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    bluetooth mp3 player

    I realize this is off topic but folks here have a vast knowledge of a lot of things. I am looking for a bluetooth mp3 player. I want good sound quality and ease of use with 32g+ memory with a long battery playback time, clear display. I DO NOT WANT -- fm radio video speaker no other stuff like...
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    bushog sharpening?

    I have a very heavy duty 5' bushog (brand unknown)that came with my tractor. My tractor is a 45 hp NH hydro. The bushog seems to work fine but it leaves a very ragged cut. Never had trouble knocking down bushes etc but the cut is pretty bad looking for just grass. I have thought about sharpening...
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    F150 thoughts

    I am thinking of getting raid of my old F250 4 dr and picking up a 150 4dr. I am looking at the either the 2.7 or 3.5 ecoboost because of the good things I have read here. I don't tow a lot but when I do my load is pretty heavy. Looks like the 3.5 has nore power but I am wondering if I will be...
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    Drone Experience

    Hey all. A slight departure from tractors. I have just picked up a drone and started learning about various aspects of the drone world. Any thoughts or information on them like-- Agricultural applications Photographic uses Rules and regulations Good/bad experiences
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    L shaped hitch pin

    Looking for a source for a L shaped hitch pin to hold a ripper in my landpride land plane any suggestion besides landpride dealer?
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    NH vs LS

    Does anyone have actual operating experience comparing an LS and a NH hydro in the 40-55 hp range in a 2014 or newer year? Lift capacity/problems/ease of use/ control locations/ traction. Has NH quality gone down? Has LS quality gone up? etc
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    Husqvarna ZT question

    I have a Husqvarna zero turn that is just a big box store quality. Not heavy duty. 54 in cut 24 hp. Question is will it put too much stress on the transaxle drive train if I pull around a 4 or 5 ft lawn aerator with cinder blocks on it to weight it down?
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    pto link

    PTO QUICK ATTACH anyone ever use this product? Easy PTO quick connect for tractor attachments - Tractor PTO Link good or bad? thanks
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    Woods BH 9000 for NH tc45?

    see a woods bh 9000 for sale and wonder Is it too much for my tractor? Should I stay away from a 3pt backhoe?
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    Screenshot Request from Service Manual - TC35D Wiring Diagram and Relay/Fuse layout

    if this comes through and you can pick out the pages you want i will try to send them
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    New Holland Instrument Panel

    this is from tc35/40/45
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    FMC sidewinder

    I found a picture of one stuckmotor put in a bunch of interesting info about them
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    FMC sidewinder

    Does anybody remember a bush hog called a sidewinder made by I believe FMC. If I remember correctly it had a tire in the pto linkage to the gearbox. In my area the power companies used to use them. I think the tire took the banging strain off the pto shaft to the tractor as you hit stuff. Does...
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    LS and others service??

    I see LS and many other tractors for sale these days at powers sports places that sell boats and four wheelers etc. Often these places don't look to have space to work on equipment and probably can't have mechanics trained in all these brands and types of equipment. How does service work in...
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    needle scaler

    I was thinking about using my sand blaster to touch up some spots rust on my tractor before spot repainting. Then I heard of a needle scaler and thought it might be less messy. What are the pros and cons of these and what are the differences and various uses. Say like sand blasting vs needle...
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    TC35 Tachometer Failure

    this is from my NH manual
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    TC40DA front axle leak

    is anything in this picture helpful to you?
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    TC45D has occasional knock

    NH TC45D 2003 1600 hrs Recently i have had an occasional knock. It can run for a long time and once in a while a short time runs fine and suddenly it develops a knock. I always shut it off and start it up later to try to find the issue and it sounds fine again. Changed oil (shell rotella T6...
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    Hydraulics are jerking and shuttering

    I have a New Holland T1510, that I bought new in 2007 it has less than 120 hours on it. I have had it serviced at the local NH dealer including all filters and fluids, twice. I have not used the tractor since May. I was tryimg to load it on my trailer, I let it warmup for at least a hour. When I...
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    Hustler flip up

    Saw the Hustler flip up today and it looks like a good idea. Anyone know of any downsides like deck flexing too much or any kind of weakening of the machine as a result of this option? I am feeling my age more every day and this looks like it would make cleaning and proper maintenance a lot easier.
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    Funny if you are the one watching

    Thought I would entertain you with my stupidity. I lent my brother a little skid steer years ago (JD375) when I first bought it. For a couple years he used it around his house. I know- guess I didn't really need it if I didn't even use it myself right away. It got where it might cost a little to...
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    NH 1510 QA

    Looking for inexpensive QA for NH 1510 tractor with TL110 loader. So far looking at quote of 850 for bracket with me installing it. Seems high to me, maybe not. Any suggestions where to look? Thanks
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    NH 1530 problem

    My neighbor has NH 1530 with low hours on it. He was bushogging with it and found that after about 3 hours the hydraulics stopped working. It is not a hydrostatic tractor. The next day it works fine for another 3 hours. Did that all week until the cutting was done. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks...
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    oil filter question

    I was going to pick up a Fram oil filter at tractor supply but then I wondered if some oil filters are better than others. Also, is there a different oil filter that should be used with synthetic oil? I am planning on using Rotella T6 as frequently suggested here. Thanks
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    Din Rail Toggle Switch

    Not on tractor topic but everybody here works on all sorts of things so I hoped I could get direction. I am looking for a supplier for simple din rail mounted toggle or rocker switches for inside a control panel. Thanks for any help.
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    Hobart 210 mvp wire feed problem

    I have a Hobart 210 mvp and am having a wire feed problem. Using hardface .045 flux core. Using the larger groove on a 035/045 roller. Using plastic tip cover. Feeds and welds fine for a while then it stops. Looks like the wire feeds then roller spins without moving wire. Then feeds more until...
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    oil for NH td45d

    I was thinking of going with synthetic oil this time. What brand oil and filter should I go with? Any suggestions? TYPO tc45d sorry. Hope no confusion
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    weld qa plate to bucket

    Is a Hobart 210 mvp too small a machine to weld a quick attach plate to a front end bucket?
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    over deliver, beyond expectation

    We over deliver, exceed expectations etc. Anyone else tired of hearing this type of empty rhetoric? Everywhere I turn product is made cheaper and service is poorer yet I hear more and more advertising touting we exceed expectations, your satisfaction is our number 1 concern, we out perform and...
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    ginseng outlaws

    I had the pleasure of watching some kind of Outlaw show last night about harvesting ginseng. I was amazed how realistic it seemed :mad:. Did anyone else happen to catch it? It seems that they have a standard story-villains, competitors, secret locations, tricksters being out tricked etc that...
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    LS vs NH

    There seems to be a relationship between NH and LS but I am not clear what it is. I see people here note that some NH tractors are built by LS. OR some parts are. I am confident that this forum can school me. Please do. I am a Ford NH guy (and a little Kubota). At least LS is the right color to...
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    sand blast questions

    I have a couple pieces of cast iron furniture I want to clean up and repaint. I have done 2 with a wire wheel but I would like better results. I can't seem to get into many of the crevices. I was thinking of getting some minor sandblasting equipment to do this job. As I look more into it it...
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    oil change issue

    I am getting ready to change the oil in my NH. However I remember reading on TBN a couple years ago that someone had done it somehow incorrectly and as a result ruined the motor. I can not find that thread that explains what not to do. I think he did not let the new oil settle long enough into...
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    Welding projects

    Does anyone have websites that they recommend that might have small around the house welding projects? Could be functional or simply ornamental. I am looking for some projects to do so I can practice welding since my experience is minimal. I want to learn more before I weld something that...
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    New lincoln 210 mp STICK question

    The new Lincoln 210 mp shows 14.7 volts input max required at 230v. Other companies like Everlast make inverter stick welders that seem to require considerably more max input voltage. Are the 2 machines capable of STICK welding the same size steel? It seems like I am not comparing apples to...
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    Truck weight registration

    I am looking at an old bucket truck to use around my properties so it should never be driven far but I will occasionally need to move it down the road. It is on a F700 and has a 40 ft lift on it. Looking at the specs the truck weights about 10,000 lbs and the boom probably doesn't weigh more...
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    10 ga wiring question

    I will try to accurately express my question. I have a 4 (red, white, black, ground)wire connection to a 30 amp breaker to tie my generator to my house. Weatherproof outside box designed for a generator connection. I recently bought a Hobart mvp 210 welder which is a 120/240 v welder. It tells...
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    angle grinder question

    Need to pick up a new angle grinder. Was looking for 4.5in or 5in. Probably a stupid question but will 4.5 in discs and cutting wheels work on a 5in grinder? If so it seems like a 5in would provide more options. It could use both sizes. Any thoughts?
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    Ratchet top link

    Looking for a cat 1 ratchet top link. Thought I had seen them at the local tractor store but when I went to buy one I couldn't find any. I read about taking a ratchet binder or jack and welding ends on it but I just want to buy one. Can anyone direct me to them? Thanks
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    cutting a little steel

    Looking for suggestions for a fairly inexpensive way to cut steel up to maybe 1/4 in. I will only need to cut steel occasionally but I want to be able to make the shapes I need to make repairs on farm equipment (mower decks, wagons etc). I don't need anything commercial but I don't like junk either.
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    Hardfacing question

    Have skid shoes on a grader scraper that need attention and someone in another thread suggested hardfacing. It sounds like just what I need for a part of this project. I recently bought a Hobart 210 mig 220 welder and have no welding experience but need to accomplish this so I can rely on...
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    Seat repair redplacement

    I have a NH tractor that has cracks in the seam locations. Not unpleasant to drive but water gets in there and remains until I sit in it than it squeezes out to soak my pants. This happens whether I tilt the seat up or not. Looks like a new seat from Messicks is over $300. Generic replacements...
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    Ford 3910 hydraulic problem

    My friend has a 3910. He has had it since new. He lent it out (may or may not have anything to do with it) and now when he is bushogging on hills sideways or when he hits heavier grass it (the bushhog) completely dies down. He changed the fluid and filter. Says it has enough fluid in fact blew a...
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    Carport/Pavilion construction ideas?

    I would like to build a 20 x 20 carport it woods next to my house. Was thinking I would like to have it look sorta like a state park pavillion so it blends in to my woods. I was thinking of using 8 x 8s or telephone poles on the corners and maybe in the middle on the sides. It needs to be tall...
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    kauffman trailer

    I had a tractor delivered to me on a Pequea t-200 tilt trailer. It was a teriffiv setup. My tc45 w/bushog travelled a couple hundred miles and was very impressive how easily it loaded and unloaded. When I started looking at them I realised that they were very expensive. I started looking at...
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    NH TC45D starter

    Recently my starter has started to sound like when you hit the starter on a running vehicle. I assume the gear at the end of the starter has an issue and I need to replace the starter. Thoughts? And, where is the best place to get a starter at a good price? Thanks
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    KIOTI 1914 Loader

    My neighbor has a Kioti 1914 and wants to put a bucket on it. The Kioti dealer tells him they do not make a loader for it anymore. Does anyone know of an aftermarket or a cross reference to another brand that will work? Something that can be adapted? Thanks
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    Coolant Drain Plug Question

    The drain cock for coolant on the block of my New Holland tractor corroded and broke off. I cleaned the mess up and chased the threads with a 3/4 in pipe tap. I replaced it with a 3/4 to 1/2 brass bushing with a 1/2 brass plug in it to drain it with. Is there any problem using brass in the block...
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    TC45D Radiator Leak

    Found a pinhole spraying the back of my battery and draining my radiator. I thought I could just get it brazed or silver soldered. I spoke to a friend at work who had a leak in his TC40 radiator. He said it is a a plastic aluminum radiator and not the kind I can braze etc. He said just replace...