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    Status of Everything Attachments

    Hopefully they can get everything worked out and become a healthy, fully functioning company again.
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    Sadly, looking it up, the bill due is more than that.
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    Have you noticed any prices going DOWN?

    Our gas was $4.30 on Friday, not it is $4.19 this morning. Still nothing to write home about, but it is a little cheaper, but a long ways to go before it is priced where I think it should be.
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    Recommendation for 3-point tool carrier

    Big Tool Rack is very popular. It is also expensive, but nice. If you are handy, it is cheaper to build your own and you custom make it to your own needs.
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    Goodbye old friend....

    We have a 1999 Ford Ranger that we bought new. We went to trade it in about 5 years ago and they offered a $1,500 for it, wife started pacing around and then said nope, we are keeping it. Dealer was a little surprised and so was I. She says I'm keeping this truck until it absolutely won't run...
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    Frogs lucky escape.

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    Picked up new Workmaster 75

    Nice to hear that the tractor has worked well for you with very minimal issue.
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    Really Ticked!!!!

    I use Sawyer 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent and it has worked well. Keeps the ticks, biting flies, and mosquitoes away.
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    GMail flags TBN post notifications as spam

    Yes, I'm in the same boat. After trying a few ways to fix it, I gave up.
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    Please help Identify this!

    Iwonder if we are both correct? It looks like some of the custom cultipacker aerator machines that you can see on Google images.
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    Please help Identify this!

    Looks like an aerator
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    Kubota 26.5 hp 4x4 tractor with loader, near MINT condition

    Based on the new COVID work environment and such, I calculate that he will have to pay me $25,000 to take it off his hands. :laughing:
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    New Tooth Bar

    I like the Piranha tooth bar. Has worked well on my tractor. I would also consider the EA tooth bar, but when I ordered mine the EA tooth bar was still in development.
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    Quick Hitch Questions

    I have Land Pride QH15. My dad has a Worksaver model (I don't remember the number of it).
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    Which WICKED Grapple? A Guide.

    That is my L3560 with the power poles. The L3560 and the 55 Wicked has been a great combo. Here it is holding onto part of an old pull behind combine that we were loading on a trailer to take to the scrap yard. Here I'm teaching my grand-niece how to operate the grapple. After a few minutes...
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    Everything Attachments

    Yes, the lab was, it is lab coat. :D
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I pulled up to the stoplight and seen four guys heading back to vehicles, then I noticed the truck and seen the guy throwing a broken pallet on the back. I looked at the road and you could see some debris. My assumption is this guy had two pallet full of...
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    To Anyone Considering a Dalmatian

    We have had three Dalmatians over the years. Wonderful dogs, but as you pointed out very high energy. We decided to go with something not as high energy this time around. Now we have a lazy 135lbs Great Dane that everyone thinks is a giant Dalmatian.
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    Loader Chain Grab Hooks

    Another vote for Ken's Bolt on Hooks
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    Grapple Help

    I prefer the clamshell type of grapple. I have found that it allows to get in and get the roots out and at the same time, I have been able to carry decent size loads.
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    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    Took down some dead trees and hauled off some brush.
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    What attachment to buy next that’s most beneficial?

    You asked what is my go to attachment? My EA 55" Wicked Root Grapple is my most used attachment. I have a toothbar added onto my bucket, which is nice and makes digging in hard dirt easier. Based on my experience with my grapple and our needs, I wish I hadn't waited to by the grapple. The...
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    Everything Attachments

    I will have to ask my nephew if he is willing to weld those on for me. He has the welding talent, not his uncle.
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    Mine and Not Yours.

    The neighbor at the farm seen us working and brought over his Cat Backhoe and we put him to work. I try to be friendly to the neighbors, because you never know when you may need their help.
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    Everything Attachments

    On September 19th will be one year from when I ordered my 55" Wicked Grapple. I will admit, when I was paying for it, I wasn't sure that the grapple would be worth the money. One year later, I have tackled lots of projects. As you can see by my other post, I have used the grapple to move LOTS...
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    Newbie terror, need experienced advice

    I use a box blade for counterweight and more than once it has come in handy as an implement that I needed to smooth out the ground while I have my grapple on and not the bucket.
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    New tractor advice - 11 acres long driveway, Kubota/LS/Mahindra

    Welcome to the forum. Here are some pictures with a Kubota L3560 with EA 55" Wicked Grapple and a 72" Bush Hog Box Blade.
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    Everything Attachments

    My best friend needed an old shed torn down. I transported the tractor from the farm and put the Wicked 55" Root Grapple to work. The grapple saved our backs and the tractor/grapple combo made short work of the project. The grapple has been the most used implement that I have purchased and the...
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    Which Grapple on new LX3310?

    Any grapple is better than no grapple. I have the EA 55" Wicked grapple and really like it.
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    Worked at the farm mowing. After about two hours of that, the neighbor stopped by and was wondering if he could bring his toy down and play, which we said sure. He cleared some stumps, took out several trees and lots of brush for us. He stacked them and I moved them to the burn pile and stacked...
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    Mice Deterrent Tips

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    The Massey Ferguson Picture Thread

    My dad, brother-in-law, and nephews worked today to get the old MF 35 Deluxe running. It has been sitting for close to 18 years is our guess. They got it up and running. Still needs some more work (tires, radiator flush, etc.), but it is back to life.
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    Worked out at the farm doing more clean up. Did some box blading to smooth out the area. Finally ended the day with installing a required warning label
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    Did some clearing around the well house and the creek.
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    The Morgans switch to Kubota

    Mike, who has used RK tractors for the last few years just announced that he has switched to Kubota. He showed a new MX5400 and a BX tractor that they will be using for the next two years with a deal that he has with Kubota. I found his channel originally when I was looking at tractors and back...
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    Everything Attachments

    I used the EA Wicked Grapple, moved hay bales, tore down the old hog house, and moved old miniature golf buildings to the burn pile.
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    iMatch vs quick hitch

    I have a Land Pride QH15. It has been wonderful. My dad has been so impressed by how easy it has made for me to switch from mower to box blade to subsoiler and back to whatever I would like. The hardest part is the rotary mower and the PTO hook up. Beyond that, everything else is extremely easy...
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    Everything Attachments

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    Best all around root grapple for Kioti DK series size tractors? Forestry Maintenance

    I'm a huge fan of the EA Wicked Grapple. Mine is the 55" version. I went for the lighter weight, but the 60" would be good also.
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    Mike end RK deal

    He did a very good video #760 What Now? RK Tractor Deal Has Ended - YouTube He was very nice and respectful and had lots of good things to say about RK tractors. It will be interesting to see where he goes next with tractors.
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    WICKED Grapple Rake for SMALL Tractors

    Gave EA wicked grapple a work out today. We moved some old hay bales to the ditch. We have some old equipment (4-bottom plow) that we needed to move to a different barn. The Tractor with the class 2 hitch had a mower hooked up to it, so grabbed it with the grapple. It was pushing the limit...
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    Everything Attachments

    I used my EA 55" Wicked Grapple today and it did great! So glad I got it.
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    Tractor Sizing Kubota L3901, L4701, L4060, MX5400, stability, miscellaneous

    I will be curious to hear what you think of the R14 tires and how they perform. Seen them at the farm show, they look nice, but never had them on a tractor. Stability, my dad's MF275 is more stable, but sets lower and much wider. It took me a little getting use to how the tractor felt. My...
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    Bad Boys.

    YouTube Wouldn't officially comment on if a tractor is comming
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    Box Blade or Grader Blade

    I would vote for the box blade
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    WICKED Grapple Rake for SMALL Tractors

    Used my EA 55 Wicked Root Grapple to move some stumps to the washout we have in the back pasture while we were burning some of the brush.
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    Everything Attachments

    Yeah, I read a report that it is the second wettest winter on record, which could lead to nasty Spring flooding. I may need to use the grapple to build a bridge across the creek.
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    Woman killed by loader

    BUNKER HILL A Bunker Hill woman died Sunday after striking a skid-steer loader that fell off a flatbed trailer and into her path. According to Illinois State Police, Dale R. Mansholt, 37, of Dorsey, was going south on Illinois 159 near Bunker Hill at about 6:18 p.m. Sunday, driving a car that...
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    Everything Attachments

    I know I have been extremely happy with the 55". Two weeks ago we pulled old fence with it and removed the fence posts. After that, I tore down an old chicken coup that was on its last leg. The biggest issue I have, the weather hasn't allowed us to get our ever growing burn pile burnt up.
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    BushHog Brand Land Plane/Leveler?

    I can't speak to the Land Plane, but we do have a Bush Hog box blade. We were looking and was trying to decide what box blade to get and had narrowed it down to the EA, when my dad stopped by the local Bush Hog dealer and they had a Christmas special going on. We ended up with the Bush Hog SBX72...
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    WICKED Grapple Rake for SMALL Tractors

    I went with the smaller grapple to have more lifting ability. I talked with Travis ahead of time and watched the video with them trying to tear up the 55" Wicked on L6060, so I felt fairly confident that I wouldn't tear it up. After using it for just a little bit, it has handled everything I...
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    WICKED Grapple Rake for SMALL Tractors

    I can only comment on the 55" Wicked Grapple. It has more than surpassed my expectations. I have torn down a few buildings, pulled brush out, moved trees, and picked up implements with it.
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    kubota or mahindra

    The one option on the Grand L60 series that I didn't realizew I would use the most is the HST+ transmission. The cruise control is nice, the swivel seat, and such are all nice, but the HST+ transmission is what makes a difference for me. I'm able to accomplish most of my task in Medium gear...
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    Grand 3560 rear weight

    You will raise the tires off the ground, even with loaded tires. As it has been pointed out, get some weight on the 3pt to provide good counter balance.
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    55" or 60" Root Grapple EA vs MTL

    All I have is experience with one of them, the 55" EA Root Grapple and I the grapple is GREAT!
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    Grapple question

    I have been using my 55" Wicked Grapple. Here are some pictures of what it has accomplished: As we have been cleaning brush, we have found long forgotten equipment and I have used the grapple to dig them out and move them to the found equipment pile so we can sort through what is worth...
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    3-Point Hitch L3560 Box Blade, Rototiller, and Finish Mower

    Glad you are liking your new tractor. I have the L3560HSTC. Here is the mower I use: I have only used the mower through one mowing season, but so far it has worked great. The tractor has had no issues pulling it. I have mowed through weeds/grass as I has the cab. We just got a box...
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    Grapple question

    I got my first full day use of the Wicked 55" EA Grapple and it worked GREAT! I'm still amazed on how much that the grapple and my tractor can accomplish. I have a 37HP gross(35HP net) and the grapple works wonderful with my tractor.
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    Hooks on Bucket

    Another vote for Ken's Bolt on Hooks
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    This is the first day of us really getting to use the grapple. We were amazed how much work we could get accomplished. We cleaned up three piles we created and we started in cleaning up one of the piles the bulldozer had made of brush and trees. Hauled some old post to the a washout to try to...
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    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    This is the first day of us really getting to use the grapple. We were amazed how much work we could get accomplished. We cleaned up three piles we created and we started in cleaning up one of the piles the bulldozer had made of brush and trees. Hauled some old post to the a washout to try to...
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    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    I finally got my 3rd function valve installed and hooked up the grapple. I only had a few minutes to play with it, it is wonderful.
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    Box blade

    I have only had my box blade for two weeks and so far, really like it.
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    Quick hitch

    I have the QH 15 from Land Pride. Works great so far.
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    Price Check Kubota L3560 Open Station

    I use my Ford Expedition rated to tow 9,200lbs. My tractor and trailer weight should be about 8,800lbs, but that is without any of the implements or bucket. I have towed it twice and both times the SUV handled it well. We do have brakes on both axles.
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    Found this while mowing

    We did more cleaning and here are some implements we found in the back pasture (15 acres on the back side of the farm). The hay rack, we found buried along the fence line, which it took both tractors to get it out. Here is the hay rack we found while mowing along the fence line. Both my...
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    We got the tractors out today and did more cleaning at the farm. Loaded up one of the trailers with scrap metal, found some old implements, cut down a tree, did some mowing, and brush moving. Got to use the new box blade. Found an old hayrack and pulled it out. Unfortunately, it has been out in...
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    Price Check Kubota L3560 Open Station

    The one recommendation I would make, see if you can get the LA805 loader. This is a stronger loader and the L3560 will handle it. The one feature that the 60 series has that I didn't realize that I would love so much is the HST+ transmission. That transmission is extremely useful and I'm a...
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    Tractor Sizing What horsepower and or weight tractor is enough

    I will toss in the Kubota L3560. Used it dig, move dirt, clear brush, level areas, and mow.
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    Is an L3560 too big for me?

    I have a L3560 that we use on the small family 80 acre farm. It has been a wonderful tractor and the cab is very nice, but the nicest feature is the HST+ transmission.
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    We worked out the farm again. Started burning some of the brush pile and cut down more brush. We loaded up the trailer with about 1,500lbs of scrap metal. While we were out there working, the neighbor seen us and stopped by asking if we would like some help. We said sure, he wanted to get out...
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    Loaded up my tractor and took it to the dealer. It is getting the 50 hour service, rear lights installed, and 3rd function installed.
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    Everything Attachments

    I got the grapple hooked up, but still haven't got to use it. Supposedly my 3rd function valve is supposed to arrive at the dealer this week. So for now, all I can do it look at how nice it looks on the tractor. With a little luck, next Saturday I will get to see how it performs.
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    Everything Attachments

    If I hadn't already paid for the other one, I would be ordering it. When I placed my order with my dealer, he said it would be a week, they could install it when they do my 50 hour service. Now, it is back ordered until at least Nov. 11. Yet, the grapple has arrived! Dad has it in his truck and...
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    Everything Attachments

    Well, my dad is kind enough to be heading over to the terminal to pick up my grapple while I'm working. Still waiting for my 3rd function valve to come in, but every step is getting me a little closer to actually getting to use it.
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    Everything Attachments

    My Wicked 55" Grapple has shipped! It is shipping way ahead of schedule (5 week mark not the 8 week mark). Looks like it will hit the local truck depot on Monday or Tuesday and then I will make arrangements to get it picked up. I'm excited! Looking forward to putting it to good use.
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    Everything Attachments

    I'm guessing you are asking the price: Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add ETA-WTB-48 48" Wicked Tooth Bar for Tractor Buckets $375.00 1 ETA-WTB-54 54" Wicked Tooth Bar for Tractor Buckets $385.00 1 ETA-WTB-60 60" Wicked Tooth Bar for Tractor Buckets $425.00 1 ETA-WTB-66 66" Wicked Tooth...
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    Everything Attachments

    That looks nice. I feel like a little kid at Christmas time waiting for the email saying mine has shipped. Every morning, jumping up and running to the computer (ok, jumping up is a little exaggeration, more like falling out of bed stubbing my toe, wandering into the computer room to find the...
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    Kubota L4060 vs. NH Boomer 40

    I made my final choice based on how the dealers were with me. JD dealer didn't seem to really want to sell. The Mahindra and Kubota dealer both wanted to sell a tractor. I looked at the Mahindra dealership, but they didn't have many tractors on their lots and I didn't get a warm fuzzy about...
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    Did more cleaning at the farm with dad's oversight. Found a wagon in the brush that we mowed down
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    Looking for tire recommendations for compact tractor

    I have R4s on my L3560 and dad has R1s on his MF383 and MF275. The R1s dig into the dirt a lot more than the R4s. Yet, I have pulled him out twice now and I have yet to get stuck, but I also have 4WD, his is 2WD. My tires are filled and so far have been able to do the loader work I would like to...
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    Found this while mowing

    Here are two items we worked on unburying today. We got the old four bottom plow out (this is the second one of these we have come across), but the old disc we didn't get free yet. It was two trees and one bush further down from the old planter, which we haven't gotten that completely out either.
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    We did more clearing at the farm. I ended up being the ground man while my wife ran the Kubota and dad ran his MF.
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    Everything Attachments

    Thanks Travis. I appreciate your help on the phone. I'm excited, my dad (73) and I are working on cleaning up the old family farm. We have lots of work for it and look forward to putting it to good use. As I reminder my teenage daughter that she needs to have patience, I will try to also.
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    Everything Attachments

    Well, to change the direction of the ongoing post, I just purchased a Wicked 55" Root Grapple. The wife gave the okay with the funds and before she could change her mind I got it ordered. I will have about 8 weeks to wait, but I'm looking forward to getting it and putting it to good use.
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    Found this while mowing

    AS we continued clearing, we came across two more implements. Here is an old hammer mill that has a tree growing around it. Here is an old planter that has trees growing all over it. With some chainsaw work, we were able to free the hammer mill. We ran out of time to get the planter...
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    Went out to the farm after work to get some mowing done. As you can see, I have to go slow when the weeds are as high as my loader arms. I found a big old limb that had come down during the last storm. Guess this weekend, will bring out the chainsaw and get it cleaned up.
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    RK37 Hydro: cutter size?

    I have Kubota 3560 and run a 6ft on mine without any issues. Since we are in the same HP range and tractor size, I would say a 6ft would do just fine for you.
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    How to stop cars from turning around in my driveway

    This might do the trick
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    Found this while mowing

    According to my dad, we should have another 4-bottom plow somewhere and there should be two 2-bottom plows somewhere. According to dad in the late 40s early 50s grandpa bought a bunch of equipment when he got back from WWII. We just don't know where he has hidden it all. It may be back the 15...
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    Found this while mowing

    Working at the farm again today, another item found as we cleared more. If you look in the brush, you can see what we found today Here is a better picture, a 4 bottom plow that we pulled out from the brush.
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    Buying Advice First time on 5 acres - tractor selection?

    Here are a few pictures of what I have been able to accomplish with my tractor. Understand I'm a new tractor owner also, purchased mine in May of this year.
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    Best Tractor Attachment to Spread Compost on Lawn

    May be a a little hard to see, but there is manure spreader in there and that is what would work best. Although this one has seen better days.
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    Required John Deere Operator Test before allowed to get a new tractor

    I have never heard of this before and I didn't have to do this when I bought my tractor. A fellow co-worker has been looking at several tractors and decided on a John Deere. He paid for it, along with several attachments. The dealer told him before they could deliver it that he had to stop by...
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    We continued working on cleaning at the farm. Here is what it looked like when we started several weeks ago We have been working on clearing out this section between the barns and the field. Piled up some of the wood we cut for my sister and her husband to take when the go camping. Here...
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    Found this while mowing

    Another weekend and another item. Might be a little hard to see, but it is an old manure spreader. Going to have to eventually drag it out, but for now it is out of the way.
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    Buying Advice L3560HSTC suggestions for recommended options

    Something that you might want to consider doing to your tractor to protect the radiator. Will be installing mine hopefully this afternoon after work.
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    Found this while mowing

    Another item we found, an old hay cutter.
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    We hadn't planned on working at the farm today because of the storms, but we all went out to check on it after the storms and the ground was basically dry. So, we got out the tractors and went to work.
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    Found this while mowing

    Was out at the farm doing more mowing, clearing, and cleaning up and came across this, which I believe to be an old hay rake. Pulled it from the brush/weeds and relocated it. Going to have to ask dad about it and see what he remembers about it.
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    Bucket Hooks

    We installed a set of Ken's Bolt on hooks on my dad's tractor (MF383). He liked mine so much, he wanted a set on his bucket.
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    Tractor Sizing Looks like purchase time - which one? L4760, L5460, L6060

    I will add to your confusion, My Grand L3560 has completed the dirt work, pushing and dragging trees, and mowing without any issues. The only thing I can't answer is how it would do snow blowing.
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    Got the wife out on the tractor today. This is her first time using the loader. I did a little more digging while we had it out.
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    Which would you buy? (Help me spend my money)

    Well since I don't have one, I couldn't honestly tell you, but I did lift this big chunk of concrete. I picked up and carried it about 150 yards and then placed it in a washout next to the road without any issues.
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    Dad (MF383) and I (Kubota Grand L3560) went out to the farm and dug a fire pit about 20ft long and 3ft deep. I forgot to take a picture of once we were done, the pile we finished with is about 3 times bigger than the one in the picture.
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    Which would you buy? (Help me spend my money)

    Just a couple of photos showing no issues with the loader. Dad and I were digging a fire pit today to burn brush. So, I'm still a strong support of the Kubota Grand L3560.
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    Which would you buy? (Help me spend my money)

    I know which one I would buy, because I purchased the L3560HSTC. I didn't realize how much I would use the Plus transmission. In general, I leave my tractor in Medium and use the Plus to give me the extra boost when I need it. As far as loader, I haven't had any issues. It has done everything...
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    The Massey Ferguson Picture Thread

    We got dad's MF383 up and running. He is putting it to good use cleaning things up.
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    Worked out at the farm with my dad and nephew. We have made some good progress in getting things cleaned up. My nephew is learning to operate dad's MF383. We got a nice area cleared. Below is what is looked like when we start.
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    A "which one to buy" thread

    I've not had an issue with mine when it has coming to clearing. Although many wouldn't want a cab in the woods, I prefer the cab to take the beating than me. (You don't have to get the Grand series with a cab.)
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    Got up early and met dad at the farm. A friend of mine from work came by last Thursday and was able to get dad's MF383 running. As you can see in the pictures, dad quickly put it to work Here he is moving a big chunk of concrete Then he drove into the brush line that we have been working...
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    Rollover death

    Grounds crew member dies after tractor overturns, pins him at North County golf course | News Headlines | BEL-NOR, Mo. ( Emergency crews are on the scene after a tractor overturned near a creek at a north St. Louis County golf course. Around 11 a.m. Tuesday, first responders...
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    Buying Advice L3560HSTC suggestions for recommended options

    I really like my L3560HSTC. As you can see by the pictures below, I use mine for mowing, moving dirt and concrete debris, along with clearing trees.
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    Went to the farm today, it is HOT out. Got out there early. Pulled some fence post. Picked up two bucket fulls of old fence post and stacked them up and out of the way. Moved some more concrete out of the way and to a washout to try to stop it from growing. Moved some dirt around into...
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    Rotary cutter..what to expect?

    You can see initially we had some fairly high grass and weeds. Had to go slow and it did clump together some. Now after a couple of mowings, I can mow it in medium and it doesn't clump. We are trying to mow it every two weeks.
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    'Coons in the corn

    A few of these might help
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    Watch the heat

    For those of us in the middle of the nation, excessive heat warning has been issued for a large part. The high temps with the elevated humidity is making for some dangerous conditions. Watch out for yourself and for any elderly family members/neighbors. * HEAT INDEX VALUES...Up to 110 due to...
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    The Massey Ferguson Picture Thread

    A couple of pictures of my dad on his MF275.
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    Buying Advice Requsting Advice on purchasing new kubota tractor

    I know in your OP, that you mentioned that the Grand Series felt to light for the work. I put my Grand L3560 to work again Saturday, moving chunks of concrete from on old foundation and pushed down brush/trees then dragged them to the burn pile. I still wonder if you would be better served with...
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    Worked with dad today to do more clean up work at the farm. This is what it looked like at the start of the day Another picture of it before we got into it One of the trees we pulled to the brush pile Found an old pole in the weeds was moving it to the pile and dad picking a up a few...
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    Buying Advice Requsting Advice on purchasing new kubota tractor

    We have 80 acres, with the tillable land shared cropped out, which leaves us about 20 acres that we are working on maintaining and clearing up. We have 5 acres around the house and barns, which we are working on taking back. I purchased the L3560 HSTC because I wanted the cab. So far, it has...
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    Bucket Hooks

    Since I can't weld, I went with the old Bolt-on Hooks from Ken.
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    Dog pics

    Here is Oreo in her favorite spot, hard at work guarding the house
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    Stability of the B series vs the L series?????

    You can see the width difference in between these two. My dad will fly around like a mad man on take on any hill, I have to be a whole lot more cautious.
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    Set of 10 Kubota factory lights for sale

    If they would work on my Kubota Grand cab I would take them, but I don't know if they will. Plus, I only need the two rear cab lights. Hopefully you will find someone to use them.
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    We have a lot of little trees and had a few of the small ones that fell over. Here is a picture of one of them: Dad has 20 inch Poulan and 20 inch Stihl (not sure which model) that will be used on some of the bigger trees that are down.
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    Went out this morning with dad to the farm. We had a few trees that came down a couple of weeks ago in a storm. Started working on cleaning some of them up. Didn't get it all down, but made good progress. Also, I got Ken's Bolt on Hooks installed. Will be putting them to work in the...
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    Comparison Tractor sizing and comparison and choices...Help me identify potential candidates!

    I haven't had an issue with moving dirt with my LA805 and 72" bucket
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    Comparison Tractor sizing and comparison and choices...Help me identify potential candidates!

    Did you drive the L4060 Grand (seen it on your spreadhseet)? My dad is old school farmer, "you don't need a cab, they just get in the way". Well, my wife talked me into the Grand L3560 HSTC and I'm very GLAD she did. Bugs are a non-issue. Heat is non-issue. My old school dad, has re-evaluated...
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    Why are Kubota FEL's so weak?

    I have the Grand L3560 with LA805 loader and it has done just fine for me. I was moving dirt for about an hour on Saturday.
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    Let's see your Kubota

    Moving dirt today
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    We went out to the farm last night and fixed the barn door, but storms moved in before I could get the pathway to the field fixed. So, I went out this morning and it took 12 buckets of dirt to start to get it fixed. I went out to the spot where we have been getting the dirt and found that the...
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    The rain stopped and I was able to get some mowing done. Still have a lot more to do, but only had two hours before I needed to get back home, but got a bunch accomplished.
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    Rotary Cutter Which Rotary Cutter ?

    I have a Kubota Grand L3560 (35HP) and use a LP RCR1272. It has the clutch. I have mowed some thick grass with it. I can tell you in thick grass, I pull slow, but now that we have some of the areas mowed back, the second cutting I was able to do in medium gear, without any issues. You can get an...
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    Working with dad today

    Was out working with dad clearing brush. He was on his MF and I have my Kubota. Kubota Grand L3560 Here is one of the small trees we dug up and pushed out of the way. We had to get the small tree out of the way so we could get back to the next area to mow. There were a few trees we dug up...
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    Let's see your Kubota

    This is my new Kubota and my dad on his old MF265. Here I'm driving it over to start mowing.
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    Mowing Bush hog size for L3560

    I'm new to the forum and to owning a tractor. I purchased the Grand L3560 and a Land Pride 72" rotary mower. I have been using it for two days now mowing grass from a few inches to over 4 ft tall. I had to mow in low gear, but the tractor did fine. My dad was able to mow faster on his old...
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    Hello from Southern Illinois

    Just signed up today. Purchased my first tractor this week and was delivered yesterday. Been reading everything I can to learn more about it.