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  1. RjCorazza

    Spartan mower cut help please

    Not familiar with that mower, but is it possible the blades are slipping on the spindles? My mowers use Bellvue washers, which are domed ever so slightly to keep pressure on the blades.
  2. RjCorazza

    Workmaster 35 can't throttle up

    Don't know about your primer on the filter, but my aftermarket filter primer needs to be pushed down and threaded closed when done.
  3. RjCorazza

    What water bottle do you have?

    As a water bottle connoisseur, I prefer the 32oz Hydro Flask bottles. They also come in Kubota orange.
  4. RjCorazza

    New to me TC29D cranks & won’t start

    Not encouraging inflammatory rhetoric, but if thepumpguy had worded his response better there would not have been a misunderstanding. It should have read "you know you can't use a gasoline engine compression tester on a diesel engine..." The subject matter was the testing of a diesel though.
  5. RjCorazza

    Stump removal .. how deep? Or all?

    Hard to tell how much dirt you're adding, but can you just cut the stump off and fill over top? I would think 6" of dirt would be adequate.
  6. RjCorazza

    Setting Fence Posts Issue

    I have a bunch of 25 year old railroad ties that are still plenty solid. My shipping container sits on 8 of them, and the others were made into a bridge over my small stream. They are stamped as coming out of New York City, presumably from the subway? Even in my younger days I recall them being...
  7. RjCorazza

    Piranha or Piranha Pro for CK2610?

    If you were going to leave the Piranha Pro on 100% of the time I think it would be worth the extra time and expense. Get some good measurements. I want to remove my Piranha edge on occasion, so the 2 bolts and interlocking edge is preferable to me.
  8. RjCorazza

    F3990 vs newer F3710 4wd front deck mowers

    Please stop posting pictures of wide area mowers... I may not be able to resist much longer!
  9. RjCorazza

    Maintenance Questions

    Grease guns have a self adjusting head that will handle all grease points. Several years ago I invested in an electric grease gun, and when combined with the "Lock N Lube" head, they make greasing an easy and fast job. For 99% of grease fittings there is no penalty in over greasing other than...
  10. RjCorazza

    Who rides motorcycles?

    I've had (3) motorcycles over the years... Honda Hawk 400cc at 18 years old, Honda CR600 (?) and a BMW K1100 until 10 years ago. None since. I had the most fun on the Honda Hawk over 60k miles. The other two bikes were miserable to ride. If I ever get another bike it will be a decked out Honda...
  11. RjCorazza

    Branson 2515 Starter R&R

    I would agree that the starter is likely the culprit. The starter generally gets its ground by the mounting surface bolts, couldn't hurt to check. Also, a long shot could be a locked up engine but unlikely.
  12. RjCorazza

    Branson 2515 Starter R&R

    In addition to above, what tests have you done to indicate the starter is bad?
  13. RjCorazza

    B7300 "Starves" for fuel

    You could be sucking air anywhere from the lift pump back to the tank and not necessarily see a leak. I think I would be looking hard at the suction side fuel lines, particularly from the filter back to the tank.
  14. RjCorazza

    Little Rock

    Great job! Amazing what smaller machinery can accomplish.
  15. RjCorazza

    Kubota T2290 Drive belt too tight

    I would also check the belt routing. You should be able to find a diagram of the deck either in a user manual or parts breakdown. Other possibilities include a seized idler pulley or spindle, or debris jammed in a pulley.
  16. RjCorazza

    Adding a "T" to a buried black poly water line?

    I have a similar line running to a hose bib, not as deep though. I would imagine it would accept a "T" without much difficulty by digging out a foot or two of earth on either end, cutting out a precisely measured section, attach one end, then lifting both ends up, insert the other side of the...
  17. RjCorazza

    Just bought a F3060!

    As soon as that turf tread fills with mud you're done. I bury my zero turn several times per season next to my steam bank, mostly because I really dislike using a string trimmer.
  18. RjCorazza

    Returning batteries for warranty claim

    I think you will like the Deka batteries. I have had good service from them over the years. I was leaning towards a charging problem through most of this thread because of the low charging voltage. Those bad batteries were sucking down huge amps.
  19. RjCorazza

    Trailer Type Selection Help. - Towing 4WD Tractor with FEL and Flail Mower (4700 pound total weight)

    I really dislike towing at the weight limits of either the trailer or tow vehicle. A 7K trailer is going to be close to the GTWR, plus the ramps are generally too light duty for a tractor without jumping through hoops loading. I think I would be looking at 10-12K trailers.
  20. RjCorazza

    Just bought a F3060!

    @Steelsoldiers I don't have an F series mower, but always drool over the thought of getting one someday. Congrats on the great mower!
  21. RjCorazza

    Is there a safe way to pump gasoline into a plastic tank in the bed of a truck?

    That sounds interesting... Do all gasoline engine vehicles have this test port? Do you have a valve on the discharge to start and stop the flow? Inquiring minds need to know.
  22. RjCorazza

    Year-round oil viscosity

    There are also 0w40 synthetic diesel oils on the market. I change oil strictly by the hours in my tractor. Everyone has a different level of comfortability with hours vs annual oil changes, but changing strictly for the season is, for the most part, a thing of the past.
  23. RjCorazza

    snow blower name mystery

    Some, but not all of the construction details are very similar to a LuckNow (Helm Manufacturing) blower.
  24. RjCorazza

    Is there a safe way to pump gasoline into a plastic tank in the bed of a truck?

    Definitely use a grounding strap or mat.
  25. RjCorazza

    3650P HST with 3h and broken HST?

    5 years and 3 hours? That machine has been out of service for a significant period of time, so someone either knows there is a big transmission issue or that they can't get parts for it... or both.
  26. RjCorazza

    Woods RM600 mower deck, blade balance/shaking

    In addition to the pto shaft sync, new blades are not necessarily balanced from the manufacturer. I've come across some pretty out of balance brand new blades.
  27. RjCorazza

    Zd1211 blades

    5 year (hard to believe) followup, your bushing mod has been working perfectly for the past 1500 hours or so. Thanks for taking the time to post the detailed info!
  28. RjCorazza

    Help with approx. ballast weight needed

    I read that as they want 3307lbs rear ballast, and the open station 3 point capacity is less than that. The cabbed tractor's additional weight allows for a lesser ballast amount, which can be handled entirely by the 3 point.
  29. RjCorazza

    3-Point Hitch L6060 with 78” titan offsett flail mower

    My L4060 is only 300lbs lighter than an L6060, and I would not want an articulating flail of that size offset beside me. With cab, loader, and ballast I weigh in at 6400 lbs.
  30. RjCorazza

    Landscaping Loader Recommendations

    For me renting equipment or hiring out is sometimes a tough pill to swallow. I justified a loader tractor many years ago, and have never once regretted that decision. I have rented a ditch machine, and an excavator for one-off projects because I'll likely never need those machines again. The...
  31. RjCorazza

    Landscaping Loader Recommendations

    My personal preference is Kubota, but there are plenty of reliable small loader tractors on the market. For your use, I would think a sub compact under 25hp would be adequate. I get a lot of use out of my compact 40hp loader tractor, but having a front end loader just for a powered wheel barrow...
  32. RjCorazza

    Anyone replaced side mirrors on tractor cab with rear view video cam?

    Plenty here have installed cameras, including myself. I have front and rear wired cameras, with a 7" screen on top of the dash. I opted for wired cameras when I realized many (?) wired camera products have the power built into the video cable. A short 12v run from the monitor to the fuse panel...
  33. RjCorazza

    Trailer wood deck treatment: Brush on used oil, linseed oil, sealer stain, unicorn tears...?

    Way back when in the fire service boiled linseed oil was the choice for ladders and handled tools. I also plan to treat my trailer deck this summer, and my "research" always comes back to boiled linseed oil, sometimes cut with turpentine or mineral oil.
  34. RjCorazza

    Trailer Ramps

    The trailers I have had all had 5' ramps.
  35. RjCorazza

    How many acres do you own?

    We have 6 acres and a small stream in a semi rural area of Maryland.
  36. RjCorazza

    Look for advice on tractor purchase

    2wd was the norm many years ago, but I would not consider a 2wd in anything but the much heavier tractors. I believe a 3000-4000 lb machine with 4wd will handle the tasks you mention. Not saying 4wd is the "end all" in tractors, but a definite plus in the 30-40hp range you mention. Happy shopping!
  37. RjCorazza

    How do you quiet a steering wheel squeak?

    I think I would try a silicone based lube if you think this may be your problem. My post is really a stab in the dark though... Just something to keep in mind as a possibility.
  38. RjCorazza

    How do you quiet a steering wheel squeak?

    Cabbed tractors may have a thick rubber grommet on the steering shaft where it exits the cab. On some Kubota models the grommet can make noise or cause a slight grabbing feeling if it starts binding up.
  39. RjCorazza

    Kioti cs2410 front diff oil change

    That's not unusual. Let it set for a while, run it around in 4wd, and recheck. Next time around you could drive the fill side wheel up on a small ramp, add 1/2 the quantity, take it off the ramp for the next 1/2. You still need to recheck the level after a little use.
  40. RjCorazza

    Kubota 2380 BX Mower Deck

    It looks like you have to buy the whole deck at $1600... I think your only viable option is to repair the old one, or fab a new one. Both would require welding. Maybe take it too a welding shop and see what they can do?
  41. RjCorazza

    Sprayer tank fill marks?

    Mine doesn't have markings either, so I marked it in quarters. I rarely use it beginning less than full anyway. I don't know your specific use or setup, but be aware that Fimco makes a wireless plug and play switch to control the pump. My tank is in the loader bucket with a short wiring run to...
  42. RjCorazza

    Does a CAB hurt HP?

    Haha! So true.
  43. RjCorazza

    Does a CAB hurt HP?

    AC use will rob maybe 5 HP depending on the source. No other power penalties that I'm aware of. The weight could help or hinder... More weight = more traction, but on a slope that weight above COG is a liability.
  44. RjCorazza

    ZD 1211- Wanting fuel tank to equalize

    Yes, I left the check valves in place. I agonized over several plumbing possibilities... There are lots of ways to skin the cat.
  45. RjCorazza

    ZD 1211- Wanting fuel tank to equalize

    I removed the individual tank filters and installed the OEM filter after the "T" fitting. My tanks were occasionally drawing unequally due to one filter having a higher resistance. I also added large 2u Racor filter and an extra lift pump to get adequate flow. So far it's been working fine, but...
  46. RjCorazza

    To CAB or NOT

    My AC had been problem free over the past 8 years and 900 hours.
  47. RjCorazza

    B3030 engine cutting out for no apparent reason

    I would look at the safety switches, particularly the seat and hst neutral (if hst).
  48. RjCorazza

    Talk me in/out of a Kubota ZD-1211 w/ 72” deck

    If the zd1611 came with an 84" deck I would consider it, otherwise it's barely more capable (6 HP) than the zd1211. I don't see the market for the same cutting width + $5k.
  49. RjCorazza

    Talk me in/out of a Kubota ZD-1211 w/ 72” deck

    You ARE taking a step backwards. The 1211 will not compare to the 331 in raw power. I still don't regret going from a 331 to the 1211 though. I cut 30 acres per week, and didn't notice any overall time loss with the reduced hp.
  50. RjCorazza

    Talk me in/out of a Kubota ZD-1211 w/ 72” deck

    The only time I notice a reduction in power is the combination of a slope and high or thick grass. Good grass dispersion is important to me, so in thick stuff I'm usually slowing down anyway. The zd1211 is my primary mower with around 1500 hours on it, and I love it. I did notice the HP change...
  51. RjCorazza

    Talk me in/out of a Kubota ZD-1211 w/ 72” deck

    I'm sure most here on TBN know my opinion of the ZD1211 72" mower, so I'll spare y'all. I will mention that the 72" side discharge ACS decks use a larger blade mounting hole, and at least 2 years ago there were no aftermarket blades available. A TBN user posted an engineer drawing of how to mill...
  52. RjCorazza

    Status of Everything Attachments

    There is a video on the "Whatever Happened To Everything Attachments" Facebook page that shows the worker's displeasure with Ted's daughter returning to work after embezzling from an affiliate company owned by Ted. The post claims that Ted fired the office staff and general manager. I suspect...
  53. RjCorazza

    Status of Everything Attachments

    Realistically speaking, if I weren't a TBN member (and read frequently) I doubt I would have been aware of EA's downfall and (seemingly) fraudulent activities. Getting in line after the government and bank, I see zero chance of the consumer getting any money or product from EA.
  54. RjCorazza

    Can I turn over a Kubota diesel engine by hand?

    I don't know about your coolant issue, but the starter problem may be fixable with an add on starter relay. Low voltage to the starter solenoid can cause intermittent (or constant) start failures with the solenoid just clicking. I have installed these on multiple diesel mowers. As far as turning...
  55. RjCorazza

    Solar Eclipse...

    My dad encouraged me to read that book many years ago. It's a great read!
  56. RjCorazza

    Solar Eclipse...

    I'm traveling to be in the path of totality, and looking forward to the spectacle!
  57. RjCorazza

    Hard starting 2400H - lift pump failing?

    What about the seemingly cracked banjo bolt right after the lift pump in the photo? I think it would be a good idea to clean that whole area up real good before any further troubleshooting.
  58. RjCorazza

    Hard starting 2400H - lift pump failing?

    Don't know the age of your machine, but have you checked all fuel lines for cracking or poor connections? Sucking air could account for the starting issues you describe,
  59. RjCorazza

    To CAB or NOT

    [ ] Ford [ ] Chevy
  60. RjCorazza

    Will a Stump Bucket damage my FEL?

    Don't have a stump bucket, but I think I would prefer a centered implement to torquing the side of a normal bucket. With common sense usage I wouldn't be overly concerned.
  61. RjCorazza

    No power

    More than likely a fuel delivery issue. Start with replacing the fuel filter(s). Provide tractor make and model and perhaps someone here has experience with your particular machine.
  62. RjCorazza

    TC45DA Hydraulic Filter?

    I stick with oem hydraulic filters. It's quite a mess, and expensive when one blows out.
  63. RjCorazza

    What size auger bit do you use the most?

    I use a 9" the most, because that's all I have! It's just barely big enough for split rail posts
  64. RjCorazza

    Everything Attachments poll

    You are currently waiting for a grapple? I hope that is not the case, but depending on the payment date you should be disputing the charge.
  65. RjCorazza

    Leaving MMM pinned up in winter and plowing.

    Give it a shot and see! Worst case is that you could high center the tractor on the mower if you drive over unplowed snow. A side benefit would be the extra 200 lbs of weight for traction.
  66. RjCorazza

    1974 MF150 Diesel Won't Start Without Jump Starter

    Just popping in... The solenoid case is grounded to the starter case, and the starter mounting bolts generally ground the starter case itself.
  67. RjCorazza

    2014 GC1715 - Fuel Troubleshooting Question

    The injection pump should be low on your list, and I wouldn't even touch it unless you REALLY know what you're doing. Confirm that the fuel isn't contaminated with water and / or microbial matter. These are usually seen in the sediment bowl filter, assuming you have one. The water will sink to...
  68. RjCorazza

    PTO shaft hitting the drawbar

    My drawbar hits the pto shield on my stump grinder (only) so I just remove the drawbar when grinding stumps.
  69. RjCorazza

    My New 2638

    Looks good! Enjoy your new tractor.
  70. RjCorazza

    2 questions

    Sounds more like your dealer wants to sell you a mower. I personally don't see the point of properly maintaining a piece of equipment only to trade it in early. Well maintained gasoline engines can easily get in the 1500-2000 hour range. But hey.... If you want a new mower that's another matter...
  71. RjCorazza

    massey 50hx battery replacement?

    Measure what's in it now, note the terminal positions, and CCA. Compare your dimensions to a BCI table, or just match up at a retailer.
  72. RjCorazza

    Wrench for removing Kubota water separator

    I've always used channel locks or a strap type wrench with a soft rubber strap. A chain wrench is also a good choice to try. The plastic bowl on my aftermarket sediment filter comes off easy enough with the rubber strap wrench stretched tight, and a hard rap.
  73. RjCorazza

    Property Question

    That really looks like a mess to me. 1/2 of your property is somewhat remote, likely unusable, and there appears to be four other properties accessing lots via paths adjacent to each other on the winding 8' section. A lot of conflict potential with the wrong neighbors.
  74. RjCorazza

    How are actual sale prices vs MSRP currently for Kubotas (or other manufactures)?

    When I bought my last 2 tractors they were around 10% under Kubota's MSRP. During covid that was not the case, as stock was limited, allowing dealers to get MSRP. I'm sure there were some dealers pricing well above MSRP but I wasn't shopping at that time. I suspect the 10% under is more the norm...
  75. RjCorazza

    I need fuel filter recommendations, for manual pump in barrel

    Hard to make a recommendation without knowing what kind of pump, hose, and nozzle you have. A picture may help. I use a 3/4" threaded TSC inline filter for my drum pump. The pump has a 3/4" female thread, piping ending in 3/4" male, filter, then 3/4" hose and nozzle.
  76. RjCorazza

    non detergent 30 weight oil

    If the Case has been running non detergent oil for its lifetime, I wouldn't hesitate to put the non detergent oil in it. If it has been running on detergent oil, I would not use the non detergent oil.
  77. RjCorazza

    What safety equipment do you have when running chainsaw?

    Gloves, helmet, ear and eye protection, steel toe boots, and ballistic pants. No chaps, but I should wear them. The commercial tourniquet is an excellent addition, preferably one designed for one hand application, but I don't have one. Prevention first, but a tourniquet is going to be the life...
  78. RjCorazza

    Low Cost and Easy Solution for Startup Problems JD 5410

    Not aware of how the op's fuel pump addition has held up over time, but I have done the same thing on 2 diesel zero turn mowers. One has about 400 hours after adding, and the other I sold with around 1000 hours after. My case was slightly different, in that I was adding 2 micron filters which...
  79. RjCorazza

    Kubota Diesel Zero Turn Questions

    I would be very surprised if any of the current zd1211 mowers had a user selectable hi/lo range. I know my 3-4 year old 1211-L3 doesn't. Is it possible there is some internal gearing that changes during faster speeds? I couldn't find anything in my WSM about a 2 range HST, but the spec sheet had...
  80. RjCorazza

    Kubota Diesel Zero Turn Questions

    I know the L's are longer and slightly wider, presumably to accommodate the 72" decks. The zd1211 rear discharge decks also use the old style and size blade mounting holes, and the side discharge decks use the newer size blade mounting holes. I'm SOMEWHAT certain that's the case... A TBN user...
  81. RjCorazza

    Luck now snowblower shoot cylinder question.

    That nut caused me concern when I converted from the hand crank (OEM) to hydraulic (also OEM). The nut wasn't used when I got the blower, so I just ignored it for the hydraulic upgrade. I have no idea what its purpose is.
  82. RjCorazza

    need help, I'm stumped, starting issue, tym 234

    If it's cranking for 30 seconds, the battery is fine. Sure sounds like the glow plugs are not working. You may want to try 2-3 cycles of glow plugs before cranking next time. I would caution against the use of starting fluid, particularly on a routine basis. Diesels need 3 things to run. Fuel...
  83. RjCorazza

    Luck now snowblower shoot cylinder question.

    Only used once since I painted it caterpillar yellow. Our snow has been either light, or non existent since 2016. I still need to keep it for some contracts that I need to be prepared for. It came in real handy for a blizzard in 2016... Luck Now makes a beast-mode of a blower.
  84. RjCorazza

    Luck now snowblower shoot cylinder question.

    This is what it should look like :
  85. RjCorazza

    Which animals you think you could beat in a fight

    The most delusional number is 17% thinking they can beat a chimpanzee. I think I'd have a 50/50 chance with a large dog, and closer to 100% on the ones higher on the list.
  86. RjCorazza

    I need a new lawn mower!

    I would add Kubota to your list to look at. They have plenty of residential options. Regardless of brand, I would recommend a Kawasaki engine and a comfortable seat. I run 2 diesel zero turns and they just can't be beat for mowing speed. They do not do well in mud or saturated grass, but regular...
  87. RjCorazza

    Help identify this part?

    Definitely a fuel pickup tube and float. Float would light the dash for low level. If for a Ford truck it may have a part number similar to F5TZ 9xxx. The prefix would be different for decade, and the next number for year.
  88. RjCorazza

    To CAB or NOT

    I upgraded to a cab tractor shortly after I hit 50. My tolerance for being out in the elements really tanked, particularly while plowing snow. After a 2 day 36" blizzard and plowing 15 long rural driveways, I was done with open station tractors. Now at 62 I enjoy AC, heat, and music while I'm...
  89. RjCorazza

    4035 Tire Pressure?

    I inflate my fronts to max sidewall pressure because I use the loader frequently. The rears are around 15 psi. Many recommend the rears be adjusted by tire footprint (full tread contact) but my R4's don't seem to ever change the footprint regardless of the pressure.
  90. RjCorazza

    Luck now snowblower shoot cylinder question.

    My blower came with the manual crank only, and I welded on the attachment points for the hydraulic rotation from the manufacturer. I don't think my measurements would transfer to exactly how the OEM mounts the points. I do know that the half moon pivot point is shear bolt protected, so you're...
  91. RjCorazza

    OK, how much gas did you spill in 2023?

    The "No Spill" cans @jjeff posted are the only modern epa cans that I have found to be usable. I use one for my 2 cycle tools, but use old Jerry cans for anything else that needs regular gas. The Jerry cans can still be found, but are crazy expensive. Fortunately I bought 6 of them like 25...
  92. RjCorazza

    Luck now snowblower shoot cylinder question.

    Does you Luck Now blower use the half moon shaped cable setup to rotate the chute?
  93. RjCorazza

    When the quick attach doesn't hold

    I have always gotten nervous when dumping an implement that's on the ssqa. Seems like it is almost designed to fall out, but it's never happened to me.
  94. RjCorazza

    Buying Advice First tractor for small family farm. Branson or something else?

    Everyone has different tolerances for operating in inclement weather... My tolerance tanked when I hit 50 years old. I plow about 1 mile of residential driveways, and an open station tractor would not suit me at all. Plus I like listening to my 60's - 80's tunes while I work!
  95. RjCorazza

    Kubota starting after sitting for 1+ year

    I would also drain, or at least check the fuel for water and / or microbial contamination. Particularly on a machine that was sitting outside.
  96. RjCorazza

    No crank in cold weather

    I have read of similar issues in cold weather. Glad you figured it out straight off the bat!
  97. RjCorazza

    Shell Rotella ELC Coolant in CK3510 and DK55

    It is best to flush with water prior to changing coolant chemistries. No special flushing products required, but I personally do a final flush with distilled water. FYI, the majority of coolants are ethylene glycol BASED, with many different chemistries.
  98. RjCorazza

    Walker's ZD1211 Kubota Diesel Zero Turn Thread

    I totally get the need to get out on a test mow. I did the same, but on a customer's lawn prior to adjusting the deck and anti scalp wheels... I keep the front anti scalp wheels slightly lower than spec, at the expense of the wheels wearing out every 300 hours or so. The 60" deck won't be quite...
  99. RjCorazza

    Walker's ZD1211 Kubota Diesel Zero Turn Thread

    Nice machine. Not sure what you're referring to with auto steer though. I recommend confirming the deck and anti scalp wheel measurements, adjusting as necessary. The larger decks are more prone to scalp when not adjusted correctly, particularly the front anti scalp wheels. Enjoy the mowing...
  100. RjCorazza

    Wrong oil in Kioti?

    I would agree that replacing the filter is not necessary. I would remove, drain, and reinstall the existing filter.
  101. RjCorazza

    Everything Attachments poll

    Well, the TBN folks who got caught up in this debacle had a good resource to get a better picture early on. It would make sense that they were able to get an early resolution through their credit card company. I am a #5, as I wouldn't finance a company's manufacturing process even several years ago.
  102. RjCorazza

    Oil Change intervals?

    I believe hours to miles in the average non commercial vehicle is generally estimated at 35 mph. So 200-400 hours would be more like 7,000 - 14,000 miles. I routinely go over 20k miles on two of the three road vehicles that I maintain. My personal truck gets changed with the other two cars, but...
  103. RjCorazza

    Really, really dumb question about difference between off road and on road diesel fuel.

    Challenged in court is the key... I am not anti police, however, they generally do whatever they can get away with. I would imagine they could stick a diesel tank at a weigh and inspection station, but I don't see how they could get away with sticking a non commercial tank, even if legally...
  104. RjCorazza

    Oil Change intervals?

    Yes. Always. I would likely rethink my interval choice if it were stored outside, but I also change my road vehicle's oil every 2 years or so based upon miles driven. I think cars and trucks are generally less prone to water intrusion than tractors, and I also don't "short trip" them either.
  105. RjCorazza

    Why so much tongue weight on 22' car hauler trailers?

    I never really looked at car haulers, but that looks like a problem for my type of towing. All of the equipment trailers I have looked at had the axles more centered. Is it possible that aluminum trailers are so light that they need more tongue weight when unloaded?
  106. RjCorazza

    Oil Change intervals?

    I change my engine oil strictly based upon hours. It ends up being about every 3 years or so between changes. I will add that I am religious about ensuring that the engine gets up to operating temperature and worked every time it is started. It also gets run regularly throughout the year.
  107. RjCorazza

    Hydraulic fluid

    I will add that there is a post here on TBN, OTT or maybe YouTube with the front label of a TSC hydraulic / transmission oil stating that is was suitable for use in ALL modern machinery. The back of the container said in small print something to the effect of not being suitable for use in...
  108. RjCorazza

    2005 Kabota L3830 starting issues

    Uhm. It could still be low voltage to the solenoid from the key switch wire. The voltage overall is going to be lower after activating the high current glow plugs. Could also be the switch itself, but I would think the start position is a septate pole on the switch, separate from the glow...
  109. RjCorazza

    2005 Kabota L3830 starting issues

    Likely one of two things: -Failing safety switch (seat, clutch, hst pedal, or brake). These are typical locations, not necessarily on your machine. - Resistance in high amp wiring or connection. Meaning potentially bad connections at the battery, bad cable, poor ground, or high amp connections...
  110. RjCorazza

    Rear Finish Mower Gear case oil removal

    I change the gear box oil on my mowers on a regular basis. Plenty of ways to get it done, but I just use a large veterinary syringe and tubing to remove it. Works best when oil is warm after use.
  111. RjCorazza

    Kubota L4600 Battery Replacement

    If the BCI Group size is not printed on the battery, measure your existing battery, and note which side the positive and negative terminals are on. Go to your preferred retailer and match up a size and configuration. There are also BCI tables that you can use to determine what group size fits...
  112. RjCorazza

    Titan subsoiler

    I have no purchasing experience with Titan, nor will I in the future. Several years ago the Chinese Titan basically took the name of the American Titan (now IronCraft) to start their business based upon an existing good reputation.
  113. RjCorazza

    Hydraulic fluid

    There are plenty of people here on TBN that use that very fluid. I personally use Kubota sUDT/2 OEM fluid. Tractor Supply in particular got a black eye years ago for selling a long outdated tractor hydraulic / transmission and marketing it as acceptable in modern equipment. I believe it was a...
  114. RjCorazza

    Mahindra 5500 losing prime

    Any universal 12v, 3-7 psi pump will work. I have had reliable service from the cheap ones. I believe they also prevent backflow with a one way valve, or the inherent operation of a diaphragm pump. Not necessarily recommending this particular one, but they are all over ebay and Amazon.
  115. RjCorazza

    Mahindra 5500 losing prime

    I agree that the injection pump would be far down on the list for now. As others have mentioned, replacing all soft fuel lines would be my first on the list, followed by adding an electric lift pump. I added a secondary lift pump on 2 of my diesel zero turns when I added lower micron filters...
  116. RjCorazza

    Tooth bar vs none difference?

    My whole tractor is orange and I still bust my knees or head on it. It's a pain like no other! I tied yellow caution tape to my ssqa auger after walking into it several times. I look forward to some grading work with the tooth bar this spring.
  117. RjCorazza

    What do Y'all charge ?

    We have a neighbor who allows the neighborhood to fish his pond on a "kiss and release" basis. My daughter has caught some nice sized largemouth bass there over the years.
  118. RjCorazza

    Tc40d starter relay questions

    Here's a wiring diagram I drew up. I have this setup on both of my diesel zero turn mowers.
  119. RjCorazza

    CX2510 Front Spacers

    My opinion is that front spacers on a pivoting front axle do nothing in the real world for stability.
  120. RjCorazza

    Landscape rake opinions

    I would consider getting one with gauge wheels for grading. They make grading very precise and quick. I had a nice LandPride blade with gauge wheels for my (then) gravel driveway. It was a well built implement.
  121. RjCorazza

    Charging truck battery

    Use the AGM setting.
  122. RjCorazza

    My CS2220 - Mods and Accessories

    Nice work! I enjoy seeing what folks added to their tractors, it gives me ideas. Eventually I want to add chain storage. I'll likely cap the loader crossover tube and store 2 chain lengths there. On my previous tractor I just wrapped the chain around the lower 3 point arms. Current tractor has...
  123. RjCorazza

    Tooth bar vs none difference?

    Motivational hammer.... Love it ! I just ordered a Piranha Tooth Bar, mostly for shaving off some soil for 2 upcoming projects. Enjoy the tooth bar!
  124. RjCorazza

    TBN being hacked?

    I believe the op recognizes the popup as a scam, he wants specifics on why it's only appearing on a certain website. I personally don't know how scammers get their garbage out there.
  125. RjCorazza

    Ignore a thread

    I would like to see that also. I generally read in two ways: All forums by most recent post, or just threads that I have participated in. There are quit a few threads I would prefer not to have to scroll over.
  126. RjCorazza

    PTO shaft

    I would be interested in seeing a picture of that cable setup if it's not too much trouble. I also have a WinCo 15kw generator, and really like it.
  127. RjCorazza

    First tractor

    New or used? A new 40hp loader tractor with backhoe and grapple would likely be in the $60-75k range off the top of my head. Shopping used requires more legwork, risk, and being prepared to make a fast cash offer. There are deals to be had in the used tractor market, but I get the impression...
  128. RjCorazza

    PTO shaft

    I have never seen that, nor do I understand how that would provide any safety. Is it possible that it's just a shipping thing to keep the shaft ends together?
  129. RjCorazza

    Max tow weight confusion

    My 373 rear is rated at 12k with weight distribution hitch. If you are referring to removing the factory hitch and installing a heavier duty hitch, I would have no idea. FYI, installing a weight distributing hitch is very easy with a few measurements and adjustments to the ball mount. The truck...
  130. RjCorazza

    Kubota Diesel Zero Turn Questions

    While I miss the power of the 331, the 72" 1211 is my primary mower, and it mows like there is no tomorrow. I have around 1500 trouble free hours on it. Other than the problematic zd1511 all of the 25+ HP zd's are practically indestructible.
  131. RjCorazza

    Kubota Diesel Zero Turn Questions

    You are correct that the zd1211 basically replaced the zd326, and the zd1511 replaced the zd331. I think you have the changes right with the exception of the zd1511 having to meet tier4 emissions. I currently run a zd326 and zd1211 and they are basically the same machine other than low profile...
  132. RjCorazza

    Belt jumping on RDTH72 Finish Mower

    I am not familiar with your particular mower, but some things to look at... Idler pulley tension, and the actual pulley condition. I had a walk behind that was throwing the belt, and eventually found the idler pulley had 2 halves that were coming apart. Couldn't tell until removing the belt and...
  133. RjCorazza

    eHydrostatic Transmission

    Not on a JD, but the hydro pedal on bumpy ground was a concern for me while shopping my first hydrostatic. Turned out to be a total non-issue. My current tractor has some really handy transmission control adjustments, like response of the transmission to pedal movement.
  134. RjCorazza

    Fiberglass rebar for garden stakes?

    The problem in more urban areas is that people plant it where it just can't be properly controlled. There is nothing worse than bamboo as a property line screen. I can see why it would be regulated. In lieu of fireworks, for my yearly burn pile I throw a bunch of mature bamboo on the pile...
  135. RjCorazza

    M62 TLB for Maintaining Hilly Land ?

    I believe that. I recently used an excavator for the first, and likely last time.... 3rd project would have been much easier with a thumb.
  136. RjCorazza

    A 1999 Kubota with only 39 Hours!

    If I were in the market I would certainly consider that machine and implements for what's being asked. As far as how and why?.... I would guess age and/or health related issues, time went by, and the tractor took a back seat.
  137. RjCorazza

    Max tow weight confusion

    My L4060 cab weighs in at 6450lbs with fel, bucket, and loaded rears. Up to 7300lbs with front and rear plows. I upgraded from a 7k landscape trailer to a 12k trailer to tow the tractor with some capacity to spare. Trailer weight is 2695lbs, which leaves me with 9305lbs of trailer capacity. I...
  138. RjCorazza

    Fiberglass rebar for garden stakes?

    Years ago I planted a small stand of bamboo that I could contain by mowing around it. Bamboo makes great garden stakes and tomato cages.
  139. RjCorazza

    Starter for Kubota L1500DT

    Post back here what you discover about the starter and model compatibility. Down the road it may save someone some trouble.
  140. RjCorazza

    Starter for Kubota L1500DT

    As the op is aware, there are "similar" models. It appears that the L1500 is similar to the L175. As mentioned above, there are several results on eBay for the 1500 and 175. Compare what you have to the photos, and I'm sure you'll find something.
  141. RjCorazza

    Starter for Kubota L1500DT

    I can't find an L1500dt listed. Is this a gray market (imported Japanese model)?
  142. RjCorazza

    Which Brand/Model has largest HST Tractor?

    Best wishes on you upcoming retirement. I believe the L6060 is at, or near the top of the HST machines. I suspect you will want to try out the numerous options available on larger machines.
  143. RjCorazza

    Need front tires for BX 2660

    For mostly mower use I personally would bite the bullet and get the (presumably 4 ply) tires from Kubota. There is also the issue of tire circumference that is required to maintain the correct lead / lag ratio on a 4x4 machine. Circumference can vary enough between manufacturers to make a...
  144. RjCorazza

    B3350 Grille Guard Improvement

    Clever install method. My purchased grill guard bolts on through the side plates. I like bolt on designs because I remove the guard in the winter for night time snow plowing. I think I would mount the guard on the front edge rather than behind though.
  145. RjCorazza

    Status of Everything Attachments

    Absolutely. I don't have an Iron Craft (or previously Titan) implement, but I certainly would not do business with the current Titan. I have never heard any complaints about Iron Craft.
  146. RjCorazza

    Good morning!!!!

    I watch "Neighbor Wars" on cable... where they review and dissect these type of usually violent disputes. Fortunately I don't have any direct experience.
  147. RjCorazza

    connecting front loader with quick hitch when you cannot see the equipment

    I can see the corners of my ssqa, but I can also just line up the center of the hood to the implement and get close enough. I also have front and rear cameras on a 7" screen that I could use if I needed to.
  148. RjCorazza

    Status of Everything Attachments

    "Let's wait and see" is about the absolute BEST that can really be said about EA and its leadership. The mountains of circumstantial evidence is overwhelming, and difficult to simply discount. Everyone loves the underdog, but let's not forget who the underdog actually is here.
  149. RjCorazza

    L3400 Battery size

    That green indicator only shows the specific gravity of one cell out of six.
  150. RjCorazza

    Has anyone built a sprayer for dispensing chemicals 30-40ft into trees?

    Not sure it's been discussed above, but my run of the mill Tractor Supply 12v, 25 gallon sprayer easily reaches 40' with the spray gun. I quit using it for bag worms up high because of me getting contaminated no matter how or when I tried. Even thoroughly covered up with a respirator, it wasn't...
  151. RjCorazza

    Pushing snow with the bucket of my 790

    The Edge Tamers that tacticalturnip recommends are great for bucket work in general. I have a set that I use for snow removal on gravel, mulch, and dirt work. I also use a regular plow blade and pusher on the fel for the majority of my snow plow work on anywhere from 15-20 long rural driveways...
  152. RjCorazza

    Warranty misleading

    I don't see any issue with back dragging in float, particularly with the bucket only slightly rolled forward. The further out the cylinders are, the greater chance of damage. Add the weight on the bucket plus the pulling power of the tractor is asking for problems when the fel is not in float...
  153. RjCorazza

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    I like the BatteryMinder charger desulfators, and routinely use the 8amp version. I haven't done any real testing done on poor batteries recently, but previously tested homemade desulfators based upon a design by Alistar Cooper (sp?) many years ago. They never recovered batteries that were...
  154. RjCorazza

    New Toolcat Purchase

    Congrats! That is going to be quite the snow fighting machine.
  155. RjCorazza

    building a barn first curve ball

    It's easy to forget that TBN folks are from all over the world. I am currently planning the squeezing of a small pole barn in between a flood plain, (2) septic fields, and property setbacks. I am just about ready to submit a plan after jumping through some unexpected hoops for my jurisdiction...
  156. RjCorazza

    BXPanded 60” plow $400

    It was mentioned in another post, but this was the result of an account hack that has since been resolved. There is no plow for sale.
  157. RjCorazza

    Adding a loader to a B2650

    Not saying it's not doable, but it's going to be a tough pill to swallow buying an $8k tractor then a $4-5k loader. I suspect a similar sized used loader tractor could be found in the $10k range. I'm sure aftermarket loaders would be less expensive though. My numbers are not researched, but I'm...
  158. RjCorazza

    Water in fuel causes $10,000 damage to my Kubota Grand L6060

    Just on the tractor installed Racor. The transfer tank has the first filter being a sediment bowl type, so I can see both the filter and what has settled out.
  159. RjCorazza

    Adding a loader to a B2650

    Adding a new loader is going to be expensive. Finding a used loader is going to be difficult. The common recommendation is to shop for the tractor that has a loader.
  160. RjCorazza

    Water in fuel causes $10,000 damage to my Kubota Grand L6060

    Since I commented on this thread 2 years ago I now have a water blocking sediment bowl filter followed by a 2 micron particulate filter on my 100g transfer tank. I also replaced the primary sediment bowl strainer on my Kubota L4060 with a larger Racor 2 micron sediment bowl filter. After a...
  161. RjCorazza

    What do Y'all charge ?

    Years ago I helped a couple of neighbors with plowing over several years. It got totally out of hand with more people asking for help, and becoming almost demanding. I was forced to start charging a seasonal rate.
  162. RjCorazza

    Kubota B7300 for snow

    The B7300 has a reliable reputation as a workhorse, and parts are readily available. Plenty of people run blowers on sub compact tractors. My only concern would be the weight and traction, but as your drive is relatively flat I suspect you would be fine even without chains.
  163. RjCorazza

    What do Y'all charge ?

    Yes, plus it requires moving the tractor rather than swinging back and forth via hydraulics.
  164. RjCorazza

    What do Y'all charge ?

    I use a Baumalight 1P24. It's easy enough to use, and the price was right. While great for occasional use, it's not really the tool of choice if you're doing a lot of stump work.
  165. RjCorazza

    What do Y'all charge ?

    My $200 per hour is very roughly equivalent to $3 per stump inch. I got tired of justifying how I measure a stump.
  166. RjCorazza

    surging tractor

    Could also be water in the sediment bowl. Does your machine have a water sensor in the fuel bowl?
  167. RjCorazza

    Banning a member

    I have no problem with people talking in whatever "dialect" or manner they wish. Writing in that"over the top" dialect was too much for me to bother reading / decoding.
  168. RjCorazza

    What do Y'all charge ?

    This should be an interesting topic. With one exception, I charge (or base my bid on) $100 per hour for tractor work and $60 per hour for mowing with my zero turns. Even my residential snow plowing is estimated on a $100 per hour rate, and is still significantly under what larger companies are...
  169. RjCorazza

    Pump out Fuel Oil Tank

    I pumped out a basement fuel oil tank years ago using a standard diesel transfer pump and 100' of garden hose on the discharge side to 55g drums outside. I used an existing cap on the tank, measured and cut a section of PVC suction pipe for the pump intake. It didn't take very long, and I had...
  170. RjCorazza

    JD 260 fuel pump loses prime when sitting for a few weeks

    I didn't reply earlier, because my Kawasaki fuel delivery is likely quite different from yours... On a walk behind, the fuel tank is higher than the engine, but it does have what appears to be a vacuum operated fuel pump strapped to the engine. I think you're on the right track with the bulb...
  171. RjCorazza

    Carrying capacity

    For a similar tractor weight I ended up with a 12k trailer, and considered that a minimum capacity trailer.
  172. RjCorazza

    Older Jinma 354 controls…no manual

    The 3 point lowering valve usually requires VERY little movement to operate. The valve on my Kubota machine has an operating range of perhaps 1/2 a turn. The diff lock is spring loaded, and are notoriously hard to activate with your heel. Some folks fab up larger extension plates for the pedal.
  173. RjCorazza

    3pt question

    I believe the op is referring to pinned stabilizers, with at least one position being slotted to allow more side to side movement. Each implement is likely to require a different pin setting, and the setting need NOT be the same on both sides. I generally lift the implement and push it both...
  174. RjCorazza

    Kawasaki EFI Engine Experiences?

    I regret selling the zd331. It could run circles around the other two mowers. The lift jack requires a little effort, so I really doubt a drill would work. It only takes like 15 seconds total to get it fully raised start to finish. For the most part I only lift the mower when sharpening blades...
  175. RjCorazza

    Kawasaki EFI Engine Experiences?

    Those are the two mowers I currently run, and a previous ZD331. If you can get over the initial expense, they are a landscapers dream.
  176. RjCorazza

    Older Jinma 354 controls…no manual

    The under seat knob is likely the 3 point lowering control. The other foot lever is probably the rear differential lock.
  177. RjCorazza

    JD 5045D won't start, PTO Engaged light on.

    If the tractor thinks that the pto is still on, then perhaps there is wiring damage somewhere. Being a "no coincidents" kinda person, is any of that wiring near the wheel you were working on? Hope you figure it out!
  178. RjCorazza

    moisture/condensation issue

    I am currently planning a pole barn over an existing 6" concrete slab. I have been warned that since I didn't put a vapor barrier down over the gravel base, that I will have moisture coming through the slab. Hopefully an epoxy coating on the concrete will be sufficient, but I am still...
  179. RjCorazza

    AGM battery?

    I also switched over to Odyssey batteries. I had several early demise and (2) catastrophic failures with Optima AGM batteries.
  180. RjCorazza

    Kawasaki EFI Engine Experiences?

    I run diesel zero turns, but the newer EFI gasoline engines have several advantages over carbs. Better fuel efficiency, more stable rpm under varying loads, less issues with fuel degradation, easier starting.
  181. RjCorazza

    TC25 Glow Plug Operation

    Sounds like you have a plan to get it all like it really should have been originally designed. That would make a good write-up for future users wanting a timer on the glow plugs. My current tractor has the glow plugs that turn on in the run position controlled by the ECU based on ambient temp. I...
  182. RjCorazza

    TC25 Glow Plug Operation

    This TBN thread indicates that the TC25 has a 4 position switch, with Off / Run / Glow / Start. If correct, you would hold the key switch in the position just before it would crank. The Glow indication light should lite when the key is advanced far enough...
  183. RjCorazza

    Kioti RX7320 will crank but not start

    I think this is a good approach. Diesels need only fuel, air, and compression to run. If there is actual diesel fuel at the injectors (not water contaminated) the only remaining requirements are air and compression.
  184. RjCorazza

    Cold Start Pre-heating?

    My preference is freeze plug block heater elements. I've installed them on my last 2 tractors, and they start like on a summer day. On a wifi timer, I run the heater 3 hours prior to use. Any longer the block doesn't get any warmer.
  185. RjCorazza

    L3400 Battery size

    Group 24 and 24f I believe only differ with the terminal positions. Most cables have enough slop that the battery can be oriented wIth the terminals on the correct side and still reach. Buy the battery out where the tractor is, find a BCI table and match your current battery dimensions (or space...
  186. RjCorazza

    Concrete Chairs

    Funny. There is a somewhat local (?) trucking company I have seen that the owner's name on the trailer (giant letters) is : A. Duie Pyle Sorry Mr Pyle, but I find that hilarious. To stay on topic, I like concrete chairs.
  187. RjCorazza

    2014 3500HD button on dash. What does it do?

    I checked my specs, you are correct. Not sure where I got Allison from, but that has been my belief for the past 10 years!
  188. RjCorazza

    2014 3500HD button on dash. What does it do?

    I don't know about 2020 GM's being the first to have PTO's off the transmission (if I read that right). My 2011 F250 has the Allison trans that is pto capable, but was only offered as an option by Ford on the F350. I always though it would be cool to power a big generator head off the truck.
  189. RjCorazza

    B2400 air filter substitute

    Ahhh... Now I get it. Sounds reasonable in that light.
  190. RjCorazza

    B2400 air filter substitute

    I would not replace an OEM type filter with something else, but to each his own. I used to blow out my filters maybe a dozen times before replacing them, but quit doing that when I noticed that the inner "disaster" filter was contaminated, which I had never seen before. Now I inspect and just...
  191. RjCorazza

    2014 3500HD button on dash. What does it do?

    Looks like it is probably an optional pto control.
  192. RjCorazza

    Tractor Pricing Guide

    That is a beautiful machine! My father always said he wished he had bought a Cub rather than the Economy Tractor he had for many years. There used to be a used tractor price guide 20 some years ago... forget the name though.
  193. RjCorazza

    What size auger for my post hole digger?

    I use a 9" auger, but at times wish it was 12" for the fudge factor with fence post holes. In hindsight, if I were to choose one size it would certainly be 12". I concreted my gate posts and corner posts 25 years ago. Replaced the fence 2 years ago using just packed dirt and it was fine (mostly...
  194. RjCorazza

    Status of Everything Attachments

    I believe the time limit for most credit card charge disputes is a around 120 days (4 months). IMHO, there is enough concern and circumstantial evidence that I would be doing this right NOW.
  195. RjCorazza

    Tractor Trade Up

    Post the specific tractor work you do (or would like to do), what brand dealers are within your area, and any budgetary constraints.
  196. RjCorazza

    Student Loan Debt?

    I took an unofficial tour of a waste water plant many years ago. It was certainly an eye opener. The smell wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The relative that gave the tour fell into one of the first few treatment pools some years later. He survived, but never went back.
  197. RjCorazza

    Mahindra low coolant/overheat shut off?

    Sounds more like the engine is seized from overheating. See if the engine can be turned over by hand.
  198. RjCorazza

    B2650 vs B3350SUHSD

    I know you have first hand experience with the B3350, and a good outcome. That said, a 238 hour B3350 being sold at the dealer is very likely to still have issues. I suspect it didn't get there by being a reliable machine.
  199. RjCorazza

    B2650 vs B3350SUHSD

    I would not EVER consider the B3350 because of the widespread emissions issues. Back in 2016 when I was in the market the B3350 was on my short list until I read all of the horror stories. Some folks here had problems, others did not.