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    Look at the Grand L models. Nearly the same tractors as the MX models with upgraded features. Grand L 6060 would compare closely to the MX 6000, for example. Air suspension seat (Grammer I think), is a factory option on the Grand L's. It may be that you could get the seat you need without...
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    Snow Snow plowing recommendations for gravel road

    You can spend a lot of time plowing a mile of lane/road. Very enjoyable for some and a pain for others. If you enjoy it, use a rear blade on your M7060 and take your time. If you regard it as a chore, get a beater 4x4 plow truck, which should handle your occasional 6" snowfalls like a champ...
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    Kubota L4701 Sometimes Stalls When Moving Forward with HST Pedal

    Very likely it is one of the safety switches or the wiring thereto needing adjustment or something. Probably the one at the foot pedal from your description. Even when cold the engine should have ample power to move forward.
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    M62: What can't I add after purchase?

    M59/M62/L47 owners will have more detailed replies but about every 6 months someone posts here asking where to find affordable 3 pt links for these TLBs, because they are optional and often overlooked by new owners. Not cheap but adds value upon resale even if you won't need them.
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    Kubota LA1154 & LA1854 FEL interchangeable ?

    Good idea but the tractors would have to be almost the same. I had a Grand L4610 that took the same factory FEL as the MX5000 because both tractors were based on the same chassis. M5 is larger and totally different design vs M7060. The aftermarket loader outfits make a range of standard...
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    The laws of physics are the same for all brands of tractors, right? So if a hydraulic cylinder has a certain diameter and gets a given amount of pressure, it will provide a predictable amount of force, regardles of what color paint is on the outside. Since most similar horsepower compacts...
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    Bx bucket issues

    Post #3
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    B2650 under powered when loaded?

    So, have you been flooring it or backing off ?
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    B2650 under powered when loaded?

    Well, I guess someone has to ask. Boxhead, when you go up a hill and the engine starts to bog down, what do you do with the foot pedal? If you are flooring it, that's the wrong thing to do with it because the pedal is not likethe accelerator pedal in your car. Intead, it is a hydraulic speed...
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    Swapping attachments with hydraulic fluids? Any concerns?

    Agreed. The farmers I knew would often use equipment on loan from their co-op or a neighbor and didn't worry much about fluid contaminations. Not many hydrostats out in those fields though. I would not do that with my HST tractor.
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    L2501HST VERY hard to shift from low-medium-high

    The L series Kubotas all use basically the same basic 3 range gearbox setup. They are all notchy and hard to shift when new. The other posters gave good suggestions. 1. Keep the tractor clean. Dirt and grit tend to accumulate under the platform, binding up the gearshift and other linkages...
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    Skidsteer has no traction in snow uphill

    Wingnut may be on to something here. Since skidsteers differ from standard vehicles by having drive wheels linked front to back instead of side to side, don't you want the same chains mounted front and back on each side? With apologies for the work involved, I'd try that to see what happens...
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    Should we upgrade for 5 HP? Same model same options ... Hmmmm....

    Actually it does, but you're not noticing it. Here's an experiment to try to prove it to yourself. Use L or M, not H. Turn off the Auto Throttle. Put the engine at a comfortable rpm (1800-2000 rpm, maybe?), with the hand throttle. Step on the "gas pedal" a little bit. The tractor will move...
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    Should we upgrade for 5 HP? Same model same options ... Hmmmm....

    However the OP stated that he was only using the Auto-Throttle Advance feature. Is stall guard automatically engaged with Auto Throttle? If auto- throttle is only advancing engine rpm, it can only do so much when horsepower is limited. Being and old relic, I operated two Kubota HST's for...
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    Should we upgrade for 5 HP? Same model same options ... Hmmmm....

    This brings up a recurring topic regarding HST drive tractors. The foot pedal acts like the gas pedal in a car, but is is NOT the same thing. In a car, the accelerator raises engine rpm to go faster; the foot pedal in a conventional HST tractor doesn't change engine speed but does change the...
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    B3200 Hydraulic fluid dipstick/sight glass

    Be careful reading the fluid level from those dang sight glasses! The tractor must be on a completely LEVEL surface to get an accurate reading and since the fluid is clear, it's very easy to misread it being not full enough or too full. Yzz etc., you did the perfectly sensible thing by adding...
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    Grading--what am I doing to cause this?

    One of my early jobs was with the townsip road crew that maintained the roads, mostly gravel, in the Ohio community where I grew up. My crusty old boss, who ran the "maintainer" - the grader that is - always insisted that potholes and washboard would not be truly repaired by just filling them...
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    BX2350 D dies

    I believe there is a sensor or switch at the foot pedal, which you didn't mention. For the symptoms you describe, that would be the first thing to check. If it is busted, misaligned, has bad connections, whatever, it would do just what you describe. The other thing is if the wiring to the...
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    Bx 60" deck

    I had same tractor, only with 54" deck. What is condition of the blades? Are they properly tightened to the spindles? Does the gearbox have oil? Have you ever replaced the belt?
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    Backhoe Help With Backhoe for DK45S - Fabricating Bradco or Woods Subframe?

    The 611 would be a lot of backhoe for the Boomer. Could it work? Sure, but it would be capable of applying forces that the tractor might not tolerate in the long run. The Kubota hoe would probably be a better match for the tractor. The comparable Bradco hoe would be a 509, I think.
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    B2150 4x4, motor won't turn

    If you have it in neutral, will it roll freely if pushed - confirms transmission/ drivetrain not locked up (hard to do if loader is down!). Still in neutral, can you turn the crankshaft from the front of the engine using a breaker bar and socket - confirms engine not locked up.
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    HELP !! 1968 Kubota L245DT Parts

    Have you tried searching parts at They are a large dealer in Pennsylvania that sells online (other dealers use the same parts system and should be able to get parts also). They are showing all the parts diagrams for the L245 and seem to have many items in stock. Sounds more like...
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    Buying Advice Switch from LS to Deere?

    Gotta agree with GeeRay here. You'll spend serious coin and end up with less tractor. LS are decent tractors. Unless yours has issues, not sure what you expect to gain by the switch.
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    L2501 with HST

    When I first started using my new Kubota more than 20 years ago I tried to figure out some convenient way to use the split brakes like we did on the old tractors. I remember moving a big round bale for a neighbor across the very muddy, slightly sloping cow lot next to his barn. The R4's...
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    Where to buy replacement hood

    Ordinarily those items should be available through a dealer, but you might not like the prices. Availability may be limited right now as well. There are also tractor salvage yards, such as Wenger's, that you might check.
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    Actual lift capacity mx 5400

    LD1 and KU0A, as you know, this topic pops up often and has generated some epic debates as people struggle to grasp tire ballast vs. 3 pt ballast. You guys have done the best job I have seen in explaining things in a clear, sensible way. Attaboy's to both of you!
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    Bush Hog BH25 yokes breaking

    When making sharp turns (particularly if the tail wheel isn't pivoting freely), or hitting a rock or stump from the side while turning could put a lateral force on those bars also. I could see fatigue cracks developing from doing that repeatedly.
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    Brakes on kubota Bx25d

    Good plan. Now you can consider adding liquid ballast in the rear tires. When the spreader is empty you will probably be light in back. After a while you should acquire a sense of the weight and balance of things. But even then be cautious rather than bold! Even a little tractor has a few...
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    Brakes on kubota Bx25d

    As long as you have it in 4wd, the chains will give you some control on an icy hill. How much control depends on the front/back weight distribution of your particular setup. More weight (loader, for example), up front would give more traction to the front tires; leaving the backhoe in back...
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    Brakes on kubota Bx25d

    The"brakes" on a Kubota BX are really parking brakes more than something you use to slow down or control hill descent. You use the "go pedal" for that as it fully controls the rotation of the tires, or the lack thereof. As Dodgeman says, when you have 4wd engaged, that lets you go safely down...
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    The one(s) you own! Doesn't matter which, they're all great!
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    Where is the dipstick for the transmission in L355SS

    L model Kubotas typically had a sightglass for reading the trans fluid level. On mine it was at the rear of the differential, to the left of the PTO. Famously hard to read, tractor must be on dead level surface for an accurate reading. Don't know about your specific model though. Not too...
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    B3350 Loader Valve Brand?

    Have you had any dialog with the dealer about your situation? There are some who take customer support seriously who will go out of their way to help solve problems; then there's the other kind that just wants to sell product. If you have a good one, maybe he'd go to bat for you. Kubota...
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    BX 2200

    Sold my 2005 BX about a month ago for more than double that, had multiple offers within hours and dozens of inquiries. Concluded I could have asked for more money. Hot market right now for top condition used tractors, especially subcompacts.
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    Opinion on previous owner's rationale for welding 3PH lever

    If was patient enough, it wouldn't have taken more than 30 minutes to fix up a removable clamp and set screw to do the same thing.
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    New Kubota 3901 PTO running in both the engaged and disengaged setting

    Was just going to make the same point. The PTO cable mechanism is not something that gets "reinvented" every time a new model comes out. It's pretty foolproof IF it remains lubricated so dust, grass clippings, etc., doesn't bind it up. I always gave mine a shot of spray lube every few months.
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    BX 2200

    It all depends on condition. If it's in good condition, that's a pretty good price; if it shows some wear and tear, the asking price is about right.
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    BX 2200

    Prices are generally crazy at the moment due to shortages of new equipment, but it seems to vary regionally. Where are you? A tractor in prime condition will sell fast and bring top money; one that shows damage or wear from heavy use, misuse or neglect, not so much. If tractor has a front...
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    thingamabob not in proper place

    Hydraulic post drivers are probably well beyond what a BX size tractor was designed for. Your tractor, but that's asking a lot from that little guy.
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    Kubota temperature sender unit.

    Messick's (a Pennsylvamia equipment dealer for Kubota and other brands), has online parts lists and diagrams for most Kubota models. Should be able to find the location an part number for your L2800 there.
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    Forestry Winch question

    I had a Uniforest 35 for several years. It was well-made and very reliable. Found the generous cable length very handy, particularly when combined with a self-releasing snatchblock. If you will be extracting logs from closely spaced trees, one of those skidding cones would minimize snags.
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    Top link off center?

    I think if the top link is off-center, the attachment will not keep the same lateral adjustment as it is raised and lowered. So the snow blower will tip slightly from side to side at different heights. Maybe not a huge problem for a snowblower (I dunno ???). You probably could adjust it to be...
  43. G FEL?

    Same engine, slightly more HP available at the PTO on the gear version vs. HST, maybe?
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    Just bought a B2400–wanna make it right

    A bit off topic, but your description reminds me of an old fellow I knew long ago who made his fortune selling swampland around Orlando in the 1950's and '60's. He would tow his fishing boat around behind his Rolls Royce but had trouble backing it down the ramp. His solution was to have a...
  45. G FEL?

    That is indeed wierd. If you look on some of the used equipment websites you should be able to find many L4630's with the LA 853 loader. I think Kubota did sell a non-Kubota loader in Canada because of differing certification standards, but inside the US Kubota has been manufacturing loaders...
  46. G FEL?

    The "OEM front loader" is unique to each model tractor. As noted the LA853 loader fit the L4630 but both were replaced by newer models and are no longer in production. It's rare to find a used factory loader to fit a tractor, but if you keep looking, you might get lucky. An alternative is an...
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    Just bought a B2400–wanna make it right

    Kubota dealer in Pennsylvania called Messick's has excellent online parts business.
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    Just bought a B2400–wanna make it right

    You have a really nice little tractor there! I can't improve on JWR's sound advice but only thought to add a bit of caution about that hydraulic fluid. When the tractor is running the hyd fluid circulates under pressure somewhere around 2,500-2,900 psi, not something you want spraying on...
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    Mufflers on small CUTs

    Mind you this was a long, long time ago... when I was an impressionable kid and spent time on a TO 20 Ferguson. Biggest issue was that hot muffler and pipe in a dry field. If the grass or corn stalks were at all sticking up there was a possibility of lighting the field on fire. We would...
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    Mufflers on small CUTs

    Really, you guys must be a persnickety bunch! I ran two tractors for more than 15 years each, both with that low front exhaust. Never got a scratch close to the exhaust and only rarely caught a whiff of fumes, which I didn't mind. What are the alternatives? Anyone who ever ran an old Ford or...
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    Trouble connecting LA203

    Operating the joystick with the engine off should release any pressure on the tractor side. An oddball problem if that's what occurred. Wonder what the operator did to cause it. Put loaders on and off a pair of Kubotas for 10+ years, must be hundreds of times, the loader lines had pressure a...
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    Rototillers for beginners

    I was pretty fortunate in not having a bunch of rocks where we tilled. But the farmers I knew swore the ground could always grow new rocks no matter how many times it had previously been worked. So there were always a few to find every year. The small ones (4" or less) weren't much of a...
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    Rototillers for beginners

    There are also some Italian companies in the tiller business making pretty nice products. Had one of those for years that was trouble free. Coming from the walk-behind type tillers, you'll be shocked at how much area you can work in so lttle time. Brace yourself for one huge garden if that's...
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    90's era kubotas better built? Also parts prices question

    The L models sold from 1984 - 1997 were unique. Heavy and engineered for severe use, with features not often found on "compact tractors", such as 5 cyl. engines and extreme duty clutch packs (no HST!). They were probably overkill for the compact tractor market and probably expensive to build...
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    Showroom Shock !

    Had my Toyota truck serviced the other day at the dealer. I've seen mortuaries with a higher energy level than that place. Showroom bare, lot normally full of hundreds of cars now down to maybe 25 used ones. Salesmen staring at their computer screens.
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    mahindra year

    Tractor manufacturers don't use "model year" like the car industry does. So a tractor model may be in production, basically unchanged, for several years. Maybe a friendly Mahindra dealer could tell you about when it was built and help you with parts and service information based on the model...
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    Depreciation between the tractor brands on trade or resale

    All takes is for the numbers to shift some... not 50% and 40% residual, not a $5000 (20%) penalty for buying a "premium" tractor, and the math can be very different. You did say those were "concocted" numbers, it's probably worth also saying that "real world" numbers may not always work out...
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    M vs. L series in 45-60 HP range

    The "L" series includes a WIDE range of sizes, weights, horsepower and features. At the top end, with the "Grand L" models over about 40 hp, they are largely comparable to some of the smaller utility models in power and weight. I used a 46 hp Grand L for more than 15 years. It was not an...
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    Low Power BX2200

    I'm old enough to think slow has its virtues. But the BX cut way faster than any lawn tractor I ever had. Seriously, the limit was how fast the deck could clear the discharge, never power from the engine.
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    Low Power BX2200

    Not really. Ran my BX for 15 years through some really heavy stuff and NEVER wanted for power. Would eat anything ot could drive over. Something definitely wrong if it's bogging as the OP describes.
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    L4060LE With BH92 and TopNTilt

    Old school manual adjustment of the 3 point is not that hard or time consuming. With practice, you don't need to fiddle with the settings much for most work.
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    Electric conversion of a Kubota B26 / Similar

    This thread is definitely going in some very interesting directions! So far we have a Kubota tractor powered by an array of ebike batteries, supported by a trailer mounted generator (Yanmar, no less) and a really long power cord. Hydraulic accumulators and other exotica are also in there...
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    L4060LE With BH92 and TopNTilt

    If you can, take a look at a Grand L with the BH92 mounted. You might observe that the backhoe is tucked in quite close the tractor. In fact, it's pretty congested back there with the hoe mounted, probably not leaving enough room for the TnT apparatus. There are valid performance reasons for...
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    Electric conversion of a Kubota B26 / Similar

    Kubotas all use "open center" type hydraulics, meaning the tractor supplies a constant pressurized flow of fluid to all hydraulic circuits whenever the tractor is running, whether it is in motion or not. When no hydraulic controls are activated, the fluid simply circulates through the supply...
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    Limited choices

    Do you already own the 10-20 acres? Does the "home boss" really think the tractor and attachments are merely "toys"? Those issues aside, when I was in the same position 20 years ago, I figured mowing, dirt work and tree clearing were my main priorities. For mowing, 6 ft. cutter. Dirt work...
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    Should I say something

    You sold that tractor to some kind of salvage/repair outfit, right? What did you think they were going to do with it? You didn't KNOW exactly what was wrong with the transmission, unless you caused the damage. Maybe it was easily fixed, maybe not. Either way, the tractor was evidently good...
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    L 4060 slow FEL when box blade is on the 3PH

    Your 3 point is out of adjustment. There is a "feedback adjustment" mechanism that tells the lift system to hold and stop trying to raise the implement further when the lift arms are fully raised. When out of adjustment, it deadheads the hydraulics, limiting flow to the FEL. Some adjustment...
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    HOT UTV...Kubota Diesel

    Obvious starting point is cooling system issues. As mentioned, the radiator cores on these little diesels can pick up very fine debris (dust, seeds, chaff, etc.), and they want to be cleaned out periodically. I did mine once or twice a year... if you run through unmowed fields frequently you...
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    L vs M series Kubotas?

    Jason, your L4430 is a "Grand L" model. The L4701 you are considering is a "standard L" model. It will have fewer features and may offer the same or even slightly less performance than your 4330 even though it has a bit more hp. In contrast, an MX would be a step up from the 4330. Not a...
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    HOT UTV...Kubota Diesel

    Going up hill in Hi or Lo range? How steep, how long, how fast, carrying what, pavement or trail? Can you be a little more specific about the situation?
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    MX5400 Air-conditioning? ? ?

    It should work as well or better than the a/c in most cars. Call dealer, arrange to get tractor into the shop. Bought new in 2020? Should still be under warranty.
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    3 point hitch rototiller for BX25D

    Here is what I came up with for my 3 point attachments. Sorry, can't find a photo of the tiller dolly, but it was almost identical to this one for the box blade. Simple frame made from 4x4's with casters. With the tiller, the long 4x4 rails supported the sides of the tiller so the tines could...
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    Buying Advice

    Someone has been telling you modern tractors are dainty little things thing that can't work without breaking down, I guess. Well that's just a load of bull. Mine ran perfectly for 15 years doing rough work without a single down day. I can't count the number of times it stepped in to bail out...
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    Looking to buy a Kubota B2400. Any users here?

    B2400 was in production for 4 years in the late 90's, followed by the very similar B2410. You might try also posting in the Kubota forums here. Might better catch the eye of someone who owns/owned that model.
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    Kubota M7030 vs Mahindra 5570

    The Kubota is from 1986-1999, the Mahindra is 2015 or later. It is possible to ruin a tractor in 100 hours of misuse and it's also possible to keep a tractor in top condition over thousands of hours. So you gotta look at the condition of each. But, comparing something that might be 35 years...
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    L2501 I love it BUT

    Long ago put turbo kit on a sports car. Nice power boost... engine survived but turbo didn't. All kinds of cooling headaches. Not precisely the same as a diesel tractor but I still learned to be cautious about aftermarket performance "kits".
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    L2501 I love it BUT

    Hope your experience with add-on turbo works out better than mine did. Does tractor stay within warranty with turbo added?
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    MX-5000 transmission and hydraulics overheating

    So many overheating threads over the years. It's easy to miss that you have do more than just clean off the outside surface of the radiator fins on equipment that does mowing. Very fine debris and dirt accumulates deeper... where the fins are bonded to the coolant tubes, which you usually...
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    L2501 I love it BUT

    Let's see here. Trades down from 50 hp tractor to 25 hp one, didn't get more ponies to avoid possible emission issues. Now finds new tractor can't mow heavy stuff like the old one, and is considering aftermarket/ homebrew ways to boost HP. Most, including me, would figure you really need...
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    3 Point Lower Arms and Backhoe

    I worked the snot out of my BH. Way more convenient than renting, at least for me.
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    Trouble finding insurance for tractor

    Hard to sell something - even insurance - if you don't return customer calls! Don't know if that "do it today" thing was a legit deadline or the old car salesman line about buying today.
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    Trouble finding insurance for tractor

    Interesting. KTAC was quite happy to add a factory backhoe to my coverage when I bought it for my Grand L after a couple of years. Of course that was quite a while ago and maybe things are different now. Never had a claim with KTAC but appreciated the coverage.
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    L2501 I love it BUT

    The cutting height affects how hard the tractor works also. Giving a close shave to tough, thick material is much harder work than a taller cut. Sometimes an inch or so taller cut can make a big difference, like when you go from a 50 hp machine to a 25 hp one.
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    BX1800 Issues

    It sure sounds like a fuel delivery issue, but thinking out of the box, those darn "safety" interlocks are another common source of engine cut-off problems. Just another possibility.
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    Loader lowering and curling at the same time?

    Depends on the quality of the FEL control assembly the mfr uses. Lower end models may not have a more refined (and costly), control. At the other extreme, the hydraulic controls on large scale equipment can cost big money and are worth it.
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    Just pulled the trigger!

    Very nice! You will be amazed at what you can get done with that little guy.
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    Is RM43 the correct product?

    I've had good success with RM43 for keeping an area clear. 12 - 24 months usually. Great for driveway seams, etc.
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    3901 HST RPM for engaging PTO vs RPM for operation

    1600 is better than 2600, but if you take it easy with the clutch, you might be able to go lower than that. Having the RPM cranked up when you engage the PTO is comparable to what they do in drag racing: rev it up and release the clutch. It's quick but very hard on the equipment. It's just...
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    Advice needed: Looking for smallest SCUT or Garden Tractors with a loader

    Have been on/ off TBN for more than 20 years and Tom is the first individual I remember who wants LESS capability in a subcompact. Buyers/owners overwhelmingly look for more performance, not less, sometimes to the extreme. I always figured these modern "subcompacts", plus the articulated ones...
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    bx2200 mower deck - left blade not loose & not cutting

    My 2005 BX 2230 has about 1100 hours, mostly mowing. Replaced the belt after maybe 10 years and 800 hours (just a rough guess, don't recall the exact date). Made a big improvement in mowing performance!
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    3901 HST RPM for engaging PTO vs RPM for operation

    NOOOO! Please read all these replies. These guys are right! Keep the RPM as low as you can without stalling the engine.
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    Mid mount lift on BX23 issue.

    Don't like to be "that guy", but it's worth saying that MMM's and really rough terrain are not a good combination. Better to remove the dang thing, even though it's a PITA, especially for those of us who are, er, "less agile". Glad it got un-jammed.
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    How do they make several different HP tractors with all the other specs being the same?

    Not necessarily. The higher HP ones drink more fuel, among other things. Farmers are not always looking for "more power!"... they want the right amount of power for the tasks at hand. If the lower hp tractor gets the job done and saves a few gallons per hour of fuel, that's money to the...
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    How much slope ?

    A lot of variables going into that calculation. For example, if the rear ballast is heavy enough to make the front end light on level ground, one has to think of what it is going to do on a steep upslope. It will also make it easier to pop a wheelie under those conditions, right? And if the...
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    3pt not working, not sure what I broke

    Good one! But, depending on how deep the hole needs to be, you'd either need longer 4x4's or cribbing under the bucket. Cheers!
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    Tracking mud into shop....what to do?

    It took a while but eventually I figured out it's just easier to keep the dirt out of the shop to begin with than to remove it later on. Dried mud breaks down into two components: clumps and dust. As many have noted the clumps are easy to sweep but the dust is another story. It goes...
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    shop manual - need MX 5400 kubota but only finding M series

    Where are you searching for it? The online sources I've seen are sort of freelance outfits that are not connected to the manufacturer and may not have everything. Your dealer is (or should be), your friend for this and service issues such as in your other thread.
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    Noob question 4 wheel drive

    Think about it. The same thing that causes a 4x4 drivetrain to bind up if you make a turn on dry pavement is what gives you braking on both front and back: the F and R axles are linked through the drivetrain in 4x4 mode. There must be dozens if not hundreds of stories here on TBN from those...
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    Noob question 4 wheel drive

    Looking forward to reading this explanation also!
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    L3901 Complete Power Loss after 30 mins with PTO operation

    Sounds like overheating to me also. Did you look at the temp gauge when it stopped on you? Could be low on coolant. Also if you mow with it, the vanes of the radiator probably need cleaning. Clippings and chaff accumulate there (in spite of the screen), and you need to rinse it with a water...
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    Noob question 4 wheel drive

    Well this thread shows everyone figures out what works best for their own situation. Whatever else you do, if you're going up/down slopes, engage the 4wd since these tractors only have brakes on the rear axle. That gives braking to all 4 wheels!
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    PTO Power Loss

    Still a bit confused about what "will no longer.turn" means. Is it a) straining to turn it and something is slipping or it lacks power or b) is it dead like the PTO clutch isn't even engaged?
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    Just got my first tractor. Tips for mowing steep slopes?

    The problem with mowing steep slopes is the law of averages can catch up to you. You can mow the same hillside for years without problems until one day the grass is a bit wet, you start sliding, hit a rut, and your day just got a whole bunch worse. Or some other sequence events unfolds. Even...
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    BX 25

    Did not realize BX25's had plastic hoods. Seem to recall the previous model BX24 being Kub's one and only jump into plastic. Got so much heat from customers that the next models went back to metal. But I'm getting old... maybe my memory is bad.
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    Hydro Tractor Size for Pulling Water Wagon

    What someone does one time is not the same as routine, regular chores. My 46 hp tractor "could" and did lug a 21,000 lb tandem Kenworth dump truck out of the woods - once - but it was never built to do that in daily use. If you're regularly hauling something, use equipment that was designed...
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    Does engine HP affect driving power

    Great discussion but I think Tater may have moved on...
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    L6060 Engine Noise Getting Louder

    Are you totally sure it's an internal engine knock and not some bit of sheet metal, a loose bracket or an exhaust pipe buzzing as it gets hot? I've had cars that did stuff like that and drove me nuts trying to track down where the racket came from. Definitely get the dealer on it It's under...
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    BX-24 Sub-compact hydrostat noise at 5000 hours

    I'm thinking along the same lines as 5030. These modern small tractors use hydraulics for just about everything... very different from old school equipment. Keeping the hydraulic fluid fresh and clean becomes really important. You might want to do a fluid change to see if it helps. No...
  109. G

    BX-24 Sub-compact hydrostat noise at 5000 hours

    More information about what the BX is doing might be helpful: - Screeching noise whenever engine runs, whenever moving, or what? - Constant pitch and loudness or depends on engine speed, ground speed or ? - Also, can you be a little more specific about what hydraulic fluid is in the tractor...
  110. G

    How to mount grab hooks on my loader

    Mine were welded to the top at each side. No center hook.. I've seen too many buckets with center hooks that were also bent in the middle. It's easy enough to rig a chain between the hooks for a center balanced lift.
  111. G

    KTAC vs Erie Insurance

    Those CNH numbers don't make sense. The $300 deductible policy (i.e. which pays more), is way cheaper than the $500 deductible (that pays less). Or am I not reading that correctly?
  112. G

    54” MMM VS. 60”

    I would have gone with the 60" except for the trailer width issue. The 54" deck is also heavy duty and has been a good mower for many years.
  113. G

    New kubota tractor advice

    That was my experience also. Digging things out of the ground with the FEL "looks" like it should be easy until you actually try it. Like digging with a snow shovel. And if you try using just one side to dig, you risk racking the FEL arms on anything that puts up a fight.
  114. G

    New kubota tractor advice

    Mine was an L4610, close to being the same tractor as the original MX4700/MX5000's from early 2000's. Had a 9 ft detachable subframe BH that weighed 2k lbs and spec'd comparable to an L47 BH. Tractor + FEL + BH were about 7,500 lb. I think the BH for today's MX's would be similar, plus more...
  115. G

    New kubota tractor advice

    Pretty sound advice here for the most part, I think. You have some "severe duty" tasks and a light duty tractor... a complete mismatch. You need to get the right equipment on the scene and carefully learn how to use it. What would that be? Top choices on a tractor platform are the Kubota...
  116. G

    Best CUT attachment for this kind of earthmoving?

    Nobody has mentioned that there is another good reason to have a tiller or box blade... they are heavy and help balance the weight of whatever is in the bucket. Compact tractors are front heavy to begin with and having a loader and several hundred pounds of dirt in the bucket, you'll need...
  117. G

    Kubota Special on RFD-TV Monday Evening

    Just caught a commercial for a 1 hour Kubota special at 8:00 EST Monday night. RFD website calls it a new model intro.
  118. G

    Winches  Logging winch update

    Had some time this afternoon, so I grabbed the camera, warmed up the tractor and headed for the woods. We have dozens of deadfall trees that we're trying to clear up without tearing up the healthy hardwoods nearby. Here are some photos taken while events unfolded. Photo 1 Today's target...
  119. G

    Happy 4th, everyone!

    Great day to celebrate our country. No matter what else may be happening, it's still an amazing place and those of us who get to live here are truly fortunate. Enjoy it and appreciate it! And a toast to all our friends elsewhere! :thumbsup:
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    Tires  Do loaded tires cause problems in road gear?

    Maybe this has been covered previously, but I haven't been able to find it. If you fill your tires, can the sloshing of the fluid create balance or instability problems when operating on the road? I've considered loading the tires but held off because we perioidically need to make a 6 mile...