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    I think my tractor is trying to tell me something about my weight.

    Well I finally got some time, a few hours, to do some much needed brushhogging. However when I made 3 passes, my seat on my tractor (4940) made a funny popping sound then attempted to through me off of the tractor. After I stopped I discovered that the mounting plate under the suspension had...
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    FEL control adjustments

    can the joystick, cable control on the FEL be adjusted. I seem to have a lot of slack in the joystick. Thank you.
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    I bought a 4940!

    Hey everyone I just made the deal on a new 4940 and man am I excited. I get to pick it up Tuesday. I know my truck will appreciate the new toy, or ah, I mean, equipment. Maybe it will not have to perform double duty as a log skidder as I am trying to clean up the land I just purchased. Any...
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    going to shop for a Montana

    Well I'm new to this site but I am excited about the info I have already found. Next weekend I am going to the local Montana dealership( i use local loosely) to possibly buy a 4540. I like the looks of the tractor and the horsepower rating of the compact tractor as well. I guess what I am...