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    I am Beta testing Masseys new software

    I should have started this post a couple weeks ago, but winter hit early and have been super busy! I am beta testing Masseys new engine managment software for high altitude and cold climate, we have been working on it for the last year, and now testing it in real world conditions, 4500-5500 foot...
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    Power beyond modification for ease of use

    Has anybody tried setting up their power beyond with diverter valves, probably ball valves, so you don't have to plug and unplug your backhoe and plug the loop back in every time you want to switch between the loader/driving and backhoe? It's a project I am going to tackle, probably over the...
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    Chain storage

    I came up with a great chain storage solution today. PICTURES AND DESCRIPTION NOW POSTED BELOW IN THIS THREAD
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    New member

    After a month of comparisons, we finally pulled the trigger and bought a new tractor today. We opted for the Massey 1742 with cab, loader, backhoe and 3point snowblower, it is a new 2015 that they needed to liquidate and we got some amazing discounts on. The backhoe is being built now and they...