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    Florida 2016 Mahindra Max 26xl TLB 8x8

    Hello everyone, We finally decided to sell our Max Tractor / Loader / Backhoe 8x8 shuttle shift. Only 154 hours Extras Bxpanded Piranha Toothbar Bxpanded Mechanical Thumb WR Long 3rd Function kit Loaded rear tires At 50hrs Maintenance, all fluids were replaced with their synthetic...
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    Replace with new tractor or add a zero turn mower

    Hello everyone, I really like this community, it has been a tremendous source of knowledge. -This web is part of my daily reads-. We have a 2016 Mahindra Max 26xl with FEL and Backhoe. The tractor has worked tremendously well, I have been able to complete multiple personal and family projects...
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    LS MT4

    Found this video, is in Korean, but you are able to see the machine and the nice interior. 유다연의 LS트랙터 체험기 2탄 "국내 최초! 국내 유일! 가변형 뒤 차축의 MT4" - YouTube Hopes it comes to the US soon.
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    The Ferguson Hydraulic System

    While checking youtube found the following video The Ferguson Hydraulics System (Hindi) - YouTube The audio is in hindu, but it has english subtitles. Fascinating, a very simplistic but versatile system. I'm amazed.
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    Max 26XL (ChibiTron ) having scary fun

    Hello everyone, I had a company drop multiple trees at my property. I wanted to remove the logs and debris between my house and my neighbor's. My friend didn't make it to help me with his chainsaw and I didn't wanted to postpone again. So I went and did what every responsible person do, got my...
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    Broken Hydraulic Line

    Hello everyone, I hope I can get some help and opinion on my situation. I only had this tractor for less than 10hrs. Couple of weeks ago I was digging a hole and couple of stumps, then decided to move the remaining sand to the back of my property. Besides not being able to get a full bucket...
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    New Max 26XL here

    Hello everyone, I just purchased a new, to me, Max 26XL and wanted to share some written words on my experience so far. I took my time for this purchase, tested multiple brands/models, created spreadsheet taking into account my primary and secondary needs, and also the WANTS. Narrow it down...
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    Buying Advice Used Tractor Purchase: Mahindra Max 28 XL

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for help and opinion on the following. I was able to some/what convince our Finance Committee on purchasing a Sub-Compact or Small Compact tractor. We own a 1/2 acre and another 1 acre which is family owned. Here are the task involved: Mowing Removing bushes and...