail. Finally pulled the stool to get a snake down the drain and a child's toy of some type tumbled out of the trap into the floor. As the...
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    Commode keeps plugging. sometime it good 3 months A snake clears it in 4 -5 ft. commode on line always runs.

    There is, we installed one in a bathroom with a long sewer line. No problems since. It has a bladder in the tank that is filled until a certain PSI is attained. When the water is released the flush is assisted by the pressure
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    Will they ever return to "the office"?

    Remote work was my norm far before recent events sent many employees home to work. Not to long ago our employer asked everyone to share Remote Work tips. My contribution "If your employees need tips on how to work from home the problem is the employee, not the employees' work location"
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    How'd they get those excavators up there?

    They climb. FF to about mid video.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Police wrote me for failure to come to a complete stop. His contention was he saw the shifter in 2nd when I pulled away from the stop sign. I tried to explain that sometimes if I go to 1st it would get stuck, which was true, so I usually took off in 2nd. To be honest I don't know if he was right...
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    How do you accurately find your property line to post signs and paint trees

    Find corners and other witness points, add waypoints, draw lines. Took several reads over many months before finalizing map.
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    Drawbar pulling question

    If pulling from the drawbar, not a drawbar installed on the 3 Pt hitch, it's virtually impossible to flip a tractor over backwards. The front end can and will come off the ground, embrace it, that's one reason tractors have split brakes ;) re: getting the nose of the log up. I confess to...
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    Man I need front fenders

    Somewhere, sometime I saw someone make them by cutting sections from plastic 50 gal drums
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    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    7. Disengage PTO and use said pipe wrench to turn the PTO shaft, not on the auger, to take advantage of gearing in PHD
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    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    Solely based on the price the dealer wants for replacement parts it must be the best brand.
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    Not sure what I have or what it's worth

    Non running, top $, ~1,000 if everything is straight and it's been protected from the sun / weather while it sat.
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    This is a stainless steel ____________.

    Kind of looks like the wiring chase / guard that goes on the back of appliances. Those are SS material on some commercial units.
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    IRS and what do they really do with all their power

    My 2019 return wasn't processed until after some people received their 2020 refund. IRS owes me over $3500 based on my 2019 & 2020 returns. They've had time to send me 3 letters acknowledging they owe me the money, but haven't found time to write a check. Yet when they mistakenly thought I...
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    Skidding Tongs for pulling lumber - What else do I need?

    What size trees are you harvesting? Those 32" tongs are going to be a PITA to use on anything under ~24" diameter. The removable points on those timber stuff tongs make it impractical to set them into the log by smacking with a hammer. The tongs will lose their purchase on the log with any...
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    Off road diesel - How do you find locations?

    Motor fuels are a regulated & taxed commodity at State level. Gas stations often need to be licensed or permitted to sell fuel and that license / permit is posted at each station. It will have the name of the department to which you can send a FOIA asking for ORD sellers.
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    I need some help in identifying this John Deere tractor, thanks

    Looks like an 80 or an R, built in 49~56
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    Building a barn to live in- interesting article

    If you believe in insurance make sure it is updated regularly. A barndominium nearby burned. Structure was 66~75% destroyed. It was insured as a barn. The owner is slowly picking through the ruins trying to salvage whatever can be salvaged to recover losses. I presume the $$ lost was greater...
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    Ford 9N intermittent spark, won't run

    Installed electronic ignition and never regretted it.
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    #@%-*#. IRS

    Didn't get either of the 1st two stimuli. Called IRS, eventually landed in the EIP Department. Gentleman there confirmed I absolutely qualified by 2019 AGI. Told me to claim it on line 32? of 2020 1040. I did IRS disallowed it turning my expected small refund into a hefty tax due with...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Yes, I realize in other areas of the world this would have been one load instead of 4 ;)
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    Estimate of the Cost of Welding

    The local shop here would charge $30~40 if you removed it from the mower and brought it to him. I'd do it for free. Sometimes I can't find enough things to weld! ;)
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    Do you have any Oil/Fluid changing time saving efficiency tips?

    On big filters & especially diesel, drilling ~1/4" hole at the low point in the filter housing and letting it drain into a pan gets rid of the weight and the mess
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    Ford Jubilee - can anyone assist me with getting this to run reliably?

    Mine did the same thing. Replaced the key switch which took care of the problem for about a year. It's easy to jumper out the switch to see if that is the issue. Before you ask, Yes it would start, run, and stall like out of gas and the problem was the key switch It started doing the exact...
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    What's happened to Shield Arc

    :( A invaluable contributor who's passing leaves a void that might never be filleted completely R.I P. Shield
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    Today's RV time?

    Slowly doing a build out of a T350 Ford Transit high roof extended. Trying to keep it simple but accommodating, yet able to convert relatively quickly back to the cargo van it was Visited the geographic center of the continental United States during a shake down voyage in early April...
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    Golden jubilee

    Exact same issue with my Jubilee. Run a few minutes & shut down, wait 30~60 minutes and it would start again. Ended up tracing it back to the key switch assembly. You didn't ask, but the 2nd smartest thing you can do is put electronic ignition on it.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Chevy Pickup Towing 53-Foot Semi Trailer on a Car Dolly Is a Catastrophe Waiting to Happen
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    Load the spring on Jublee drawbar.

    The cotter pin sheared that holds the pivot post on the Jubilees draw bar. I have everything aligned and a smaller pin through the holes but the drawbar swings freely to one side. The other direction the spring inside the pivot housing stops if from going far that direction. Any tips on getting...
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    Ford Tractor photo thread, lets start one!

    This followed me home. Got it running, sounds good. Will be changing all the fluids next. Tires are a little weathered, but hold air.
  118. square1

    Control levers

    I picked up a Golden Jubilee and am in the process of draining / changing all the fluids. It had sat outside uncover for 3 years. Looking over the tractor the two small levers on either side of the operator station (see pics) have me wondering about their use. Likely use of the tractor will be...
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    Leveling a PHD

    The lube fill port on my Bush Hog 2102 PHD is 1/2" NPT. Thinking iabout replacing the plug with a 12" capped nipple then attaching a laser level to the nipple. That should give a good indication when it's set up to drill the hole straight and indicate when to make forward adjustments as the PHD...
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    94' 7.3 IDI Turbo. It never gets there first, but it always gets there.
  121. square1

    Was Free

    The 3000 is a nice size to power ratio tractor. From What happened 18 +/- years ago that turned it into a lawn ornament?
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Cleaned up a bunch of dead elm that I was starting to get tired o looking at this morning
  123. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    A Google search didn't turn anything up on what I thought was a well known technique for cutting cable. The butt of the chisel must rest on something solid of course.
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    Mahindra Roxer - Uhoh

    ROXOR Offroad | UTVs, Side by Sides, SxS Utility Vehicles, Recreational Off-Roaders
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    Ford 1700 770 FEL front mounting bracket broken

    And while your there have some standing ribs welded along the outside edges, front & rear, of the uprights. That's where it wll break next.
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    Lift kit for tractor

    I can't find a good detail of the loader mount but if all you load is light stuff like mulch while on level and stable ground look at tweaking the loader mount a little. An ever so slight backward tilt will be multiplied many times at the bucket. It's going to shorten the reach, but not as much...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Not sure if I posted my arch here or not. Short hitched to move from place to place ~2100 #s of black walnut Moving up to the landing to be loaded
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    Curse you! I've already said .357 lever is my most often used search.
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    Let's post our Made in USA tool finds (yard sales, old store stock, auctions etc)

    Scored this WellSaw 58B metal cutting bandsaw off Craigslist last Sunday. It's a compact beast (350 lbs) made in Three Rivers, MI.
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    Cutting welds

    Picked up a used bandsaw yesterday. The band on it id pretty fine toothed (14~18 TPI) and the seller said it was probably dull. Set it up and cut some 2" galvanized pipe with ~1/4" wall (standard house drain type stuff). It took several minutes, but did make a nice clean square cut. The first...
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    Save $$$ - Heat with Wood

    If I sold firewood for the money, I wouldn't sell firewood ;)
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    Blinded by the light

    With all respect due (you can be the judge of that) to Manfred Mann... On a scale of 1 -10, the trend toward brighter headlights has hit ridiculous. There are national highway insurance institute tests / studies indicating how well the new retina burning headlights allow a driver to see a deer...
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    7.3 role call

    94 F-250 XLT Factory Turbo IDI. A mile or two over 160,000 It's said I will never get there first with it, but I will always get there. Never going to let it go!
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    8+ foot pick-up camper and towing

    What variables impact trailer towing with a slide in camper, specifically campers over 8' long in an 8' bed? Are there design differences that limit or enhance towing? Which factors, other than weight, need special consideration? Found out today the offer on some property about an hour away...
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    Ford 1900 general coolant hose question and foot throttle picture requested

    The foot pedal's only attachment point is the bolt on which it pivots. There is no hose connection above the starter. I don't even see a connection point.
  136. square1

    Ford 1900 general coolant hose question and foot throttle picture requested

    From the pedal up From that piece over At the pump
  137. square1

    Ford 1900 general coolant hose question and foot throttle picture requested

    A light compression spring thar fits loosely inside should work
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    4 Way Stop Etiquette / Law

    Close to work is a 4 way stop intersection that is very busy on school day mornings. There is almost always 2 or 3 cars waiting from each direction during the morning rush hour. In the image below the cars are labeled with the order 1, 2, 3, 4 that they arrive at the intersection and by law...
  139. square1

    Gas shortages

    Are you seeing our of gas gas stations in your area? I haven't been out for 3 days but keep hearing the price is jumping and in some places they are experiencing shortages. Timing is bad for the harvest :( Are we headed for rationing?
  140. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    There are two good size mills within 100 miles. Like you, I found roadside pick-up of a few logs cost prohibitive. The volume the mills I sell to need (1/2 load if all walnut) before they can send a truck is quite a bit larger than I produce so delivery is my responsibility. Having more time...
  141. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Thanks. Picked up the major components, the cross piece & tires / wheels, at an auction and pieced it together from there. This past winter was pretty warm. Those wide tires with 1/2 ton, give or take, of log between them really smoothed out the ruts the tractor made on the trails. It...
  142. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    A few chunks of walnut getting ready to go on the trailer Heading up the hill out to the road.
  143. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    It's a hand winch (the only new bought part) mounted on a Frankenstein assembly ;) A 28" wide tractor front weight bracket (auction) serves as the cross piece. It's mounted to the tire/wheel units (same auction) by jeep grand cherokee front wheel bearings, axle stubs, & some custom made...
  144. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Moving some logs to an area where they can be loaded on the trailer.
  145. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I wasn't real keen on taking this 16~17" hollow center dead ash from the top of a steep 25~30' ridge yesterday. I needed it to fill an order and with snow forecast, which can make it a lot more work to get wood out of the ravine, it became top priority yesterday. Not sure which was more...
  146. square1

    Safe Haven, if possible without...

    ...making a political statement, tell me were you would put your money in my scenario. ~4-5 years from retiring. Can take what I have saved now and what I can add to it between now and retirement and be okay. Won't be okay if my current savings take a hit. I imagine the advice of those...
  147. square1


    Guess my age is showing. Never thought this would be a practical endeavor
  148. square1

    Help IDing a valve / findnig rebuild components

    View from front of tractor. It's leaking out of the cap like projection on the right. I'm guessing that's the pressure adjustment Side view. It's on a late 70's Ford 770 loader Only identifying marks I can find. It just started dripping, but the squeal has become more frequent during...
  149. square1

    Those Craigslist photos

    I don't need a jet ski, but I like to think I keep an open mind...
  150. square1

    Show your targets...

    10 Left hand, 10 right hand from 20 YDs with a SW 357 686+ 3" barrel.
  151. square1

    I thought you could google anything...traliering a pontoon/

    I have searched all...and searched videos...and searched images...and searched...but cannot find the answer to how much clearance there should be between the ground and the bottom of pontoon tubes (logs) when trailering on a flat level surface. I have a center lift crank style trailer with one...
  152. square1

    Sell my Ford 1700? I've reconsidered.......

    You're preachin' to the choir brother! Whenever the mood to "upgrade" strikes me I think back to the old boy that sold me his old Jacobson Chief 1000 for $100 and trotted off to Sears for a new Craftsman lawn tractor with all the bells and whistles. He went through four shiny new tractors and...
  153. square1

    What's your "Go To" search on slow days?

    You know those days when the ground won't support you (to muddy, etc...) on the tractor, you have to stick around the house for an appointment, or it's OhDarkThirty and sleeping isn't working? After you've exhausted all the great specific search terms like "tractor", "saw", "UTV", "winch"...
  154. square1

    Need an attachment for homeowner turf management

    Ooops, misread that, you wrote "turF" ;)
  155. square1


  156. square1

    2 WD vs. operating a 4 WD in 2 WD mode

    Does a 2 WD tractor have an advantage over a 4 WD tractor that is operating in 2 WD? Entering and exiting the woodlot there is about 300 feet of gradual grade and 150 feet of pretty steep grade. Both are a little greasy from recent continual rain. Saturday morning I consciously didn't bother...
  157. square1

    "If everything goes right,,,

    ....there is enough time to get <insert your task here> done. If not I'm screwed" has become my new motto :( Rain...shorter daylight things are conspiring against me ;)
  158. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Zoomed in and can see the right side of the hinge is already cut. Changes how I would attack it a little bit. I'd get the chain wrapped around it first, then drive wedges in the area where the hinge is separated on the right. I'd then bore cut from the red line in the pic to the black line...
  159. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    How about a pic with some verbiage? Every tree / leaner is different. Here's one method of dealing with the leaner (The line scribed around the tree is only through the bark to serve as a reference). Put in your face cut / under cut. make sure they match/meet. plunge in between the red...
  160. square1

    Furnace vent disconnected in attic

    Adjustable 90 degree elbow then configure like this:
  161. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Having to go deeper and deeper into the woods so I made up this narrow, long, and high (34" wide x 8' long bed with 48" high end walls) to bring 2/3 cord at a time out to the road. Only loaded it part way on it's maiden trip this morning because I wanted to be sure the tractor could handle the...
  162. square1

    Best chain lengths?

    Chains slid off this rock like water off a duck. Estimated @ a ton, it took the jeep, trailer, come-a-long and one tired out square1 four hours to move about a mile ;) If I ever do rocks again I envision using tire chains to form a sling like configuration. A twist clevis works well to attach...
  163. square1

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    The back story (I think) makes this qualify for this thread ;)
  164. square1

    How to open this up ~ 1/8"?

    What would be the best way to straighten the lower member of this trailer tongue? Its 1/2" thick x 2 1/4" wide. I'm afraid if I try prying / wedging against the top, the top will bend up instead of the bottom bending down. I don't have acetylene torches :( The only plan I can come up with is...
  165. square1

    Smokin' deal on 10,000watt generator $649 (Today only)

    The detai;s indicate the $650 is electric start The $1000 one doesn't appear to be dual fuel. Sounds like a heckuva buy!
  166. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    WEIGHTS AND MEASURES ACT Act 283 of 1964 290.603 Recognized systems of weights and measures; use; recognized definitions, tables, and equivalents governing equipment and transactions. Sec. 3. The system of weights and measures in customary use in the United States and the metric system of...
  167. square1

    300 pounds of play sand later

    I'm back on high ground :) Ice under snow on hills presents quite the challenge sometimes!
  168. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Stopped for lunch before heading up to the landing with load 3 of 4. It was nice down in the woods, windy & cold up on the landing.
  169. square1

    What is this measuring stick.

    Mines never out of reach ;)
  170. square1

    These thinhgs I have..this project I have..."Advice" I need!

    I have: PA-300 welder 3/32 6013 rod 1/8 7018 rod The project will be a log arch of sorts, the pieces clamped to the ends will have axle stubs connecting 54" diameter, 17" wide, 300 pound tires & wheels bolted & welded to the assembly. Logs weighing up to 3,000 lbs will be suspended under the...
  171. square1

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Stopped to wash the tires, after all...a clean tractor with wood is a happy tractor ;)
  172. square1

    Anyone want this?

    How's this work for you? ;)
  173. square1

    Anyone want this?

    It's a fiberglass car vinyl top shell. The flat area measures roughly 4' square. I planned to use it to make a canopy but it's to big for my tractor. Someone with reasonable bodywork skills could make a sharp looking custom rain / sun shade. Located n Central Michigan, pick it up or arrange...
  174. square1

    The creek ford my 1700 Ford afforded me

    The near side was done last spring Put the far side (near side in the pic below) in just before deer season started this fall Took down the last two dead ash trees on the near side over the long holiday weekend. There are a lot more to harvest on the opposite shore. Hard for me to...
  175. square1

    Finally got my courage up

    Plunged in from both sides and bored out all the wood between the vertical red lines. The fun part is trying to meet in the middle ;) You can see where the trigger / holding strap was inside the oval. You take that out with your fastest saw at WOT, listen closely, watch carefully, and beat...
  176. square1

    Finally got my courage up

    Two big (~24" & 28" DBH) dead ash leaning over my trail through the woods. Both had poison ivy that I cut at the base early in the spring and the bigger one had a 10" cedar hung up in it. Pulled the cedar free with the 1700. Cleared my escape routes. Cut a shallow steep notch to try to steer...
  177. square1

    Looking for advice on adding worklights to tractor

    These cost me ~ $25 each w/ free shipping through Amazon, have two spots facing forward and a flood & a spot facing back. I haven't done any work after dark yet, but they seem to be pretty adequate. One thing is for sure, I'll never outrun them with a top speed of 12 MPH ;) LAMPHUS CRUIZER...
  178. square1

    Any advice on how to fix this?

    Something along these lines. Does it ever dry out? Running a sub soiler through the area might help immensely.