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    Without Tony's permission I would like to solicit some get well encouragement. Tony of "Tony's Green House thread" fame recently suffered and is recoverying from a heart attack. Tony authored a green house thread a few years ago that is one of the best . So if you could........
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    Rake Landscape Rake tines

    I could sure use some help locating replacement tines for a Howse LR72 landscape rake. Thanks in advance Al
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    Rake Howse Landscape Rake

    Stumbled across a 6 ft Howse landscape rake (new) for $365 guide wheels (2) for $175. Landpride and Woods are about twice this price, The Howse looks a little whimpy as compared to the the other two. One of the rakes in the yard had a bent side link, I think this was a result of reverse backing...
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    Harv's Holiday Classic

    Harv\'s Holiday Classic A TBN classic from the bad old days Harv's Classic
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    Harv's Holiday Greeting

    Harv\'s Holiday Greeting I dug this from the archives for those who may not have seen it. It's a TBN Christmas Classic, courtesy of Harv two years ago <A target="_blank"...
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    I just ran out of my life time supply of wood glue. I went to the hardware store and could not find the same stuff. I have been using a tan powder that mixes with water. It machines well, won't gumm up blades, takes stain and is quite water resistant. Very strong and cleans up with water. Has...
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    Dumber then Dirt

    Conspicuous be it's absense is any photo for this post. Try as I might I can't get the Nikon software to run on my laptop. It's a CoolPix 880 and the laptop runs 2000ME. Everything appears to install fine, but has "connection error, check camera settings and connection" when I try to download...
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    National I.D. Card

    This appeared on the Drudge Report I don't personally have a problem with this concept and was wondering how others felt. Al
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    Dump Trailer

    I have been "eyeing" on this trailer from Northern for quite a while. It's a pig in a poke for me. No place around here to take a look at it. Has anyone purchased one or have seen one? Is it built well...
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    Hydraulic Oil Temp.

    For no good reason other than I wanted too. I added a temperature indicator to the Hydraulic reservoir. I figured if I knew what normal was I might be able to figure out when things weren't normal. I used a digital probe that fits quite nicely in the hole for the dip stick. The probe comes with...
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    Komatsu 930E Select "truck" and click on 930 E2 "specs" I saw this truck on extreme machines last night. GM makes an even bigger one. Al
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    Option #7

    Every company should have an option #7 Pick up you day 1. Dial Deutsche Bank/National Discount Brokers at 1-800-888-3999. 2. Listen to all the options. It only takes a moment. 3. After hearing the 7th option, hit 7 and listen. Al
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    Three Point fatique

    My dealer sent a mechanic out last night to give my B21 a once over before the warranty expires next month. While he was here, I asked what kind of problems he has to deal with from abuse and misuse of tractors. The one that he mentioned, which I thought was most interesting, was three point...
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    Distilling Lavender

    My wife is a Lavender nut and has been after me to figure out how to distill Lavender. I found a Lavender distiller on the web that costs as much as a good three point attachment but not much else. I'm not even sure of the basic principles of the distillation process other than I think the oil...
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    Backhoe Skidding with a Backhoe

    I have some logs I need to skid out of the woods. I was thinking about using the hoe to reach around and grab em and then skid em out. Is this a bad idea? Am I going to pop seals or whatever by dragging logs with the hoe? Tractor is a B21. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Al
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    Thumb Adjustable Thumb

    "Adjustable Thumb" is the name RANKIN gives to a backhoe attachment that is welded to the the backhoe dipper stick. It has two adjustable working positions and can be folded back out of the way for normal operation of the hoe. I couldn't find a link to Rankin to provide a picture, but it is...
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    First Car/Truck

    I just read thru the Yuppie Tractor thread and saw a post by RobertN on his first rig being a $100 truck. Thought it might be fun to hear from others on their first car/truck. Mine was a 47 Plymouth, four door (suicide rear doors) with a flathead six. On a long level road, it would do about...
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    Super Shopper

    I took my wife shopping for a ride on mower to replace her 1974, 32 inch Sears. After looking at the JD GT and 300/400 series, she settled on the B7500 with 60" midmount mower. It was a tuff call between the BX2200 and the B7500. The BX had a cup holder My reaction <font color=red>"You've come...
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    Shaken, but "OK"

    Shaken, but \"OK\" This is an "Off Topic", definitely "Not for Fun" <font color=blue>Shaken, but "OK"</font color=blue> This was the headline in a Seattle paper today from the Ash Wednesday 6.8 quake. Two minor aftershakes occured today 3.4 and 2.7. The Northwest dodged a bullet on this...
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    Big Trees

    We have had fast growing trees, shade trees, pretty colored trees, how about BIG trees. Who thinks they have the biggest tree on TBN? I'm not sure how to define whether "big" means tall, most board feet, or biggest around. This will seek it's own level. Winner has to provide a picture for...
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    DIY Tractor Lights

    DIY-Do It Yourself, stole that from TV I stumbled across an idea for tractor work lights while shopping at the local hardware store over Xmas. I tried it and it worked out pretty good. Go's like this: The security type outdoor lighting fixtures are dirt cheap and some are pretty good...
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    Under the Tree

    Time to count up the bounty mates, what did Santa leave for ya.... Myself a "1944 original Farmall A manual"
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    Cracked Block Farmall A

    My A has a pin hole in the lower right hand corner of the block where it has been brazed. At one time the corner of the block had completely broken off then was brazed. Whoever did it, did a pretty good job. Water is getting into the engine and also weeping thru a pinhole to the outside. (kinda...
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    I have concidered for years raising Buffalo, not for fun, but for food. I could use some advise from anyone with a thought. How hard are these critters to raise and what does it take to hold em. I raised Angus for a while and spent all my time rebuilding the fence line, switched to Herford's and...
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    What to do?

    What do you guy's and gal's do with your waste? I seem to be accumulating waste crankcase oil and Hydraulic fluid at an alarming rate. My method to date has been dump in a fifty gallon barrel and wait unitil it fills up. This has worked fine for my gas powered stuff( two trucks, one car and a...
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    Gordon's Fault

    Gordon\'s Fault Mom! Gordon did it first.
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    Air Cleaner

    I picked up some Kobota VHS training tapes on ebay from some fella, can't remember his name. I think he has a talk board somewhere about "factors" or something. He is probably a Mathematician. The "Kubota Diesel Engine Maintenance Tape" discussed air filter maintenance and said that a dirty...
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    I just started my 50 hour maintenance on my B21 and ran in to a marketing buzzsaw. The filters that the dealer sold me don't look like the originals nor do they match the Kubota Illustrated parts list. The original filters are painted gray and have no identification. If anyone can help without...
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    Kubota Tapes

    I am the proud owner of 5 Kubota training tapes I picked up on ebay. Got them from some fella that was too busy running a discussion board to watch them. This is kind of a warning. I have never owned a rig with a diesal engine and know absolutly nothing about them, but pretty soon I will be...
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    Cinder Block

    While catching up on my reading a ran across a couple of posts which used Cinder blocks under jacks. Is this a bad idea or am I confused about what constitutes a Cinder block?I learned the hard way not to use concrete blocks as jack supports unless they were shimmed with wood blocks between the...
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    Nifty Photo's

    Nifty Photo\'s I have been looking at all the "Nifty Photo's" posted with great jealousy. I don't have a digital camera. I was thinking about what to put in my letter to Santa, and would like some advise on which camera. Keep in mind that Santa has a lot more deserving people than I, and...
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    Nature's Critters

    Nature\'s Critters I followed the Skunk and Beaver posts with delight and was wondering if there are more tales (or tails) about the trumphs and failures in dealing with natures critters. I thought the post using an infared motion detector turning on the sprinkler to deal with deer was ingenious.
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    I have a new TL421 loader and BT751 backhoe and at 10 hours I greased it. at twenty hours I ran out of grease in the gun. I believed that the gun contained Molybdenum Disulfide as recommended in the loader manual.(High quality grease designated "extreme pressure" and containing Molybdenum...
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    Bucket Forks

    Looking for advice on loader forks for my B21 (TL421 Loader). I looked at quite a few but not having any experience thought maybe I should ask. My use is lifting Pallets, irregular objects (stumps) and big ole rolls of black berries that I can't seem to get in the bucket.