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  1. moored4

    My tractor shed lights ???

    This has nothing to do with my tractor but in my tractor shed I have acquired some 70+year old porcelain or granite ware barn lights. I plane on mounting them down the center alleyway of my shed, so I have 2 questions. First is does anyone know how to refinish the chipped glass finish? Second...
  2. moored4

    Front end loader PSI check!

    I was out hauling my tractor from one job site to another and was near the dealer so I stopped by to visit and pick up some lynch pins. So in conversation I mentioned that I had gotten stuck a few days before and was unable to get out by using my loader! The bucket would not curl and pick the...
  3. moored4

    We all need music in our lives

    We all need music in our lives! :) I know most of us enjoy tinkering with our machines and adding homemade items to them to improve on their functionality or their aesthetics! I was sent this and knew some of you would enjoy this! Every time that we go to the beach my wife knows that she can...
  4. moored4

    TBNs search is frustrating! Brush forks

    I don't where to post this, It might be the front porch! I have been doing a search for the building of 'Brush forks' for awhile now and I get threads galore but most of them have nothing to do with brush or forks and none have the threads to the building of them! :confused2: I know that I...
  5. moored4

    Black lever on M7040

    The last few days i have been driving a M7040! Nice tractor but my question is on the left hand side of the sterring collom right below the forward/reverse lever there is a lever that is black and 'padle' shaped, What is it for and how do you operate it? It looks like that it should move in...
  6. moored4

    Dang rear fender lights!

    I've been brush hoging blackberries on a section of land, getting it ready to reforest and my L3540 rear flasher lights or broke :mad: again. dang plastic! :mur:!!! Has any one found a replacement for this lights that is a better desine and/or made of Non destructive material! Every little limb...
  7. moored4

    Interesting read Tie downs

    I am trying to come up with a faster and better way of trying to tie down my tractor. Some days I load/unload it 4 or 5 times. Any way while I was researching chains and connectors I came across this link and with the many threads here on the subject I thought I would pass it on to my fellow...
  8. moored4

    How to Identify Barrel or jugs

    I have some blue plastic barrels/jugs, 15 gal. capacity, that I want to identify. I want to use some for diesel, gas and water. What kind of paint will stick to these and not come off and will also not weaken the plastic? Or other sugestion on how to identify them? I did a search and did not...
  9. moored4

    Northwest and lime application

    I have come on a cheap source of Ag lime and need to move on it before it is gone! :) I need to know if any of you from west of the cascades have applied any lime to your pastures? I know that I need to test my soil and will before making an application, but I would like to know a 'ballpark...
  10. moored4

    Wheel Horse Died! But how bad??

    What happened? It was foggy yesterday and sunshine today so I thought I would mow the yard one more time before it gets to wet to do here in the pacific northwest. Went up the drive about 20 feet and out comes nothing but WHITE smoke and the motor dies! So What Happened? No odd sound or...
  11. moored4

    Shed/Shop Building

    I tried to attach pic to my 1st post but it took me some time to relearn :confused2: how to resize them! Here the better half's Potting shed!
  12. moored4

    Front-End Loader  Using the FEL what implement would be on the 3PT?

    If you were doing FEL work what implement would you want to be on the 3PT other than a ballast box? I have a L3540 with a Kubota B-box I am playing with an ideal. :confused: I am wondering after you get thru using your FEL what implement do you wish you had on or do you put on to finish the...
  13. moored4

    Ballast Box Equation

    I have been looking and reading in the old threads on and off now for3 days! I know it is here but can not find it! :smiley_aafz: In one of the threads on ballast there was posted a formula for figuring the proper amount of weight needed for any given FEL lift weight. I know it is like a...
  14. moored4

    I'm the 'old retired coot'

    I need some wire for my welder so off to the welding store I go.:cool: When I get there I am greeted by the salesman saying You are the 'old retired coot' I have been looking for?:mad: Kind a caught me off guard! Long story short there was a man that came in with a milk case of old C...
  15. moored4

    Price Check  1955 Ford 640

    I have a friend that is trying to sell his dad's tractor and he is woundering what its worth, He needs to get rid of it for his Dads safety(sometimes you do what you have to do weather you enjoy it or not) He can send pictures by e-mail. Here is his e-mail to me. Contact Mario at 3604301220...
  16. moored4

    Mounting Tractor? RIGHT or LEFT

    There was a concern on another thread expressed about blocking the mounting access from the right side and I was just wondering. :confused: Which side do you mount your tractor from? Do you ever mount from the right side? If so When and Why? :cool: I drive my 2 tractors and operate 3 more, 2...
  17. moored4

    my Chain Bar Storage

    I use a lot of chains and shackles. I wanted a place to keep them on my new bota L3540 that would be handy. So I made me a chain bar and attached it to the ROPs using existing bolts. :) Got question! Ask and all comments are welcome! :thumbsup:
  18. moored4

    My "Tube Box's"

    This past posted thread was just one step in my TUBE box project.:) I was sitting looking at my new L 3540 tractor this winter, too cold, wet, and muddy to do much else. :confused2: Did have 3 good snow...
  19. moored4

    Oops! Dang kids!!!

    :mur: This morning I was cleaning out the shop before climbing on the ol-tractor and as I am emptying the trash I see 3 old oil cans in there that are for 2 cycle, Now I know that they should not have been any 2 cycle oil need this or last week. I did tell the kids I use for farm hands to...
  20. moored4

    Portable water heater!

    We are setting up a hot tub inside a wilderness area on private property. We are cutting the oak barrel stays and the steel ring to keep it all together pre assembling it and then we will disassemble it all, cause everything has to be carried in 20+ miles on horse and mule back. We need ideals...
  21. moored4


    I do not know if I am in the right spot to ask this or not! :confused: How do I set up my own album so I can post my projects to it and all so how do you post more than one picture at a time? :) Tried it today with no luck, looked for instruction and was not able to find any. Thanks for...
  22. moored4

    Diesel Fule Skid

    The wife is back from spring break with the camera.:) I would like to show you the Grand kid but here are pictures of the fuel skid I just finished, all that is left is $150.00 to fill it up. Also planning to build a stand for it in the tractor shed for it to reside on when we are not using it...
  23. moored4

    Water in my air!

    :confused3: I have searched and read most of the threads that have dealt with condensation in compressed air and the damage that it can do to plasma cutting heads. So what traps and/or filters should I install on my compressed air supply lines? I want a good system but as always don't want to...
  24. moored4

    Pictures of you on your tractor

    Here's My New :tractor: Last Fall! First ride! So many things to do! So many places to go! So many attachment to get!:D
  25. moored4

    Ways to smooth the inside of a pipe!

    I have a Kubota L3540 with FEL. The Pipe right in front of the grill guard that connects the 2 arms of the FEL from side to side is made of welded pipe. On the inside of this pipe at the weld there is a ridge of weld running the full interior length of the pipe. I want to get rid of or to...
  26. moored4

    L245 Clutch stuck, Help

    I got me a new Grand 40 :) last year and so I didn't use the old l245 any this winter. Went to move it to the shop for spring clean up and it started right up, But, :confused: the clutch is stuck together, won't disengage when the clutch pedal is engaged. Any and all suggestions on how to get...
  27. moored4

    How do you hang it from you bucket?

    I'm new here and I have a new kubota L3540 and was woundering how everyone attaches things to their buckets on FEL? I've crused all of the photos and looked at all that showed the buckets. What have you added to your buckets to haul things with (hooks, eyes, chains, ect). I need inspiration ...