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    Sickle Bar  Farm Maxx BFS 270H

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with this Sickle Bar cutter. I had mine delivered and managed to get it all put together correctly but wondering if I don't have it set up correct on the 3PH. I used it today for a short period before work and the breakaway safety feature would activate...
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    Titan Offset Flail

    Does anyone have any experience with the 86" 3-Point Offset Flail Ditch Bank Mower or other sizes? Looks like they are on sale now and really wanting to pull the trigger.
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    LS 4155HC Brush Guard

    Had my local guys do a little work for me on the brush guard. It was cheaper to pay them then buy a welder and start working on it myself. I wanted front and side protection also wanted to tie in the welded box frame together in the front. So the front plate that's welded to the from is now also...
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    Tractor Sizing  Tractor length XR4155HC

    Looking at pulling the trigger on buying the new tractor and wonder if anyone know the full length of a XR4155HC with loader and 6' Brush cutter. I want to be sure it will fit on a 18' or 20' bumper pull trailer that I plan on borrowing before I buy and Gooseneck. Also will be getting a box...
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    XR Series and 3rd Rear Remote

    Does anyone have a factory 3rd rear remote? Dealer is saying that he doesn't think its available. Also do you know how much it cost to add it? Looking at a XR4155HC if that matters but I think all the XR models are basically the same.
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    Tractor News  2545 Shuttle Cab

    Has anyone seen this new model yet? Anyone test drove or have any information on this model. Looks well equipped and specs out well.
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    Buying Advice  Build your own LS

    Has anyone seen a build your own option for the XR or XU series. Or if you ordered a unit from a dealer was there a order sheet with options like you would find on a build your own website. Kubota has a great build your own just wondered what we had to look at for a LS. I'm in the market for a...
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    Buying Advice  First Tractor M5660SUHD 4x4

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, long time reader but finally trying to make a decision on which tractor I am going to purchase next year. As of now I believe that I am going to end up with the M5660SUHD 4x4. Added options would be 2nd remote for the rear to accommodate top and tilt, 3rd...
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    Buying Advice  XR4140C Price

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and quite possibly could be new owner of LS4140C or 4145C. Question is has anyone heard of any major issues with these tractors? Dealer network seems thin in the Houston Tx area so not sure how parts and warranty work would be but very interested in these...