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    Kioti LB 1914 running really rich

    Find your injection pump, then look to the left and right of it.. there should be a fuel adjustment screw, directly inline w the control rack of the injection pump. The screw should have a tamper proof cap on it. The person who did the o/h may have ripped it off and turned something he shouldn’t...
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    BX1800 Issues

    It’s possible that the “gas” cap is plugged.. it has to b vented.. next time it happens and before it shuts off, reach up and loosen the cap.. if it sucks in or runs right, u found the problem.
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    Ford 1900 (1981) fuel injector service

    The compression has to be 300 minimum to heat the cylinder to combustion.. Check your valve setting.. Misadjusted valves can be a problem.. Here’s hoping for the best..
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    *help* Lucas cav injector pump govenor spring location *help*

    Don’t care what tractor mdl is.. I need the #a off pump name plate
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    Best firearm for home protection? I realize a lot is personal choice involved?

    The shotgun is a very handy weapon IF u can get to it.. I chose the 22 revolver Velcro’d under my living room coffee table.. The wife was afraid that she wouldn’t have the strength to slide load a semi..& that’s why we went with a a fight or flight situation..(Home invasion) Just...
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    Hello from South Carolina

    I've been rebuilding diesel fuel injection pumps FOR A LIVING for over 30 years. So, if there's a pump question you'd like to ask, feel free.. I went to the settings page and allowed mail from members, so you can contact me from this site or direct. If direct, just put an a o l dot com after my...