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  1. J

    briggs and stratton 16 hp. flywheel

    dunno, haven't found one!
  2. J

    briggs and stratton 16 hp. flywheel

    got it pulled. wrong starter. aluminum teeth. got a lead on a used one.
  3. J

    briggs and stratton 16 hp. flywheel

    looking for a good place to find a 808766 for a simplicity mower. no longer made by b&s. model #303777 1111-a1
  4. J

    help id this pin

    i think its a bush hog mower. was my ex's grandfathers, completely rebuilt by him. this pin came out of the quick disconnect on the pto shaft.
  5. J

    tweco 181i welder

    looking to extend the cables on the mig side of the welder. what do i need? another 10 feet would be nice, 20 would be grand!
  6. J

    massey 35 with single hose hydraulic remote?

    mine has a single hose(bull?) remote. can i remove this since it isn't used and what do i replace it with? or can i just remove the hose and plug it off?
  7. J

    massey 35 seat upgrade?

    got tired of that steel pan seat. whats a good way to upgrade to something more comfy?
  8. J

    bushhog help!

    got a old 5' bushhog that needs a little tlc. it's homebuilt, so no tags on it.the stumpjumper is trashed, anyone id the brand so I can replace it?
  9. J

    massey 35 differentail oil

    what oil do I use? gonna change it soon, but I don't think mineral oil is still's a 1962 model.
  10. J

    big tex dump trailer problem

    I got a 2 year old big tex dump trailer, model 70sr, that started to puke hydraulic fluid when coming down. it also will not stay up when you release the button, it slowly comes back down. dealer has been worthless, says its out of warranty and not his problem.
  11. J

    put a grass catcher on a huskavarna lawn tractor,don't catch any grass...

    do it need different blades? if grass is real dry and short it will work. anything other than perfect not so good.
  12. J

    fuel additive?

    should I be adding anything to the fuel in my tractor? 1962 massey 35 diesel.
  13. J

    help with chinese motor!

    a buddy gave me a northern tool has a loncin 270cc motor on it. the govener seems to have locked up at wide open. anyone played with this motor? I don't see anything on the web on them. if I cant find anything on it i'll swap it for a brigs!
  14. J

    2004 CASE IH DX35

    anyone got one? looking at one, need to know if its worth 12,000? 1000 hours on it. also it has industrial tires on it, are these any good in the woods? 75% of its life it will be skidding logs.
  15. J

    electric trailer brakes on tractor?

    can electric trailer brake controller be used on a tractor? reason is i have a 6x10 dump trailer i use for firewood, when it is full it is real heavy and my area is real hilly. i know my massey 35 will not stop it going down hill, but a new tractor is in the works.
  16. J

    simlicity problem

    brought home a 16hp broadmoor last night (for $50!) runs good but the drive belt keeps twisting and gets chewed up. what do i look for to fix this?
  17. J

    cold weather starting?

    what starts when it gets cold and what has trouble? my old mf 35 diesel starts like a gas tractor,but its a 1962. how do the new tractors compare?
  18. J

    massey ferguson 50hx rear axle question

    my m.f.50hx has a plate on the rear axle that has is where the rear wheel brake cylinder attaches to the plate.does this plate have pressure on it? i was thinking of using adhesive on it.i think it is used as a resevour for hydrolic fluid,but i'd like to hear if i'm the right track.
  19. J

    dump trailer blues

    my dump trailer motor seems to to blew up. nothing when i push the up button.12.8 volts to the solenoid on the motor.replaced the solenoid.still nothing. how can i check the motor for open windings? also how do i raise the body to get at the motor?
  20. J

    2305 mmm hydro lines help

    my brother disconnected the hydraulic lines to the mower last fall to remove it. now i can't figgure out which hose goes where to reconnect the mower to raise and lower.any help?
  21. J

    Tiller jd 448 price?

    i got a jd 448 rototiller.where could i get a ballpark price to sell it for?
  22. J

    case tractors

    thinking of a new dx35-45.who's got one and any grips?thanks!
  23. J

    massey 50hx backhoe

    anyone know how to adjust the brake on this?
  24. J

    mf 35 diesel,convert to alternator

    can i change out the generator(which is fried,can't be rebuilt) to a gm alternator? how does the wires go? i have a good one out of a 72 pickup,it has a 2 prong plugin and a single wire spade in the back. thanks in advance!!
  25. J

    Backhoe massey 50 xh backhoe

    well i just bought a massey 50 xh backhoe,extendahoe with a 4 way front bucket.any ideas where i can get service manuals and parts manuals for it? thanks! [email protected]
  26. J

    parts for worthington tractor

    i'm looking for a motor for a 1930'S worthington golf course tractor,model f-4. any info will be helpfull! thank you
  27. J

    looking for parts,worthington tractor!

    i'm looking for parts for a worthington f-4 golf course tractor made in the 1930"s. i need a complete motor for this tractor.any info would be helpfull!
  28. J

    down pressure?

    does kubota tractors (grand L series)have any downpressure on the three point lift? looking at L3410 or L3710.
  29. J

    grain drill

    anyone know of a small grain drill that mounts off the 3 point hitch?looking for something to plant foodplots for deer and other till would be nice,but price is important.
  30. J


    priced out a l3410 with loader and woods tiller,$17500.00 this was with my massey 35 and a jd448 as trade.
  31. J

    Tiller woods tiller

    anyone use a woods tiller?likes and dislikes please!might trade the jd448 for a woods 60"or72".
  32. J

    horsepower to impliment ratio

    how do you know what horsepower you need for differnt impliments? how many horse per plow blade?how wide of disk per horse?is there any rule of thumb for this?i would sure make buying impliments easier!!
  33. J

    which boomer?

    o.k. i'm going to buy blue! my question is do i buy the 3 cylinder 35 or spend a little more for the 4 cylinder 40?i'm putting the loader on,trading my rototiller for a longer one(mine is a jd 448) and mabe get a backhoe.presently running a massey 35 diesle(1962).
  34. J

    which tractor?

    all right i narrowed my choises down to two,kubota and new holland.i want a 35-45hp class tractor with loader and backhoe.i presently have a massey 35 diesel(1961).my bushhog is half homemade(woods stumpjumper gears/homemade carridge)heavy!post hole digger,rototiller,pig pole,bale spear,and...