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  1. the whispering oaks farm


    Agri supply carries a disc hiller that might work for you. it would be pretty easy to adapt for what you want to do. here is a picture of it.
  2. the whispering oaks farm

    LED Lights

    The light bar I used was (120W 24" LED Alloy Spot Flood Combo Work Bar Diving Light SUV | eBay) it was inexpensive and works great. One of the things you may consider and probably haven't run into yet is to build a frame for your work lights. they are only mounted to the front though the...
  3. the whispering oaks farm

    LED Lights

    I installed a 22" led light bar and replaced the original OEM work lights that came with the tractor with LED lights, man what a difference! Now I want to replace the original headlights with LEDS. I looked up the headlight and work light numbers but it doesn't cross with anything that I could...
  4. the whispering oaks farm


    you can stand up and leave the seat as long as you have your foot off the hydro pedal, I added a front and rear cam so I could see the ground, but I have a cab so it won't mess with the video screens.
  5. the whispering oaks farm


    my tractor with grapple, it just makes clearing brush a breeze.
  6. the whispering oaks farm

    Ford 1700

    quick attach is a method to install and remove the bucket that is attached with levers into a channel. I don't know the setup for your particular tractor but you can purchase weld on plates to make a fixed attachment into a QA setup. if you are purchasing a new bucket anyway this is a good way...
  7. the whispering oaks farm

    3pt Stabilizers

    I went by an LS dealer and looked over the other models very carefully. I found that my xr4046hc had the weakest setup of them all. right next to it was a 5065 and it had a strong screw type setup that could be set very rigid and still move up and down. it could be adjusted and then pinned to...
  8. the whispering oaks farm

    Electrical Connector in the back

    is that the 7 pole connector on the back? this is the diagram for my xr4046hc which i would think will be the same. Hope it works for you. just use a 12 volt test light to confirm.
  9. the whispering oaks farm

    PICTURES ONLY thread

    My tractor doing what it does best, working hard so I don't have to.
  10. the whispering oaks farm

    burying invisible fence wire

    a sub-soiler would be a good choice. they make them with a tubing feeder(extra money) that cuts a 1" trench. If this is a one time use I wouldn't add the pipe feeder. you could just feed the wire as you go.they are about $150.
  11. the whispering oaks farm

    Xr work lights

    it cracked the roof and the aluminum threaded tube came out. I epoxied it in again and it put the bolt back in. there is no metal support to it. I ended up coming up from the mirror mount to the height of the lights and ran a 1" square tube across to the other side. it is now hard mounted and is...
  12. the whispering oaks farm

    Xr work lights

    I just snagged a branch with my xr4046hc front left work light and it snapped off the fiberglass roof like a twig. I found out how to open the top from another member, thanks btw, and found out it is just a little aluminum nut cert type thing into the glass top without any metal at all backing...
  13. the whispering oaks farm

    Load lights wires

    My lights came out the back of the cab between the top glass frame and the canopy, there wasn't a grommet or anything. the lights itself is attached to a mounting stud. the switches are mounted on the right side below the interior light. you should be able to access the wiring through the air...
  14. the whispering oaks farm

    Just Joined the LS Tractor family

    I contacted LS about the plug in for the strobe, and you have to buy the whole kit, $200+, so i bought a stobe bar on ebay for $53- it works nice. I had to take a couple of the blank switch plates and mount the controls to the strobe in them. that wasn't too hard but it did take a little...
  15. the whispering oaks farm

    New R3039 owner

    I built my own step box, here is a picture. Not the same tractor though but it could be sized accordingly.
  16. the whispering oaks farm

    New xr4046,where to get parts in canada

    here is the diagram that I got. it worked ok.
  17. the whispering oaks farm

    Quick Disconnects not so Quick!

    I put a grapple on my LS XR4046HC and love it. my problem is the quick connects. when there is pressure I can't get them to attach for anything. I ended up buying Pioneer 6010-4p-dc connectors that connect under residual pressure. I still find it really difficult to grab the female connector...
  18. the whispering oaks farm

    LS Dealers

    I purchased the xr4046HC and really love it. I did ad the third remote for a grapple. I can pick up 2000 lb. rocks, mow, just about anything. The heating and A/c are really nice and the windows open so it is really comfortable. I am so glad I got the Hydro model, it is perfect for loader work...
  19. the whispering oaks farm

    How can wire brake lights onto a rear carry-all using a Kubota B7800?

    My LS xr4046hc has brake lights and a 7 pin plug, I set mine up on my carry-all and the tail lights and turn signals work but not the brake lights. I haven't figured it out yet but I think it is the right thing to do. I live on a gravel road and go from one gate to another on the road and would...
  20. the whispering oaks farm

    Tool rack ideas

    The grapple I bought from Titan came in an angle iron cage so I built it in and added a door and 3 point hitch setup so i could carry all my stuff.
  21. the whispering oaks farm

    Tool Box

    here's mine, I got the box from HF and made an angle iron frame for it, I unbolted the original step and created a frame using the existing bolt holes. I can take the box out if I need to but I just leave it in with the tools and pins, etc, i need for the tractor.
  22. the whispering oaks farm

    New tractor

    here is a couple
  23. the whispering oaks farm

    New tractor

    I just bought an LS xr4046hc and am starting our farm for production, I am also listed as classacthollow but this is now how I need to be recognized. I do love reading and reviewing all that you have said and done to your tractors and attachments. I appreciate all the feedback and info that all...