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  1. BackRoad

    Kubota MX6000 FEL Not Raising - Resolved

    Mr. SouthernSky, we're you able to find out what your issue was with the slowed response?
  2. BackRoad

    Land clearing for house build, need some insite

    Mr. Darren, welcome to the forum! As Mr. Egon mentions, patience. I live in northern PA, and we may have shared in some of the same rain storms! 4.5 inches in the last 8 days. 2021 has been a terrible rainy summer...and the tractor is parked for the most part, because I don't want to rut all...
  3. BackRoad

    Grapple versus Grape Vines

    Divide and conquer has worked for me...though some go 40 and 50 feet up into the trees. Multiflora roses can be tenacious also...and they actively search out and attack tractor operators! As many have said, once cut from the root, both will eventually let go of their stranglehold. I cleaned...
  4. BackRoad

    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    Had run my 8' finish mower for the last year without any issues. With a guide wheel on each corner, a total of 4 lynch pins had been holding everything tight... Then, I read this thread! Sure enough, the next day while using the mower, I lifted it and one of the guide wheels fell out! Lost a...
  5. BackRoad

    Storing chains

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    Trying to remove 50 inch oak tree stump with Bobcat backhoe. Struggling

    Funny observation! When I went back to look at the pic, it's almost as if the person was reduced in size and photo shopped into the scene. Without the person for perspective, it looks like a typical hole for digging around a 12 inch tree for push-over removal.
  7. BackRoad

    Trying to remove 50 inch oak tree stump with Bobcat backhoe. Struggling

    Stumps can be hard, although can you cut it in half, else quarters with a chainsaw and lift it out? That may actually be faster, more effective than burning at this point.
  8. BackRoad

    Best Shop Vice?

    Frig full of beer??? (Best Shop Vice)
  9. BackRoad

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    It's all about location... The Big Barn is adding significant desirability to the neighborhood!
  10. BackRoad

    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    So you're saying pallets have started moving from fields into backyards??? They're getting closer...
  11. BackRoad

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    ^^^ ..."Substantial" the first word that popped into my head. You'd hoe a lot of rows... ...before needing mo' hoes!
  12. BackRoad

    Kubota MX6000 FEL Not Raising - Resolved

    Not suggesting that every issue is related to a bad QDC, but rather, a basic component like a QDC might go bad, and to consider your situation to determine if you can easily isolate the cause, or at least narrow down the root issue. Might start by looking at your tractor's configuration to see...
  13. BackRoad

    Hello..kubota bx22 loader not working

    See if there might be any help diagnosing from the below post. . Kubota MX6000 FEL Not Raising - Resolved
  14. BackRoad

    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    Forks can be handy...I put them on as needed... But the grapple is on the other 98% of the time...
  15. BackRoad

    Kubota MX6000 FEL Not Raising - Resolved

    Some people are born knowing everything about hydraulics. It is not part of my DNA. Kubota MX6000, 300 hours, 11 months old. Out clearing more fields on my 35 acres...had just dumped a grapple full of limbs on top of one of my large brush piles...FEL raised to the max. Seemingly without...
  16. BackRoad

    5600 Ford... I got it up, but I can't get it to go down?

    I found a Quick Disconnect end was blocking flow on my hydraulics. Might be an area to check if you have any in your particular setup.
  17. BackRoad

    Mystery Object - What Is It?

    Mr. Polo1665, is it possible to list the forum you speak of? It's an area of interest for me and would enjoy knowing of an active group.
  18. BackRoad

    General Safety Question

    Sporting a farmer's tan...took my tee shirt off yesterday while mowing... Yup, still not old enough to know better!
  19. BackRoad

    Gooseneck trailer repair project

    Amazing on your finding 32' long beams of that size! Also, respectfully, is your truck rated for that amount of weight?
  20. BackRoad

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    The El Talgo - That is a train which only it's Mother could love!
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    Kubota MX6000 E20 Error Code

    MX6000 HST...~300 hours Hot day, combination of finish mowing and brush hogging for ~6 hours. At the time of the event, the brush hog was on, RPMs at PTO speed, HST in low range, cutting ~2 ft. tall brush or saplings in this part of the field. Tractor simply shutdown...would not...
  22. BackRoad

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    This old Oak is just across the back corner of our property line. Wish it was on our side so I could make sure it survives. Not many remain in the wild that are this old or this big in the North East...
  23. BackRoad

    Gooseneck trailer repair project

    Is it ready for the shakedown trip yet? Missed if you mentioned having a winch for pulling on equipment with the 3 receivers mounted like that. You've added some thoughtful features...there's never enough light!
  24. BackRoad

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    ^^^ It should buff out...the bridge, not so much...
  25. BackRoad

    TMGT's shop build

    Wow! Does the thread start over again at post #1? Good luck with that decision! Family is important.
  26. BackRoad

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    The conspicuity tape is like adding whipped cream and a cherry on top of the sundae!
  27. BackRoad

    Rear Blade choice

    Good luck on your search. I had been looking for a few months with very specific requirements for a used 8' EA or Rhino with offset capability on Marketplace (Fakebook)...they are pretty scarce. I ended up driving from Northern PA into West Virginia to pick up a one year old 8' EA. 12 hours...
  28. BackRoad

    Land plane dimensions

    Pics...or it didn't happen! [emoji56] (Always like to see what people have designed and built!) Also, someone mentioned straight blade vs angled 10 or 15 degrees. I've got an EA 7' LP with angled blades. I find it moves gravel to the operator's left (towards the crown) quite effectively, which...
  29. BackRoad

    Rear Blade choice

    Mr. 3LFarms, greatly interested in details on the Summit setup. Looks like you have an original set of 3 remotes, and the Summit is using one set, your Top & Tilt are using the others? Was it plug and play to add, or were there significant modifications necessary? Did you have to order the...
  30. BackRoad

    UFO's... What do you think?

    Hilarious! Calm and non-sensational... Your entire post made me nearly spill my coffee while laughing Mr. MoKelly!
  31. BackRoad

    UFO's... What do you think?

    It is possible a factually proven real-time encounter of alien life would trigger a widespread, global fear response. Even if it were not the alien's intent, mankind would automatically assume they intend's in our DNA. At any rate, life as we have known it will be measurably...
  32. BackRoad

    Took a picture mid project then a couple more

    Nice job Mr. Cperky. Interesting how something like a crepe myrtle is beautiful at 4 or 5 feet tall...and can grow to be a nuisance at 10 or 15 feet tall! Regretfully, I too have a lot of projects where I wish there were some good "before" photos... Most people go through life as critics and...
  33. BackRoad

    Have made bad decision? Turned down Quick connect

    Adjusting the top link out can also make a difference.
  34. BackRoad

    Ballast box build

  35. BackRoad


    Beautiful million dollar view Mr. Dragoneggs!
  36. BackRoad

    Best Steering / Frame / Tractor Combo -- for Robotic-Electric.

    Light weight might be beneficial for a lawn or field mower, but traction is a key attribute for a multi-purpose tractor. Light weight is less efficient for ground engagement tasks. Also wondering about the real life usability of being tied to an umbilical cord for power. Compare the use of a...
  37. BackRoad

    Kubota MX Series Air Ride Seat?

    Tell us more about the seat! Do you have the product details?
  38. BackRoad

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Great stuff Mr. Gordon. Looks like you mastered stick welding, fabrication and wood working all at the same time!!
  39. BackRoad

    Custom Tractor Canopy

    Almost 3 weeks...any progress?!?
  40. BackRoad

    Converting Unleaded Gas Transfer Tank To Diesel

    The rest of the story... Thanks to Mr. Fallon for recommending the Anderson connectors for the 12v power connection...great stuff! Built a short cable from the tractor battery that is wired permanent to the tractor, along with a separate short 8 inch cable with 30amp fuse attached on the tank...
  41. BackRoad

    Home-made attachments...

    Keep 'em coming...
  42. BackRoad

    MF 135 SN #9A 5682I

    Do a basic Google search...MF 135 oil filter... Lots of content, sources for oil filters and You Tube videos on changing the oil.
  43. BackRoad

    MF 135 SN #9A 5682I

    MF 135 SN by year Looks like 1968?
  44. BackRoad


    Nice machine!
  45. BackRoad

    Field clearing

    There's many grapples out there...and lots of opinions on every grapple ever made! I've got an Everything Attachments 60" Wicked Root favorite and most produtive tool on the tractor, and would buy it again without hesitation. You'll find many feel that same way about their own...
  46. BackRoad

    Field clearing

    It looks like 80 to 90% of what you have in your pictures could be easily removed with a root style grapple. It's fairly easy to dig out clump brush and smaller trees up to 6 to 8 inches with that style grapple on my 60hp MX6000, which might be a similar sized tractor as yours. Typically...
  47. BackRoad

    How can you paint hardware cloth without a bunch of waste?

    You can spray paint wire mesh from an angle... Aim the spray can from a 30 to 45 degree angle to the face of the mesh, rather than from straight on, and work around the perimeter of each piece, keep the can moving with light spray paint applied. As you work around each piece, it covers the...
  48. BackRoad

    Wider front tires M7040 Kubota

    Any issues filling radials with ballast?
  49. BackRoad

    Gooseneck trailer repair project

    Isn't "galvanized", a metal to be avoided when welding?
  50. BackRoad


    And undoubtedly, all done without expecting anything in return... You're a good neighbor Mr. Sawyer Rob!