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  1. ruffdog

    What happened to the Allis Chalmers plant and a look back in time

    This video just came up and I thought it was interesting, looking back what was and what is now. The Allis plant was huge and they made much more than just tractors. Some of the buildings were tore down and others were repurposed. My friend had worked in the machine shop for the bigger...
  2. ruffdog

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    He used a fake cashiers check to steal a Massey and rake. He had even pulled the plates off of his black Ram truck. Pictures: Man uses fake $67,500 cashier's check to steal tractor, hay rake from Memphis
  3. ruffdog

    Stellantis replacing hemi with 3.0L I-6 engines?

    It looks like Stellantis is going all-in on the long awaited I-6 engine. It will be in Jeep, Ram, and Dodge lineups. Stellantis Goes Six in a Row with a Twin-Turbo Inline-Six Engine
  4. ruffdog

    code 157-21 low fuel rail pressure and filter swap G series

    My G series TC stopped, locked up, and threw a 157-21 code "rail pressure control fault". It was just above zero F and I wasn't happy how my off-road fuel was testing in the freezer this year. After the fault, it would run and drive around if you didn't work it much. I was coming up on my 500...
  5. ruffdog

    My wood fence posts are rotting off,,,what to do?

    After at least 20 years my treated fence posts are rotting off. Some are still solid but some are completely rotted. I had a few posts so I thought I would replace 3 of them. Two of them I was able to dig a foot deep, choke a strap around the "plug", and use the hi-lift jack to pull it out. The...
  6. ruffdog

    Too wet to pump septic and the rain won't stop!

    I'm a month behind the due date on getting the septic pumped and inspected but it is wet. The truck has to back around the house through the yard to get to the covers. I don't know if those trucks can suck from 150' away where the drive is. The pump guy says the fields are so wet the trucks...
  7. ruffdog

    To fly Oct 1st you need "Real ID"

    Starting Oct 1st, you will need a "Real ID" compliant ID to fly in the US. You will also need one to enter some federal buildings and military bases. A couple years ago when I renewed my license, I took the extra documents in and got my "real id". You need the one with the star on it...
  8. ruffdog

    Everything is frozen and I'm going CRAZY

    Well, we had a small amount of melting after the major Polar Vortex, then, PV #2 hit us. For days we were 30F under normal and the Robins/Bluebirds are showing up. I need this ice gone so I can split wood, pick up dog crap, and burn my pile. Please, I need warm weather! My wife keeps pulling out...
  9. ruffdog

    What? No position control stop on 5610 3pt

    The 5610 has a real nice 3pt lift control lever and a height indicator out the rear window but no stop to set for height. When I'm using the 3pt rotary cutter and I get to the end of a row, I like to be able to raise the cutter, swing the turn, then drop the cutter without having to look...
  10. ruffdog

    E10 Ethanol fuel discussion/ limit will soon go up to 15%

    There has been discussion about the issues with using E10 fuel and now the limit will move to 15%. *****'s ethanol move delivers gift to corn country - POLITICO In boon for farmers, ***** lifting restrictions on ethanol - The Washington Post
  11. ruffdog

    Funnel for side fuel fill that won't spill and not wimpy

    I like to use a funnel with a paint filter to catch debris while filling. I had owned a Kubota RTV900 that had the angled fuel filler that I never did find what I needed. I traded the RTV in on a Toolcat and it has a similar side filler that a normal funnel doesn't work good without spilling...
  12. ruffdog

    ZTR slides down hill and over wall, driver was saved- very lucky

    Guy was mowing with green ZTR when it slid down a hill, then over a retaining wall. The mower was on top of him and he was turning purple. He was lucky others found him in time. AmericInn workers save man trapped under riding lawn mower
  13. ruffdog

    Punks trespass, property damage, cops want help getting abandoned jeep, need advice

    About 2am the police were chasing this jeep as there were complaints of trespass. The Jeep, after being on at least 3 farmers land, took off across the fields and drove through my parents fence. My parents old Christmas tree farm now has 15 to 20 foot tall trees and he was mowing them over. He...
  14. ruffdog

    Loose x7xx receiver hitch

    I just bought a low hours x744 and thought I would install the factory 1.25" receiver hitch (w/bolts BM20877--wo/ AM129530). I had read posts from 4 years ago about the crooked and loose parts from the dealers but thought, I bet they fixed the problem by now. No, they look just like they did 4...
  15. ruffdog

    Cheap and easy fix for a loose, rattlin', ill fitting receiver hitch.

    You have a loose receiver hitch that rattles around? Both my new GMC and my neighbors Ford ecoboost F150 have loose receivers. I don't remember them being that loose years ago either. So, I made a shim out of a old license plate for both of our trucks. I use tin snips to cut a 3 5/16" wide...
  16. ruffdog

    New member from Wisconsin

    New member and happy to be here. Hello everybody and happy new years to all.