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    2740 Shuttle Shifter

    On my 2740 the shuttle shift lever is getting loose and it doesn't stop going into forward or reverse. If the steering wheel wasn't there it would probably spin all the way around. It still shifts into forward and reverse if you play with it. I'm going to take the boot and plastic cover off...
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    ODE's UTV reviews

    One of our Marine dealers here just took on ODE's UTV's. I'm curious if anyone on here has owned one or knows of someone that has had one. I have read where 2013 and older were junk.
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    Purchasing Advice

    Montana 2740. What to look out for? Montana 2740 Tractor w/loader
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    Farm Pro 2430 advice

    I may go look at a 2430 Farm Pro, Koyker loader with a box blade and brush hog.. I know these are Jimna tractors and are a cheaper alternative to the big names, fit & finish is questionable also. I don't really care about the pretty part because it's gonn a get scratched up etc. This tractor...
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    Buying Advice  New Holland Boomer 30

    OK folks, looking for some advice. I'm looking at a 2010 New Holland Boomer 30 with a FEL and 450 hours on it. Looking for pro's and con's on this unit. I have 6 acres that I have been working on clearing (currently have a 873 Bobcat). I'm to the point where I don't think I'll need the...
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    Buying Advice  New here and have a question about a Kubota L2350

    I have got a 1999 873 Bobcat and am about done using it (clearing ground, moving dirt, gravel, brush, etc). I bought it to do these chores and then going to sell it. Well, I have a gentleman wanting to trade me a nice Kubota L2350/with loader for my Bobcat. My question is about the tractor...