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  1. Bansil

    Need help with ID of this 2 row planter, for restoring to use this spring

    (mods I cross posted this in attachments, not sure where to put it for most exposure, if this is not cool, please delete whichever you feel is less relevant Thank you) hello, we got a trailer full of lawn ornaments when I bought wifes tractor (didn't know this stuff went with it) :laughing...
  2. Bansil

    HELP...need help with ID of this 2 row planter, for restoring to use this spring

    hello, we got a trailer full of lawn ornaments when I bought wifes tractor (didn't know this stuff went with it) :laughing: This came with wifes tractor, everything moves and turns, just needs some love and a few shafts replaced (I am a machinist by trade so, keyways and such is not an...
  3. Bansil

    6v and not charging

    1950 Farmall Super A, it has an 8v battery and across posts at high idle 7.3v or so This is after some time on a 6v battery charger so obviously it is not charging, searching the web I found many diagrams showing a 3 wire regulator and the body being grounded(corrosion seems to be a big issue...
  4. Bansil

    fixing/replacing brakes on 1950 Super A

    So we are looking at one Right works awesome, quick, solid and quiet Left does nothing except a slight clanking noise and no stopping (both pedals have same travel) so basically take tires off, hubs and axle housing type thing? OR? Thanks
  5. Bansil

    1950 Farmall Super A (My wife's Tractor)

    what I know: Farmall 1952 or 58 super A hydraulics mid and rear it has 2 "diggers"/cultivators on rear arms and 4 on mid chassis lift it has rear pto and belt out put (for saw mills, seller told me):D new front tires rear have held air for a couple months gas powered starts and runs clean with...
  6. Bansil

    need to level some ground

    the project is to somewhat level an area to build a pvc/emt green house for some trees next winter. the area is roughly 40' x 60', doesn't need to be perfect since runoff will be good, just need flat enough for plastic and some gravel so trees dont fall over I do not have the $$ to hire a dozer...
  7. Bansil

    Hiller stage 1

    okay,just finished today's project minus paint and some bracing...if it works;) working from home with no access to lathes and mills sucks, so using a grinder, hand drill and 15 year old Harbor frieght drill press...I pushed on :cool2: Spent an hour making $2.00 pins :confused2: laid out...
  8. Bansil

    DIY building a row-er

    It is time to get some potatoes in the ground, all these years I have used a hoe..or is it Ho' to dig rows...that sucks so I built this "row-er" or what ever it is called I purchased 2 row crop sweeper things from Agri supply, main purpose was to use them on my hiller etc to break up the dirt...
  9. Bansil

    Just bought a bush hog, what to look for??

    Wife just texted me and she bought a bush hog off someone at her work All I know is it is a 6 ft and worked when parked last year, so what to look for? good splines on pto? gearbox lubricated? no hardened bolts in shear holes? good bearings? no major cracks? Anything else? Thanks
  10. Bansil

    Implement inner tube Valve stem issue with truck rims?

    Okay This may be an odd question. I am looking at putting four R1 7.0x16 tires on my old trooper to use on property for "logging operations and general tom foolery" Tires are bald etc and even with Super Swampers I would still need chains I can get the tractor tires cheaper than mud tire...
  11. Bansil

    For you fellows with no cup holder

    I like these and cheap
  12. Bansil

    Looking for a Harbor Freight Pump Gas Cap

    maybe a 2-1/4 npt black iron pipe fitting ? or plastic/pvc npt fitting? or even brass my bus uses one about 2-3" in dia
  13. Bansil

    1967 rear fender question 5000 model

    Not sure where to put this, she is 48 years old...almost antique :laughing: I am getting ready to add R.O.P. system and my fender question is this Fenders are in very good shape no noticeable dents or rust holes etc, I was going to reuse them by cutting off the inside 3 stiffeners and attach...
  14. Bansil

    help with tractor ID please

    know what years and styles 5000 came in? example: Ford 5000 Grill Insert Upper - C9NN8A163AG 1971-1975 And same as above except for no emblem, holes yes emblem no 1968/1970 5000 Ford 5000 Grill Panel, Upper - C7NN8150G And this what I think my lower looks like 1965 to 1968 Ford 5000 Grill...
  15. Bansil

    going tomorrow to look at 2 blade Ford turn plow

    idaho2 link didnt work, heading out and will heck back in 2 hrs or so and look at picture
  16. Bansil

    help with tractor ID please

    Okay 2 weeks ago I bought what I thought was a 1975 Ford 5000 FEL tractor when looking through Posts here saw mention of a tractor with old sheetmetal and noticed mine was pre 68 tin; well... I am confused by info from multiple sites on import vs domestic my numbers which are very clear and...
  17. Bansil

    going tomorrow to look at 2 blade Ford turn plow

    it is 12" and looks like it has been sand blasted and painted, it has both grass cutters and plow blades look sharp and not wore down or dented/bent what should I look for? (I am newbie that only has watched youtube, just tired of the "manual" labor so I got a tractor) by the way Thank you to...
  18. Bansil

    Cat 1 v/s 2 for diy

    I can run 2 and 1, tractor came with a couple cat 1 drawbars (like TSC sells) What tounge type weight, pull weights is typical limits of them? Basically shearing off ends. Plan on making 2" rec hitch this weekend, for under 6000 lbs vehicle's etc, should be fine Other project is a 850/1000...
  19. Bansil

    New project 1967 Ford 5000

    She got dropped off a few hours ago thanks to local roll back trailer was about 2 inches to narrow :confused2: She is 41 and I bought her a drink...the 1st of many I am sure :licking: First project: Reclaim some drivway for a carport after 16 years of tree growth and weather...
  20. Bansil

    Latest Newbie

    Good morning Found the site while researching my tractor before purchase This is a great resource