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    The Morgans switch to Kubota

    Mike, who has used RK tractors for the last few years just announced that he has switched to Kubota. He showed a new MX5400 and a BX tractor that they will be using for the next two years with a deal that he has with Kubota. I found his channel originally when I was looking at tractors and back...
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    Mike end RK deal

    He did a very good video #760 What Now? RK Tractor Deal Has Ended - YouTube He was very nice and respectful and had lots of good things to say about RK tractors. It will be interesting to see where he goes next with tractors.
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    Woman killed by loader

    BUNKER HILL A Bunker Hill woman died Sunday after striking a skid-steer loader that fell off a flatbed trailer and into her path. According to Illinois State Police, Dale R. Mansholt, 37, of Dorsey, was going south on Illinois 159 near Bunker Hill at about 6:18 p.m. Sunday, driving a car that...
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    Required John Deere Operator Test before allowed to get a new tractor

    I have never heard of this before and I didn't have to do this when I bought my tractor. A fellow co-worker has been looking at several tractors and decided on a John Deere. He paid for it, along with several attachments. The dealer told him before they could deliver it that he had to stop by...
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    Found this while mowing

    Was out at the farm doing more mowing, clearing, and cleaning up and came across this, which I believe to be an old hay rake. Pulled it from the brush/weeds and relocated it. Going to have to ask dad about it and see what he remembers about it.
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    Rollover death

    Grounds crew member dies after tractor overturns, pins him at North County golf course | News Headlines | BEL-NOR, Mo. ( Emergency crews are on the scene after a tractor overturned near a creek at a north St. Louis County golf course. Around 11 a.m. Tuesday, first responders...
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    Watch the heat

    For those of us in the middle of the nation, excessive heat warning has been issued for a large part. The high temps with the elevated humidity is making for some dangerous conditions. Watch out for yourself and for any elderly family members/neighbors. * HEAT INDEX VALUES...Up to 110 due to...
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    Working with dad today

    Was out working with dad clearing brush. He was on his MF and I have my Kubota. Kubota Grand L3560 Here is one of the small trees we dug up and pushed out of the way. We had to get the small tree out of the way so we could get back to the next area to mow. There were a few trees we dug up...
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    Hello from Southern Illinois

    Just signed up today. Purchased my first tractor this week and was delivered yesterday. Been reading everything I can to learn more about it.