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    tym drive shafts?

    Good Morning! The issues with the 20-30 horsepower drive shafts was resolved in late 2009 via service bulletin. The old drive shafts were completely replaced by a new part entirely. Refer to the image attached for part #'s affected. I apologize for the late response on our behalf, however, we...
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    Oil & Fuel T353 HST hard to start

    Good afternoon, I would recommend having your fuel feed pump checked to ensure a steady flow is going to the fuel injection pump. Refer to attachment.
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    An Introduction to TYM - A Brief History

    Hello All! I have noticed a lot of you posting about the enjoyment you've gained from owning one of our tractors, so in turn I thought I would just like to start the day by giving a brief history of TYM and what we've accomplished as a company thus far. Also, more importantly, what we plan on...
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    APPLES to APPLES - comparisons between Cab HST models around 50 HP (SPREADSHEET)

    As a reference, these are the official specifications for our 40-50 horsepower models. You might need to zoom in. :)