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    RTV 1100c Hand Throttle Question

    I've long wondered about operators manual stating that the hand throttle should not be used while driving the vehicle. I do not use it often, but I have on occasion. Here's my example, in the winter when I have my tracks on, and pulling an ice shack behind me, occasionally I need to climb...
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    RTV-X1100c - Service Manual

    All: I've been looking for a RTV-X1100 Service / Workshop manual online. I cannot find one on the website. The closest is a RTV-1140 WSM. I see others claiming to be selling them, but I can't get a look at them first to make sure it really is a good Work Shop Manual...
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    Securing/covering Pole Barn Windows

    Greetings, I have four windows in my pole barn that I cover with hinged pieces of plywood when I'm not in the area, which is most of the week. Right now the hinges are on the bottom, and drop the plywood down for light, and allow the breeze to come in. It's a pain as, of course, I really...
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    B2650 Overheated

    I was running my B2650 with rotary cutter this afternoon and ran into an overheat scenario. It was very dusty where I was working in a field, I as taking down some saplings as well, maybe 3 to 4 feet high. I assume it overheated due to radiator getting clogged up, but not sure right now...
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    Tracking Devices

    Seems the more I read about tracking devices, the more the marketers confuse me. I've thought of adding a device to a toy or two. My stuff sits in a pole barn 2 2/12 hours north of me all week long, wheel house for ice fishing, UTV, Decoy trailer, tractor, boats. Safe area for the last...
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    Last year we built a 40x72 pole barn, concrete floor. Can't believe how full it is already. Should have added the extra 8 feet to length, but started with a plan at 30x50, so I'm content. Something odd has happened to me. I find it oddly satisfying sweeping the floor. Me...
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    Kubota 2650 - Three Point Ball Hitch

    I JUST BOUGHT A TRACTOR!!!!! (Thought about buying a Corvette, but wanted to look way cooler.) Don't think the wife sees me any different though. yet. I just received my KUbota 2650 and wanted to add a three point ball hitch to the arsenal. Looking online to get some pricing and I'm...
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    RTV-X1100 wiring question

    I'm planing to install a light bar to replace my forward facing fog lamps on top of the cab. I plan to move those lamps to the rear of the cab. Wiring is in place for one rear-facing lamp, but not two. Do I use 14 or 16 ga wiring to extend to the second light? Thank you.