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    Snow plow ? Beginner

    Thanks everyone. I have lived here two years. First year was shovel, bucket, and a heavy back blade. Next year was a 36" walk behind blower and the rear blade on a gravel driveway. This year I expanded the driveway and had it paved so I want to NOT dig holes in it like the back blade and bucket...
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    Snow plow ? Beginner

    Though I've had tractors most of my life, I've never had or used a snow plow. I'd like to get a plow for my L3301 quick attach but also would like to use it on my pickup occasionally swapping back and forth rather easily. Is there an adaptor or way to do this without a bunch of...
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    Sickle bar recommendation?

    I have no experience using a sickle bar mower first off. I have about 2000 ft of roadside ditch to cut back periodically during season. I will have to go below horizontal to cut it effectively. It’s weeds and grass. Probably cut it about knee high down to ground when I do cut it though it’s...
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    Manual tree pole pruner, what's the trick?

    My Stihl Kombi system has the power head at the operator end. Then change attachments like pole saw, broom, weed eater, etc. it seems like I remember an extension piece that could be inserted to lengthen the reach but not 20 ft worth. More like 10-12’. It’s about 6’ long as is.
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    Mowing yard, tractor dies and wont start

    PTO switch still on since you were mowing?
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    Single acting valve

    Everything said her so far will work ( I dabble in hydraulic projects). 1. Hook up one hose and leave the other remote disconnected. At idle or even tractor off the down function flows through the pressure relief. This isn’t the best way but as said momentary down dumps won’t hurt it. 2. Best...
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    Water well pump?

    I was thinking a bilge type pump. You have the same guess as I. Some type of pump set in a tank and mixing. It’s frozen so I have to get it apart but will take some more pictures and post before I do. Why do I get the feeling that I’m about to go off into yet another rabbit hole! ….
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    Water well pump?

    Try 2
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    Water well pump?

    I picked up an old water pump today but it’s not like any I’ve seen. Does anybody know where I could find out more about this pump? It has two wooden treadle type vanes that seem like they would “swish” the water as the handle is pumped from the mechanism kinda like duck’s feet and the inlet...
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    Ferris ISX800

    Well, I never thought I’d do it but there’ll be a new Ferris zero turn delivered here today. And it was expensive for a mower to me at 10k. I’m mowing about 5 acres. I’ve went through a few used ones to getting here. A time cutter, a couple of Dixie choppers, and a John Deere regular lawn...
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    Dixie Chopper 60" deck questions/knowledge?

    I had that same exact setup. I couldn’t tell any difference with them in or out. There’s also a flap that slides down across the front when bagging that I did find to make a difference. It would have blowout when bagging if the flap was up. I mowed with it at 2”.
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    Leaking PHD Gearbox

    Yes this. I seem to find it stocked with the drawbars and top links rather than with the oils and grease in my local stores for some reason.
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    What is the name for a Sub surface plow?

    Also known on my place as a “Water line finder”
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    Anyone Rebuild a Log Splitter Valve?

    Pay close attention as the detent ball with the little balls that “detent” it. It’s a bit of a puzzle putting it all back together with the spring pushing on it.
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    Why are hoses hard to connect???

    It’s not the heat expansion per se. With the two hoses connected, the system has the same pressure so if the rod side or cylinder side has weight or build up of pressure on it, the pressure equalizes through the connection. Yes. Heat on the whole system raising pressure could cause this not to...
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    Why are hoses hard to connect???

    I jumped ahead on the thread so if this is repeated, I apologize. Smacking the ball got me a leaker. If heat or gravity increases pressure in either side, then that side won’t release. It’s designed for that. The simple thing for me is that I swapped the male/female connections on my grapple...
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    Wood splitter hydraulic question?

    I am waiting on a AutoCycle valve with Power Beyond that’s on perpetual back order to install as Valve1. This is more a case of some people says it works fine and some doesn’t. I had the pieces, the shop was warm from the wood stove, so I wanted to see for myself. I do understand now that the...
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    Wood splitter hydraulic question?

    I was afraid of that. I am getting a 2 valve block but also had read numerous accounts of how it worked fine. Dave I believe you. But it doesn’t seem like the valve itself would have a lesser pressure rating on the Out port. The pump is designed to put out 2500 psi. I see where the OUT fitting...
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    3rd Function hoses dragging - looking for a good solution

    Bungee cord here wrapped around torque tube and hoses. I’ve got 6+ years on it so far.
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    Wood splitter hydraulic question?

    I have added a 2nd prince valve to my wood splitter to run a log lift. Both are same valve. They are connected pump>1in>1out>2in>2out>tank. The puzzling thing is when I first nudge the #2 valve, the lift seem to power(not coast) down slightly. I give the handle a bit more movement and it...
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    Mag Drill Comments

    Steve, I like your setup. Thanks for the details. This is a lot better than the “metal plate with a hole in it that I was envisioning. Can I get a picture of the back part of your stand? I think you rest the front on top of the vise jaw and built legs on the back to hold it level but I’m...
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    Mag Drill Comments

    I got the Evolution Mag42 as previously posted. Here’s some thoughts from my first time using it. Came in a plastic case that was pretty neat till I tried to put everything away. It’s not practical for shop storage. Shipping and moving from job to job would be its main use. You have to take the...
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    Mag Drill Comments

    I’ve done this with hole saws. But annular cutters don’t use a center drill. Can annular cutters be used for “half a hole” drilling?
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    Plasma cutter recommendations

    Hypertherm AIR30 here ( the one with the built in compressor). I like it and guess you’d call me a serious hobbyist. Just wanted to jump in and let the people reading the thread know that I’ve recently seen advertising that Hypertherm has done some kind of technology upgrades on their latest...
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    Mag Drill Comments

    I agonized over buying it. I also caught this one new on a sale. I have a floor mount Jet drill press that’s done everything for me for 25 years. But I wanted to use annular cutters and looking at the costs of getting a Weldon adaptor or rotabroach bits for it plus using it also for wood...
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    Mag Drill Comments

    I haven’t ordered or went out for cutting fluid yet. I have a partial bottle of TapMagic cutting fluid left by my drill press. Recommend something different?
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    This is my last post on TBN

    James, I've enjoyed your posts through the years. I hope we can find a way to stay in touch. Lenny
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    Kubota L3301 issues

    I promise I don't flog it. It is expected to work but I don't go out of my way to abuse it. I'm known to baby my equipment actually. These were only observations from someone that has 500 plus hours on his. The QA twist is a common item that comes up on these tractors. The cross tube is marginal...
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    Mag Drill Comments

    After wanting a magnetic drill for years and years, I just ordered an Evolution Mag42 Magnetic drill and a set of annular cutters. For the price, I sure hope to not have buyers remorse! Any comments, tips, etc are appreciated. I have some projects in mind that I think it will help me a lot...
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    Kubota L3301 issues

    I’m approaching 500 hours on mine. 2015 HST L3301 bought new. I like it. Here’s my thoughts. The seat safety switch needed adjustment early. The steering wheel bush got sloppy early. Warranty fix. Could have been caused by me pulling my self onboard with the wheel as a handle. Bent one of...
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    Oil & Fuel When I get rich like Jay Leno

    It’s a Milwaukee fuel 18v and a Dewalt 20 volt. Sure didn’t think they were cheap when I bought them. Thanks for the advice.
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    Oil & Fuel When I get rich like Jay Leno

    It was definitely me. It was just one of those days. One was empty. Went to change it and the catch holding the plunger spring back slammed forward before it was threaded on so sending stuff everywhere. Then the 2nd didn’t want to let the plunger in the metal ring in and then wouldn’t bleed out...
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    Oil & Fuel  When I get rich like Jay Leno

    When I get rich like Jay Leno, I am going to hire someone I really don’t like full time staff 24/7/365 and make them change the cartridges in my d—- grease guns. What started out to be a quick grease of the quick attach pins this morning turned into a 2 hour ordeal involving two cordless grease...
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    How to fix mud?

    Reminds me of corduroy roads I’ve found in old logging areas.
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    Another cart, oversized debris bucket, carry-all on the 3ph, or something else maybe?

    I have a bunch of different ways! I might have a problem… I have your trailer bed on a tsc carryall frame on my 3 point most of the time. It has 5 80lb bags of concrete that got wet one night in the front half. It’s my “pickup bed”. Then a trailer like yours sits in the garden for weeds and...
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    Dump truck cylinder leaking only at bottom of travel.

    Hmm… I never thought of that. It was mentioned here of the possibility of a bent rod but it measured true and straight when extended and I laid a straight edge on it. I could see the gland hitting a spot way down inside at the bottom of the barrel causing this. What puzzles me is the fluid...
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    Songs you don’t play at a funeral

    One of my favorite videos.
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    Electric Trailer Winch Question....

    I had a warn 6k winch that I mounted on a receiver mount plate. I had a receiver on my quick hitch and on the front of the trailer that I could move it from one to the other or store it in the shop. It really worked out good, kinda heavy but manageable. I really have my heart set on a portable...
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    Dump truck cylinder leaking only at bottom of travel.

    A quick update with no progress to date. I haven’t gotten that pin on the cap side loose yet. I’m going to use heat this weekend and if no good then I think I’ll disconnect the barrel end and pull the barrel off the rod. I switched the hoses around and tried it but the exact same thing...
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    Eight Minute Barn

    Well I’ll be. That one is going into my playbook. I’m working my way towards a 24x30 addition on my shop and I like working alone.
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    Eight Minute Barn

    Aquamoose, how did you raise this exactly? At first I assumed a tractor with a boom rigged but you said “cranked” it up so curious if winch or comealongs were used.
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    Tractor flip

    This was upsetting to see on my Facebook feed this morning. Glad the young man is okay. Can someone make the video where everyone can see it? I’m not that savvy for that stuff.
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    Dump truck cylinder leaking only at bottom of travel.

    Well off to a slow start. I found the retaining pin and drove it out somewhat easily. Then the fun started. The cap end mounting pin is frozen in. Off an on through the day spent soaking it with seafoam penetrating oil and beating on it to no avail. Dug my little cutting torch out to...
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    Dump truck cylinder leaking only at bottom of travel.

    Yep. Everything is pointing to an internal issue in the cylinder. I’ll pull it out and tear down. It puzzles me that since the cap end of the cylinder is getting larger in volume as the rod compressed into the barrel why fluid then leaked and not pressurized. I was thinking something along the...
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    Dump truck cylinder leaking only at bottom of travel.

    It doesn't appear to have a breather on the cap end. It's not spraying out under pressure but being "displaced" it appears. The oil is not foamy or aerated. The reservoir is mounted below the cylinder under the frame rail while the dump cylinder is mounted on top of the frame. I filled the...
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    Dump truck cylinder leaking only at bottom of travel.

    I have a 81 Chevy c60 dump. Description of system below. I got it this way from someone. What would cause fluid to gush out of the cap end around the rod only during that last few inches of downward travel of the dump? It raises fine, holds overnight, and comes down also. No leaks going up or...
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    From vertical to horizontal - proposed engine swap!?

    You state you are using a belt drive but your pump doesn’t allow side load. How is this possible (no side load) with a belt drive setup if I may ask?
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    From vertical to horizontal - proposed engine swap!?

    A timing chain and gear set from a small block Chevy is cheap and could be welded to the pulleys you have. Maybe a six cylinder set for longer length? They are 2:1 ratio like you have. And can withstand high rpms. I was going to say roller chain from Tractor supply but I think that’s rated a...
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    8.25x20 tires ?

    I managed to bring home a 1981 Chevy C60 single axle dump truck but I need to put new front tires on it. Anybody know a source for decent tire not breaking the bank as it will be mostly for dump runs, firewood, and bringing treasures home? I’m having a hard time finding them. Thanks for any...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I jumped ahead from post 200 as I’m working my way through the information and wanted to ask a question. How do I calculate the number of how much I need saved in a 401k to get a certain amount back in the mandatory draw out? I turned 58 last week I’m investing in 401K. My current mortgage is...
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    Tooth Bar options?

    I’ve been happy with my piranha toothbar since 2015. We grew rocks in Oklahoma and now in Vermont. And I’m not real gentle with it.
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    If this can happen to a really smart guy like me. . . well...

    As I read this thread it brings back memories. I just finished backing up my company phone and computer to a cloud backup in hopes of saving cherished photos as I switch to a new company. Nothing confidential, just my photos and information. But the memories I refer to. I started with a Radio...
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    Hydraulics for beginners

    I put 4 on mine. Because a deal was available on a 4 spool valve with power beyond that could be had at same price as a 3 spool valve. So one more set of lines and couplers was the only added cost. My theory at the time was 1. Top link 2. Tilt link 3. Angle box blade, landscape rake, etc. 4. I...
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    Control size for loader pump

    If a 25 gpm valve is used with an 11 gpm pump. It would be more twitchy (sensitive) to control. Here’s why. Really Long version. 1st given fact(s) Pump flows 11 or 21 gpm constantly round and round in the circuit. Tank>pump>valve>return back to tank. Lever(valve) diverts flow from constant...
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    Dang tire won't hold air!

    I put tubes in from tractor supply that had slime in them from the manufacturer on a mower to stop that.
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    Water line question

    This. ^ Black Poly. I just finished 200+ feet with 1” and 2 crimp rings at each connection. Laid in a sand bed about 6” deep under and over. Last one I did is going on 30 years old and daily use and never one problem. You’ll want to lay it out in the sun and unroll it though. It’s like...
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    Depth of footing for tractor shed?

    Unsure about a footing and wanted to get your thoughts. Question is at the bottom after the information. I have to build a retaining wall about 3 ft deep 20 feet long to hold back a difference in elevation for my shed I’m building. The lady at the code office of our small town seemed a little...
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    How to value a one owner part time business?

    Post 12 states 365 hours a year. One hour per day. Post 17 states 55000 per year net profit. That works out to 150.68 per hour for instead of the 70 per hour mentioned as a wage. Not trying to make any points. Just an observation to the conversation.
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    Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime

    I don’t know if you guys already know about it, but I’m watching a British show on Amazon Prime called Clarksons Farm “tractoring”. My neighbors just walked by and must think I’m crazy. I’m sitting here in the shop with the big door open, a tv on the wall showing this show and literally tears...
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    Wiring up an adjacent connection box at a cell tower site I heard this comment from an old(er) timer than me that’s stuck forever since. “My God! Who wired this? This looks like thrown up spaghetti!”
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    Garden pictures!

    Here’s mine for 2021. Garlic on lower right, strawberries on upper right under netting. Outside fence to right is squash mounds. Brussels sprouts on lower left in raised bed. Also have another area roughly 10x20 for pumpkins not shown in pic.
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    Just read today on a thread here. Never heard before. “It’s easier to stay out than to get out. “ Attributed to Mark Twain. Fits a LOT of situations in life.
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    Good Books.... Well, there are a few.

    I really enjoyed the Honor Harrington series. I will go look at Safehold. A big read (10 books dekology) is Mission Earth by L Ron Hubbard. I enjoyed it as well.
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    Did you guys know this about outlets? I didn't!

    On to a more important issue. The slot in the screws that hold the covers on the box. For those of you that just tighten them and the slot is left all Willynilly and angles, stop it! They must be all the same. Horizontal or vertical. Which is correct ? Why. Vertical of course. It doesn’t...
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    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?
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    trail clearing technique and tools

    I’m also in need of an update. Running a bump head with .090 line on a Stihl Kombi KM90. Any specific recommendations to the head and line replacements?
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    Implement shed on an incline

    By building plumb and level, the weight is placed to bear directly down on the walls and posts. Any angles causes that weight to push “sideways” along with down. This puts stress on every joint and fastener trying to hold it together. As the wood dries out these all loosen making the structure...
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    L3901 Rear Wheel Adjustment-No Spacers Needed!!

    I just answered in another thread but yes absolutely is the short version. Best thing I ever did for stability on side slopes.
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    bora wheel spacer (3inch) L3200

    2015 L3301 here with at least 400 hrs on a set of 3” spacers and loaded R1 ag tires adjusted out to widest setting. No issues to install, never had any issues of loosening, oil leaks, bent anything. It was a game changer on my side of a hill property in Oklahoma. Absolutely would do it again.
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    Ford 9N - Retrieve it or Leave it?

    I’d go for the yard art. As a kid, we “drove” a lot of imaginary miles on a tractor sitting in the back 40. 1. After having 3 of them through the years, I’d pass on restoring it unless you want a hobby. Perfect showroom restorations are going for 5k these days. 2. Always were too high gears for...
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    Electrical / romex mess

    I used the attached to do exactly what the OP wanted to do.
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    hitch attachment

    Check out the “Heavy Hitch “ line of receiver hitch stuff for ideas. I have one but don’t hardly use it since I welded a receiver hitch tube on my quick hitch. There is one difference in use to be aware of. The three point doesn’t have down pressure and will lift easily up. A car or truck and...
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    Can someone tell me what this is

    Makes a very good carryall for “stuff” and a ballast weight also with A quick scoop of dirt or rocks. I wish I had mine back. There used to be a video of Ford 8Ns building a pond with only these.
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    Thoughts on Ditch Clearing?

    That is a good idea with removing tines. I have the same issue but I have 900 feet to clean out. With an offset and angle capability, that may be the way to go.
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    Hydraulics 101 for my Mini Backhoe Build

    You can make restrictor fittings by welding/brazing them shut then drilling a smaller hole in center. You only need one in each circuit to slow the fluid. I would only do this on the individual circuit lines though. If on the main supply or return lines then the constant flow may cause fluid to...
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    New (to us) Splitter - planning a couple of mods

    I have the TW-P1 also. It’s been a good one. Let us know when you forget to turn the ignition on and try to start it three or four pulls before remembering. You’ll see what I mean... I too want a rear receiver and have an idea for that I’m working out. For the low height, I put a set of cheap...
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    Ethanol gas evidence

    @ArlyA I wasn’t blaming the world problems on Ethanol additives. If you think it was something else, I’m openminded. It appears to be the original fuel line. I had heard of this happening with ethanol gas is why I think this is what caused it. I run Stabil in most of my small engines when I...
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    Ethanol gas evidence

    It’s a 2012 Cub cadet CC760. It was kept inside and otherwise looks in good shape. I had heard of (and experienced) bad gas and gumming up the carb, inlet screens, never expected this.
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    Ethanol gas evidence

    I bought a walk behind mower yesterday and started messing with it today. It ran last season and was left with ordinary pump gas with 10% ethanol. Not only the bad gas, and cleaning the carb bowl, main jet, float, etc. Look at this nice surprise from the plugged up fuel line. That’s a longer...
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    finish nail puller deluxe.

    Even farther off topic. I usually just cut the nails off on the back side with a pair of side cutters or my cordless angle grinder with a cutoff wheel on it for a whole bunch. The little stick out (1/8” approximately) works good to “tack” the piece in place holding it while the real nails get...
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    Backhoe Buckets & Attachments

    I thought I read something that Gannon supplied the buckets for Kubota and Woods supplied the backhoe. I remember my Woods BH750 had a Gannon bucket on it.
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    New log splitter

    The Honda on my Timberwolf won’t start without the ignition switch turned on which is mounted on the beam side out of sight from normal starting position of the operator. I know this for a fact. I’ve tested it many many times unaware....
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    After Market Thumb For Bobcat Backhoe BH76

    I’ve been looking at something like this for my Bradco. I need to measure the boom and bucket first. Almost can’t get the metal to fabricate one for this price. Though sold by Titan, I’ve seen a company called Mophorn with the exact same picture advertising...
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    Modifying Existing Grapple to Finer Grade Rock Bucket/Screener

    Not down and dirty but here’s one to add to your think tank ideas. My EA grapple has removable tines between the permanent ones. A couple of flat tabs and bar stock and bolts and locknuts appears to be the main ingredients.
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    Ford 2000 Engine Seized

    I brought a neglected farm all back to life by pouring a 50/50 mix of acetone/atf fluid in each cylinder to cover the piston head completely. Shake well or will separate over time. Then leaving in third gear like you, I would walk by and try to roll the rear tire back and forth daily or when I...
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    John Deere rep going to take tractor

    I would walk away. But send a letter to customer satisfaction reps explaining what and why. Try to get one level up from the “regional rep” to get the letter to. And state that you are now shopping other brands, telling people on an international tractor forum how you’ve been treated, and will...
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    Electric Winch for pulling logs/river debris after floods

    This is a topic I’ve been researching for a while. I have a receiver hitch welded on the front of my dump trailer for pulling logs (and stuff like tractors) up into it by myself. Currently a 4000 lb warn winch stays there. It’s slow and hard on the battery for repeated pulls. One of my ideas...
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    Grapple or Brush Hog?

    I agree. I have the EA grapple and love it. And a Landpride brush hog that I’ve been using to do exactly what you are wanting to do. But I’ve also about talked myself into getting a thumb on the bucket to avoiding switching from bucket to grapple.
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    Invisible Fence Wire Break

    An electrical tuner probe kit for wire tracing may work. I have a Klein. It connects the transmitter to one end which sends a signal. Then working the probe along the path till the sound stops shows a break. Two tricks are to connect one lead to good earth ground. And connect another battery (s)...
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    Buying Advice New Member Looking At First Tractor - Ford (9N/8N)

    A 9n is geared too high with the 3 speed for what you want to do. The FEL can be somewhat replaced with using a pond/dirt scoop on the 3 point. It makes a good carry all also. I have had 2n,9n,8n, and now a 64 Ford 2000. It is so much better but sets months at a time as I use my Kubota L3301...
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    Electric motor questions

    I have two motors available for around 100 bucks that I’m thinking of using for a electric splitter project with an 11 gpm pump. For those who know, Which of these two motors would be the “better” motor all other things being equal? This is one of those “play with it” projects. Lenny
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    “Stuff” carry spot added

    With the addition of a 3 point backhoe to the line of implements in the yard to my wife’s chagrin, I lost my little plastic box mounted behind the seat on my L3301 Kubota. I did without for a bit, stuck pins and odd and ends in the cup holder and the chain holder but that was a PITA. As I...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Getting ready for the first snow this year today.
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    Dump trailer conversion to gas engine/hyd pump.

    This is more of an idle thinking thread. I’m looking for insight on how to convert my dump trailer from a single acting 12v power pack unit to a gas engine and pump. The dump cylinder is single acting. If I wanted to run a double acting cylinder(s) as a separate accessory circuit also along...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Moving the first load from pile to the porch. Then about 2 1/2 cords to go in the wood shed next to the house. Nice day for it here in Southern Vermont.
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    Vintage *play* tractor advice

    Though I like them and have had 3 through the years, I’d not vote for the Ford 2n 9n. Too light and too high geared in low for creeping with a hay wagon full of people and too light in the butt to stop a loaded trailer. The 8n had the 4 speed so a little lower geared but still a light tractor...
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    Best deal in a simple cell phone plan

    I would really love to get a brick phone connected to cellular coverage. Imagine whipping this big boy out in Walmart! And now back to the thread. Sorry...
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    2020 gardens

    Cleaned out the garden all except the strawberry corner, Brussels sprouts, and the raised box of peppers. All else died on the first frost. Hooked up to my new to me 3 point tiller first time. I think I’m in love. After an 8 hp Troybilt Horse I sold, and the two little cultivators I have now...
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    Fire on John Deere mower

    I dug it out and took a couple of pictures. Home Depot told me to contact John Deere. John Deere had a weekend call center answer it appears. Took my information and I got the “We’ll get back to you”. Bought it 20Apr20 and had around 30-40 hrs. I had did the 25 hour service but hadn’t got...
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    Fire on John Deere mower

    My Brother in law was mowing with our mower yesterday and came running to me screaming fire. I saw our purchased in April new John Deere mower engulfed in flames under a big maple tree. I grabbed the shop fire extinguishers and tractor and pushed it away from the tree out in the clear. Both...
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    Generic stone boat pics

    57x30 commercial one.
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    Tractor your best money ever spent?

    I work alone and the tractor has been the best “helping hand” for me. It has allowed me to do things that would be impossible or more than I wanted to do alone. It’s helped me on this project daily. Here’s today’s task for it.
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    Rake  Hay rake information?

    I have about 5 acres that I let grow through the year for the wildflowers and deer. When I brushhog it right before winter, it leaves a pretty good mess of the field with the cut grass. It’s a chore picking it up with the baggers on the mowers and my landscape rake doesn’t work. I’m thinking...
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    Request for advice.

    There is some very smart and happily married adjusted people on this forum so maybe you can help me. My wife and I have been arguing. She just told me I was absolutely right. What do I do now?
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    Posthole Digger  Post hole digger extension?

    I’m starting on my porch build here in Vermont but the frost depth called out for by the inspector is 60”. My PHD100 by Frontier with a 9” auger and an EA 12” auger uses 2” Round augers and only go to 48” and 39” respectively. Though I can find hex drive in 2”, I can’t seem to find 2” round...
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    2019 Kubota Grand L 5460 Hstc Loader

    Why are you sending spam out?
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    Bushhog 765H backhoe seal kit ordering?

    The gland nut didn’t want to move at first with a hammer and pin punch. I gave it a good squirt of penetrating oil and let it set a minute. It then spun out pretty easily. And then the rod wouldn’t come out and it took a 5ft bar to turn it. Uh oh. I screwed with it a bit. Beat on it a bit and...
  108. L

    Bushhog 765H backhoe seal kit ordering?

    I got it apart today. First I laid it straight out. Then I started taking the bucket cylinder out to find out the bolt heads had gotten chewed up through the years. Luckily, I was able to get a wrench on the nut on the backside and loosen and remove them. I then used a toplink pink to drive...
  109. L

    What's a good inexpensive 25' tape measure with at least 12 foot standout?

    I use a Milwaukee 25 ft most of the time. Got them on a two for one sale at HD for 14.97 last year. Work well. I have a Stanley FatMax that has ALWAYS been a PITA with the lock on it. Hard to latch and release. I just went shopping for a new tape last week. They had magnetic ends, wide hook...
  110. L

    Bushhog 765H backhoe seal kit ordering?

    Well, the great deal I thought I was getting on a 3 point backhoe is down to mediocre now. After getting it home and connected, the cylinders for the curl and to crowd are gushing fluid when powered one way. Previous owner got me. So now I’m looking for the kits if possible to repair these...
  111. L

    64 Ford 2000

    8 months later and tractor is running fine. I do have to turn the gas off under the tank or it will leak out when sitting. So I keep a screwdriver wedged in beside the tach cable for this. While I was turning the gas on today, I saw something I’d never noticed before. A little box behind the...
  112. L

    Quick Hitch Pallet forks

    Someone posted a picture in the past of someone using a pair of clamp on titan pallet forks on a Harbor freight Quick hitch. The forks rotated up in the lower hooksfor storage. I've tryed to find that thread but can't. If anyone remembers where it was or a search filter that I can find it, I...
  113. L

    Ditch bank mower information?

    I searched through past posts but would like to ask the group what recommendations may be out there for a ditch bank/ offset flail / boom mower I could use. 1. Tractor is a Kubota L3301 with loader and 4 rear remotes. Weighted tires and 3” spacers on each side with wheels in max outer...
  114. L

    2020 gardens

    You guys make my last 3 days of hard work look pitiful.
  115. L


    Round 2. Coming back from dump with trailer and fans kicked on. God awful noise under the hood. Pulled over and found that they had now stored nuts in the electric fan shrouds. When they turned on, blades ripped off, something jabbed the radiator, and destroyed the fans. So I got to install a...
  116. L


    First really nice day so some yard work. Tilled the flower bed and weedeated around the house. Then tractor time. The Kubota was put on duty clearing another small overgrown area full of grapevines, old lilac bushs and just a mess. The Ford 2000 got the rake to pretty things up. Things were...
  117. L

    Lincoln Tombstone or Hobart Stickmate?

    I have both and they are in good shape and similar age. AC/DC, ratings similar, etc. If I had to sell one, is one clearly better? I don’t stick weld much anymore since I bought a Hobart MVP210. So having two just sitting seems wasteful. Thanks for your thoughts.
  118. L

    Visual way to tell engine is running?

    My Dixie chopper has a pony engine for the dump box bagger. The pony engine can’t be heard over the mower and I’d like to come up with a way to see what f motor is running back there while mowing. You can’t see it unless getting off. First thoughts are a tachometer or a light. Ideas from...
  119. L

    Box blade mod

    Mine is in this thread. I got the mount off of amazon for a John Deere gator. It was cheaper than if I had made it. 2" trailer ball on box quick hitch I too am interested in seeing details on the hydraulic scarifies.
  120. L

    9n lower link arms?

    Anyone know if the lower link arms for a 9n part number 9N555 Will fit a 64 Ford 2000? Can’t figure out if f they are in fact the same and want to make sure before I commit.
  121. L

    Oil & Fuel  400 hour service L3301

    Just picked up everything to do my 400 hour service by the manual at the dealer. $ 358.86 That includes 26.58 in tax. Ouch
  122. L

    DIY quick hitch washers.

    LD1, Did you use one inch round tubing to make these I assume? And BTW everyone, Whoever it was that came to my place in Vermont and stole all my lynch pin clips and top link pins over the winter, I hope they smash your finger every time you use them!
  123. L

    Ford Tractor photo thread, lets start one!

    First time out for 2020.
  124. L

    Plow identification?

    I picked this up today in hopes of using behind my Kubota 3301 or the 64 Ford 2000. The gentleman said he thought it was a plow from behind his 8n but his memory was failing him. It didn’t have much wear on the points or moldboard and everything seems to move like it should. 1. I’m not sure...
  125. L

    History of Welding?

    After downloading the handbook on welding on another thread(thanks !), I started thinking on a related topic. Does anyone have any links to any related topics on the very early histories of welding? I bet it will be some interesting reading material.
  126. L

    3M Speedglas 9100x thoughts

    I’ve used an import hood for a couple of years (Tacklife I think) but had heard of better helmets. I caught a 9100x today for 180 bucks new in the bag with everything normally included. Please tell me I didn’t overpay. The guy won it in a raffle and had no use for it he said.
  127. L

    From grass to Flowers?

    I’d like to convert an acre or two of our place from mowed field to wildflowers. Kinda unsure where to start. Should I get a plow and turn the top sod over? Or go with a PTO driven tiller after cutting grass short as possible? I can’t use anything like roundup to kill it all as there is a...
  128. L

    Ford Tractor photo thread, lets start one!

    My 1964 Ford 2000 gasoline. Hour-meter cable was broken when I got it. Fixed now.
  129. L

    Stairs hole enclosure ideas

    So I cheated slightly. I made the short side and bought a premade piece for the long side. It is held with lag bolts and wood screws but can be removed pretty quick if needed I believe. Hard to see but an old plexiglass storm window is leaning against the railing behind the saw and vacuum to...
  130. L

    Stairs hole enclosure ideas

    I’ve started on my 2nd story shop and got my interior stairs in over the last couple of days. I’m looking for ideas for enclosing the hole around the stairs that will fit into a old farmhouse shop/barn theme. It would also be nice if it could open or remove to bring big stuff upstairs like wood...
  131. L

    Ford 3000 runs rough

    Another long winded explanation post. You all have been warned. First is getting the timing set. If the timing or wiring is off, the plug fires at the wrong time while a valve either intake or exhaust is open. We’ve discussed that ad nauseum. If a plug wire(s) are not correct, then the rotor...
  132. L


    Grrrrr.... Squirrels. Not mice in my case.
  133. L

    12 volt conversion swap part 1

    The Headlights. So here you have a choice to make. You can keep the 6 volt light bulbs if they still work by rewiring them into a series circuit. (I owe you a picture of that. Later edit) But it’s a pain to try to rewire or cut and splice the wire required that would run from one to...
  134. L

    What can I do with a electric/hydraulic pump? Hmmm...

    So this is different. I scored a brand new hydraulic pump really really cheap brand new like on my dump trailer. It is double action. Trouble is, I don’t have a project for it! Yet! Maybe use it to lift that heavy outside basement door. My back is getting tired of that. Little overkill there...
  135. L

    12 volt conversion swap part 1

    So we didn’t hook up that indicator light. Everything up to now let you get the tractor up and running and charging. This is the first addition to the basic system. There are three ways to monitor your fancy new alternator and charging. You can use one, two, or all the ways together. Up to...
  136. L

    12 volt conversion swap part 1

    On to the physical mounting. We will come back to the wiring in a bit. As said before, this was straight forward. Remove the old generator top bracket bolts, bottom bracket bolts and remove the generator. Now remove the brackets from the engine block but keep the bolts. My kit came with...
  137. L

    12 volt conversion swap part 1

    Part 5 Safety interlock wiring. And Ammeter. So now looking at the picture, there are two larger gauge RED wires on that left side. One of them is connected to the alternator output terminal. ( over there where I have the red lead of the multimeter attached.) completely off the subject you...
  138. L

    12 volt conversion swap part 1

    Part 4 Under the dash So. Looking at this picture the rectangular white thing is the ballast resistor. This cuts the voltage down from the charging voltage down to an acceptable level to feed the primary side of the coil. (The WHITE Wire) It is mounted in one of the original holes where the...
  139. L

    12 volt conversion swap part 1

    This is what we are working towards. This doesn’t show the accessories like fuel gage, lights, indicator lights, etc. We’ll add them back on later. More to come. I have to go out and take a few more pictures first.
  140. L

    12 volt conversion swap part 1

    PART 2 I bought a kit. Steiner Tractors, eBay, Yesterday’s tractors, Walt’s, and others offer various versions. It was pretty straight forward. Remove the battery and cables for now. Disconnect the wires to the coil. Reconnect the distributor wire to the NEGATIVE side of the coil. Points...
  141. L

    12 volt conversion swap part 1

    After finding out I was going to have to replace the battery in my recently acquired 64 Ford 2000, I decided to go ahead and convert it to 12 volt. There are numerous ways of doing this. You can 1. Tweak the 6 volt regulator to have a 12 volt output or replace it with a 12 volt regulator...
  142. L

    12 volt group size as 6v group 1

    I have to replace the battery in my 64 2000 gasser so I’m going to convert it from 6-12. I’m having a bit of a hard time finding a 12 volt replacement that is the same size and at least 550 cca but I wanted 650 or more for the cold winters here in Vermont. Anybody know some group sizes that...
  143. L

    Sherman Transmission swap?

    Do you guys know if a Sherman transmission with the dogleg shifter in a 47 9n will fit a 64 Ford 2000? I don’t think it is. I’ve been offered one but don’t know if it’s a bolt in or not. I’ll have to buy the whole tractor and would hope to swap parts to make two complete so I could sell the 9n...
  144. L

    64 Ford 2000

    That’s what I was thinking. Yesterday after checking all the fluids I put a rotary cutter on it and mowed about 2 acres of knee high grass. Never missed a lick. I am tickled to death. I usually end up on the wrong end of deals like this.
  145. L

    64 Ford 2000

    I saw an old Ford tractor in the back of a shop a couple of weeks ago when I was buying a welder that had been advertised. I told the lady I was interested if she would sell it. And got the I’ll think about it line. Fast forward till now and I called her and said I was interested still. 700...
  146. L

    Hobart Stickmate LX 230/160

    Well for 150 bucks I couldn’t resist bringing it home. I hope I didn’t over pay. My Hobart Handler 210MVP has been flawless since day one is what prompted me to get it anyway. Two questions. How will this stack up next to my tombstone in the picture? I want to make a scratch start TIG setup...
  147. L

    SSQA Carry-All

    I liked this idea enough to sketch it out. No I’m not named Picasso or Rockwell if you are wondering. Lenny
  148. L

    Retaining wall footing depth

    I actually have did dry stack and mortar field stones. Used to be a hobby. I haven’t did any since moving from Oklahoma to Vermont last year. I may do that but thinking that blocks would go quicker. Especially at the pace I work!
  149. L


    Not much Seat Time today for me. We have to help move Wife’s sister to her first “forever” house and I seem to have gotten elected. Wife went to help her and told me to put the new chair together so we could give it to her as a house warming gift. So I did as told while she was gone to help her...
  150. L

    Retaining wall footing depth

    This is a silly question so bear with me. I want to put a cinder/concrete block wall as a retainer in my yard between two level surfaces. One is three foot higher than the other. The length will be around 15-20 ft. In Vermont the frost depth for footings is 48”. Do I have to go 48” down from...
  151. L


    Always time for impromptu hay wagon ride!
  152. L

    Dump Trailer with landscape gate thoughts

    Try number one didn’t work well so back to the drawing board. I’m pretty pleased with this one now. I’ll get a few more pics after the paint dries. Today’s picture.
  153. L

    Shed roof flashing?

    Well, an early start today got most of the metal up but a surprise visit from the “inspector” who insisted on testing the “Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course” has delayed progress. I did learn on the internet this trick for forming the flashing. This rates right there with putting a magnetic strip...
  154. L

    Shed roof flashing?

    Here’s the pictures. I’ll go read through the links and pages now. That’s why I wanted to ask before I place that top purlin or any corrugated tin roofing. It is a tight 3:12 pitch BTW.
  155. L

    Shed roof flashing?

    What’s the simple way of flashing from a clapboard sided wall to over a corrugated metal roof covering? This is an open leanto. Butting to a wall under a 1 foot overhang. 2x10 header on wall with siding removed. 2x6 rafters on 16” centers 2x4 purlins on flat with 2x6 at top and bottom. I...
  156. L

    Hydraulic top and side link?

    Though I made my own rear remotes, I used a diverter valve from Kennyd that has worked flawlessly for my grapple. Fitrite quoted me a more than fair price for my rear remotes and tnt but I couldn’t wait the lead time then. Reminds me, I still haven’t did a side link for the tilt yet.
  157. L

    FEL Mounted Brush Mower / Trimmer

    With this from Titan, (I did have to modify mine for quick hitch), you could use it on the rear.
  158. L

    Lean to Shed

    I’m building a leanto also. The span from wall to inside of the posts is 14’ 1”. I have 2 x 10s for the outer header. Sodamo, would you feel comfortable using 2x6s for my span? Torn between using the 2x6s and 2x8s.
  159. L

    Utility Trailer - What type of design worked best for you.

    They are handier than a pocket on a T-shirt! I love mine. Pull close, extend out and connect and jump on tractor. Back up and it latches automatically. And off you go.
  160. L

    Is an M a true “poppin johnny “?

    I’ve been watching for a popping Johnny though I know little about them to use as a 2nd tractor and a toy mostly to be honest. A gentleman told me that an “M” was not a true popper but he didn’t know why. You guys have an idea of what he may have got that from? What would be the smallest...
  161. L

    Repairing cinder block wall

    Update 15AUG19 Patched the holes and bad places in the outer wall with concrete mix and cement. Had the first aww man... after the HF mixer tried to fall over on me. Looking at the certified repair you can see a bolt head sticking out slightly. (By the U in Husky). The inner tubing broke in...
  162. L

    Repairing cinder block wall

    Between the rain showers I got a little more done on my garage foundation. Of course this has turned into a bigger job than planned. Dug the bowing back wall out pushed back in place with tractor, pressure washed the wall off is where I’m at. Plan on a 4” perforated pipe and French drain next...
  163. L

    Good value 2nd tractor recommendations?

    So what would you guys think a good sub 5k tractor to be to have as a 2nd tractor. I have a perfectly good Kubota L3301 but find myself switching 3point items constantly when I’m playing with whatever “project” I’m involved with.even with planning ahead. I brush hog and finish and flai mow...
  164. L

    Dump Trailer with landscape gate thoughts

    I had some time today and began converting mine. So I used the tractor to bring it in the shop. First thing was to cut the expanded metal loose. Angle grinder with thin cutoff blade made short work here. Then the slice down the middle. Portable bandsaw and some finish up with the plasma...
  165. L

    Dump Trailer with landscape gate thoughts

    I sold my tilt trailer and my little 5x8 dump trailer and bought a 10k twin axle 6x12 dump trailer this week. It looks like this. Trouble is that it came with a Landscape type gate ramp that opens two ways. Spreader and ramp. I like the gate but think it might be problematic. Before I...
  166. L

    18x30 Carport

    Will the 2x6 span that 18 feet? I am doing something similar for a lean to and thought 12-14 ft was as far as I could get.
  167. L

    Loader bucket convert to 3 point box blade/earthmover

    Here’s mine bucket on the rear with a 3point to QA adaptor from titan. it works better now that I have hydraulic toplink. I use it to carry firewood and stuff. When backing into a pile of loose dirt or mulch, I’m careful because of possibly bending the 3 point arms.
  168. L

    Best way for narrow 2ft. ditch?????

    Here’s the way I’ve seen it. This doesn’t work in Vermont as the frost line is 5 ft. Lenny
  169. L


    Planted 15 fence posts around the new garden area. About 10 more to go. Going to try to plant some things tomorrow and finish the fence up to keep the deer out.
  170. L

    Repairing cinder block wall

    After we moved here last year I noticed a large tree growing next to my garage stem wall. It had pushed the blocks loose and groundwater and chipmunks was getting in. I’ve been digging and leveling in order to build on so removing the stump and repairing the damaged area was first order of...
  171. L

    BCS or Gravely?

    Guys, I didn’t get a Gravely or BCS (yet). Found this Troybilt Horse with chipper, plow and hiller attachments for 400. It came with the planter also in the picture with assorted seed plates. Also the manuals, and cradle for tiller and stand for chipper. Pretty neat ol piece of equipment. And...
  172. L

    BCS or Gravely?

    I’m about to purchase a tiller but kinda wanting to get an older two wheel tractor instead to use for tilling plus. And playing with of course. Is there a better one vs the other for the older Gravely or BCS machines? Haven’t had much exposure to them.
  173. L

    DIY thumb for backhoe

    After looking closely at this, this may be too large for the Woods 7500. So I’m hesitant to weld this to the boom. On another note. And I know I saw this somewhere before. Is there a place to get pins that are longer than the original for the bucket mounts? Like the one on this BH77 for the...
  174. L

    DIY thumb for backhoe

    Yes the pins are one inch. And it was free shipping. So that was good. I did go ahead and drill that third hole. In retrospect I should have moved it over more and had the brace offset from the hinge so the thumb didn’t have to be detached to get the brace off the same pin. Oh well. It should...
  175. L

    DIY thumb for backhoe

    After starting to make a thumb for my Woods 7500, I noticed that Titan had a weld it kit for a 24” pin type. For 140 bucks. Hard to buy the metal for much less. DIY 24" Weld On Backhoe Thumb Hoe Clamp .5" Steel Plate Assembly CNC Plasma Cut It came in a sturdy well wrapped package. That was...
  176. L

    Kubota L3301HST/LA525 modifications

    Got the toplink cylinder in today and installed. I didn’t like the routing of the lines and the fact that they smashed into the back of the seat sent me back to the interweb to see if you guys had answers. So Thanks to KennyD of Bolton hooks fame for the tip on turning the check valve assembly...
  177. L

    Quick Hitches Quick hitch with tow hitch receiver

    I used some receiver tubing from Harbour freight and made mine. By cutting small pieces off the 12” piece I was able to weld a vertical receiver on the rear of the horizontal tube. Convenient place to store the hitch out of the way.
  178. L

    Another CarryAll

    After the high dollar pressure treated and painted plywood didn’t last 3 years on my carryall build AND I had yet another flat on my little AgriFab lawn trailer, I combined the two today. Fun little project for the afternoon. And this was a freebie. All parts were on hand scrounged off the two...
  179. L

    MiG welding Aluminum??

    Well guys. Try 1 looks bad. Here’s some pictures and if you can give me any tips, I’ll try again. I was pushing with about a 15 degree slant. I did preheat the cast with a propane torch after I sanded the paint off with flap disk. Here’s the settings I was using with .035 wire and 110v...
  180. L

    Kubota L3301HST/LA525 modifications

    And I’m about 90% done on this one. Still some minor items to finish up but want to work it a bit and see if changes are warranted. I made the QD brackets out of 1/4” plate. Cut with plasma cutter and drilled with the press and hole saw. Painted black and then installed 4 lines on each side...
  181. L

    Ford 9N issue (electrical)

    That is two separate circuits. Should go like so. Starter push button Positive of battery >starter switch on trans >starter. Good ground on negative side. Is the negative battery cable loose at either end? A loose or missing ground cable could cause the dim light along with a weak battery...
  182. L

    Rear-mounted winch?

    I hate it when that happens!
  183. L

    Kubota L3301HST/LA525 modifications

    The hoses came in from Surplus center and it looks like I am two short and they were back ordered. I ran the 6 I had, the one to the manifold for power beyond, and the power in. Getting to be tight in that area but I could still disconnect the FELs QDs fairly easily. Running the rear remote...
  184. L

    Flail Mower  Titan 48” offset flail reviews ???

    Has anybody had any experience with this product? It seems perfect for what I need with a long ditchline and a short embankment I have to mow. Titan 48" 3-Point Offset Flail Ditch Bank Mower
  185. L

    Kubota L3301 Hydraulic Manifold Thread sizes ???

    Guys I'm working my way through my 4 remote setup and can't seem to find the correct fittings that screw into the manifold block under the floor board. Are these pipe thread or British Pipe thread or something else entirely? I want to plumb from the block with elbows to tuck the lines in a...
  186. L

    MiG welding Aluminum??

    Looking for tips and comments. I bought a Dixie Chopper last week with a bagger. The piece (chute) that mounts to the deck for the bagger hose appears to be cast aluminum. It has a chunk knocked out of it that I’d like to patch. About 8” at its longest width of the damage. I haven’t welded...
  187. L

    Tiller  Tiller recommendations?

    I will buy a tiller for my Kubota L3301 within the next month. I have 3” spacers along with R1s adjusted all the way out. My track width is slightly over 5 ft. After reading the back posts and inter web searching, I’m leaning toward the Titan 6ft . This will be used in Vermont on a 10 acre...
  188. L

    Kubota L3301HST/LA525 modifications

    Ouch! It’s been awhile since I updated this thread I noticed. I am currently working on adding 4 rear remotes. I had bought a Woods 7500 backhoe and want to run off the one of the remotes for that. When I ordered the Prince MB series valve, I ordered the conversion for one valve to detent and...
  189. L


    Snow coming tomorrow here in Vermont so got some of the clearing that I’ve been wanting to do before it comes back. I hate it when this happens. And the quick hitch was sitting on the tree trunk slope and wouldn’t drop down to disengage. Did get a lot of clearing done though in this one...
  190. L

    Added a hydraulic top link today

    I KNEW I DID IT BACKWARDS! As usual....
  191. L

    Tractor Sizing  Guys, I’m looking for comparisons for a new tractor package.

    I have an L3301 Kubota. For the new tractor, I’d like to have. I’d like to have a tractor with a loader, class 1 or 2 3 point, backhoe, and the main reason is a Mid mount mower. What are some comparable sizes to look for? I also will pull a brush hog, and plow or till for an upcoming 1 acre...
  192. L

    Hypertherm Powermax 30 Air

    Thanks Steve. I did leave two 45 degree angles down on each side above the casters and a slight lip across the bottom to maintain rigidity but I will check and see if there is any flex. And beef up the bottom shelf like you describe if so. Lenny
  193. L

    Hypertherm Powermax 30 Air

    Not to hijack HCJtractor’s thread. I picked up my Powermax air30 today. I wanted to install it in my cheap HF welding cart with the Hobart 210MVP but ran into the first problem. It wouldn’t fit in the bottom. Too tall. So. I wasn’t taking the handle off. I looked at raising the upper shelf...
  194. L

    Rear Remotes on Kubota L3301

    I started assembling my control valve today. But as I was installing the detent kit on one spool and as I moved the handle to test it, the outer spool fell off. I’m trying to figure out which way it’s supposed to go back on. I think the outer piece should go on with the lip inside first then...
  195. L

    Rear Remotes on Kubota L3301

    So I have the valve mentioned above but wanted to make sure about something. On the enclosed instructions, it says (on the left) to install the high pressure carry over plug inside C port. But over the top of the same diagram it says to discard the high pressure carry over plug. ???
  196. L

    Rear Remotes on Kubota L3301

    This is to document the homegrown fabrication and installation of Rear remotes on my L3301. I'll be asking questions as I go for advice and I have to do a lot of this away from the tractor as I work away from home. So this will take a bit. This is to power a Woods 7500 Backhoe and rear remotes...