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    Switched out robin to kohler

    About a month or so ago my robin 25 with 560 hrs died.... aside from the hard starts in winter every problem it gave me was in the rocker/lifter area, this one was no different. Upon disassembly I found the valve guide on the exhaust valve starter side of motor literally cracked in half. Must of...
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    425 Robin Muffler Modification

    Just thought I'd post some pics of a mod I made last month. Bottom line, I'm really happy, but in hindsite, I really think it was fine the way it was. I mostly did this to satisfy my own curiosity. -Kris
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    PT 425 mods

    Like some others have mentioned in the past my PT also jumps out of float when mowing. I mow a heavy 3 acres and the terrain is less than ideal. So I simply drilled and tapped a 5/16" hole precisely under the steel base of the joystick(when in the float position) and put a float lock knob. All...
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    Mowing  OEM mower blades

    Just thought id pass this along. If you want to stick to the original mower blades (at least original on my late 2006 60" mower) their Oregon brand part # 90-125 available at for under $5 per blade. Just recieved mine. Kris
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    how's that for warranty!!

    A while back I posted that both lift cylinders leaked on my 425. Just wanted to say A phone call to Terry and three days later, 2 new replacements on my doorstep!! You cant beat that. Kris
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    leaky lift cylinders?

    Hey guys, I feel like I might have a couple of leaky lift cylinders on a pt425 with 8 hours on it. It might be normal Im not sure but as the shaft slides in the cylinder oil pools up on the end. just out of curiosity does cold weather effect the seals or could this be a problem? Thanks Kris
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    Oil & Fuel  425 with robin spark plugs, oil filter

    hey guys I cant seem to be able to download the manuals at robins site from my computer and nowwhere online can i find information on an oil filter for the 25 horse motor only the 18 and 22. Is it the same filter? Also Im not sure if its because Ive flooded it trying to or atleast attempting to...
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    placed my order today

    hey guys, i placed my order today, wired the money, and now wait. Kristie said it should ship the week of the 11th. I went with the 425, 4 in 1 bucket, LMB, 60" deck, tiller, potatoe digger, forks, mini hoe, and the trailer towing adapter. I got lucky with the shipping whereas I wanted to have...
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    Can I touch your PT?

    Hey guys...and girls you've all heard it before well this stories no different. for the longest time I researched all the typical subcuts to replace my 26 year old bolens diesel. Countless hours spent on tractobynet. I still havent ruled out the BX (amazing prices), But I cant stop thinking...