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    Davis D100A backhoe

    I am trying to find some parts for the D100A backhoe. Hoping someone may have some leads of anyone carrying parts for it. Thanks.
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    2920 price

    I did some pricing on a 2620, with loader and mm mower. They had a 2920 in stock, and said go that route at $19,100. Is that a little high?
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    Well pits H2S4

    Just thought since seen a couple here in Iowa died this past weekend, it might be time for a reminder to country folks who has there own well for water use. Hydrogen Sulfide is an invisible gas that has a brief smell of rotten eggs at first. The reason at first is because the smell will deaden...
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    Vickers pump

    Anyone have a good website on older Vickers pump parts, casting #323806? It is variable piston for hydro.. I have been searching for a couple days and can not find it.(parts, or that #) Main reason being it is a early to mid 70's bobcat skidloader. Thanks, Marty.