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  1. RjCorazza

    ZD1211 Fuel Filter

    I finally got my ZD1211 outfitted with a 2 micron Racor Fuel filter, and deleted the small individual tank filters. About a 2 hour job.
  2. RjCorazza

    Stump Grinding

    I finally pulled the trigger on a Baumalight 1P24 grinder. Took a few hours to uncrate and set it up, most of that time to measure and cut the pto shaft to length. I have had plenty of pto implements, but cutting the shaft was a first for me. Really no big deal, but it's definitely a "measure...
  3. RjCorazza

    Racor 215r Installation on L4060

    I finally got around to installing a Racor fuel filter (215r) on my tractor. It didn't take long, but I did learn a few things... I agonized over the micron rating of the Racor (2,10, or 30) and where in the fuel system to put it. I ended up trying a 2 micron filter, and put the Racor in place...
  4. RjCorazza

    To Chicken or not to Chicken?

    I certainly don't regret getting chickens perhaps 10 years ago, but the reality for us was that they were some very expensive eggs! Coop, run, feeders, waterers, water heaters for winter, food, bedding, etc added up and I'm sure we never came close to breaking even. That said, they were a great...
  5. RjCorazza

    ZD1211 Fuel Tank Equalization

    Anyone understand how the left / right fuel tank equalization works, and how the fuel is gets to the engine? My previous understanding was that the pipe across the top of the tanks carried fuel from left to right, with the engine always drawing off of the right tank. From the parts diagram it...
  6. RjCorazza

    ZD1211 Mower Grade zerk

    I was greasing a ZD1211 72" deck today, and found the grease zerk damaged on the"quick release" yoke universal joint. The edge that accepts grease was sheared flat so that the universal can't be greased. The Kubota parts list has a superceded part number for the zerk, so I suspect a design issue...
  7. RjCorazza

    Kubota ZD331 For Sale

    Kubota ZD331, 72" side discharge mower. Pre emissions 31hp diesel, 1600 hours. Includes "Advanced Chute System" cover plus original discharge chute. Well maintained over past 1200 hours (bought used at 400 hours). $7000 firm, not negotiable. Located in Hyattstown, MD
  8. RjCorazza

    Ready for spring

    Ran my ZD326 and 331 today after sitting in a cargo box for 4 months... No flats, and both started right up! Looking forward to spring and mowing again.
  9. RjCorazza

    Snow Attachments  Polyurethane cutting edge

    This season I'm going to try a polyurethane cutting edge on my 7' rear blade. I mounted a 1.5" x 6 x 84 edge made of 90d material, which is supposed to be ideal for snow plow use. My question is what is the best way to wear-in the edge so I'm not plowing with the back corner on the ground and...