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    Snow plow ? Beginner

    Though I've had tractors most of my life, I've never had or used a snow plow. I'd like to get a plow for my L3301 quick attach but also would like to use it on my pickup occasionally swapping back and forth rather easily. Is there an adaptor or way to do this without a bunch of...
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    Sickle bar recommendation?

    I have no experience using a sickle bar mower first off. I have about 2000 ft of roadside ditch to cut back periodically during season. I will have to go below horizontal to cut it effectively. It’s weeds and grass. Probably cut it about knee high down to ground when I do cut it though it’s...
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    Water well pump?

    I picked up an old water pump today but it’s not like any I’ve seen. Does anybody know where I could find out more about this pump? It has two wooden treadle type vanes that seem like they would “swish” the water as the handle is pumped from the mechanism kinda like duck’s feet and the inlet...
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    Ferris ISX800

    Well, I never thought I’d do it but there’ll be a new Ferris zero turn delivered here today. And it was expensive for a mower to me at 10k. I’m mowing about 5 acres. I’ve went through a few used ones to getting here. A time cutter, a couple of Dixie choppers, and a John Deere regular lawn...
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    Wood splitter hydraulic question?

    I have added a 2nd prince valve to my wood splitter to run a log lift. Both are same valve. They are connected pump>1in>1out>2in>2out>tank. The puzzling thing is when I first nudge the #2 valve, the lift seem to power(not coast) down slightly. I give the handle a bit more movement and it...
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    Mag Drill Comments

    After wanting a magnetic drill for years and years, I just ordered an Evolution Mag42 Magnetic drill and a set of annular cutters. For the price, I sure hope to not have buyers remorse! Any comments, tips, etc are appreciated. I have some projects in mind that I think it will help me a lot...
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    Oil & Fuel  When I get rich like Jay Leno

    When I get rich like Jay Leno, I am going to hire someone I really don’t like full time staff 24/7/365 and make them change the cartridges in my d—- grease guns. What started out to be a quick grease of the quick attach pins this morning turned into a 2 hour ordeal involving two cordless grease...
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    Tractor flip

    This was upsetting to see on my Facebook feed this morning. Glad the young man is okay. Can someone make the video where everyone can see it? I’m not that savvy for that stuff.
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    Dump truck cylinder leaking only at bottom of travel.

    I have a 81 Chevy c60 dump. Description of system below. I got it this way from someone. What would cause fluid to gush out of the cap end around the rod only during that last few inches of downward travel of the dump? It raises fine, holds overnight, and comes down also. No leaks going up or...
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    8.25x20 tires ?

    I managed to bring home a 1981 Chevy C60 single axle dump truck but I need to put new front tires on it. Anybody know a source for decent tire not breaking the bank as it will be mostly for dump runs, firewood, and bringing treasures home? I’m having a hard time finding them. Thanks for any...
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    Depth of footing for tractor shed?

    Unsure about a footing and wanted to get your thoughts. Question is at the bottom after the information. I have to build a retaining wall about 3 ft deep 20 feet long to hold back a difference in elevation for my shed I’m building. The lady at the code office of our small town seemed a little...
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    Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime

    I don’t know if you guys already know about it, but I’m watching a British show on Amazon Prime called Clarksons Farm “tractoring”. My neighbors just walked by and must think I’m crazy. I’m sitting here in the shop with the big door open, a tv on the wall showing this show and literally tears...
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    Ethanol gas evidence

    I bought a walk behind mower yesterday and started messing with it today. It ran last season and was left with ordinary pump gas with 10% ethanol. Not only the bad gas, and cleaning the carb bowl, main jet, float, etc. Look at this nice surprise from the plugged up fuel line. That’s a longer...
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    Electric motor questions

    I have two motors available for around 100 bucks that I’m thinking of using for a electric splitter project with an 11 gpm pump. For those who know, Which of these two motors would be the “better” motor all other things being equal? This is one of those “play with it” projects. Lenny
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    “Stuff” carry spot added

    With the addition of a 3 point backhoe to the line of implements in the yard to my wife’s chagrin, I lost my little plastic box mounted behind the seat on my L3301 Kubota. I did without for a bit, stuck pins and odd and ends in the cup holder and the chain holder but that was a PITA. As I...
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    Dump trailer conversion to gas engine/hyd pump.

    This is more of an idle thinking thread. I’m looking for insight on how to convert my dump trailer from a single acting 12v power pack unit to a gas engine and pump. The dump cylinder is single acting. If I wanted to run a double acting cylinder(s) as a separate accessory circuit also along...
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    Fire on John Deere mower

    My Brother in law was mowing with our mower yesterday and came running to me screaming fire. I saw our purchased in April new John Deere mower engulfed in flames under a big maple tree. I grabbed the shop fire extinguishers and tractor and pushed it away from the tree out in the clear. Both...
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    Rake  Hay rake information?

    I have about 5 acres that I let grow through the year for the wildflowers and deer. When I brushhog it right before winter, it leaves a pretty good mess of the field with the cut grass. It’s a chore picking it up with the baggers on the mowers and my landscape rake doesn’t work. I’m thinking...
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    Request for advice.

    There is some very smart and happily married adjusted people on this forum so maybe you can help me. My wife and I have been arguing. She just told me I was absolutely right. What do I do now?
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    Posthole Digger  Post hole digger extension?

    I’m starting on my porch build here in Vermont but the frost depth called out for by the inspector is 60”. My PHD100 by Frontier with a 9” auger and an EA 12” auger uses 2” Round augers and only go to 48” and 39” respectively. Though I can find hex drive in 2”, I can’t seem to find 2” round...
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    Bushhog 765H backhoe seal kit ordering?

    Well, the great deal I thought I was getting on a 3 point backhoe is down to mediocre now. After getting it home and connected, the cylinders for the curl and to crowd are gushing fluid when powered one way. Previous owner got me. So now I’m looking for the kits if possible to repair these...
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    Quick Hitch Pallet forks

    Someone posted a picture in the past of someone using a pair of clamp on titan pallet forks on a Harbor freight Quick hitch. The forks rotated up in the lower hooksfor storage. I've tryed to find that thread but can't. If anyone remembers where it was or a search filter that I can find it, I...
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    Ditch bank mower information?

    I searched through past posts but would like to ask the group what recommendations may be out there for a ditch bank/ offset flail / boom mower I could use. 1. Tractor is a Kubota L3301 with loader and 4 rear remotes. Weighted tires and 3” spacers on each side with wheels in max outer...
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    Lincoln Tombstone or Hobart Stickmate?

    I have both and they are in good shape and similar age. AC/DC, ratings similar, etc. If I had to sell one, is one clearly better? I don’t stick weld much anymore since I bought a Hobart MVP210. So having two just sitting seems wasteful. Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Visual way to tell engine is running?

    My Dixie chopper has a pony engine for the dump box bagger. The pony engine can’t be heard over the mower and I’d like to come up with a way to see what f motor is running back there while mowing. You can’t see it unless getting off. First thoughts are a tachometer or a light. Ideas from...
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    9n lower link arms?

    Anyone know if the lower link arms for a 9n part number 9N555 Will fit a 64 Ford 2000? Can’t figure out if f they are in fact the same and want to make sure before I commit.
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    Oil & Fuel  400 hour service L3301

    Just picked up everything to do my 400 hour service by the manual at the dealer. $ 358.86 That includes 26.58 in tax. Ouch
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    Plow identification?

    I picked this up today in hopes of using behind my Kubota 3301 or the 64 Ford 2000. The gentleman said he thought it was a plow from behind his 8n but his memory was failing him. It didn’t have much wear on the points or moldboard and everything seems to move like it should. 1. I’m not sure...
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    History of Welding?

    After downloading the handbook on welding on another thread(thanks !), I started thinking on a related topic. Does anyone have any links to any related topics on the very early histories of welding? I bet it will be some interesting reading material.
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    3M Speedglas 9100x thoughts

    I’ve used an import hood for a couple of years (Tacklife I think) but had heard of better helmets. I caught a 9100x today for 180 bucks new in the bag with everything normally included. Please tell me I didn’t overpay. The guy won it in a raffle and had no use for it he said.
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    From grass to Flowers?

    I’d like to convert an acre or two of our place from mowed field to wildflowers. Kinda unsure where to start. Should I get a plow and turn the top sod over? Or go with a PTO driven tiller after cutting grass short as possible? I can’t use anything like roundup to kill it all as there is a...
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    Stairs hole enclosure ideas

    I’ve started on my 2nd story shop and got my interior stairs in over the last couple of days. I’m looking for ideas for enclosing the hole around the stairs that will fit into a old farmhouse shop/barn theme. It would also be nice if it could open or remove to bring big stuff upstairs like wood...
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    What can I do with a electric/hydraulic pump? Hmmm...

    So this is different. I scored a brand new hydraulic pump really really cheap brand new like on my dump trailer. It is double action. Trouble is, I don’t have a project for it! Yet! Maybe use it to lift that heavy outside basement door. My back is getting tired of that. Little overkill there...
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    12 volt conversion swap part 1

    After finding out I was going to have to replace the battery in my recently acquired 64 Ford 2000, I decided to go ahead and convert it to 12 volt. There are numerous ways of doing this. You can 1. Tweak the 6 volt regulator to have a 12 volt output or replace it with a 12 volt regulator...
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    12 volt group size as 6v group 1

    I have to replace the battery in my 64 2000 gasser so I’m going to convert it from 6-12. I’m having a bit of a hard time finding a 12 volt replacement that is the same size and at least 550 cca but I wanted 650 or more for the cold winters here in Vermont. Anybody know some group sizes that...
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    Sherman Transmission swap?

    Do you guys know if a Sherman transmission with the dogleg shifter in a 47 9n will fit a 64 Ford 2000? I don’t think it is. I’ve been offered one but don’t know if it’s a bolt in or not. I’ll have to buy the whole tractor and would hope to swap parts to make two complete so I could sell the 9n...
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    64 Ford 2000

    I saw an old Ford tractor in the back of a shop a couple of weeks ago when I was buying a welder that had been advertised. I told the lady I was interested if she would sell it. And got the I’ll think about it line. Fast forward till now and I called her and said I was interested still. 700...
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    Hobart Stickmate LX 230/160

    Well for 150 bucks I couldn’t resist bringing it home. I hope I didn’t over pay. My Hobart Handler 210MVP has been flawless since day one is what prompted me to get it anyway. Two questions. How will this stack up next to my tombstone in the picture? I want to make a scratch start TIG setup...
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    Retaining wall footing depth

    This is a silly question so bear with me. I want to put a cinder/concrete block wall as a retainer in my yard between two level surfaces. One is three foot higher than the other. The length will be around 15-20 ft. In Vermont the frost depth for footings is 48”. Do I have to go 48” down from...
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    Shed roof flashing?

    What’s the simple way of flashing from a clapboard sided wall to over a corrugated metal roof covering? This is an open leanto. Butting to a wall under a 1 foot overhang. 2x10 header on wall with siding removed. 2x6 rafters on 16” centers 2x4 purlins on flat with 2x6 at top and bottom. I...
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    Is an M a true “poppin johnny “?

    I’ve been watching for a popping Johnny though I know little about them to use as a 2nd tractor and a toy mostly to be honest. A gentleman told me that an “M” was not a true popper but he didn’t know why. You guys have an idea of what he may have got that from? What would be the smallest...
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    Good value 2nd tractor recommendations?

    So what would you guys think a good sub 5k tractor to be to have as a 2nd tractor. I have a perfectly good Kubota L3301 but find myself switching 3point items constantly when I’m playing with whatever “project” I’m involved with.even with planning ahead. I brush hog and finish and flai mow...
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    Dump Trailer with landscape gate thoughts

    I sold my tilt trailer and my little 5x8 dump trailer and bought a 10k twin axle 6x12 dump trailer this week. It looks like this. Trouble is that it came with a Landscape type gate ramp that opens two ways. Spreader and ramp. I like the gate but think it might be problematic. Before I...
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    Repairing cinder block wall

    After we moved here last year I noticed a large tree growing next to my garage stem wall. It had pushed the blocks loose and groundwater and chipmunks was getting in. I’ve been digging and leveling in order to build on so removing the stump and repairing the damaged area was first order of...
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    BCS or Gravely?

    I’m about to purchase a tiller but kinda wanting to get an older two wheel tractor instead to use for tilling plus. And playing with of course. Is there a better one vs the other for the older Gravely or BCS machines? Haven’t had much exposure to them.
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    DIY thumb for backhoe

    After starting to make a thumb for my Woods 7500, I noticed that Titan had a weld it kit for a 24” pin type. For 140 bucks. Hard to buy the metal for much less. DIY 24" Weld On Backhoe Thumb Hoe Clamp .5" Steel Plate Assembly CNC Plasma Cut It came in a sturdy well wrapped package. That was...
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    Another CarryAll

    After the high dollar pressure treated and painted plywood didn’t last 3 years on my carryall build AND I had yet another flat on my little AgriFab lawn trailer, I combined the two today. Fun little project for the afternoon. And this was a freebie. All parts were on hand scrounged off the two...
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    Flail Mower  Titan 48” offset flail reviews ???

    Has anybody had any experience with this product? It seems perfect for what I need with a long ditchline and a short embankment I have to mow. Titan 48" 3-Point Offset Flail Ditch Bank Mower
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    Kubota L3301 Hydraulic Manifold Thread sizes ???

    Guys I'm working my way through my 4 remote setup and can't seem to find the correct fittings that screw into the manifold block under the floor board. Are these pipe thread or British Pipe thread or something else entirely? I want to plumb from the block with elbows to tuck the lines in a...
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    MiG welding Aluminum??

    Looking for tips and comments. I bought a Dixie Chopper last week with a bagger. The piece (chute) that mounts to the deck for the bagger hose appears to be cast aluminum. It has a chunk knocked out of it that I’d like to patch. About 8” at its longest width of the damage. I haven’t welded...
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    Tiller  Tiller recommendations?

    I will buy a tiller for my Kubota L3301 within the next month. I have 3” spacers along with R1s adjusted all the way out. My track width is slightly over 5 ft. After reading the back posts and inter web searching, I’m leaning toward the Titan 6ft . This will be used in Vermont on a 10 acre...
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    Tractor Sizing  Guys, I’m looking for comparisons for a new tractor package.

    I have an L3301 Kubota. For the new tractor, I’d like to have. I’d like to have a tractor with a loader, class 1 or 2 3 point, backhoe, and the main reason is a Mid mount mower. What are some comparable sizes to look for? I also will pull a brush hog, and plow or till for an upcoming 1 acre...
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    Rear Remotes on Kubota L3301

    This is to document the homegrown fabrication and installation of Rear remotes on my L3301. I'll be asking questions as I go for advice and I have to do a lot of this away from the tractor as I work away from home. So this will take a bit. This is to power a Woods 7500 Backhoe and rear remotes...
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    Backhoe  Backhoe mounting brackets for L series?

    I just bought a Woods 7500 backhoe used with a subframe. It came off of a Kubota L3600. Does anyone know what brackets or pictures of the mounting pieces to install this on a L3301? I did get a couple pictures of the gentleman ‘s setup that it originally installed on(he went bigger) but...
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    Dump trailer Tailgate hinge ideas?

    Guys, I have a 6x10 CAM trailer that has the two pins top and bottom for the gate hinges. I’d like to change it to a side opening gate and barn doors. Can you post any pictures of two or three way setups to open/spread with a dump gate? I’m looking for low tech DIY cheap ideas. Here’s an...
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    Comparison  Buddy seat in cab tractor?

    As I look for the replacement for my selling Kubota L3301, can you guys give me any ideas on a cab tractor with a buddy or jump seat addition? Can be after market or homemade. I don't want smaller than the 33 hp I've had now though I think.
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    Buying Advice  Ready to buy another one!

    I think I have a buyer for my L3301 lined up. It's with regret that I sell it. I hope Fallon sees this. Since you went to a Grand L from your 3200, I'd like your comments and advice as that is what I'm thinking about. We are in the process of loading up and moving to Vermont from Oklahoma...
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    eBay/Craigslist  L3301 package kit for sale 25K.

    Please see the Craigslist link below. I'd like to sell everything as one kit rather than moving it. Loads up and moves on 8Jun18 if not sold. Tractor package deal - farm & garden - by owner - sale
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    Reversing front rims?

    I know. My manual says NOT to reverse the front rims. But in theory only if I was moving and wanted to put the L3301 on a Penske trailer with rails that measured 42" minimum and my fronts measured 37" maximum, sure seems like a good way to gain the needed 5"! The trailer is rated at 4050 lbs...
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    Moving it all

    Looking for ideas on the most efficient way to move All my stuff from OK to VT. As I have 15 ("where did they all come from?" She asks) implements and a L3301 with loader, it all won't fit on my 20ft trailer. Tractor has to be first to unload implements. I can borrow a friend's tractor to load...
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    Remake a Landscape rake

    I picked this up today because I've been wanting a rake and the trade went well towards me. As you can see, it's homemade and not very well thought out. The little tabs between the tines look a little "hokey" also. I was going to make or buy one soon so the tines being near new was the main...
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    Mad at myself!

    Long intro so skip ahead to the last paragraph for short version. My 4 year old grand daughter is visiting me whom is the apple of my eye and right with me every second she can. We spend most of it outside in the yard and shop. She and I have that special bond that you form with one child...
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    Internet connection usage with rural internet?

    Not a very clear topic title I know. I have rural internet from a Verizon Cell tower near through a cradlepoint router/modem from my job. It is unlimited but I don't want to abuse it and I believe that it gets throttled down at the tower if too much bandwidth is used by one ip addressed user...
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    L3301 dies but restarts FIXED

    Short version seat switch harness connector was loose. Long version. The Warranty ran out last month on my 2015 and of course last week my 3301 started dying on a sudden bump or swing of the seat with me in it. I immediately suspected the seat switch or the PTO switch. I had bent the seat tab...
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    Hydraulic cylinders joined side by side ?

    Have you guys any information on placing two double acting cylinders together side by side? I can't seem to find a reference on the Web. I'm thinking of a concept where two cylinders welded together side by side with the rod ends at opposite ends. This could in theory allow a shorter package...
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    Hobart Handler MVP 210

    I'm about to pull the trigger on ordering a Hobart Handler 210 MVP through Amazon for 850 bucks. Before I do, (I've researched Youtube and the InterWeb the last few days) would you guys offer any comparisons at the same price point and features I should look at before committing? I want to...
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    Quick Hitches  Titan 3 point to SSQA Adaptor

    I just sent off for this as I caught it on sale at 272 bucks I thought it was worth a shot. Titan Attachments 3 Point to Universal Quick Tach Adapter Skid Steer Tractor Does anyone have one and know if it works with the HF quick hitch? Thanks Lenny
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    LogOx 3 in 1 log handler

    Here's a new Pickaroon. American Made. I have'nt used one or even seen one in person yet. I have a LogRite Pickaroon. I stumbled on the video but I like the way it picks up from the ground. If You Cut Firewood, You Need To Check This Out - WHW - EP: 1 - YouTube The LogOX Log Hauler, Cant...
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    1942 Electrician's Handbook Guidelines

    Things have progressed a bit since 1942. Happy reading. The following is from The American Electricians Handbook (1942) A Reference Book for Practical Electrical Workers. Terrell Croft, consulting engineer. McGraw Hill Book Company, Inc, New York and London 1942 Electricians often test...
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    Cotton wagons for sale in Eula Tx

    Guys, as bad as I want one I can't justify getting one of these and hope someone local can benefit. There is a guy on the Abilene TX Craigslist selling two 7x24 Cotton wagons. Decent shape and 300 bucks each. Tires are rough. He doesn't want to let me cut the running gear out of them and since I...
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    Latch mechanism for dump box ??

    I'm exploring the ideas for building a dumping transport box for my 3 point. I have a dirt scoop that has a release mechanism to dump but you have to take the weight off it in order to actuate it. Any ideas out there in TBN land for different trip release mechanisms? Thanks, Lenny
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    Rake  Landscape rake work very well?

    As I get closer to covering up my utility trench for the guest cabin, I'm wondering about something. Will a landscape rake, rake up the spoils and surface rocks after I finish up and level everything back out before I respread the gravel? This is a driveway / parking area. The boxblade...
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    Post frame roof only questions.

    Guys, I'm in the preplanning stage for building a 24 ft wide by 20 ft deep metal roof only with a 9 ft eave height. The trusses will span the 24 ft. I am planning on using 6x6 posts but wish to have a 10-12 ft centered opening on one of the 20 ft side walls if possible. This is going on front...
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    Backhoe  Backhoe removal and install ?

    After reading about the pitfalls of using a 3 point backhoe, I'm torn on getting one. I use/play with my L3301 constantly when at home and the implements. Anyway, my question is exactly how hard is it to take off and replace a subframe mounted backhoe? I'm worried that it will be such a PITA...
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    Pictures of Hydraulic Remote setups?

    Guys, I'm pretty close to getting a three remote system for my Kubota L3301. I've spoken to Brian at Fitrite and Messicks for the OEM setups but would like to explore the possibilities before I pull the trigger. I remember someone having their manifold setup on a sliding rack that moved fore...
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    47 2n hydraulics rebuild progress

    I had a little time today between three year olds naps and rain to get the 2n pump dropped out. I had removed the lift cylinder prior and only had to remove the top cover this time. Short version. Removed all three drain plugs working from back to front of the rear axle,hyd pump, &...
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    Posthole Digger  Pengo PHD Auger question

    Guys, I'm in the market for a PHD for my L3301. I ran across the below auger bit but can't exactly figure out it's value. I have rocky ground here in SE OK to drill into. I know very little so feel free to correct my thoughts. Will this work for home use with my Kubota and rocky ground? It...
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    Disc Harrow  Disc or plow recommendation?

    Guys, I'm wanting to get an implement for breaking ground behind my Kubota L3301 (32hp). I don't know anything about plowing or disking. The ground I want to work I've cleared with a grapple, back blade, box blade, and brush hog. Less than 3 acres. Its SE OKLA, rocky as ****, thin dirt, and was...
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    Big stump removal

    This is going in Projects section because it appears it's going to be a long term affair. I work when home between my road job. After changing my 8x7 garage door to a 9x12 to avoid dropping the ROPS, I found it easy to park the boat, the Kubota, and even my truck inside my shop two at a time...
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    Everlast 3in1 245 recommendation?

    I'd like to get a home use plasma cutter and arc stick welder. I'm unsure on whether a tig or mig is better for me using around the place doing tractor stuff, projects, and general creating or repairing "inventions". I have arc, mig,torch, and a little plasma experience and some classes but...
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    Posthole Digger  Woods heavy duty Phd35 or Daneuser heavy duty PHD?

    Have a chance at one or the other with 9" auger. Want to use it on a L3301 in rocky ground. Price is around 800 for either. The Woods seems near new. Which one would you guys lean toward? They both seem good from past posts. Thank you, Lenny
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    Older tube valve stem ?

    Guys I'm looking for a place to get a valve stem for this tube I put in my Ford 2N this week. It came without one. Not much to go one I know. The ones I'm removing are all too small to fit the hole. It seems like an adaptor may need screwed inside this stem but all the local Tractor supplies...
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    Vickers V200 hydraulic pump ?

    I picked this up today in a box of stuff for sale. From the code on it I think it's a 5gpm pump rated at 1200 rpm. What size gas engine would be best to use with this? Would it make a good candidate for a wood splitter or towable backhoe project or crankshaft/belt hydraulics on my old 2N...
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    Hydraulics on a 2N

    I picked up a 1947 2N as a project toy. Yesterday I ended up with an old Vickers hydraulic vane pump. I think it's a V200 with a 5gpm output. One of the things I'd like to do is mount this to the crankshaft front. I'm looking for low cost ways to add live hydraulics to the 2N. I think I can...
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    Center of Gravity Information Interesting Read.More Math stuff

    After starting a spirited discussion earlier this year on the physics of moving the rear tires outward causes and effects, I thought I'd bring something else to the table I've ran across. Original thread
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    Titan stump bucket review?

    Have any of you guys had a chance to try this with some action photos taken? Titan Stump Bucket Tree Scoop Digger Skid Steer Bobcat Attachment Pull I need to dig up some stumps(about 50) about 10-12" or smaller of mostly elm, oak, and cedars. I understand that I'll need to cut roots. And I...
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    Screw drive tractor

    Leave It To A Canadian To Make The Ultimate Off Roader – CarBuzz
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    Kubota L3301/3901 right grab handle

    Someone asked for this but I can't seem to find my way back to that post. This is the factory number for the grab handle on the right side. The holes are there already.
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    Fixing my too tall ROPS

    After forgetting to fold the ROPS down or back up and kissing the door trim with my bucket one too many times I started on my latest project. From a 7'tall X 8' wide to a 9x12.
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    Tires  A physics question of leverage

    Ok. Stop reading now unless you have time to waste. I warned you. My Kubota with AG tires had adjustable rims. There is about 3-4" of adjustment in the rims. I just bought wheel spacers that are 3". Just on the science theory, which way would make the tractor more stable on a side hill? Say...
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    Rims  L3800 & L3301 wheel bolts pattern ?

    Does anyone know if the wheel spacers from a Kubota L3800 will fit a L3301? Have a good deal from a fellow member and I think they'll fit but we both want to make sure before shipping. Thanks Lenny
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    Rear Finish Mower  Side slope mowing tips wanted

    Guys, I have a L3301 Kubota with Loader. I just picked up a LP 5 ft finish mower. I have to mow a strip about 20 ft wide and 300 ft long on the side slope. It's too narrow to go up and down on. Slope is about 20 degrees with a small piece at 30. I have my rears filled and set out to the max...
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    Rear Blade  Servis E3WM Offset rear blade

    Guys, tell me I didn't get beat up to bad on this rear blade. I do have to do some work on it at the 3 or arms and front turntable but it works as is now. 75 bucks at the auction just now.
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    Rotary Cutter  Brush hog surprise

    I got a 6 ft land pride brush hog when I bought my L3301 Kubota as part of the package deal. I didn't really need it but wife thought go ahead now and have it. (Good wife) I'm not a farmer by any means and just use the tractor and implements to make my life easier as I do things by myself. So...
  95. L

    Tree and plant identification book?

    Can any of you ol boys recommend or not recommend a good field guid for plants and trees? I live on 8 acres in SE Oklahoma and would like to know what is here. I cut firewood for my stove but last year I cut some "in the way" stuff that seasoned all year but didn't burn worth anything so kinda...
  96. L

    Front end loader/dirt moving tips ?

    I am using my Kubota L3301 to dig into a wooded clay bank below my house bucket by bucket and bring it up to where I am filling in an area under my deck for parking. The trip is about 300 ft one way up a 15 degree slope. Rather than bucket by bucket, should I just stack up a pile of loose dirt...
  97. L

    Northern Tools Monoblock spool Valve ???

    Have any of you guys ran across this valve and used it? NorTrac Monoblock Hydraulic Control Valve — 12 GPM, 4 Spool | Control Valves| Northern Tool + Equipment This is information gathering for a 3/4 remote setup on Kubota L3301. I have priced the Kubota kit which I like due to it being...
  98. L

    Garage door header ???

    Guys, I know not enough information yet. What would be a standard replacement size header you would think for the below? Wife has me on vacation in Florida and bored to tears.<laughing> My garage at home has a 8ftW X 7ft tall door that is too small for truck and tractor without folding mirrors...
  99. L

    Front SSQA & 3pt pallet fork attachment???

    I've been searching but haven't found one yet. A SSQA front mounted set of forks that also has the three point attachment points all in one attachment. This would allow one implement that could be used on both ends fairly quickly. Especially with quick hitch adapters. I know I could get a SSQA...
  100. L

    Kubota L3301HST/LA525 modifications

    After Santa dropped off a new Kubota for me right before Christmas, I couldn't wait to start adding on and changing a few things to make it "better". This thread is to document the mods I do as I go along.
  101. L

    Kubota Hydraulics for a L3301 HST ???

    Guys, Santa dropped off a brand new L3301 with a LA525 loader this week for me! I did get the quick attach bracket add on for the bucket. I've been researching the past posts about things I want to do but would like some "been there done that advice" if possible. I'd like to make some...