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    Working toward refund from TMY, hoping to move to LS...question on which HP and any concerns about your MT series

    We absolutely loved our LS XR4145 until we didn't. After about 6 years and 400 hours it started throwing a mixed bag of engine sensor codes. You'll need a LS diagnostic computer to properly diagnose the specific issue. Our issue turned out to be a myriad of wiring harness issues from various...
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    F02 636 Error Code LS XR4145

    After doing a little research I think a DIY DPF cleaning is the next step in the process. I have a sneaking suspicion this is also related to the crank sensor issue in some way since the two manifested themselves with 3 hours of each other. 400 hours seems awfully low to be having to clean...
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    F02 636 Error Code LS XR4145

    Installed the new crank sensor. Problem is still intermittent. The big issue now is that the tractor keeps going in and out of regen mode. I run it between 2100 and 2400 RPM all the time and it enters regen mode for a few minutes. The RPMs drop back to where I had it set for about 5 or 10...
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    F02 636 Error Code LS XR4145

    Still waiting on the part. The crank sensor on my tractor is located on the crank case just behind the starter. I’ll try to post a pic when we return from vacation. I really think this is going to require hooking it up to the diagnostic equipment. There could be another sensor or wiring harness...
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    F02 636 Error Code LS XR4145

    Still not solved. Ordered a crank sensor but I doubt that’s actually the issue. If that doesn’t work I’ll take it to the dealer so they can hook up the diagnostic equipment. I’ll let you know when it is fixed and the solution.
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    2013 LS R4041H Service Manual

    Check with RCO Tractors. Probably around $100.
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    F02 636 Error Code LS XR4145

    I’ll start up there on the wiring harness. Thanks.
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    F02 636 Error Code LS XR4145

    Thanks for all of your help. Talked to the mechanic and he said it was an easy fix to replace the sensor. He also suggested replacing the starter switch and checking all of the wiring harness connectors before ordering the crank sensor so we will see what that accomplishes (the ignition switch...
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    F02 636 Error Code LS XR4145

    Dealer says it's a crank sensor part. Part is $130ish bucks. Tractor is out of warranty. Not sure what is going to be required to replace the part. Any clues on whether or not I'm going to have to take the engine apart? What I'd really like to know is how to disable all of this Tier 4 crap.....
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    F02 636 Error Code LS XR4145

    Thanks. Sounds like it's time to call the dealer.
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    F02 636 Error Code LS XR4145

    The tractor has started throwing the F02 636 error code along with the red engine fault warning light. RPMs drop to just above idle. I've found one list online of LS error codes but this code is not on the list. Anyone have any ideas or experience with this problem? T4 engine with 385 hours...
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    5'/60" rotary mower recommendation for 30~55HP tractors

    Love my RhinoAg Twister TW25 cutter. Medium duty (2" cut capacity). Built like a tank. Available in 5,6,7 ' widths. Great customer service. Love the novel "stump jumper" design also.
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    Wrong oil! (stupid on me)

    I did the same thing but with my 2500HD truck and my LS4145 tractor. After rechecking the manuals and finding I was still well within specs I let it ride. If it fits the manufacturer specs then don't sweat it.
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    MX5400. What brush cutter size? 60" or 72"?

    I bought a 60" Rhino because I have a LOT of "woods work". In hind sight, I wish I had opted for the 72" cut. FWIW.....
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    Looking for a work capable and light recreational UTV.

    Before you pull the trigger on something, be dang sure exactly what it is you want to do with your UTV. I bought one a bit over a year ago and it's done all I ask of it and then some. (I also have a 45 HP 4 wheel drive tractor which handles any more serious work). After looking at many many...
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    How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

    I have a draft control (which is what I think you are really talking about vs float) on my tractor but I seldom use it. It comes in handy for initial grading but once graded it's easier to me to just feather the blade using the lift control. I'll attach a video link of how I maintain our...
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    Third function disconnects ?

    I have the pioneer type on my 60" wicked grapple. No problems at all.
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    Hydraulic remote mounts/guides?

    I'm guessing mine did not include a bracket due to the sky rocketing manufacturing costs that happened just after I paid for mine. I hope they go back to including that holder given the recent price increase on the grapple. They should at least push the holder as an accessory during purchase...
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    Hydraulic remote mounts/guides?

    Thanks for the input guys. I called up Everything Attachments and they sell the spring type mount. It's on the way as we speak. I'll post a shot of the final installation.
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    Hydraulic remote mounts/guides?

    I'm running hoses from the rear remotes on an XR4145 to the FEL where I've installed a 60" Wicked Root Grapple. My question is what advice on routing and most importantly on hose mounts at the front end do you have? Routing I can figure out easy enough but if someone has invented the cat's...
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    Alternative to EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple ?

    Ordered the 60" WRG on 3/16 with an estimated 13 week delivery. Called the other day and I was #63 in line out of 250ish. There was a problem with the supply chain on some of the parts so instead of going to something cheaper as a replacement they went with something more sturdy. That's a...
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    XR4100 series hydraulic top link?

    Any on you guys replaced the mechanical top link with hydraulic top link? Do you happen to recall the setup specs? Hoses/couplings/cylinder specs etc? Finding technical info for LS tractors is way more difficult than it should be in my opinion -- especially when your local dealer goes belly up.
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    4145 won稚 turn over

    My wife noticed that she had to jiggle the shuttle shift lever a few times to get it to turn over. Now that doesn稚 work either. I didn稚 have a volt meter with me to check wire harnesses, but I did check all of the fuses and the connectors and the battery terminal and ground wires and found...
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    Kioti Rotary Cutters?

    Anyone have any experience with Kioti rotary cutters? Looking at a standard RC2060 with 2” cut capacity but really don’t know what they’re rep may be like. Surprised they run about the same price as the Rhino TW series I’m also eyeing. Any input from those that may have used the Kioti?
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    3-Point Hitch  Anyone had to replace 4145 stabilizer pins?

    Both of mine on my XR 4145 are loose in the mount. Looking for a replacement but the size is evidently odd. 7/8 doesn稚 fit (too big). Anyone found a ready made solution?
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    Bushhogging Rough Terrain. XR4145

    XR4145, weighted, FEL loaded with dirt, 7' heavy duty Bush Hog. Blades need to be replaced as you can see from the vibration. The 4145 has no problems with handling a 7' hog. Bush Hogging Rough Terrain - YouTube
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    XR4145 Error Code

    15.8 hours and it threw a F00 error code along with an 81. There was a slight hesitation in conjunction with the code initiating. Then the RPM increased a bit above where it was and everything appeared fine except for the flashing code and a strange smell. I shut it down for a few minutes and...
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    Taking Delivery today!

    Thanks folks. Looks like the tropical storm / hurricane is gonna interrupt some play time for the next couple of days. Only got to put an hour or so on it once delivered. Rain was coming so one quick pic and then seat time. More to come...
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    Taking Delivery today!

    New XR4145 shuttle. FEL, loaded R1s, 6' Rhino box blade. I'll attach one quick pic taken during the "signing ceremony" yesterday. More to follow after it is delivered.
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    Price Check  XR4145 Price Check

    $25,139 sound good for a 2016 XR4145 shuttle, loaded R1s, FEL, 6' Rhino box blade, delivered? From what I've seen it sounds really good to me, but this is the first time I've bought a new tractor. In NC.